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September 27, 2010

Simon gets three-game suspension, Showalter one game (Quotes added)

Major League Baseball has hit Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon with a three-game suspension for, in its eyes, intentionally throwing at Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista in the fifth inning of the teams' game at Rogers Centre on Sunday.

It was the second time Bautista had been hit in the game, and it came after a warning had been issued.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter received a one-game suspension for Simon's hitting Bautista after the warning. Showalter will serve his suspension tonight during the Orioles' series opener at the Tampa Bay Rays.

Simon was scheduled to begin serving his ban tonight, but because he filed an appeal, his suspension will be held in abeyance until the process is finished. His hearing his scheduled for Thursday.

"I was surprised," Simon said. "I don’t try to hit him. He’s a good friend of mine. There’s no reason to hit him. His manager thinks [Showalter] brought me in to hit him because I’m the guy that usually throws the eighth inning or ninth inning. But the reason they bring me in is because there was no pitchers left and [Rick] VandenHurk started. I’m the only righty in the bullpen."

Simon and Showalter also received undisclosed fines, as did Blue Jays starter Shaun Marcum, for throwing at Luke Scott in the fourth inning Sunday, which MLB deemed intentional.

Bench coach Jeff Datz will serve as the Orioles' manager tonight, prompting Showalter to say, "I think the further [I'm] away from it, the better chance we got."

Showalter reiterated that the Orioles weren't throwing at Bautista on purpose.

"We had one right-handed pitcher down there who already knew that he was going to spell Vandy. I’m going to call down there and say, ‘Hey, you’re my only guy and I want you to hit Bautista after throwing two balls?,’" Showalter said. "You go through it, but I understand how it looks and I would have upset about it too, and I would have done what the umpire did. There’s nothing you can do about it. It looked that way. I can tell you that it wasn’t intentional, but I understand how you can feel differently. Simon was the only guy we had right-handed in that situation. He already knew that he was probably going to be the first guy in and when he hit him, it really put us in a tough spot because we didn’t want to use [Matt] Albers or [David] Hernandez or any of the guys that we had to use yesterday."

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The Blue Jays start it and yet our guys gets suspended! Justice is alive and well in MLB.

Mike:"The Blue Jays start it and yet our guys gets suspended! Justice is alive and well in MLB."

The Blue Jays started WHAT? Are you blind or did you NOT see the game? Your pitcher hit Bautista to start all the nonsense and then Marcum grazed the Oriole batter. Later on Showalter brought in that punk and he threw at Bautista, missed him and then got Jose on the second try.
But, then, what can one expect from a Showalter managed team. Oh, 15 out of 18.....HAAAAHAAAWAAAAA!!!!

Mike:You're remark is absolutely idiotic.

Get rid of the DH and let the pitchers bat. There will be a lot less debate over who is throwing at whom and why!

I have lost a lot of respect for Schowalter because of this.

it sounds like your making your side of the story sound believable dugger.

"Your pitcher hit Bautista to start all the nonsense and then Marcum grazed the Oriole batter" lol one likes the bue jays man, always remember that...

dugger - You are correct sir!
The Orioles hace done this crap all year. Guthrie is the biggest culprit.

Dugger I don't agree, Simon is not a punk. I have no idea what he was doing yesterday. It's not like Simon is getting a lot of work as of late so his arm shouldn't be tired. Also, if memory serves me correctly, that was Simon's first hit batter all year. Actually, I just looked it up he hit a Mariner back in May.
Being wild that way wasn't Simon's problem this year. Sometimes his fast ball was straight as a string and the outcome was usually a home run for the opposition.
So why Simon decided to come inside to Bautista twice in a row is beyond me?

Maybe the Orioles need to create a Plunkgate Commission to get to the bottom of this? Who knew what and when?

Bob Gibson was one of baseball's greatest pitchers and he never hesitated to throw inside.

The game has devolved into a game of wimps. Besides Bautista probably didn't feel it after all all the 'roids.

Dugger even your Blue Jay pitcher said he did not think the first pitch hit Bautista on purpose. Therefore the Blue Jays started the intentional hitting batters.

Joefoss sounds like Joe GIrardi of the Yankees who cries all the time. Interesting that his pitcher A J Burnett leads the American League with 17 hit batters and his pitcher Javier Vasquez hit three consecutive batters the other day.

I couldn't resist returning. First, to "fan of birds"nobody likes the Blue Jays? I am hurt! That's not nice, considering the Orioles are my second favorite team...Well, they WERE until your remark. Oh, well, guess I'll go to the Mariners...And thank you, "joe foss" . However, I do feel bad about calling Simon a punk. Well, not THAT bad..A bit...As for "ed d' ...Better be careful about the accusation about steroids. That's quite an accusation and if someone sees this from, say the Blue Jays organization and it's forwarded to Bautista.....Well, let's just say, unless you have proof, you possibly could be in trouble..Just sayin'

It's a blog, dork. No one is getting in trouble. But I do guess that remark just goes to show how seriously YOU take it.

The Jays definitely started it by hitting Scott.
THAT's when the warnings were issued.
If the ump had thought the first hitting of Bautista was intentional, he would have issued his warning then.

Are we clear ?

Marcum was perplexed by the fine and is going to appeal the decision.

"I think everybody around here knows I've got enough control that if I'm going to hit somebody, I'm going to square him up," said Marcum. "I'm not going to hit him on the sleeve. It wasn't intentional by any means.

"That was before a warning was ever given. It's bad judgment on their part for doling out fines like that, but we'll see what happens."

Bautista was not surprised that the two Orioles were suspended.

"Like I said (Sunday), they knew what they were doing," said Bautista. "I don't care what their comments were after the game. I did read them. I don't believe what they said."

Both Showalter and Simon denied any intent.

"It doesn't give me any pleasure that they got suspended, or whatever," said Bautista. "It's just what they deserved."

Hey dugger,

Wow, the Blue Jays took 15 out of 18 games from a last place team. Big deal. Both teams are going home after the regular season anyway. Records are irrelevant if you don't make the playoffs - it doesn't matter if you win 85 games and we win 60 or whatever because both teams are watching the playoffs on TV. Regardless of what people say, I do not think it was intentional but the punishment is deserved just because of how it looked. Simon has been wild since July, why is it surprising that he hit someone? He's not a good pitcher. And, even if it was intentional, what does that change? Bautista got hit, get over it. Baseball players are such wimps - it's part of the game - intentional or not.

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