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August 15, 2010

The Orioles won't sign 6th-round pick; 7th rounder unlikely, too. Still quiet on Machado front

Orioles director of scouting Joe Jordan said this morning that sixth-round pick Dixon Anderson, a right-handed pitcher, had decided to return to the University of California rather than sign with the club.

Jordan also said that it's looking like seventh-round pick Matthew Bywater, a left-handed pitcher, will eschew an Orioles' offer and return to Pepperdine University.

"We still have some ground to cover there," Jordan said. "As of last night, [Bywater] told me personally, if we weren’t able to get together on what his expectations were, then that’s what he has chosen to do. I’m kind of at the point with some of these where we spent some money, we’ve overpaid, mostly to the high-school players. We were overslot to Dan Klein. I’ve got to keep this at a value that I want and I feel like is responsible for our club, our owner. At some point, we have to walk away from these guys."

Jordan said that the Orioles could use the money that was set aside for the two college pitchers and put it toward a toward a couple of high school players they selected later in the draft. Austin Urban, a right-handed pitcher out of Pennsylvania selected in the 27th round, and Jaime Esquivel, a right-hander out of Texas picked in the 28th round, could now get offers.

"We’ll complete our draft with some younger high school players that do want to go play, but have basically been waiting on me to extend an offer to them," Jordan said.

As for top pick Manny Machado, a high school shortstop from Florida taken third overall, Jordan said there have been no developments and very little dialogue with Machado's representative, Scott Boras. The deadline to sign Machado before losing his rights is midnight Monday. Jordan still thinks that the Orioles will get the deal done.

"I'm not concerned at all," Jordan said. "I haven't been surprised by anything that has gone on. It's been what I expected. Again, it’s one of those things that's more the norm. It’s happening all over our industry. There’s more first-round picks, higher picks, that haven’t signed as of right now than ever. Since the deadline has been put into play, it’s become what is expected. It’s unfortunate, and it’s something that will be changed. It’s got to be changed because it’s really not a positive thing in a lot of people’s minds."

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please sign the shortstop....give him the money.

When will Joe Jordan be fired? I'm sick to death of his excuses and double-talk. Just get someone in here who can get the job done. The Orioles have no excuses not to spend what it takes to get their picks signed. We don't have time to wait for high school players to develop 6 years from now.

Jordan is a bumbling fool and this story plays out every year. The fact that we are (once again) down to the wire with our top pick is inexcusable.

I agree with Groundskeeper. It is a well-known fact that most agents do not want their clients to sign with Angelos. They do not like the personal "conduct" clause Angelos has in their contracts that monitors their off-field conduct and can be fired if they do not behave to the clubs expectations.

this doesnt seem that uncommon at all.

the kids just want the summer off.

the 6-7 guys want to get drafted lower next year.

calm down people

i would love to compile all the 'facts' floating around about angelos.

so well known everyone knows about it!

thats why no one signs with the O's ever, right?

If we ALL had "personal conduct clauses", The world, and this forum, would be a better place.

No one signs with the O's because we have built a losing tradition with a notoriously bad owner. Think Cleveland Browns/Randy Lerner.

An admission of overpaying high school kids?

Hey Joe, when you overpay their has got to be an expectation the development time table is expected to be SHORTER.

Translation: if you are betting on job security while these kids work their way up from the GCL you are in for a rude awakening.

Lol. Groundskeeper, I don't really know what to say to you except that you need to learn a lot more about how baseball works before you sound off like an idiot. High first round picks who sign overslot deals never sign until the deadline. You can find an article on that topic from every single major news outlet that covers the MLB draft. Notice how the Pirates and Nats picks haven't signed either? The fact that it goes down to the deadline is a good's a sign we've actually taken good players. Notice how Hobgood didn't go down to the deadline? Because he took a slot (I think it was underslot actually) deal in exchange for being picked higher than he was projected to go.

Jordan's actually been a very good drafter. The O's system has skyrocketed in value according to every single publication since the time he took over. He's built a very respectable minor league system, and after they sign Machado this year they'll have a very nice haul.

As far as 'we don't have time to wait six years,' I don't even know how to address that. First of all, if any team has time to wait, it's the Orioles. Secondly, high school guys typically offer more upside. That's the trade off. You sacrifice upside for a known product when you go with the college guy. Ideally you obviously want a balance, and the Orioles have done that this year. Finally, every team brings in high school players. Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester all came from high school...and that's just off the top of my head of guys in our division.

Jordan had a very good draft. He got one of the elite talents, a potential future superstar in Machado. He got an advanced college arm in Klein. He signed two of the tougher sign, higher upside guys in Narron and Schrader. Now he's taking the right approach with the holdouts. You can't just give into their demands and hand them whatever they want. That would give you absolutely no leverage or bargaining power with future draft picks. If they don't want to take reasonable deals, he'll just invest that money in other places.

Please learn a little more about the MLB draft process before trying to confuse actual fans with uninformed drivel.

Bottom line, the #4 pick, w/college experience signed for $2.75M. Machado has no business asking for more than $4M. And a major league contract means that the O's would have to cut a player after signing him. So if Machado won't take a minor league deal for $4M, I have no problem with the O's taking the #1 and #4 picks next year.

Agreed, theses kids have done nothing to be so demanding. There's alot of bust out there.(RICH BUST)

if anyone needs to be fired it is scott boras. the players sure are not going to do that. baseball would be much better without scott boars. i believe a lot of these first rounders would be under contract by now if scott boars was not agent for the majority of them. all of the draft picks that are holding out are only hurting themelves. look at the time missed whee they could have been gettting the training to become major leagures. they just can't or don't see the forest for the trees.

Josh we aren't getting the #1 next year.. BEN very very good a literate poster how refreshing.. I hope Brywater reconsiders because we can never have too many lefties.. I feel very confident about Machado, first we have dealt with Boras several times these last years and the history shows when his top picks sign..Also there is small choice to go when you are harper or machado with rendon there can only be one #1 next year.. ADD a top pitcher or two and they could actually go down not to mention getting hurt or a bad year.. I will welcome Machado whatever he sicns for..

the heck with them if I was a high school kid drafted by a major league team regardless of who I would sign. What a dream come true and no high school kid is worth anything until he has proven himself give me a don't even know how he will turn out as a major leaguer, so I say screw them...they don't want to sign and play games move on Orioles.

The last guy who pointed a gun to our heads and made us sign him at his inflated price was Adam Loewen. Look where he is now. Screw 'em. Move on.

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