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July 26, 2010

Orioles manager won't change through trade deadline (with Showalter quote)

The Orioles will continue without a permanent manager until at least after the non-waiver trade deadline passes on Saturday, no matter how the team fares on its current road trip.

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail reiterated today that he does not have a set timeline for hiring someone to replace interim manager Juan Samuel, who has managed the club to a 16-28 record since Dave Trembley was fired June 9.

A managerial announcement will not come until at least August, MacPhail confirmed, as he concentrates on the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

Whether a change will be made in August, September, at the end of the season or at all has not yet been determined.

Buck Showalter, the leading candidate for the post, said he’s not discouraged by the protracted situation and said he is currently focused on his job as an ESPN baseball analyst. He’s had several talks with MacPhail and says he remains interested in the position.

“I’m OK with the process and am respectful of what Juan is doing and with what Andy is trying to do with this organization,” Showalter told The Baltimore Sun today.

He would not comment on the specific nature of the talks with MacPhail or how advanced they had become.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 3:04 PM | | Comments (52)


I’m OK with the process and am respectful of what Juan is doing and with what Andy is trying to do with this organization,” Showalter told The Baltimore Sun today.

You know someone from the Sun or Peanut Gallery should have asked Buck Showalter immediately after saying that above. Could he elucidate as to what exactly is Andy M doing with the organization? Because I would like to know.

Because as of right now and this is only my opinion.

1.) Roster management is poor
2.) The Orioles have no idea on how to handle their pitching staff as a whole.
3.) Oriole’s fans are outnumbered by the opponent’s fans in our own stadium. Unless they are Orioles fans but they are undercover. This is a possibility. Sadly.

Please let Samuel go and hire Showalter. Let him put a stamp on the rest of this year and have him conduct his own evaluations of the players. Aug 3rd would be a great start date.

I've been on board with most of his moves, but I just don't understand McPhail moving so slow on this. If Showalter is your man, just hire him already. I don't see the benefit in dragging this out unless he's not your first choice. Of course Angelos could be holding something up as well.



There is no excuse for this - the O's and the Ravens couldn't possibly be bigger opposites.

Why would anyone be surprised that Andy cannot close the deal on a replacement manager for the O's? Think Mr Angelos has him swinging in the wind on this one? And please tell me why Mr Showalter would even consider taking this position compared to what he is doing for ESPN. Just like all the other non-decisions that this club has made in the past, this one too is likely to just never happen.

Dan -

Are we wrong for thinking we have the slowest moving GM in baseball?

SGA - Showalter hasn't had a bunch of GMs beating down his door the past few years. he wants to manage, and he realizes this is probably the best chance he has. The O's still spend more money than lots of other clubs (scary, I know). Plus it's the AL East, and Macphail is respected amongst baseball insiders (scary, I know).

NFL training camp is starting...dem O's can now be relegated to the obituaries section of the paper.

Did any of you really expect anything to go along smoothly in acquiring a new manager, or getting the players needed to at least play without embarresment in the A.L. East? As usual P.A. was today referred to as the worst owner in MLB on the Colen Cowherd show. You think?

Did any of you read AM's comments in the piece on Orioles Hangout? I am paraphrasing but Andy stated that he did not want to bring in a guy at this point and tarnish the guy's record before he got a fresh start with the players. Plus, he hasn't interviewed anyone else and Buck is remaining mum on the subject. Me thinks Buck and Andy have a wink, wink, nod, nod agreement that the announcement will be made in August, buck will come on to analyze and consult and start 2011 as manager.

I say its will be the second week of August that Buck Showalter will be the new manger. Andy MacPhail doesn't want it to be on the back page of the Sport page ,but to late ......Ravens will be on every page now !

Can't you all see whats going on. Showalter wants to bring in his own people. All will be let go.And this is what this team needs.

The man can't walk and chew gum at the same time either.

It would be funny if Showalter tried to negotiate a GM postion AND a field manager position. The Orioles should try to adopt the Moneyball philosophy being that they're so convenced they're a small market team.

MacPhail has once again shown he is a "ditherer" who can't make a decision. Or Angelos has not given him the authority we were lead to believe and Angelos is "dithering". Either way, just more evidence of a totally disfunctional organization that just keeps getting worse.


I'm generally an AM supporter, but man...if they screw this up...

Why are all the posters so enamored of an unemployed manager? Why do we have to get a retread?

My guess is that Buck Showalter has been offered the job, yet the announcement is on hold. No need to rush at this point.

Watch the WSRE Showalter interview on YouTube. He said something about his Diamondbacks experience that struck me: "Hardest I ever worked...Never want to do that again." True, he was brought to Arizona to build from scratch. But the Orioles are about as close to that as you get right now. The hardest work you could do in MLB in 2011 is trying to turn this club around.

Then add this: Jobs are open, or potentially open, with the Braves, Cubs, Cardinals, Dodgers, Marlins, maybe the Blue Jays, maybe others.

Bottom line: I don't think Showalter really wants to come here, but he's a media-savvy guy. Why come to Baltimore when you could potentially interview in two months with clubs that have real playoff chances in 2011-12 -- and if it doesn't work out, you can stick with ESPN?

This is only slightly more than speculation, but I think Showalter may be taking advantage of McPhail's deliberate nature to drag out the process, while keeping his name in the media as a candidate for those other more desirable jobs.

Part of the seemlingly slow and agonizing process, I suspect, is that the Orioles really haven't interviewed a minority candidate yet, as required under league rules. There have been rumours that Don Baylor may become the next manager of the Blue Jays. I would think a lot of us who remember when the O's actually won games, made playoffs, and actually did win a few World Series, would like to see Baylor given some consideration as the future manager. His record as manager of the Rockies is good, getting an expansion team into the playoffs in three years, and a fairly decent one with the Cubs.

it seems that showalter is, for some odd reason, still very interested in the job. the orioles should really hire him sooner rather than later before he realizes that there are much better opportunities out there.

What will come first, 100 losses or hiring Showalter? Anyone interested in starting a pool on what day the O's hit 100 losses? I'm shooting for Sept 6.

Kathy Ireland is a retired super model and yet I'm enamored of her. It's all about the body of work.

i saw in another blog or rumor mill artilce in the sun that st perter is supposed to have stepped in and said he wanted buck showalter while andy wanted eric wedge. notice i said rumor mill. i for one would rather see anyone other than buck showalter as manager of the orioles.

The time has come to start wondering about the agenda by all parties involved in the hiring of Buck Showalter or any other candidates. Are we running a AA1/2 minor league franchise or a major league one. Does anyone consider the image that is being shown to the rest of the baseball world about us. Are they asleep or what, our patience has been tested to the limit. Commence with the proceedings, will ya!

And Kathy Ireland has a nice body of work....maybe she should manage the O's.

I tend to agree with Ed. I think Showalter is a done deal (or nearly done) and they are waiting on a set time to announce.

This is what I choose to believe because the alternative is more of the same. This club is in dire need of something to get excited about. Getting a respected baseball man in the dugout is a start. I don't mean any disrespect to Jaun. I just think this club needs some new blood in the organization. I also hope they allow Showalter to bring in his own staff.

If they also need to make a splash in the off season with a trade or free agent pickup. If not, I can't imagine there will be any fans left...

Please bring in Showalter already! Why would AM be concerned with his record when his biggest concern should be turning this franchise around!

Please, please get someone at the helm who can manage.

I just don't care any more ! This is one sad team .

Why not wait until after the season and see if Torre becomes available?

It may not be Andy who is stalling on this. There is little question that some of the blame for this dismal season rests with the GM, himself. Poor roster management, a terrible over-evaluation of homegrown talent, a lack of contingency for natural palyer regression, and an utter ignorance of our need for cornder power. Andy has stuck with pitching and hitting coaches who for whatever reason lost the team months ago. Its very possible that his job is in as much jeopardy as Samuel's (!!- hyperole intended), and as such, there may be an ongoing GM search as much or more as a managerial one. At this point, do you really think Andy's job should be secure? Wouldn't a new GM want to bring in his (or her- shout out to Kim Ng) managerial and coaching staff? Perhaps Buck wants the same degree of roster control as LaRussa in StL- essentially a co- or supra-GM. Andy may be chafing at hiring his functional replacement.


I still think its Mr. Angelos holding up the new manager hiring of Buck Showalter he has dragged his feet many a time in his ownership

If Andy's going to make a change he should do it so as Buck will have a say in any trades.

Buck, don't do it!!! Just wait, the Braves job will be open, the Cubs, probably the Dodgers.

Thank God Ravens training camp started today! I consider myself an O's fan but following this team has been exhausting & painful. Just hire Buck already....serioulsy we should be jumping for joy that an actual respectable big league manager is willing to come here....come on Andy?

Did I mention how thankful I am for our Ravens?

He rebuilt three teams already he can do one more

Three things have to happen for
O's to have any success.

1) Cal ripken, billy ripken, Brian Billick, Steve Bischotti,
art Modell, Steve geppi..all need to come up with Billions to buy Peter Angelos out, so that he can retire to the Greek Isles and leave BALT Alone!!
2) Trade Franchises with Yanks AAA farm team in columbus OH!
3) Pull a cal rosenbloom & robert irsay. trade teams and owners with Pitt Pirates, so that we can now have the 2nd worst team in MLB!

Buck will become the manager of the O's, if and only if, Angelos and MacPhail will allow him to run his own ball club. That has to be why they're still negotiating.

Buck is well known for wanting more control than most managers. Can't argue with that. The guy has a proven record of turning franchises around.

Angelos and MacPhail on the other hand are micro managers. They like yes men like Dave Trembley. Angelos has no business tinkering with the O's. Just write the checks and get out of the way old man. What do you know about baseball anyway? Haven't you learned from 13 years of failure? MacPhail also needs to stay away from putting lineups together. Otherwise he should just manage by himself.

A lifelong O's fan, I spent three years in Chicago when MacPhail built a couple of great Cubs teams. Such great young pitchers. But I lose faith in him every day he drags this manager situation out.

Please MacPhail pull the trigger and let us see what a proven manager can do. Not Wednesday, not Friday, not next week, not next month, but NOW!! Let Showalter evaluate players now. The barn is burning -- it's time to take ACTION before you lose what little fan base you have left.

There might be something to this story. Buck might be biding his time here for more input in the offseason. While some here have made good points re: him being hired as GM also(which I am in favor of) remember McPhail is not GM. He is Pres. of Baseball Ops. This would make it easy for PA to tell AM to hire Buck after said deadline, where let's face it, the O's are limited, bring in his own staff and be here to eval talent in the organization all winter long. At least the fan base was told a story as to why they haven't hired him yet with some favorable commentary from the man himself. I'm remain encouraged if they can sign him as manager that will go a long way towards getting some free agents here as long as PA gets out the check book. And why would Showalter come on board if he didn't have some assurances that they were willing to move in the right direction? He's no dummy. He is the right guy for all the young arms we have and to rebuild our farm system.

Is it possible that Angelos wants Showalter but McPhail doesn't so mac is drawing out the process in hopes that showalter gets another job?

Jeff Z's reply: If that was the case, Peter could demand that Andy hire Buck any day now.

....sorry I am so far behind on my blogging....but I was trying to picture Kathy Ireland with shower-towel duty...

Orioles players won't change much through trade deadline, either.

If there is a more poorly managed organization in all of baseball than The Baltimore Orioles someone tell me. This Andy McPhail shows total lack of concern for the people that still follow the Orioles. Get a proven manager in here, now --- so that person can start the almost impossible task of making this once proud franchise (ruined by Peter Angelos) competitive again --- which it is not at this time. This team looks like a minor league team playing against major league teams. What in the world is McPhail waiting for?

Showalter wants to manage somewhere and there are plenty of teams looking now. AM is going to screw around until Showalter is hired by someone else and then settle for a lesser (cheaper) candidate. I find it impossible to believe that after the interviews they still can't decide who they want or are waiting to interview someone else and that this can't get done because they are concentrating on the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline. After 40 plus years as an O's fan stick a fork in me, I,m finally done

if they were going to wait til the end of the season, why didnt they just keep trembley?

Showalter and McPhail are waiting to make it official after the trade deadline so that Buck can see what he has for next year, then he can come in an evaluate. He'll look at all the players and coaches and be given (because he'll demand it) carte blanche to clean the coaching house after the season. He can evaluate through September, see the obvious needs for himself then kick some @$$ in the offseason. Take a chill pill everyone.

I think LA will get a new football team before we get a new manager

Response to Ed:

"Watch the WSRE Showalter interview on YouTube. He said something about his Diamondbacks experience that struck me: "Hardest I ever worked...Never want to do that again." True, he was brought to Arizona to build from scratch. "

I saw the interview, and based on what he said, it is nothing at all like turning a crappy franchise around. The Orioles actually have a 25 man (40 man) roster and farm system - Buck went to Arizona BEFORE they were even a team and when they didnt have ANY players. Think about how many more things that is to think about: For 1, he didn't have 40 players to evaluate, and see what holes could be filled based on team needs in the offseason, every position was a hole! He had to scout the entire league (MLB players offered, Free agents, and Minor league free agents) rather then fixating on a few players to fill holes. right there thats a ton more work.

I guess McFAIL is taking his sweet time like passing traffic does in the left lane during rush hour.

I don’t care for football. I follow baseball year round. The Ravens don’t really bring me joy. If MacPhail wants to wait till the offseason, then say something! Say you’re letting Samuel finish off the season as part of the interview process. Whatever! MacPhail has painted himself into a corner and if he doesn’t hit this one out of the park he will never be forgiven for it. We’d like to think that there is a plan behind this. Then again we also believed that we’d be judged by wins and losses this season. That we had moved to Phase 2.
If you don’t want to hire Showalter now, then that’s just fine. We need to know you’re at least working on the problem!!! WHY HASN’T DAVEY JOHNSON BEEN INTERVIEWED YET!!!!

So much for this tip being on the money!

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