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June 11, 2010

Wedge interviewed Wednesday with MacPhail

Orioles President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail met face-to-face with former Cleveland Indians skipper Eric Wedge on Wednesday as part of an ongoing search to find the club's next manager, according to an industry source.

Wedge is believed to be the first candidate to be interviewed by MacPhail. Former New York Mets manager and current ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine is in Baltimore today to interview.

MacPhail was out of the office for most of Thursday, and one industry source said he was conducting another interview. But details of that have not been disclosed.

MacPhail is not discussing specifics of his managerial search. When contacted by phone Friday morning, Wedge declined comment.

Wedge, 42, took the Indians job in 2003 at the age of 35, and spent seven seasons in Cleveland, compiling a 561-573 record (.495 winning percentage). He was fired last year after the Indians lost 97 games.

In 2007, Wedge won the American League Manager of the Year award by guiding the Indians to 96 wins, an AL Central title and a Game 7 loss to the Boston Red Sox in the American League Championship Series.

A former third-round draft pick and big-league catcher, he spent parts of four seasons with the Boston Red Sox and Colorado Rockies.

The Orioles managerial slot opened June 3, when MacPhail fired Dave Trembley after nearly three years on the job. Interim manager Juan Samuel is 2-4 since taking over June 4.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 12:16 PM | | Comments (27)


Im not a Wedge guy. The club clearly needs a more fiery personality. I like Bobby V or Garner. Wedge is the type who would retain Angelos' coaching staff

Hiring Wedge would be like giving the O's fans a wedgie. What happened to Davey Johnson, the fans' choice? Thought he and Angelos made up.

Great. A manager who took a 96-win team and sent them right into the cellar. Sounds like a track record similar to Peter Angelos. Wedge is a guy who was fired because he didn't win, wouldn't play young players, and couldn't develop a bullpen. Why is this guy even on the managerial list? Oh right, he has "experience." We don't need an retread whose main experience is in losing. We need somebody who knows how to win, not somebody whose main qualifications are the ability not to make waves and to be a puppet of MacPhail.

Whomever they pick, may it be someone who can inject some life into this lethargic, uneventful Groundhog Day of a franchise. The problem is not just that they lose, but that they have become so paralyzingly predictable on and off the field. The players are boring, their play is boring, the front office rhetoric is boring, the excuses are boring, McPhail's "Plan" is boring, their acquisitions are boring, and so on. Even the talk radio folks yakking about "The Oriole Way" of the past has become boring. Whether its Bobby V's fire or Wedge's creative flair or whatever, let's do something interesting for a change. It's time!

Not good when you look at the managers poll between Valentine and Wedge and the "neither" option is leading in votes. Nor is it good when less than 100 people actually have voted. Could be a sure sign that nobody actually gives a crap.

Fritz said it more retreads....only man I would consider and go get is ....WALLY BACKMAN. Young, fiery is what this team needs...let him grow with the youngsters...was taught the Oriole way when he played on a championship team for Davey othe choice.....WALLY BACKMAN!!!.

WALLY BACKMAN.................dammit!

"We don't need an retread whose main experience is in losing."

Not saying I disagree w/the "Wedge is a bad idea" crowd, but facts are that Terry Francona was 220-266 before the Red Sox hired him, and Joe Torre was 894-1057 before the Yankees made him a genius.

/I'm also not saying that the Orioles are anywhere near the Yankees or Red Sox talent-wise, but there is something to be said for getting the guy who may have learned from his mistakes.

I'm an Orioles fan through and through, but I have to say that most of the fans on this board are totally delusional.

The idea that a "proven winner" is a) available for the taking and b) would have any interest in coming to this dump of a city with this dump of a franchise is laughable. The same goes for a "proven middle of the order hitter".

That's why MacPhail's plan is the only way to go. The organization has to become respectable before anyone with any kind of a track record is going to come here. And the only way to do that is to try to develop young talent to become competitive before they have the option to leave.

Davey J is now a consultant with the Nats.. sorry Jake.

You probably can't get anyone decent to take over this shipwreck in mid-season. The more I think about it, it's probably best to keep Juan Samuel in the job on an interim basis the rest of the year, then go out and find someone who can overhaul the entire coaching staff and system for next year (that is, if Angelos actually lets someone fire Terry Crowley). I brought up the name Ron Roenicke (Angels bench coach) in a previous comment. I think that's the type of candidate they should be interviewing instead of the retread names I keep seeing.

Why do we want these has-beens as managers? Come on....find me a young fire eating SOB...

I suspect Wedge is at the top of the Orioles list. After all, he is a proven loser, just what the Orioles are looking for. And he will come cheap. Again, just what the Orioles are looking for.

Why would you Johnson advocates want a guy who already ran out on the organization, the players, and the fans of Baltimore one time while still under contract because he didn't get his way ?

Just once I'd like to hear him apologize for having done that..... but being the jerk that he is, he never will.
He then went out to LA and ran that team into the ground.
Therefore he dos not even deserve consideration to manage the Orioles.

Valentine might be a good manager if his egomaniacal personality doesn't dominate any and everything he touches.
He's a self-centered, headline-grabbing boor who will not help this team progress one little bit.
Stay away from guys like him and Showalter. They both think they're God's gift to baseball.

Wedge was a mediocre manager in his only stint in Cleveland.
Why we'd look twice at this guy is a mystery to me.

Garner would make a very good coach.
But as a manager, he's mediocre.
Another guy who thinks he's Mr. Baseball. His hard-nosed style as a player made him a legend in his own mind. Someone needs to tell him that there is no such thing as a hard-nosed manager.

Of all the candidates, I like Bob Melvin.
Of all the non-candidates, I like Mike Bordick.

But I have to say this:
There is something I like about Juan Samuel so far.

I say let's not be in a hurry to sign someone before Juan gets a chance to show us what he can do.

At least let him finish the season and then make a judgement.

Wow, Mark. How positive! Dump of a town and dump of a team. Why not move to Detroit or Cleveland or Buffalo? Now, there are the resorts of the world!

Look, money talks, winning talks, playing the best competition talks, the huge challenge of turning a team around talks. There are only 30 MLB managerial jobs in the world, and there must be hundreds of talented, fiery, organized men who would love to have any of them. Girardi turned down the O's because he had other options, but no matter how you cut it, the Orioles' job is a major league managing job. Bobby Valentine might piss people off after awhile, but so did Billy Martin. But Martin was adept at taking a young roster, kicking it in the butt, and getting it to win. Then, he'd get fired, and move on. Bobby V might be the right guy. Why haven't I heard much about Don Baylor as manager? Old Oriole, part of the great O's teams, no nonsense guy, great teacher. I'd vote for him.

MacPhail was out of the office on Thursday to interview a candidate? Guess who is conveniently within driving distance? Davey Johnson.

Dan - I know that this may sound funny but how about Rick Dempsey? Not because he was a fiery player and an old Oriole - because he was seriously considered for the job back in 1996 when Davey Johnson was selected.

Rick had been managing in the Dodgers organization and served on their coaching staff before coming back to Baltimore. Many people were pulling for him back in the 90's. I say that he is just as qualified now as he was back then. Rich Dauer is another long time third base coach who deserves a shot. Let's give someone new a chance rather than Wedge or Valentine. Also, I agree with the guys in the bar that Samuel deserves a chance too.

Ryan Sandberg please

Maybe Valentine will use the moustache trick to get this offense going. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ricky Henderson in an O's uniform next season. Valentine should bring a culture where the players will be allowed to play cards during games. This should improve the offense somewhat.

Oh Please -- NOT Wedge. Another LOSER!! Lost 97 games with Cleveland, I'm sure he can have more losses with us!
Why can't we get someone who has - at least a constant .500 winning percentage?
Is that asking too much?
Hey, after some many losing seasons, I'm beat, I'll settle for .500.
Is that asking too much???

Oh Puuhhhleeeeze don't say Rickey Henderson. He may have been a great and opportunistic base stealer, but he is not someone you want around human beings.
Give him a job at a club on The Block if you want a better suited job for him.
My vote goes for letting Samuel run out the year to give him a try and not rush into something.

Great research, Kenny. I did not know the managerial history of Torre and Fancoroa before the Stinkees and Red Sox made them great. I still say no to Wedge. Billy Ripken is the answer. Valentine is ok. Remember, an American-American must be asked too. (I am not going there). On the other side of the fence, I say: keep Samuel until the end of the season, fire Mc FAIL, hire new GM and start over with a new manger and coach team. Just stop the bleeding.

I sincerely hope the orioles will inteview Rick Dempsey, and DAVEY Johnson if he would be interested. After that let the chips fall where Andy chooses he will be the one most accountable if this choice fails.. I think they changed their draft a little this year and I'm loooking forward to see who wer sign.. There are some very interesting picks besides machado.. I am still eager to see our participation in the international signings July 1.

What about John Kruck

What makes me really mad, is how McPhail never wants to talk about his plans! He can't at least talk about what he's looking for in a manager? That's ridiculous.
Every move he makes is aways such a big secret and all he's done is lose. He's done nothing that needs to be kept a secret. Nothing. You'll never see Brian Cashman doing that. Let the remaining fans in on the plan. Its not rocket science, and its not the CIA.

We need to bring back the oriole way. In the early seventies we had Earl, who was bought uo through the system as a player and manager and we won. For two years in the ninties we had Dave Johnson, who played for the winning orioles in the winning seventies and we won. Rick Dempsey played in the '79 and '83 world series for us, and I say bring him on. With that I would also name Jim Palmer pitching coach.

Wedge? Please leave that club in the bag.

I'll take one of these three: Showalter, Johnson, Valentine.

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