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June 4, 2010

Trembley gone, Samuel in, Allenson to coach third

The Orioles will announced within the hour that manager Dave Trembley has been fired. Third base coach Juan Samuel will serve as the interim manager, starting with tonight's series opener against the Boston Red Sox. Triple-A Norfolk manager Gary Allenson will join the club as the third-base coach.

The search for the full-time manager going forward will begin immediately and the Orioles have no timetable for filling the vacancy. According to sources, they have a couple of candidates in mind, but no interviews have or will be scheduled until after the Trembley news is officially announced.

Samuel will also be considered to fill the vacancy on a long-term basis.

Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 8:59 AM | | Comments (14)


Anybody smart enough to be a major league manager would never accept this job. You think Joe Girardi is sorry he passed on the Oriole graveyard to become Yankee manager? He and Texiera must have dranks every night and laugh about the bullet they both dodged. Just drag up somebody from Triple A like we do with the players and just be happy with whatever you get. No manager will be successful with this team.

Why bother to fire Trembley when you don’t have a long term manager ready to step in? Samuel is NOT the answer. This is no change; it's been the story of the Orioles for the past how many years. And what proven manager wants to come to Baltimore? We've already seen what happens to a manager of the year that takes a team wire-to-wire, just short of the World Series... Pretty confident the problem, Mr. Angelos, is a little higher in the organization. And the Curse of Davey Johnson continues...

I am saying that Juan Samuel is not the answer. I do like the move to bring Gary Allenson up from Norfolk to coach 3rd base. If I had rank rank my preferences for the next Manager #1-Bob Melvin #2-Buck Showalter #3-Cal Ripken

I agree with robertl....nobody is going to want this job. Congratulations Mr. Samuel, you just inherited a baseball team for as loooooooong as you'd like it.

Thanks for handling the position with dignity Dave. We wish you the best and don't put the blame on you, but it had to be done. The players need to produce, but you can't fire all of the players. Dave, you are the sacrificial lamb.

Thanks for your efforts in bringing the youngsters along. I hope you can enjoy from afar...

We will miss you Dave!

Firing Trembley & leaving Crowley is lunacy. They just cant get anything right....unreal - this is Birdland hahahaha

Here's to DT. He did the best he could with what he had. Sure maybe he cost them a few games, but not more than the players did. Good luck Juan, hopefully you won't be in the managerial position too long because any effort with the current team is just futile. No one manager will be able to right this shipwreck of a team until the owner dies or decides to give up an extremely profitable marketing scheme that he established before the Nationals came to town. What does he care about the success of the team as long as he keeps making money as a huge law firm, a marketing genious, and constantly raising the prices of tickets because he knows that there will be near capacity crowds everytime the Yankees and Sox come to town. He's making plenty of money to care about this team. Why spend it when you can make it?

Jeff are there any other changes being made? Like any players being DFAed or any scouts who recommened atkins,gonzoles,lugo or koji being let go. Or is it that Andy is blaming Dave for the whole mess he built. What about trades in the making I read that Kevin and Ty were open to becoming Mets.

So what's the deal with this Samuels guy? Is he any good? What will he do or will not do - if anything - that Trembley did or did not do.

I am so sorry Dave is leaving. What a wonderful example of a real man! I hope these guys shoulder the blame for ridding a great guy ! I am sorry to hear that Crowley is still here. He and Kranitz needed to be replaced. Best of everything to you Dave. Nothing your character, I know that you will not bad mout h the organization, but will move on to better opportunities with other teams. Now that you have ML experience as a manager, hopefully another team will pick you up. Another team that will really respect your wisdom. Another bunch of guys who will not give you a hard time by replying "I'll think about it !"You deserve another shot ! God Bless you !

C.B. is right - lunacy. Along with Angelos, Crowley has been one of the few constants through all these losing seasons, and certainly his successes developing young guys and fixing old guys have been very few and far between. What does he have on Angelos that keeps him from getting fired???

All the very best to Dave & his family. He did his best & held his position with dignity when he was probably reduced to wanting to vomit every day & night watching the talent (joke) he was given perform.
Ok've now blamed Dave for this mess, do you do the classy & correct thing & keep him in the organization or just let him walk?
Will you & Juan be sitting on top of the Oriole dugout this Sunday discussing how this will change everything?
Does Crowley have comprimising pictures of Angelos or you? How else can it be explained how the archetect of our version of "murderers row" is still employed?
To Dave Trembley...failed by McFail...All the very best to a good man!

In response to folks saying what manager wouldn't come to the Os? A manager that has what it takes to make a contender! Not someone who gets a free ride to fame like Joe Torre or Joe Girardi. C'mon, how much do you have to manage when you have a spend happy owner who goes and buy championships, flashing millions and millions of dollars at MLBs best?? I have more respect for a manager like Joe Maddon, who started with nothing and is now a contender!

Juan Samuel? Am I wrong here, or was one of the big recurring problems during Trembley's tenure as it relates to fundamentals bad baserunning and hasn't working with players on their running skills been one of Samuel's responsibilities? Just askin'. And by the way, I'd like to see a whole new set of coaches; guys who haven't been developing and/or infected by the 'losing virus' that has ravaged the franchise.

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