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June 4, 2010

Trembley's future

When Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail informed Dave Trembley last night that he would no longer be the manager of the club, he also told Trembley that he'd like him to remain in the organization in some capacity.

Trembley, who is flying home to Daytona Beach today, obviously isn't going to give the organization an immediate answer, nor does MacPhail probably want one. But I expect Trembley to have his share of coaching options after the season, so we'll see how this plays out.

But I thought it was important to note that both owner Peter Angelos and MacPhail would like for Trembley to remain in the organization in a yet to be decided role.

Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 11:13 AM | | Comments (31)


How about GM? Owner?

so old stuff--saddle the manager with crap and then fire him when he can't win
it's absolutely amazing that this organization is incapable of finding any bullpen pitchers at all--i am a lifetime oriole fan but i can't bear to go to the game--even though i watch them on tv its absolutely painful

Me too--maybe as manager of AAA---suppose to be a real strength working with younger players and a good company guy--

With Trembley gone, who is MacPahil going to blame now? Time to look in the mirror at a horrific failure.

Sure lets keep the losers around the org....Flanagan, Trembley, Ray Miller after being fired, they offered Perlozzo a job which he declined...yadda yadda yadda - Things are not changing

Thanks for putting Dave out of his misery. You asked him to attend a gunfight with a slingshot and then fired him when he failed as the scape goat. Now we have a new sledmaster but the same dogs!!

how much worse can this organization get. It is obvious it will never get any better, McFail gone in a year, two max and the circle starts all over again. Truly dysfunctional!

We need to keep Trembley in the organization, if for no other reason than to let Anonymous keep posting "Fire Trembley" every day.

This was necessary and should have been done at the end of last season. Dave is a good baseball person and I think it would be great to have him coaching/managing in the minors and/or scouting.

Neither Angelos nor AM have any credibility with the fan base now. If they had been serious about their offer, they would have said, "The Orioles would be honored if Mr Trembley would accept the position...(and named a specific position). Obviously, this position will be at no less than and probably more than his present salary." The offer that you mentioned was a lame attempt at public relations. If it weren't for so many very young players, who just want to play ball and have a nice career, I would wish the team ill.

Yeah....Ray Miller was a real failure. They had their last winning season with him as pitching coach and he was pushed out the door for the great Leo Mazzone. We all see how well that has worked out. He just never should have been manager.

It's time to fire Terry Crowley and bring in a real hitting coach for a change.

Get rid of Crowley! The only time he produced good hitters was during the Steroid era.

dave trembley is gone,but what should be done is take the players to the wood shed. adam jones was told to play deeper in center field and doesn't. it appears to me that biggest problem with orioles is mental. they have been told to be more patient at the plate and do not do it. they say they have to perform better, so where is or are their heads evidently not in or on the game. if and when the players decide to clean up their act we will have better baseball to watch.

If I hear one more person say fire mcphail I'm going to go ballistic. I know when things are going tough for so long it's always easy to find a scapegoat. This is a man handed a pile of crap and asked to make a champion in a year?! Are you all frickin kidding me. There is no way in absolute hell he could recover this team in only 3 years lets get real. I admit signing gonzo and atkins was retarded but not enough for me to loose faith in mcphail. calm the heck down.

I nominate Barry Bonds as hitting coach. He may be an ass but the man knows hitting. Put him and Bobby V. in the dugout and we're guaranteed to shake things up for the better

I'm with Eric on this one, why has Terry Crowley walked away from this completely unscathed? It's one thing when you've got two or three guys in a slump, but, dang, an entire team for three months? The Orioles need an ass kicker for a manager.

The source of the Orioles failure to compile a winning season in the past 12 seasons can be attributed to the ownership. Peter Angelos fired the Manager at the completion of the last winning season the Orioles had back in 1997! He can’t even attract talent other than over achieving rookies or veterans who are in decline.

This was the first step that had to be taken - it was inevitable. But now, what next? Mr. Angelos needs to evaluation AM and his plan. I believe that Mr. Angelos did the right thing in turning over baseball operations to AM but now is the time to take a look at AM's plan and the job he has done. Obvious whatever plan he had is not working. The organization seems to have regressed under AM. We can talk about out talent in the minors (which isn't much) but the bottom line is wins and loses at the Major League level. The O's continue to lag in the areas of evaluation of talent, player development, and coaching (and many others). It is difficult to tell if we have talent and cannot bring out the best in that talent or if the talent never really existed.

Let's turn the page and take a hard look at what we are doing and work to bring this franchise up to a level that we can all be proud of and excited to watch.

Fire Mcphail? I was listening to a radio caller yesterday making the same argument, that Mcphail should be fired, then in the next sentence wondering why the O's can't build a system like Minnesota.. Mcphail built the Minnesota system.. It doesn't happen overnight folks.. he's been here appx 2 1/2 years.. while this team is massively underperforming, does anyone really believe there is less young talent on the field now than 2 1/2 years ago? All that firing Mcphail would do is set the clock back 2 1/2 years.. It's going to take 5-10 years to have any chance for this organization to bear any resemblence to Minnesota..

And the comments about firing Crowley.. it will probabvly happen in the off season, but. this is the same team that LED the AL in hitting with RISP and 2 outs last year.. and now is last.. so I guess Crowley sudddenly forgot everything he knows..

ure lets keep the losers around the org....Flanagan, Trembley, Ray Miller after being fired, they offered Perlozzo a job which he declined...yadda yadda yadda - Things are not changing

Posted by: Cereal Blogger | June 4, 2010 12:39 PM

Yep, nothing's changing; Including your excessive whining.

Harvey Woolf: Wish I'd said that!

Offering the departing manager a possible position in the organization is pretty standard stuff. Don't make too much of it. Most guys don't bite on it, or they serve in some posterboard "advisory" capacity until they latch on elsewhere.

As for Crowley, his days are clearly numbered. Any new manager worth his salt will only come if he has the right to hire his own coaching staff, and no new guy in his right mind is going to keep anybody on the present staff, especially the hitting coach of a way-under-performing lineup.

hire me as hitting coach. i would be an upgrade and tremendous fit. thank you. during the tv games and during the radio games, i talk about all the hitter's swings and stances and know what im talking about.

Trembley knows baseball, and unfortunately, he now knows what is needed to win at the majors...and the Orioles' system ain't got it.


Flanagan and Miller....Losers?

Flanagan's a Cy Young winner and World Series Champ and The Rabbit was a great pitching coach for the O's.

offer him the 3rd base coach position.

I commented in Pete's column as well but I thinks it's worth repeating.

The fans are completely wrong here and misguided in their frustrations.

If you want thing to improve we have to put pressure on the league to grow a spine and get a Salary Cap in place. It's time to take on the union. We also need the media to take up the cause as well and create the ground swell need to put pressure on MLB.

If you force everyone under a $125 Million Salary cap then you'll get a cometitive league again.

Do you think the Yankees and Red Sox would be anywhere near their current level if they had to release Jeter or one of their other overpaid stars to fit under the cap?

All we need to do is look at the NFL and see the results of what a Salary cap does. I think they call it parity.

We also need the league to scrap the Unbalanced Schedule.

It's time for a change in B'More but lets level the playing field a little first.

If they did this right it might even reduce the cost of the box seat at stadiums around the country so the average fans doesn't have to take out a second mortgage to take a family of four to the game.

I use to walk up on the spur of the moment buy a $5 general admission ticket at Memorial Stadium, bring my dinner and beverge of choice and enjoy the game four or five times a week. You can't do that anymore and in today's economy who's going to make the choice between paying the bills and going to the game.

Select box seat in Yankee stadium are $2500 per game. Their average box seat cost is $400 per game. This is not affordable for the majority of the people who truly follow the game, just those that have a nice corporate expense account.

How about some fiscal sanity in baseball and a new schedule to allow for fair and equitable competition.

If we need any reminder of why this needs to happen just wait and see watch happens to Tampa at the end of the year. They can't afford the guys on their team long term, so the club is going to get shredded over the winter and New York and Red Sox will be waiting like buzzards to pick their bones.

Let' fix the real problem here.

Why would Trembley want to stay with a dysfunctional organization, let alone the one that "fired" him?

If I were fired, them asking me to stay on as a PR gimmick would get one reaction from me and it's not clean enough to post here

The day Angelos fires himself is the day the organization takes a step forward. Until then we are the LA Clippers of baseball.

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