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September 4, 2010

Luke Scott's last word about using the Good Word

OK, here’s the absolute last chapter in the Matt Garza-Luke Scott saga, which is getting as long as Revelations.

Garza’s comments to St. Petersburg Times’ beat writer Marc Topkin on Saturday – that he didn’t appreciate Scott’s use of Bible verses as a way to question Garza’s humility – were relayed to Scott after the game.

And Scott basically said everyone has a right to his or her opinion.

“He’s just saying religion is not something you bring into baseball; it’s all a matter of choice. That’s not how I view it. Like I said, I consider it a blessing to be here and I am thankful for the opportunity to play. And that’s just my personal beliefs.”

As for Garza’s allegations that Scott’s celebration ritual is hypocritical of someone who is denouncing boastfulness in the name of God, Scott said:

"That’s part of the game. You celebrate with your teammates. I play this game because I like to have fun. When I celebrate with my teammates, I am celebrating because I am enjoying the competition and am enjoying success. It’s just as simple as that. I mean, I am pretty sure he gets pretty pumped up when he is in a big game and he does well and he gets some key outs when he needs them. I bet you he is in there and he is fired up. We all have different ways of expressing emotion in this game and that’s what makes us all unique.”

To make sure this thing goes no further, Scott made a point of saying he respects Garza and all pitchers, for that matter.

“I respect everyone that steps out on the mound that I face. I respect all my opponents because they are the best in the game and they deserve it.”

OK, nothing to see here. Carry on.

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Wow, I even live in Tampa and had no idea Garza was such a d-bag. Long live Luke!

none of this would be going on if garza hadn't sucked it up that day of the back-to-back-to-backers.

all i hear is waaaaaaah

Mr. Garza clearly doesn't understand the distinction between joy and arrogance.

Wow. I live in Maryland and go to a lot of games at Camden, and I think Garza was dead on correct! Baseball would be so much more enjoyable if the Bible-thumping and over-the-top patriotic hoo-hah were reserved for somewhere else!

Just because somebody wears an Orioles uniform doesn't make him right. Garza's right; Scott's not.

How is Garza right?

The guy got rocked, and then unprovoked says he's going to ram it down the throats of a team that is 36 games under .500!!

Get over it Garza. You got rocked by the second worst team in baseball.

Pitch better and Luke Scott won't get to celebrate by hugging, high fiving, and giving props to the G-man.


It's REVELATION (singular) not REVELATIONS (plural). Better yet, just call it The Apocalypse.

Scott started this. He called out Garza for lack of humility.

Garza simply responded that's Scott is a hypocrite because of his celebrations.

Scott responded defending his celebrations, but did not address the fact that he Scott is indeed a hypocrite, for calling out Garza in the first place.

Scott doesn't seem particularly bright to me.

Luke, hit ball with bat. Spare your bible passages for those who express an interest in hearing it. Most of the rest of us find gratuitous Bible-quoting to be self-righteous.

I do not see Luke Scott being overbearing in expressing his views, or "Bible thumping" as ignorant, prejudiced people like to call it. Just because a person has faith, those who don't share it are going to be critical of them. I expect a man to live as he believes and I respect that even if I do not believe the same. You go, Luke!

I never quite figured out the bible thumpers crossing themselves and giving thanks, like god got them the hit. Why not when you strike out doing the same?

the rays are weakest playoff team ive ever seen. Why can the rays' sell out out their stadium? something is wrong.
a playoff contender and still can't sell out their stadium. even during the time in the world series, they couldnt sell out.

Luke was asked about Garza and stated what he believed. He believes the Bible so it should be no surprise that it will shape his beliefs and opinions. What is his crime? Why should Luke be criticized for answering a question? He has a high profile job and his answers are made public but does that mean that he is not allowed to be a Christian? Since when was Christianity banned?

"You saying Jesus Christ couldn't hit a fastball?" -- Dorn.


section 34 & oncewarrior,

There is a difference between celebrating a triumphant moment and telling someone you are "going to ram the ball down their throats" just because they were better than you on a given day previously. Luke Scott does not point or gesture to his opponents, while Garza made direct comments to his opponents. Nothing hypocritical about two totally different actions.


Did Luke come to your house and make you read his quotes? I'd rather not read close-minded comments like yours because I find them self-righteous, but you're still free to say what you think.

Actually, Roger Dorn didn't make that quote...The other starting pitcher in the movie did. "Si, si, Pedro."

They can do and say whatever they want to say. The last time I checked, this is the USA. People get too caught up in silly stuff. Luke could roll out a rug and meditate for all I care.

Luke Scott has every right in the world to give praise to his Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. In a country that is being rattled by public opinion about whether a mosque should be built near ground zero, you think a Christian should keep his beliefs to himself, right? And you wish to speak of hypocrisy? Please. He gives praise to he who gave him the gift to play as he does. GOd Bless you, Luke.
God bless America. America, bless God!

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