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June 16, 2010

O's have some interest in Fox

I'm not sure how serious their interest is, but the Orioles and their president of baseball operations, Andy MacPhail, have at least discussed acquiring catcher-first baseman Jake Fox, who was designated for assignment Sunday by the Oakland Athletics.

Fox was hitting .214 (21-for-98) with two homers and 12 RBIs when the A's made the decision to DFA him, giving them 10 days to pass him through waivers, trade him or give him his outright release.

Fox did have a decent offensive year in 2009, batting .259 with 11 homers and 44 RBIs and slugging .468 in 82 games for the Chicago Cubs in 2009.

Fox can play multiple positions, but if he's added by the Orioles, it would probably mean the end of the Garrett Atkins era in Baltimore.

Interim manager Juan Samuel acknowledged before today's game that it has been hard to find playing time for the struggling Atkins, and that doesn't figure to change anytime soon.

"You try to get some situations where you can get him some at-bats," Samuel said. "Interleague play without the DH does not really help. You have to see where we are from here. Andy’s going to have to come up with a plan what we can do because he’s definitely not getting enough playing time here right now. Especially without the DH, you just try to get him a lefty here and there, just hoping you are going to see that swing. You know, you could see him produce. But unfortunately, I know the kid is trying. It’ s just not showing right now."

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They have interest in claiming Fox, and Moore just twisted his ankle after stepping on a ball? It'll be a strange coincidence if Moore suddenly needs a trip to the DL.

x-cub alert!!!

wow- start printing the world series ticket noW- BFD...

2 whole HRs? You mean they actually cleared the fence? That's a big upgrade for the O's at 1b!!

Seriously? They are "discussing" this?

Do it! Bring him in! Who cares?

As a backup catcher, adding him will allow us to get rid of Tatum & Atkins. Two players who couldn't hit their weight with "the big red bat."

What could those discussions possibly consist of?

MacPhail: Should we bring him in?
MacPhail's Conscience: I don't know. Don't want to do anything too hasty. Bringing in a guy with a little bit of promise (Fox) to replace 2 guys with no promise might disrupt the plan.
MacPhail: That's right! The plan! We should sleep on this.

What????? Give up on Atkins?? And I thought he was just about to find his hitting stroke....but how can we pass on such a slugger like Fox....with a .214 average he will fit in nicely with our middle infilelders in the 7th through 9th hitting slots.

Way to go MacPhail....another shrewd pickup.. This looks like a situation where doing something is really just doing nothing.

Aren't there teams out there getting ready to unload some payroll and we could pick up someone decent if we actually spend a little money....or is that still not an option?

I support the move, but not as a replacement for Atkins. His versatility would help as a back up catcher. Or at least having him in our organization would be good. But he's obviously not the solution to our first base issues

Why? Promote someone else from the minors...Jeez..we would think about taking a guy battling .214. Andy you got to ask yourself if it would really improve the team.
No. No. AND NO.

So we're thinking about dumping Atkins for Atkins? Yes, that's what I said. We're constantly trying to catch lightning in a bottle instead of going after a decent player. Like I've mentioned many times before, when are we going to throw $20M at one decent player instead of constantly giving 4 players 5M a piece. I understand there are 9 positions you need to fill, but enough is enough.

Hitting .214 eh? Just the kind of power hitter we really need. Let him bat in the three hole and protect him with Lugo batting fourth. Our big pre deadline acquisition. The O's version of murderer's row.


I like what ive seen from Tatum compared to Wieters. Atkins should of been released long time ago. Bring on Fox. It cant get any worse.

This is a joke right?

I see Adam the all star Jones had yet another stellar game at the plate and in the field. Look at the patience Craig Tatum showed in taking a couple walks. Look at Mr All Star still swinging at pitches in the dirt and over his head. Then there was that "gold glove" play in the outfield.

I'm a bit tired of ignorant uninformed fans misdescribing Craig Tatum.
The guy has done a very good job defensively for the Orioles and has actually hit better than advertised.

I'm all for adding Fox and dropping Atkins, but this constant deriding of Tatum is just uncalled for.

Here's a bit of irony. I asked Jeff this morning if the O's had any interest in Jake Fox. I'm happy to here the O's are interested. I wouldn't place too much emphasis on his ML experience. He's had less then 400 abs over the past three years. He absolutely raked in AAA. He's clearly a better option then anyone we have in our system.

why dont they trade for adam laroch

dudes! Fox would get to work with the Crow, the best hitting coach in baseball. No way he does not get that average up to .220 under the crow's watchful eye.

Why don't the orioles seek a trade to help fill a hole now?? Perhaps the brewers would listen to an offer for fielder. Or former texas starting 1B Davis, marlins, Uggla 2B-14 HR or Cantu 3B-9 HR who can also play 1B.. In fielder or Ugglas case probably be an A-FA if not signed you get 2 1st rd. picks.Uggla could move to 3B or DH if he wanted to stay if/when Roberts comes back..If by giving up Wigginton, Lugo,Scott and Millwood to get the prospects needed to get Fielder and/or Uggla their upside and defense at positions we need would be worth it and Andy would have the money to extend them if they wanted to stay.. It could make a managers decision a lot easier if you already had that kind of power with our youth..

I just looked up foxs numbers. He is only 27 has shown some power in the minors and played C, 1B and 3B no matter he would be an improvement on the bench over atkins.. I would love to see the orioles trade for Fielder, Uggla or Cantu right now this week.. You would see an offensive improvement immediately with Fielder or Uggla on deck when Tejada or Markakis were hitting..


Uhhhh why ?


Fox can hit. He needs more AB. He's still young. Dump Atkins, give Fox a fresh start on a crappy club, and let him hit .250 with a .440 slug perc. You can trade him in the offseason.

Batting .214 with 2 homers.....looks like we found our clean-up batter. I hope we can sign him before the Yankees snap him up. Maybe the O's can trade Atkins for a couple dozen baseballs.

This wouldn't be a bad move. Many feel that Fox got Pineillaed in Chicago, that he has a good bat and is versatile, at least to the point where he can stand at a position and not fall down. He played some third last year when ARam was hurt and he did some catching when Geo Soto fell into a slump.

Essentially trading Atkins' roster spot for Fox wouldn't be a bad move, never hurts to have a third guy who can catch. That way they can DH Wieters more and maybe get him to relax at the plate without the constant worries behind the plate. Right now, Matt looks lost and could use a break. This move would give the team just a little more flexibility.

And I agree with those who defend Tatum. He hasn't been bad at all, a solid defender who has not looked over matched at bat.

I wouldn't mind seeing them bring in Fox, and release Atkins, sorry, Garret, we had hopes for you, but right now, you are hurting the team more than any other
player. While they are at it, they could bring up Aubrey and farm or release Montanez. That poor guy can't get regular playing time and until he does, we'll never know what he can do.

Wow, what a hitter, and his versatility is just incrediable. Maybe they will another good hitter to go along with Fox. That should really improve the team alot......... WHAT A JOKE !!!!! THE ORIOLES ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE LEAGUE, JUST LIKE THE PIRATES ARE AND LIKE THE TIGERS WERE A FEW YEARS AGO.

YES I like this idea, Fox is younger than atkins, more versatile and gives us a 3rd catcher but he is basically a bench player for now until if or when we trade wigginton or scott.. He isn't our 1B answer nor is aubrey. Aubrey would be in the same place atkins and montanez are now. He would not hit ahead of scott or wigginton.. I know lugo had a good game but I still like moore on the bench if it is a choice between those two..

Does anyone know which team in ML history got to 50 losses the fastest?

Well I guess he'd be an improvement over Atkins, quite a ringing endorsement isn't it?

Hey Grant:
Nobody wants 2 guys who cannot field, a weak hitting middle infielder and a pitcher who has obviousley thrown in the towel. And you expect to get value for that garbage? You're probably the same kinda guy who wants to trade, Montanez, Tatum, Snyder and Albers for Albert Pujols. You can only trade from a position of strength. I'm sure any trade conversations all start with the same names, Matusz, Arrieta and Brotton. You gotta give up sumthin to get sumthin.

Why? I'll tell you why. Because he's another Cubs reject. That's what McPhail does....pick up Cubs rejects that he drafted while with Chicago. Poor draft selections then and poor ones with the Os.

I have one darn QUESTION what in the heck do we need another player that SUCK ! Its time to bring up the young mens like Josh Bell ,Brandon Snyder,|Robert Andino, Dennis Sarfate , Troy Patton & Zachary Britton .I would rather watch these guys lose than watch Fatt Albers , Kevin Millwood , Mark Hendrickson , Garrett Atkins , Julio Lugo , Cesar Izturis , Lou Montanez , Koji Uehara ,


I don't expect the Orioles to trade for Hanley Ramirez or anything but why would they even consider bringing in another terd. They have enough already. I am so sick of these half ass pick ups. Get a real player with a pulse in here. SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ you are just a little bit right. No I don't expect anything for lugo. But I disagree on millwood he will bring a prospect as will scott and wigginton.. Teams like marlins and brewers wanting to dump salary for someone they can't sign is reasonable and to get a fielder or ugglas bat we might have to give up a pitcher we like too. Either should be a type A FA so if we can't extend them we get two 1st rd. picks extra. We will never know unless we try and it is the only way you are going to get the kind of hitter you need .. NO risk NO chance. Snyder is never going to have the power you need at 1B. It is all in Mr. Macphails hands. I believe Bell and Reimold will still hit but there is no power bat at 1B or DH in our system..

why wasnt AUBRY here 3months ago -did you think atkins was something ?? the other aubry in sf-or millar could have played here -they need a manager who wants to win -rich dauer--put dempsey in the pen-to work with catchers and pitchers ---bring in fox -oakland already has two ex birds that hit .

Boy that sounds exciting! Let's bring in a fabulous ".214" average hitter to show that talent and skill are NOT really required to win baseball games.

If you were a GM in the major leagues. Other than Matt or Nick. What player would you possibly want off the Orioles roster. The birds have nothing to trade no one wants any of those second stringers.


What a WASTE of time this team is.

I HATE myself for following this AWFUL team.

Just what we need, another so-so player who can't hit.

I cannot believe this is happening, McPhail is just another one of Peter Angelos puppets..what a pathetic organization....i cannot take this anymore !

You folks would be lucky to have Jake Fox. His .214 average this season is way out of character for him. I watched Fox play at the AA level for the Tennessee Smokies for the most of two seasons and I can tell you from first hand observation, he's a LOT better hitter than this season's numbers indicate. The only reason the Cubs traded Fox to the A's was to be able to get rid of Aaron Miles (package deal demand by the A's).

Count your blessings if the O's get him.

Jake Fox....keep the ex Cubs coming, Andy!!

Corey Patteron, Felix Pie, Cesar Izturis, Lou Montanez, Will Ohman, Scott Moore, Joey Gathright....and so on.

Ah, the perfect catcher/first baseman of the future for this club. .214 ave 2 homers means the perfect fit. Go get him IDIOTS!!!!

Do most posters here understand how acquiring someone off waivers works? One man's junk is another man's treasure? Eileen, Leon, mpm, David, oldetoy, etc.... maybe you should be a gm and only claim the players off waivers who are hitting .300 with 10 hrs.

As Pecos pointed out, Fox has had success before. He might fail, but that's why he's on waivers to begin with. Look at a guy like Jayson Werth and realize that sometimes player development takes longer than expected.

Cutting Atkins and grabbing Fox is a low risk chance on a 27-yr old guy with potential. I'm surprised the O's haven't done this yet.

Do most posters here understand how acquiring someone off waivers works? One man's junk is another man's treasure? Eileen, Leon, mpm, David, oldetoy, etc.... maybe you should be a gm and only claim the players off waivers who are hitting .300 with 10 hrs.

As Pecos pointed out, Fox has had success before. He might fail, but that's why he's on waivers to begin with. Look at a guy like Jayson Werth and realize that sometimes player development takes longer than expected.

Cutting Atkins and grabbing Fox is a low risk chance on a 27-yr old guy with potential. I'm surprised the O's haven't done this yet.

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