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June 4, 2010

Poll: Next permanent Orioles manager?

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I picked Melvin, but only because I know that Davey is a pipe dream. If there were even a one percent chance of him coming back, he'd be the guy.

My #1 choice is of course Davey Johnson. We know what he can do. If not him it's not to be Phil Garner. The O's have taken on the persona of Dave Trembley, laid back with little fire. We need someone to get these guys playing with some passion.

They shouldn't even consider anyone already inside the Orioles organization. Whoever they get it should be with the understanding that they are creating a completely different environment from what has been here the last ten plus years.

I hope for Johnson but I know that is a pipe dream. Who ever it is I hope he has fire in his belly and makes these over priced minor leaguers be accountable for all the mistakes they make. The team isn't going to be better this season and I'm afraid it won't be better for many to come but I hope it won't take forever. I'm running out of time!

Just because someone coached here 15 years ago doesn't make that manager a winner. They ONLY choices should be Bobby Valentine or Buck Showalter. Buck and Bobby have coached bad teams and turned them into winners. Buck managed the Yanks, then Torre took the Glory, he built the D-backs and Melvin took the glory. Turn the O's into winners and he would have a job for life. THe Mets were bottom feeders and he brought them to the World Series. The only fault I have with Buck is that he's to much into the lefty/righty pitching matchups late in games. And he burns bullpend out. But the O's have nothing to burn in that department.

Some of those guys are just too old or have ideas from another era like “Small Ball”


You are 100% on the mark! This team has been listless and dispassionate for years under Trembley. I love the guy personally for his classy approach, but when you've had 13 staright losing seasons, you need a fire and brimstine approach to change the losing culture that has permeated this organization. This has been painful to watch.

You keep getting what you get if you keep doing what you're doing.

Since that's what this organization seems to do, that means they'll just name Juan Samuel permanent manager.

Davey Johnson, Bobby Valentine, Or Eddie Murray. But don't think a big name manager is going too just come in and take the job. The owner and the front office is going too have to so there job's and bring in players.

We've got to bring in someone from outside the organization to bring a fresh perspective and to get rid of this losing culture that has taken over. While it would be a great story to bring up Allenson and have him turn into the next Earl Weaver, I don't see it happening. I would love to see Sandberg or Showalter come in and light a fire under this team and for Andy to bring in a GM that would reorganize the whole system and begin TEACHING the game in the minors; that was the Oriole Way.

ANYTING BUT RICK DEMPSEY! Based on his postgame analysis alone, he should not be considered for this spot. He's an Oriole great but not a great manager. This isn't a popularity contest.

If it's Larry Bowa - I will PUKE!

Anyone remember when he cried liked a little girl when Corey Patterson stole 3rd base with O's up a few runs in the middle innings versus the Yankees a few years ago? Only weeks earlier, the same Yankees had come from 8 behind to win a game and from 6 behind to win a game.

Bowa is a whinny crybaby and if he's the next O's manager, I will personally ride his butt every game I'm at.

I'm confused. Is there a reason Cal Ripken Jr. isn't among the choices?

What about Clint Hurdle? He's a guy who took a Rockies team from 67 to 76 to 90 wins mostly on the backs of young players. That's what we need to do.


i think bobby valentine should be the next manager...we need someone with experience...enough with bench coaches and base coaches...hire a proven winner who has years of managerial experience...someone who will put a spark under these young players rears...younger players like playing with an edge these days anyhow, might as well pair them with a manager whos the same way in this ultra-competitve division...

Samuel was .500 as a manager in the NL minors. Hopefully we consistently play small ball this year, finally. Trembley never had a winning season in the minors. A manager who's had winning seasons knows how to win and isn't trying to figure it out for the first time. That's what the O's need on the bench.



Earl Weaver, and while your at it, fire the whole team and bring back the players who are still alive from the glory years. They probably could still do better.

There is no way Davey Johnson comes back. The problem here is that very few managers will ever want to come here with the way this team is run. Not only does the owner become a problem, but the manager is given limited resources to compete. No respectable manager will take a job if they are not provided what is needed to win. Players don't want to come here either, which is obvious due to the retreads the front office continues to sign and bring in. It is one "stop gap" player after another.

The bottom line is that if the O's fail to sign any significant free agents this next off season, it doesn't matter who the manager is. You can't win baseball games when half your lineup would not be starters on other teams. Atkins, Lugo, Izturis, and Gonzales all have to go. Tejada should be moved back to SS and bring up Bell. He can't do any worse. Trade Wiggington, Scott, Millwood, and Guthrie to get some POSITION prospects who are near major league ready. It is time to start over and sign some real MLB players who can CONTRIBUTE. If the O's really want to turn things around, it will have to happen next off season. If they have to overpay for top players, then that is what they have to do. If the front office does not want to do that, then nothing matters anyway. Nothing will ever change.

I think it's time for Baltimore to exercise eminent domain for the franchise to excise the current owner before anything else can be done. Their has never been any commitment to win from this ownership, just wishful thinking that the team might eke out a winning season with little financial backing. I think it began with the utter slap in the face to Mike Mussina those many years ago. Time for a big change.

Cal Ripken Jr...A manager? Please say you are joking. That is the most ridiculous thing ever.

Someone who has AL East experience

My vote goes to Davey Johnson, even if there is only a very small chance that will happen. If not, givve me Melvin. He's young and has experienced success with two teams. I don't know if I like the Garner idea. Outside of the one World Series appearance with Houston, his track record is pretty poor.

you all know where this is going. we are going to be stuck with Samuel for the next 3 years and this will all happen again.

What about Willie Randolph?

Forget about the managers. When will
P. Angelos sell the team to competent owners?

I don't think it's a matter of who the Orioles want as a manager as much as which one on that list is even willing to take on the job. The poll is moot.

He can't coach 3rd; now we're going to let him mess up the whole team. Please....stop the madness.

Bring Davey back!!! ev1 knows he the the short stick 13 years ago and he has a right to be mad all these years later; however, HE's the best chance of bringing back the "Orioles Magic" to Bmore.

Understandably if hes offered, and shall decline we'll understand; (thanks Angelos)

Bring back Luman Harris!

Valentine for manager and Barry Bonds as hitting coach. the guy may be an a** but he knows hitting.

Bring in Billy Ripken and play ball the Ripken way. Clean out the minor league managers who are not teaching the basics of baseball.

How about Grady Little? He's not even listed on the poll.

Tony LaRussa

Managing a major league baseball is a job I want, but not under Angelos' leadership/ownership. IMO, he's too hotheaded and too prone to knee-jerk solutions. And whoever gets the full-time job as O's manager, he's inheriting not just a team, but a team owned by someone who looks at the short-term (unless it's his stock investments) and not the long-term.

The team needs stability, long-term stability, in the leadership positions. Look at Cito Gaston. He's been manager of the Toronto BlueJays since 1989!. Just over 20 years. Through 2 world series and the lean years. Bobby Cox has been manager of the Braves since 1990. Why? Their managements believe in stability. Yes, everyone likes a winner too, but the fans take the good with the bad. You can't be on top all the time.

I often feel the best way for the current Orioles to be successful is to change leagues. That's right, change leagues. MLB moved the Brewers to the NL. I'm more than willing to swap. The current (and useless) plague of inter-league games has proven there is a degree of parity. I'd be glad to see the O's switch with the Brewers, or any other NL team.
The one problem remains, a hothead in charge that foments instability. And thrives on it.

Excuse my ramblings.

The Orioles need to sign the best female players and field the 1st female players in baseball. Surely there are a dozen female ballplayers that are better then these males currently playing.

And anyone who says females couldn't compete - thats what they used to say about black ballplayers.

Go to baseball reference dot com - click on managers' sortable info.

The people who pick names like Davey Johnson and Rick Dempsey need lives. Johnson's an old man now and if he was so great how come he hasn't managed since the Dodgers fired him after he left Baltimore? Dempsey? His players in the minors loathed him. Bobby Valentine? Another one. If he's so great how come no team other than Japan would hire him? Enough with the old retreads.


Bob Melvin or Phil "Scrap Iron" Garner - someone with experience and fire that doesn't tolerate listless play.

I love the Crow, but he has to go. How much worse can our hitting get? Do the O's have to hold their bats upside down before he's fired? Maybe not take a bat to the plate at all? Wear blindfolds? What????

Valentine would be my first choice, or any veteran manager and not some rookie mgr who is trying to learn on the job while leading a bunch of youngsters. Need someone these young guys can learn from properly.

Two words.....Grady Little. Probably the highest winning percentage of anyone mentioned. Forced out of Boston, Torre pushed him out of LA. Wins on every level. Bring him back to the AL East.

Joe Girardi knew what he was doing when he turned down the O's job. Only losers will apply, so long as an Angelos is involved with the team.

i think rob dibble would be perfect. listening to hin when wash played balt, he seemed to know his stuff. he has a temper and would let players know when they mess up. he went after lou for crying out loud.

He can't coach 3rd; now we're going to let him mess up the whole team. Please....stop the madness.

Yes, and that's the genius of AM's move - he not only got rid of a poorly performing manager, he also got rid of a bad third base coach, while gaining a (reportedly) fiery, confrontational, no-nonsense type as the interim manager. Meanwhile, he brings up manager-in-waiting Allenson from Norfolk to coach third, so along Datz he has two potential managers on the staff. Brilliant. Of course, the team is still going to suck, but hopefully they at least will start trying again.

My God I just want to Cry. Such a great traditional organization with Hall of Famers left and right and it has just been run dead into the ground by an owner. He need to get rid of him before anything truely can turn this great baseball team around.

I would be satisifed with anyone that would fire the FRAUD Terry Crowley. Who does Crowley have pictures of in the warehouse that this fraud still is a hitting coach? What a laugh he is.

Fire Crowley, better yet, I wish this team would move. Get Angelos out of here.

People, there is no way Ripken will be the manager of the O's. Ever. Get it out of your heads.

No one ever prepared for a game better than Cal Ripken Jr. Who better to instill the Oriole way than to have the best O ever teach it? He has the pedigree, and the love of the fans. The park would sell out just for him alone, and that young team needs the energy of the crowd to build some confidence and learn. Bring in Cal!!!!!!!!!!!

What Baltimore needs Cal Jr. for is the principle owner of the team.

I like Victor's suggestion of Don Baylor. I don't like the Cal Jr. suggestion so much; just because he was a popular player doesn't mean he is qualified to be a manager; we need someone with experience (and someone that could be fired without a PR nightmare if he doesn't do the job).

As for the "Dave Johnson is an old retread" argument: What about Jim Leyland? What about Sparky Anderson (back in the day)? There are certainly old guys who know how to win. Regardless of age, I'd take Davey in a heartbeat.

Sorry, ryan, but the ballpark won't sell out (more than once, anyway) just because of who the manager is. Besides, I think you're mistaken about Cal being the best Oriole to ever play. Guess you never saw Brooks Robinson or Frank Robinson play.

Cal was absolutely a great player, but that doesn't make him the right man for the job.

Who cares what manager they have. As long as King Peter owns this team, they will be a loser. Their best bet is to move the team down to AAA and they may be competitive.

somebody with a stong heart and stomach , ,but without talent and angelos it does not make to much difference . don baylor or a sandberg type but not rick dempsey just listen to the man talk , and thats hard enough . theres no miracle workers out there , just the next victim

Cal Ripken would make a great manager. As others have stated here repeatedly, your team takes on the persona of the coach. Cal is a winner. Always has been, always will be. His dedication, work ethic, and baseball smarts are hard to match by any player or manager. His knowledge of baseball will help the young guys develop into better players. His baseball smarts are unrivaled. Not many people in the world can say they know more about the game than Cal Ripken. Sure, no one knows how he would be as a manager. I think it would be worth a chance seeing what he could do, if he wanted the job of course. Not many people were more dedicated to playing the game than Cal Ripken. As a coach, this would be reflected in his players.

Certainly saying he is the best Oriole ever is my opinion, but i bet if you poll current fans, Cal tops the list. That's really not the point of statement.
Cal was born in MD, grew up his whole life around baseball, the Orioles at that, his dad played, coached and managed the Os, and his brother played for the Os as well. Cal has his own minor league team, that he has build from the ground up. He is baseball. Just like he saved MLB after the strike, chasing Lou, he could save this team and organization. And YES, i think the stadium would sell out, at least the first night, if Cal would become manager. He has that electricity in the city to pull it off.
Cal has never failed at anything. It would be fun to at least find out.

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