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July 29, 2010

Some info on Wynn Pelzer

Here’s what we know about Wynn Pelzer, whom the Orioles received in a deal with the San Diego Padres minutes ago, pending league approval.

Pelzer, 24, was the seventh-rated prospect in the Padres system by Baseball America. He was the former closer at the University of South Carolina and was taken in the ninth round in 2007, getting an above-slot bonus of $190,000.

The right-hander was 6-9 with a 4.20 ERA in 22 games (18 starts) for San Antonio, the Padres' Double-A affiliate. He’s 6-foot-1 and 205 pounds and can throw in the mid 90s, though his velocity dropped some this year.

He is mainly a starter but was switched back to relief recently. One scout that has seen him calls him raw and said he needs work on his delivery and command. But he has a strong live arm and closer’s mentality. There's definitely an upside there.

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how about the Orioles get some hitting for once.

What is McPhail thinking? No disrespect to Pelzer, but I question the logic of trading away a serviceable third baseman in Tejada for another minor league pitcher who will probably fail in the majors. I've always thought that the purpose of trading was to make the team stronger, and not to just trade for the sake of it. I don't understand how the O's will benefit from this...

Great deal!
Another AA loser.

Super. Any chance of this trade NOT being a bust? Is he another handful of magic beans? Oy....

Boy is this a truely great action. We get something that probably will NEVER SEE the majors for a proven older player that does/can/will contribute to the unitity of the TEAM, Thanks to the lack of baseball knowledge of the SUN STAFF, we get stupidity! Let's go to the "bucket of Blood"!

Dan, You forgot to mention that he enjoys long walks on the beach, is messy around the house, and is also an excellent driver.

All I can say is, it's nice to finally get a Wynn.

The Orioles will take wynns however they can get em these days.

I really do not believe this aqusition is helpful. I am always amazed at the better deals other teams make offering less talent.

I would have held out for more.

When will everyone who wants to see our "prospects" play get it that they are more like suspects.

I have zero belief that any of the position "prospects" are going to make it and our pitching "prospects" do not know how to pitch or how to win.

How long are we willing to wait to judge whether or not they are legit.

i wonder how the orioles conviced the padres to take tejada. what we go is another pitcher who does not know how to commad his pitches and a very good possiblility of just being another career minor leaguer.

Better deals other teams make? Like the fleecing the Angels did to get Dan Haren? Or the great trade of Roy Oswalt to Philly, where JA FKING HAPP is the key part coming back to Houston? All things considered, I'm not sure how much better the O's could have done, seeing how deals have been over the past couple of weeks. Considering this is the same GM who flipped George Sherril for Josh Bell, I'd like ot think if he had a better deal he would have made it...

held out for more? what the heck do you think the value is for a 35(?) year old coverted SS to 3rd baseman with dwindling hitting skills and a defensive liability. I'd make the argument that Wiggington would get us more than Tejada. Who knows if this guy will pan out. The one thing we can say is that Tejada wasn't going to add enough wins to the O's column to keep them from being the worst team in MLB. Now they can look at Josh Bell for the next 2 months and really decide if he is the guy they thought they were getting when they traded Sherrill. Much as I can't stand the way the Orioles have done business over the last decade, I don't think you can bash this move. They got something basically for a player that is not in the near, medium or long term future of the team.

Fellow birdfans - Don't be too down on the young man just cuz he'll have to wear the orange and black. Check out his line over at The Basball Cube:

Last year in high A ball he threw 147 SOs, only 59 BB.

Looks like a power arm to me.

That's the best we would have gotten people.
Frankly, I'm surprised we got anyone's top-10 talent for Tejada.

Let's be serious, Miggy wasn't coming back, we aren't going anywhere... so we may as well get something.

The only Oriole we could trade and get top notch talent back would be Markakis, and we know that isn't happening.

I'll take it. See ya Miggy.

Are you people serious? Tejada has no future with the club. He's currently posting a .670 OPS. He doesn't get on base and he doesn't hit for power and his contract is up this year.

In return, we get a much needed power arm that could be ready for a bullpen role in 2011. Seriously people, we need more young, cheap talent. Why? Because not all prospects make it. You need depth. And this system simply doesn't have it because they have now presence internationally and they don't invest all that much into the draft either, especially compared to other teams in our division.

What this team does not need to do is keep mediocre veterans on the roster that have no future with the club after this year anyway.

Mixed emotions...Miggy was the good soldier this year, no complaints, decent fielding, yet he was/is becoming a singles hitter. I'm disappointed in only a AA suspect...147 K's is nice but key words are "last year"...we have too many" last years" around. I guess thats the respect the worst team in baseball gets. Maybe he will carry subliminal messages to Gonzalez to sign with the O's....Thanks for the memories Mr. Tejeda.

Another bum who won't help. If he were any good the Padres would never let him go.

I can't believe most of the idiot posters here. I don't know why they bother. Many would complain if you got gonzalez for Tejada that we didn't get enough others seriously expect we would get a gonzalez. The truth is we got fair value as we should have expected. A solid young 23 yr. old who is still raw and throws in mid 90's with upside.. No one can ever predict when or who of these young guys will tuen the corner and become all they can be.. All you can do is ry to stack the odds in your favor.. NOW for wigginton, scoot, and lugo.. IT was clear it wasn't disappointment in tejada but the need for the orioles to find out about Bell for next year. I don't know who it will be to decide if bell continues as a SH or goes straght lefty, scouts are split on this.. I like crowley but maybe we would be better off if we had a SH as the hitting instructer.

Blockbuster +

Andy McPhail has a history of pushing for the maximum return on trades. Unfortunately , Tejada has little value around the major leagues. Trying to discern the potential of Josh Bell by playing him every day seems to make more sense than watching a spent Miguel Tejada finish out his last season in Baltimore.

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