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July 28, 2010

Bergy to make next start; nothing close on trades; Moore clears

Interim manager Juan Samuel said today that struggling right-hander Brad Bergesen will make his next start Saturday in Kansas City and the Orioles will go one more time through the rotation before any changes are made. Samuel said the club just doesn't have a lot of options to make mass changes in the rotation.

It remains pretty quiet on the trade front. There is interest in Orioles infielders Miguel Tejada and Ty Wigginton, but right now, they appear to be fallback options for several teams. If the Orioles wanted to gain some salary relief and get a couple of low-level prospects back, they could have moved Wigginton and Tejada by now. However, most teams aren't offering much of anything and the Orioles haven't lowered their asking price. They are hoping things pick up before Saturday's trade deadline as teams get a little more desperate.

Infielder Scott Moore, who was designated when Brian Roberts returned, cleared waivers and has accepted his assignment to Triple-A Norfolk.

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Any idea why Wieters is sitting again tonight? After showing some life with his bat, and a stint on the DL, does he really already need another night off? He's played in 3 games. 4-10, 2 HR. At least DH him. Can't Fox play 3rd? Do we really need to trudge Miggy out their nightly? And is Miggy really the best guy to be hitting 2nd every night? I'm just frustrated. And I'm sick of seeing guys that mean nothing to this team's future - Lugo, Izzy, Tejada, Patterson, Wiggy, Scott, etc., etc. I'd feel much better about this season were up and comers taking the lumps. The organization really has some major holes. It's become painfully obvious.

Jeff Z's reply: Don't blame you, Kenny. This is awful to watch. I have no problem with sitting Wieters. He's coming back from a hamstring injury so not sure playing him three straight days on turf and four straight games overall is that great of an idea. As for Tejada, I agree that it's time to move him around 6th or something. It seems like the Orioles only see five pitches every first inning because Tejada swings at first pitch every time.

It's amazing. Tejada has never seen a pitch he didn't like. Unfortunately, I think he's rubbed off on the entire team, short of Markakis. Even Roberts hasn't really been working counts.

It's also amazing to me that Patterson might be a downgrade in LF from Luke Scott. I don't have the stats to back me up, but this HAS to be the worst defensive team The Orioles have put on the field since I've followed them in the 70s.

I think after Markakis (again), who is good to great in RF, there's not one other player who has really done a nice job defensively this year. And don't tell me Izturis. He's average, and average ain't good enough when you're hitting .240 with literally no pop on a team with very little pop.

Some numbers on Brad Mills:

4.13 ERA in AAA this year, an unimpressive 1.38 WHIP.

Can't touch him.

Even worse:

The guy was walking almost 4 guys in 9 innings in AAA, yet, you still have guys swinging at 1st pitches - Tejada, Fox, etc.

Mills has thrown 23 pitches through 3 innings. It's just sad.

I've always like Crow, and I know Markakis vouches for him, but how do these coaches keep their jobs?

"They are hoping things pick up before Saturday's trade deadline as teams get a little more desperate."

So on pace to lose 110 games doesn't make a team desperate? MacPhail has to be one of the all time worse GMs in baseball history. His reign here is beginning to rival the all time loser Matt Millen (with the Lions).

How can someone run an organization and basically doesn't care about winning? No manager, no problem. Poor hitting, no need to panic or change the coach. Year after year of pitchers not developing, no problem lets keep the pitching coach.

It is just a complete disaster.

One indication of just how bleak things are, especially with our so-called "can't miss" prospects: Last year's backup O's infielder, light-hitting Norfolk shortstop Robert Andino has just as many home runs (12) as Josh Bell. Sad.

And Andino has almost double the RBI's leading the team,go figure,yet we stick with Izturis,who I'm sure we'll find out soon is 6 years older than he looks,because he sure plays like it.He is down to basically no range at all anymore,and routine ground balls get between him and Tejada for hits 3-5 times a game.The Plan,The Plan.I think the Plan has crashed and burned.And don't tell me losing isn't contagious.Good players come here and become average or worse.Bad players leave here,especially if they goto a winning organization who gives them a chance,and become Jose Bautista,former Oriole farmhand.Never got a chance here.I hope Guthrie gets traded to a good team,they have NEVER given him any run support.

Ok, Im not trying to make any excuses for Berg, coming into this year I had hopes that not only would he build upon last years success, but also that he would end up being our ace. To me he was the guy who may not have come in with the most potential, or publicity or any of that but he was going to be our scrapper. Bergs hasn't lived up to that, agreed, but why is it that he is getting all the backlash and cries to be moved down (again) when Matusz, who was supposed to be the AL rookie of the year mind you, apparently can't make it past the 3rd inning anymore? Why no cries for demotion there? Our staff is young, battered and at this point...seemingly broken but theres no way that they are ever going to grow as Major Leaguers without being in the MAJOR LEAGUES! Bergy has been trying to regain his composure that he mastered last year but so has the rest of the staff. No one is near where they want to be on this team, let them battle it out together and at the end of the season maybe there can be some changes made (like a legit veteran presence in the rotation, or a serious power threat in the middle of the lineup?) Season's over, lets use the rest of the year as an exhibition period and see how these kids respond.

I hope they DON'T trade Guthrie. He's our best pitcher and we should keep him while we still have him in our control. Our so-called "Big Gun" prospect pitchers are not impressing anyone so far.

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