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June 3, 2010

No official word on Trembley but ...

According to my colleague Dan Connolly, Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail was at the warehouse tonight until about 10 p.m., after the team arrived home from New York about an hour earlier.

I think we all know what's going - or more appropriately what went on - here, but by now, we can wait for the Orioles to make the official announcement on Trembley's status probably by tomorrow.

MacPhail wasn't with the club in New York and it's not normal for him to meet the club when it returns home from a road trip.

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Another sad day for the Orioles! It was not his fault but I guess you have to do something! The man worked his entire adult life to get this job. he deserved better!

Hire Bob Melvin.
He had his best years as a player here.
He has previous ML manager experience, turning around a young and under-performing D-backs team, and winning Manager of the Year.
Former ML backup catchers tend to make very good managers.

It is time for change...
What is Eric Wedge up to???? I think he'd look great in an O's uniform and be just what this team needs. Veteran, proven manager who has won, made playoffs, worked young players and veterans and from what I hear is well liked by players and coaching staff. One of his former coaches is already here!
Eric Wedge --- Datz the answer!!!!!!!
Your thoughts Jeff?

Jeff Z's reply: Somebody asked me about Wedge the other day, and I said I absolutely think he'll be one of the candidates. He's not exactly the intense in-your-face type of guy that some of the fans are calling for to shake up the clubhouse, but as you mentioned above, he certainly has some things to offer.

Actually, I like the Melvin idea! For some reason I forgot about him.

Eric Wedge, are you kidding me? He should have been fired multiple time in Cleveland. That team probably was good enough to make the playoffs at least 3 seasons when they didn't.

Bob Melvin could be interesting. How about Rick Dempsey, John Gibbons, Fredi Gonzales (if he is fired), Ozzie (if he is fired), or someone else with some intensity. Also, can we please fire Juan Samuel and Jeff Datz too. The younger players have regressed under thier watch and I don't understand what credentials they have to manage the team for the rest of the year. Why not bring in Mike Bordick to do that, he seems like a coach who would be able to stress and teach fundamentals until a permanent replacement is named. Even Alan Dunn seems like a better option as the Kranitz and Dunn seem to be two of the coaches on the staff. (The lack of talent and consistency in the bullpen has nothing to do with Dunn).

And why we are at it, can we please address the real problem. MacPhail is the one who needs to go for failing to get the players that would have made judging this year on wins and losses an exercise in something other than complete futility.

I do feel very sorry for Dave Trembley. You could tell he loved his job even if it did not produce any positive results. I still fully expect the O's to be woeful. Honestly, part of me wants them to continue to struggle just as badly to show that it wasn't all Dave's fault and that the blame should go more on the players.


Get Bobby V out of the ESPN Studio and in a dugout where he belongs... he will not only breathe life into this team, but he will ignite the Division Rivalries like no other manager... We need excitement in this franchise again...
Whoever said that if Valentine were that good he would already have a job has no clue what he is talking about. Bobby V is a winner and has proven it everywhere he has been. The question is will he be willing to take the job or wait for a more attractive situation in the off-season. Personally I think PA and AM wouldn't hire Bobby V because he is not afraid to speak his mind. Too much of a loose cannon for those two... I hope I am wrong.

You bring in Surhoff to manage, I will get season tickets again. Let BJ rip into this team....should be interesting

Eric Wedge is not the answer...he had some talent on some of those Indian teams and did nothing,. He is your run of the mill garden varity coach.

Trembly didnt deserve much better, he really never inspired much confidence at all.....the one thing he did well were those MASN between interviews with the announcing team..maybe he should of stopped those.

I feel bad for Dave who seemed like a good guy and life time baseball guy. But this situation in Baltimore is awful and no manager can turn this around. Lets hope Terry Crowly is gone as well maybe a new voice can help in both departments. Best of luck to Juan but we all have seen story before.

Maybe Dave can get work in Hollywood as a stuntman. He is certainly performing beautifully as the fall guy this time.

I like both of those possible replacements. How about a wild card like .... say .... Bobby V?

You can't fire manager after manager and think that "release" makes any difference to those millionaires on the ball field. McPhail needs to do a Paul Richards and trade 10-for-10 'cause these guys are all dolts.

A manager change is just a bandage at this point. John McGraw could not win with MacPhail's Heroes here.This is by far the worse baseball I have ever seen since the 1972 Phillies, except when Steve Carlton was pitching.

I'd actually like to see Ed-die!

Bobby Valentine? Have some of you people been drinking bleach? The same guy that put on the fake "glasses, nose, and moustache" combination thinking he could get away with it after he was tossed from a game with the Mets? The same fool that won a Japan League title with the Chiba Lotte Marines one year, and then was "asked" to leave the next? If the Japanese can't stand you, you are a genuine nincompoop.

Eric Wedge? Eric Wedge? Let me write that again so it can sink in with some of you.....Eric Wedge?

I like the Bob Melvin suggestion, but I worry about getting a more polished version of Dave Trembley.

If the O's wanna make a splash, hire an interim skipper who might draw a few of the old boys back to the park........if he's willing to do it......go ahead and give Rick Dempsey the job.

I'd love to see Dempsey instill some passion on this moribund squad. If some of you are mentioning Valentine, Wedge, or Melvin....why not bring Dempsey in to make it at least interesting? How many games before the "Demper" has a conniption? I'll throw money down, and go to the stadium to see it!

Trembley would have been nothing more than a mediocre manager on a good team. We really do need someone who's willing to sit players who don't hustle, ala John Maddon. As Davey Johnson was the last manager the O's had who was courageous enough to stand up to his own players (even the great Cal), I would see if he has any interest. We need a butt-kicker in here, not another people-person.

Roberts and Gonzalez have played no more then 10 days this year. Uehara has played no more than 2 or 3 weeks. Johnson pitched hurt and was avaliable about a month. Without Roberts, the offense scores about a run a game less. There have been at least several games where the relief pitching failed to keep the team in the game. Another manager would just have the same problems until Roberts, Gonzalez and Uehara return.

And that is not going to happen before mid June at the earliest. It would be impossible for any manager to make this into a winning team before July. Why change a manager now? I thnk Trembley should be retained. Some main components of the team were not available in most of the games played.

So long as Mr. Angelos is the owner the club will amount to little. Who manages and who the GM is will make little difference. The Angelos record is clear. His goal is to make money and he has done it by drawing on the good will of all of us old fans who remember the good years. We should all turn off MASN and stay home till he sells the club.

Buck Showalter

Hire Bunny James. Dude will rip everyone and that will instantly make them a better team. This could be the best move of the year for the O's. Key word is could, so you know that means it won't happen.

If we are going to have a farce, then let's really have a farce. Give the job to the Bird.

If we are going to have a farce, then let's really have a farce. Give the job to the Bird.

It's gotta be an ex-Cubs manager or someone associated with the Cubs. That's Andy's go-to team when he needs someone.

At least today there are other people seeing that changing the manager might not make a difference. We have had how many since the last winning season and still the same results. The problem is a losing attitude. Until that is fixed nothing will change and no big name free agents will come here. I think we do have some pretty good young talent to grow with we just need to start winning.

Any word yet on what Dave will be doing? I'm assuming he will stay with the club in some capacity.

In the old days, firing a manager brought on hurt and anger that led to icy feelings between the two parties pretty much for life.

But these days getting fired is just another cog in the life cycle of a career baseball man and fired managers just as often as not wind up staying with the team in some capacity.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and it would be silly for the O's to throw the physical baby out with the knowledgeable bathwater.

Hopefully BJ Surhoff and Melvin get interviews.

Now... if somebody could please convince them to fire Terry Crowley!!!! The O's offense is horrendous and looks unprepared for every pitcher they face.

McPhail needs to go as well. He has done a fine job bringing in young players to build with, but he keeps signing retread such as Atkins with no power and no proven minor leaguers in those type positions. let's try to sign some hitter who have been on successful teams for a change, who the younger players can learn from.

The team does need a change. They play with no spark. Being an ex-minor league coach you have to play with emotion and that starts with the manager. He could have done more. One thing lets get people in positions were they can be successful. Move Ty to third, Miquel to short and let Lugo and Isturis battle for second until Roberts returns if we returns. Shake it up. As for Manager I would look at Bill Ripken, he has fire and knows the Oriole way. We keep saying we are going back to the Oriole way, but hardly any of the staff in the majors or minors came through the Oriole way. Trembly is a good man and Manager, but sometimes change is good.

The O's had better have a few names in mind. Even an unemployed, desperate Major League coach would think twice about taking this job. I realize that the bar is very low, but your talking about managing a team that will probably go on to set the all-time Major League record for most losses in a season.

Eric Wedge is a terrible in-game manager. Terrible. Please, let's not go there.

ESPN is reporting Dave will be fired today.

Since we are throwing names out, how about Terry Pendleton. Currently the Braves HITTING coach and has played for as well as coached with Bobby Cox, one of the best.

It's going to be another scrub like Juan Samuel

Wedge, give me a break. I follow the Tribe closely
as I am in their viewing. Under Wedge the Indians were notorious for slow starts. His mantra is the season is a marathon not a sprint. He would allow the Tribe to fall behind early in the season and have to pass to many teams later . Not the answer in Baltimore.

It is time for a manager change at this point let him work through the home stand but have your replacement in place. Fire Trembly prior to the final game of the home stand and let the new manager take over. Hire someone that has been through this as a player and was able to turn it around. I like the Dempsey angle. Good baseball mind, overachiver, has a ring, connections to the team and has been evaluating them for the past two seasons. I would at least root for a rain delay if things continue. Trembly is a good interim manager but lacks the personality, and persona to manage at this level.

Whoever the manager is makes no difference whatsover unless he is capable of batting lead off or clean up. This disaster of of team is totally Macphail's doing. No manager is good enough to get this collection of losers and ne'er do well's to compete at a major league level. Just a note to future former manager Juan Samuel, this wreck hasn't even hit its August/September stride where it wil really lose in earnest.

Euthanasia! Yep, that is what the brass needs to do here. Poor Trembley is not at fault, but why make this good man suffer? It is just too painful to watch. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for a person is to take him out of his misery. I don't think that there is a manager on the planet who could help this team. Perhaps, a novena to St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless cases, is our only hope. Dave Trembley gave it his best shot, he just didn't have the good fortune and good players to make it work. RIP

This team has a shot at breaking the 1962 Mets team as the worse team in baseball. Firing DT is not the answer. Lets get rid of King Peter!

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