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July 25, 2010

MacPhail's slow-developing market may have gotten a push

Before Sunday’s game, Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail was asked if he had had the opportunity to clear roster space via trade before making the decision to demote reserve catcher Craig Tatum Triple-A Norfolk.

The underlying meaning was clear. We wanted to know where MacPhail was on the trade-talk front. He has a few pieces to move, such as corner infielders and pending free agents Ty Wigginton and Miguel Tejada.

Teams could use both of those guys, but they are not headliners in this market, not when pitchers Dan Haren and Roy Oswalt were rumored to be available for contenders. This is what MacPhail said before Sunday’s game:

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“It’s kind of a slow-developing market at this point,” MacPhail said. “My own impression is that we have some of these big-target starting pitchers out there who probably have a lot of teams focused on whether they are in or out of that picture or not before they move on to other targets. I think that might be slowing down our market a little.”

Well, one has moved, with the Los Angeles Angels reportedly getting Haren from the Arizona Diamondbacks for a package that included Joe Saunders. Oswalt is still out there for now, but there are complications involving his contract wishes.

So one can make the argument that the market just freed itself up a little. If that means anything for the Orioles – and I am not so sure it does – only time will tell. You have less than a week before Saturday's non-waiver trade deadline.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 7:37 PM | | Comments (33)


Good news for O's fans...Pittsburgh also lost today, so we're only 3 games behind in the race to not have the worst record.

Seriously - this team could lose 120 games at this pace. To avoid that, they'd have to win 12 more games this year. Its going to be close...

Hey Dan,

I think there are Iceberg's out there that move quicker then Andy M.

With that being said, there are several teams that need help: Tigers, Phillies, Twins, White Sox, Rockies and Reds. So the market shouldn't be that slow when they're several teams still in contention.

Also, for a little levity I have added this cartoon. In it you will see Andy M, his tools and his beloved barn.

But seriously, is Buck Showalter the man for the job? If he isn't, why haven't there been any additional interviews or new names added to the search list?

With the way MacPhail "waits for the market to set itself" we may be able to move one or maybe even two of our average guys for an average minor leaguer or two. Start printing those playoff tickets baby!

Slow Moving? The only thing that is slow moving is Tejada and Wiggington. Neither our in the future plans so why not move on. You will not get much but marginal prospects but so what, thats better then them playing or getting nothing. Trade B-Rob right now if you can because even though he hasnt played, he has the most value. Scott has value right now, but you have to ditch him too for whatever you can get. Bring up young kids and let them experience major league ball. They are playing for nothing so let hungry kids get a chance.

The fans are Hungry for some moves [ not one but 3 or more. Even if we get a Blast player in return. Nick is the only untouchable. Roberts [ No takers ] Jones [ mabe ] Any or all pitchers should be offered. What do we have to lose ? This thing is really bad. The fans would not complain on ANY deals. ANY!!!!

This team is a joke. Period. I'm early 30s, and I'll be waiting for my by-then non-existent monthly Social Security check before this team is competitive again. Assuming they're even still playing in Baltimore at that time.

A joke.

Sad to watch.

A joke

Management keeps treating a team as if they were in Spring Training . Clear out the complete managerial staff and get a bonified manager with complete new staff. Stop promoting managers from a little league skill level.

Hey Herb, what kind of move are you waiting for? There hasn't been the same line up two days in a row. It's a wonder the players know what position they play and for who. It makes them prone to injury and lack of confidence.

Hey Orioles FO, whomever is making the decision to hire or not hire Buck Showalter, here's another idea for you. Announce that you're hiring him but he won't take over until the end of this season so he can have time to get his own staff in place (including batting coach) and have some input with any decisions made over the off season. That way he won't have to bare the brunt of the remainder of this fiasco. That would be the only reason imaginable you haven't already hired him. Get it done.


Why not keep Miggy instead of trading for a so-so prospect? Miggy still has pop in his bat and he can hold his own in the field. Why wait a couple of more years for an unproven prospect. We see how the current "prospects' are faring right now and they're not exactly tearing up the league at the moment.

If I am understanding this correctly, the Orioles would never be a buyer unless they are in contention? So a guy like Haren would never be on the menu for the likes of the Orioles as they are relegated to moving depth pieces like Wiggy and Tejada?

This makes no sense. Just because the Orioles are perpetually mired in last place does not mean they couldnt be buyers with the likes of a Haren level talent out there.

Do the D-Backs care who Haren goes to as long as they get the perceived talent in return?

Haren's salary is manageable over this season and next and even his option year at $15.5 is a bargain given Haren's durability and ability.

"Slow developing" are you kidding me???

Another missed opportunity.

Slow is the word. Slow-developing trade market. Slow managerial search. You know it's a slow news day when the top story is the demotion of a backup catcher. The O's were even handcuffed by a guy named Slowey. Something needs to change--and fast.

Anti-spam words: "century sorrows". The 21st century O's, perhaps?

maybe McFAILURE thinks if he moves slow enough he'll actually move backwards in time and be able to avert this disaster.

I just wonder where does this idea keep coming from that eventually the baseball team is going to leave Baltimore in a few years???

Mike, at this point we should probably hope for the worst record, as that will give us the #1 draft pick. There's an amazing college third basemen everyone expects to be drafted first, and he would fit in nicely with the Orioles.

If Miggy can't get any decent prospects in return, I'd just like to hold onto him and move him to short for the remainder of the season. Part ways with Lugo and Wigginton sooner rather than later, and let's see what some youngsters can do in the majors. The season is shot already, so let's get half a season of auditions for next years roster.

Slow moving - help me understand what that means, are we talking Luke Scott slow? Matt Weiters slow? Craig Tatum slow?

Just how slow are we talking here?

Come on people , does anyone have any faith in what the O's are doing ? With the players they have , do any moves make any difference ? The answer is NO , until Peter the Great buys four or five QUALITY free agents nothing will change and nothing will matter...................get real people..............

IT wouldn't even make a difference if the Mayflower vans pulled up to the warehouse....................

With no top teir FA ever wanting to sign with the O's, why doesn't AM explore trading for a guy like Jason Bay? The Mets are rumored to wanting to dump his contract and you could possibly get him for some mid-level prospects if the O's will take on his remaining contract. We need a #4 hitter to take the pressure off our young guys!


Why is the Pirates losing "good" news. Right now the best thing we have to look forward to is having the worst record so that we get the chance to draft Rendon out of Rice. Hell, for the first time in my life I am ACTIVELY rooting for a Pittsburgh team. Yeah, it hurts a little, and I think a small piece of my soul died while I typed those words, but desperate times call for desperate measures, man.

How about sandy alomar for manager?

Slow Moving? Are you kidding me? Who the heck could MacPhail possibly move on his Team of Misfits that would/could possibly help a contender and improve the Orioles? Give him a break, MacPhail ain't slow. His hands are tied by having nothing to offer.

Let me tell you what is going to happen. NOTHING! MacPhail will sit on his hands and do nothing. Nothing will happen in November, December and January. We may sign a manager just before spring training. The best we can hope for there is that Buck Showalter hasn’t decided to go elsewhere as we’re incompetent and indecisive (in which case our choices will be Samuel or Dempsey, and I’ve got my money on Samuel). Then just before Spring Training whatever free agents are available will sign 1-2 year deals, if they don’t just decide to “retire,” rather than endure this. MacPhail will give another song and dance about some other long awaited milestone being crossed only to have us lose 90 games (at best, or perhaps 130 at worst, though that is where we are trending). MacPhail’s contract expires and Angelos will restate is commitment to this ball club and express his understanding of our frustration after 14 years of losing. Either MacPhail gets to keep his job, or we move on, and the cycle repeats itself either way.

CNN is reporting that MacPhail believes BP and the Obama Administration moved very swiftly in response to the Gulf Oil Spill.

Do the Orioles really have anyone, other than some guys who are off limits, that another team would want to pick up to help in a pennant race? Can Tejada or Wiggington be that much help?

Tejada and Wigginton need to be extended for another year. Neither Bell, Aubrey, Reimold, or any of the other infielders are ready for promotion. Brining them up will only make the team worse for the rest of this year and all of next.

the orioles have 64 games left. all but 10 (against KC, CLE, and SEA) are against teams in playoff contention plus TOR, who we have yet to beat on the year (TEX, LA, CWS, DET, TB, BOS, NY, TOR). it could get really ugly.

Come on Andy! Move! The Tigers are desperate. Miggy deserves a change to play on a contender! Now the Tigs have a place for Wiggy!!! And get something for them, not like the way you gave away Huff!

When I was pitching in little league and the bases were loaded I threw harder and challenged the hitter even more. Tell this to the Orioles pitchers who seem to throw not to walk in a run and get clobbered for the grand slam. Trade Miggy to the Phillies and Ty to the Tokyo Mud Carp.

Take your time, Andy.

I haven't forgotten a Jayson Stark column from several years ago, in which other GMs complained that the Orioles weren't planning to move their middle relievers to contenders. Stark editorialized that the Orioles were keeping guys like today's Will Ohman out of the pennant race.

Here's the thing -- why should the O's trade anyone? I'd rather see Tejada play 2 more months for the O's than give him away for a non-prospect.

Most serious baseball sites have said there's a market for Wigginton, and hopefully the O's will get something useful for him. But if there are only C-level prospects on offer, why make the deal?

Last year, the O's had a more desirable commodity in George Sherrill, and MacPhail moved him and got a good prospect. If nothing happens this year, it's because of the market, not MacPhail.

If you truly believe that money grubbing cheap s---. PA is going to care or do anything of significance you are from some other planet. PA has alienated himself from the other owmers as well as the players union and members. No one with above average skill and salary requirements will ever play for this clown. Please Please sell the team. Your pr is darn near dangerous. You are making a laughing stock of us all.

With Tatum seemingly on a roll and Wieters struggling to be productive, this team would be better with Wieters in Norfolk until he regains some semblance of the form that earned him his callup.

The words "quick" & "Andy McFail" would never be seen in the same sentence about anything.
"Slow-Moving" that probably has him grinning from ear to ear.
By the way, McFail's inability to pull the trigger will end up costing us both in the player market & managerial.

We're tired of prospects. We want players! But realistically, what player of any stature would want to come to the organization that the Orioles have become since P.A.
Face it O's fans--we are another Pittsburgh. Our only hope may be Cal Ripken's getting involved with convincing players to consider Baltimore.

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