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August 25, 2010

Buehrle accuses Pie of stealing signs

White Sox starter Mark Buehrle had plenty to say to Orioles center fielder Felix Pie as he ran off the field following the bottom of the sixth.

Apparently, he was accusing Pie of stealing signs and relaying them to teammates.

Asked about his conversation with Pie, Buehrle told a Chicago Tribune reporter after the game that "I let him know how I felt," without going into specifics. However, several Orioles, who heard the conversation, said Buehrle was warning Pie to quit stealing signs or there would be ramifications for him and his Oriole teammates.

"I don't know what he says," Pie said. "I don't play that game."

Buehrle ran to the mound as soon as the top of the sixth ended and immediately started chirping at Pie. Corey Patterson and Pie both stopped and turned around to listen to the pitcher before heading into the Orioles' dugout. Pie said something back to the lefty, but the incident died down quickly. Buehrle was then removed from the game after the seventh inning and never faced Pie again.

The White Sox are probably a little frustrated that they can't get Pie out. The former Chicago Cub is 5-for-7 with a walk in two games this series, and he also has two outfield assists.

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What a #$@!?&% baby.

Somebody tell Buehrle that there is no rule against reading opponents' signs.... but that there IS against threatening batters.


If you don't want peopple to steal your signs, then do a better job of switching them up........idiot. Buehrle is a punk for saying there will be ramifications for you and your team. Those are pretty bold words, especially without "big as a house" Frank Thomas behind you anymore. You better tell Juan Pierre to bulk up. Again, what an idiot.

Buehrle accusing an Oriole of cheating? Now thats hilarious. Besides that part of the game. I think he's just frustrated at not being able to beat them. Pie pounds him like a drum.
Nice job Felix, keep it up.


OMG, someone in MLB is stealing signs. Gimmeabreak.

Because teams struggling to avoid 100 losses are notorious for stealing signs. Please.

So what's wrong with stealing signs? Is this a gentlemen's game? Remember that people shoot themselves up with steroids to win (something illegal), but if you make your signals easy enough to steal, it's wrong? Do a better job of disguising your signals; it's called good strategy.


It's part of baseball.

You weren't good enough last night Buehrle... get over it.

You've got to be kidding. Pie can't even pick up the signs from the 3B coach. Who here thinks he's smart enough to pick up and relay signs from second?

What is it with Buehrle this year? First the umpires are "out to get him" now this whining too?

Maybe hanging around the idiot of a TV announcer the White Sox have, has damaged his brain.

Was he using a video camera with a telephoto lens, relaying images back to the visitors' clubhouse? Was Bill Belichick helping him out?

Felix Pie is a B-A-A-A-A-D man!

Jeff Z's reply: I was thinking about it yesterday. We started this blog right before the season opener against Tampa. Back then, the big topic was whether Pie or Reimold should start in left on Opening Day, and most people were crushing the decision to go with Pie. He's certainly won a lot of people over and I can understand why. He seems to be in the middle of everything.

ramifications? too bad buehrle throws like 87 mph gas.

The Orioles stealing signs? Finally! It has seemed, all season, that everyone else knew what the Orioles' pitchers were throwing while the Orioles had no idea. Does that account for the recent improvement?

Jeff Z's reply: No, the accustation that Pie was relaying signs gained was a source of great amusement in the Orioles clubhouse. I can't tell you for sure, but he'd be the last guy I would suspect of doing that.

This is an unwritten rule that I've never, ever understood. If the other team is good enough to steal signs (with players on the field, not in the stands with binoculars) then stupid you for not making a better effort to hide them.

That's like a card player who holds his hand out for people to see and then gets mad when those people know what cards he has.

Throw your junk, Buehrle. The O's have enough expendable relievers to get some payback.

Eff-ing baby!

Well, when a batter stands in an peeks back at the catcher, he oughtta get one in the ribs, sure. There's no point in squawking about it on the field, though. Just take care of it.

Jeff Z's reply: I think Buehrle felt that Pie was relaying signs to Oriole hitters while he was on base.

Big deal. Change the signs then. It's part of the game.

For a guy that can play the game likes he's never played the game at Felix credit for this is pretty special.
Felix, keep it up, you are gaining cult status every day.

Maybe you fans of the Mighty Orioles ought to exercise just a bit of humility when calling out Mark Buerhle, who's won a world series and has a no-no and a perfect game in the past few years. Remember when you guys had real pitchers? Sounds like you're all 18 and under, so maybe not. Pie may be the flavor of the month over there, but my bet is he's just getting a bounce from no longer being a Cub.

To redgrange: Pie "getting a bounce from no longer being a Cub"?, that was MORE than a year ago! Pie was hitting well last year before he was injured. The big thing this year is that, in addition to hitting well (tho not always smart) he is making smart plays in the outfield as well as on the bases. Again, I think that Jones is now expendable IF, Turtle Andy loosens the purse strings to get a major, major power hitter. Jones plus a young expendable pitcher (maybe Arrieta) plus a minor leaguer MIGHT bring the O's a power hitter to team up with Scott, Wiggy, etc. Problem might be where do you play the new guy.

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