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June 12, 2010

MacPhail's not sure search ends before season

Despite interviewing candidates Eric Wedge and Bobby Valentine earlier this week, there is no guarantee that the Orioles managerial search finishes before this season concludes, said club president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail.

He has said previously that he does not have a specified timeline in mind. But the assumption was made that once he started interviewing, a decision would come sooner rather than later.

That's not necessarily the case.

“I don’t know how it is going to play out. We don’t know how long it is going to go, too many variables,” MacPhail said. “You just made an interim change and then you look at the landscape. I think it depends on your pool of candidates, where you are in the process, how comfortable you are with what your options are.”

MacPhail interviewed Wedge, the former Cleveland Indians manager, on Wednesday and Valentine, the former manager of the New York Mets and Texas Rangers, on Friday. MacPhail said he talked to the two candidates this week to “assess their interest, gather information, neither had a current affiliation with a team that was disruptive.”

Those interviews, he said, does not mean that a decision is looming. MacPhail is making the club’s six-game road trip to San Francisco and San Diego and said he doesn’t expect to conduct any interviews during that time.

“Nothing is scheduled, don’t anticipate anything,” said MacPhail, who fired Dave Trembley on June 3 and replaced him, on an interim basis, with Juan Samuel.

MacPhail has yet to seek permission from other clubs to interview their staff members as managerial candidates, but reiterated that he would so long as the target is not a current major-league manager. He likely wouldn’t seek permission until he gets further along in the decision-making process, however.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 7:27 PM | | Comments (17)


a dumb question on my part, since i don't follow baseball too much. but, if hired "in season", would the new manager take over now, or next year??


this year

MacFail has never been one to take action without puttering around and saying silly things. If he saw his kid on fire he would probably dither for a couple of days before deciding to call 911 or throw some water on him. Never any urgency with this guy (which is why he was so good with the Cubs . . .)

Can you think of any current managers that could be either let go, or the Orioles could negotiate with?Wedge and Valentine aren't doing it for me!

Current managers that could be let go by year's end include Ozzie Guillen and Don Wakamatsu. And Joe Torre could be a free agent.

Andy MacFail needs to fire Terry Crowley right away. Crowley has been at least as damaging to the Orioles as each of the managers who have been fired during his time in Baltimore. If MacFail won't fire Crowley himself, Peter The Great should do it instead.

MacPhail's "slow and steady wins the race" approach has been antiquated for a decade.

Can't say I'm surprised.

Andy MacPhail is part of the problem rather than part of the solution, this team has been going backwards under his stewardship since opening day and now he has the audacity to state that it might take him another 100 games before he makes a decision on a new manager. The next decision should be on MacPhail's status and it certainly would not take me another 100 games. There was 16,000 fans watching the O''s play the Yankees a few days ago and 10,000 of them were Yankee fans. When the hell is this owner going to wake up and smell the coffee, his GM is a joke! I have stopped making my regular 4 hour round-trip to the Yard on weekends and am getting far better value watching the Delmarva Shorebirds and sleeping better at night!

Typical MacPhail. Slow as molasses to do anything that could possibly spark this team.

So much for wins and losses.

But at least we are still on the right course, right?

BTW loss #288 in the MacPhail era tonight. If you are sick of the losing and Andy MacPhail's sloth like pace to do anything about it, join the Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=111145582263379

At this point, the Orioles disasterous free agen non-acquisitions, over-evaluation of talant, insufficiently aggressive decision making with respect to coaching and managerial staff, and utter lack of progression of position players suggests that the General Manager's job should be in jeopardy before season's end. It is probably more appropriate to let the new GM hire their own manager and coaching staff.

Terry Crowley can stay. I don't think any of these rats should be allowed to jump ship. Ramming speed!!! The only real suggestion I have would be to make a call to Ken Griffey Jr and if interested bring him in as a special hitting consultant. But no one allowed to leave, if I have to watch this .... . Then they do too!!

The O's are burning and MacPhail does nothing. He has brought in the worst free agents he could find and it appears now he is just going to take his time and do nothing. I guess he doesn't feel it is important for his young developing players to salvage something of this season. PLEASE MAKE SOME MOVES.

MacFail has never been one to take action without puttering around and saying silly things. If he saw his kid on fire he would probably dither for a couple of days before deciding to call 911 or throw some water on him. Never any urgency with this guy (which is why he was so good with the Cubs . . .)

Posted by: Jimbo | June 12, 2010 8:37 PM


I noticed how conveniently you failed to mention MacPhail's success with the Twins.

I am sure MacFail does not know.He doesn't even know where his ass is.What an inept bunch of people runnung this club.I am sad as to what has become of this once proud franchise.

No matter what, MacFail and Peter The Great should NOT hire Joe Torre. Torre is an overrated backstabber who is becoming more and more senile with each passing season. Like I said, MacFail needs to fire Crowley, but if he won't do it, Peter The Great should take care of Crowley for him.

I noticed how conveniently you failed to mention MacPhail's success with the Twins.

Posted by: Reality Check | June 13, 2010 10:02 AM

"MacFail's" success?? Players like Kirby, Viola, Gaetti, and Hrbek were already in there before MacFail even showed up there. He benefitted greatly from the system that was already in place.

And what happened to the Twins once MacFail left? They kept up their level of success just fine without him. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

And that time was over 16 years ago.

What has he done for the last 16 years? Despite having virtually unlimited resources, the Cubs remained a pathetic joke (winning only 1 playoff series). Do you know that despite the Cubs long history of sucking, their worst 5 year stretch in their entire history was under MacFail's leadership? His farm system didn't turn out any position players (Corey Patterson anyone?).

And MacFail is well on his way of doing the same thing with the Orioles. His rosters with the Cubs were made up of guys past their primes (and their primes were mediocre) that he could get cheap,

MacFail has always been focused on the bottom line - not winning. He knows this is what will endear him to fellow owners when he tries to succeed Bud in the Commish's office. The guy is nothing but an accountant whose Daddy and Grandpa were respected baseball men.

Funny how I look at the 1991 Twins and I see a MacPhail team Jimbo. But don't let the news out of the bag! Another breaking news story... The Twins was one of the, if not worst MLB team for the 7 years after MacPhail, nothing like keeping that success right? Oh... Cubs worst 5 year stretch in history, where did you pull that one from. I am 100% positive they had worst stretches, esp from the late 40s to early 60s. Not to mention the early 80s. Not to mention they made the playoffs as many times in his tenure as they did in the 45-50 years prior... Amazing right? Such a bad GM! How about this... Matusz, Tillman, Arrieta, Bergesen, Berken, Hernandez, Wieters, Reimold, and Jones are all in their first 3 full seasons in the MLB, a team past their prime? Markakis is a building block, is he past his prime? How about this... Let the players develop first before you call for his head. Also get your facts straight before blowing air about things that aren't true. And if he overvalues talent, then EVERY major scout should be fired because name one that werent high on the young guys (which its still to early to tell if they are busts) Wieters, Matusz, Tillman, and Arrieta?

Well said, TJ. Just following up, after spending the past three years in Cleveland, I say we should hire Eric Wedge. Turned a team that was 30 below .500 into a club playing in the ALCS the next year, produced TWO back-to-back Cy Young winners (the last time the Indians had one Cy Young winner? 1972) and developed Grady Sizemore into one of the top 10 players in all of baseball. You can't argue with that level of success. I'm sure he'd be salivating with the young, raw, unpolished talent we have now.

In other words, Bobby Valentine and Eric Wedge won't touch this job with a 40-foot pole. You don't think Bobby V is going to have his pick of choice managing jobs in the next 1-2 years (Didgers, Cubs, Cardinals)? Why waste his career in what has become a managerial graveyard? Girardi turned us down and won the Yankees sweepstakes.

We need a manager who will instill a top-to-bottom philosophy, be allowed to name his own coaches, and have the experience and track record of ML success. Buck Showalter needs to at least be considered.

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