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September 27, 2010

O's taking bids for radio deal

With their deal with CBS Radio’s 105.7 FM expiring after the season, the Orioles are currently fielding proposals from outlets looking to become the team’s flagship radio station going forward.

WBAL Radio 1090-AM and 105.7 are two stations in negotiations with the club, according to a source familiar with the talks, and they’d be the two frontrunners because of what they offer, both in terms of the signal strength and the financial means.

However, no deal is imminent, according to the source. The Orioles have been partners with 105.7 since the 2007 season. WBAL had previously served as their flagship station for 19 years.

Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 7:17 PM | | Comments (24)


Just another example of penny-pinching Angelos!

Just kidding, I'm not actually an idiot.

Also, fire Fred Manfra. If I need someone to tell me what happened after it happened, I'll buy The Sun.

go with WBAL, 105.7 has a range of about 15 miles from Catonsville. Anywhere outside the beltwway is a struggle.

PLEASE 105.7!!! it sounds so much better!!! NO ORIOLES/RAVENS ON AN AM RADIO STATION!!!!!!

Go WBAL!! Why? Well, not because of my souvenir plastic WBAL AM headset radio-Lord knows that would look stupid today. So why BAL over "The FAN"?
My main reason is...the delay. It used to be that you could come to the park, put on your headphones and listen to Joe and Fred do the play-by-play live in real time. Then they moved to FM-While the sound is really much, much better, and we can even pick it up down here in Northern Montgomery County on good nights, there is an annoying 5 second delay. You ever try and watch a game listening to a 5 second delay? It's annoying. Heck, it's more than annoying, it's idiotic. I've talked to the people in Media relations, etc and they all say the same thing-they can't do anything. Now, if you tell me that there's no difference these days and that there's still a delay, even on the AM side, then go with "The Fan". That's my 2 cents. Anybody want to buy an AM headset from WBAL? It comes in "Orioles orange"?

I used to be able to listen to O's gamea at night up in Connecticut when BAL had the signal. I have NOT been able to listen to anything from 105.7 ever.

The choice is obvious.

Have listened to WBAL for many years from Ellicott City. Works great until they cut the power at dusk and then you just get static until sunrise. Stay with 105.7.

To Jeff - the 5 second delay isn't a technical issue. That's just how long it takes Angel to describe a play. He ranks right up there with Michael Reghi as the worst announcers in Baltimore history

I can't believe the comments about Joe and Fred. They're great to listen to! You should hear the clowns who broadcast for the other clubs.

I am less worried about who gets the broadcast rights in Baltimore, although, AM radio would be nice so that I can pick up the O's post-game show than I am in who will carry the games next year. Right now WTEM shunts the Orioles off to a low power 570 am whenever anything else is on the air and sometimes even cuts that off. Also they never play the postgame show. that sucks.

105.7 is great but they need to go someone else with a much stronger signal. All i get from those stations is static.

WBAL! Growing up an O's fan near NYC I could always count on picking up WBAL pretty well once the sun set.

Bob W., are you serious? Joe Angel and John Miller were the greatest radio team this town ever had.

I don't care who gets it as long as it's on an FM station. I'm in Harford County, and AM radio is virtually impossible to listen to at home and in the car. Too much static. I'm pulling for 105.7 ....

Scott - John Miller and Rosie O'Donnell would still have been great. Angel just happened to be the guy there. Sort of like calling Henry and Tommie Aaron as greatest HR hitting brothers in history.

Agree...WBAL. I have not heard an O's game while in my car in New York or Pa. in far too long. 105.7 is usually out of range by the time I hit Ruxton Rd.

They should really go to 1570 WNST!

Nestor needs to pony up the greenbacks for full access!

Since WBAL is a directional 50 KW (instead of a clear channel), its nighttime signal is just as weak from east to west as it is strong from north to south.

Whichever station gets the games has got to come up with better post game programming. Dave Johnson isn't bad, but I can't listen to his analysis for 60 minutes every day after day after day after day after day.

Joe Angel's OK, IMO, but he's better as a #2 voice than a #1. I think Fred Manfra (much smoother when he previously did weekend sports on ABC radio) would have been replaced long ago if he wasn't a Baltimore native.

Either stick with 105.7 or require that WBAL simulcast on 98Rock or another alternate. WBAL does a fine job with the game but the signal cannot be received after sun down anywhere west of the city!

For strictly selfish reasons I'd like to see them return to WBAL. I live in VT and once the sun goes down WBAL comes in all the way up here. I listen to the Ravens games that way when they play at night, and used to hear at least the last few innings of O's games in the summer.

WBAL-please so I could listen from Connecticut. I once listened to wbal in Canada. I don't think the O's realize how many fans they have out of state.

Move the Orioles back to WBAL,
the pre and post game show was lightyears better than what is on 105.7 The Fan.

WBAL actually took calls from the fans for a half-hour then had a 30 minute pregame show with a short managers segment, and interviews with the players, GM, etc.

105.7 the Fan's Pregame show has twice as many commercials as WBAL and it's just Tom and Dave repeating themselves over and over again, when ever Tom and Dave do try to get into a good discussion, the annoying it's time to go to commercial music sounds.

The WBAL postgame show was 30 mins (short, sweet and to the point) and then they had 90 mins of fans calling in, they were on until midnight.

105.7 the fan postgame gives you another hour of Tom and Dave with endless commercial breaks, and they cut to Dan Patrick by 11 PM,

Unfortunately, Angelos will probably play it safe and keep the O's on 105.7,
WBAL actually let fans vent after games, I bet that's why the O's left WBAL after the 2006 season.

WBAL's signal gets very iffy south of Howard County, in my experience.

If it's a choice between 1090 AM and 105.7 FM, then I have to go with the latter, if only for the signal strength.

I enjoy Joe Angel and Fred Manfra's coverage, although they often benefit from the inside knowledge that their ex-O's guests (Ben McDonald, Brady Anderson, etc.) bring to the broadcast.

Don't forget, no matter what station carries the O's, every game is available on XM Satellite Radio. Unfortunately, the away games use the local station's announcers, but they come in loud and clear. And if you pay a little to, you can hear the audio of every game on your computer and smartphone. I listen to the O's down here in Florida.

4 months later and this still isn't done. Can the O's (i.e. Angelos) get anything done in a timely fashion?

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