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June 22, 2010

Letterman jokes at expense of Lady Gaga and Orioles

Indications that the Orioles are bad:

Of course there is their record, the worst in the majors.

Then there are the late-night talk show host cracks at the O's expense.

During his monologue Monday night, Dave Letterman took his shot.

Talking about Lady Gaga's recent controversial behavior at baseball games, Letterman quipped (you can read the transcript yourself) at the expense of the woeful O's:

"Over the weekend, at Yankee Stadium, Lady Gaga goes into the Yankees clubhouse, takes off all her clothes and gives everybody there the finger. It's been ... what she's doing now, she's going to go from stadium to stadium, making a fool of herself. It's like the Orioles."

The joke begins at about the fourth minute.

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We've become the LA Clippers and Detroit Lions of baseball. Thank you Angelos.

Honestly, I'm not even mad. That joke just plain sucks. Dave: you're better than that.

Lady Gaga's just doing what Angelos has done to us for a decade. She needs to show some originality.

It's bad when I'm not offended, I laugh along with him. Sad, but true.

Hey MacFAIL! You listening? MacFAIL? Helooooooooo?

We are quite literally the laughing stock of baseball. Thanks MacFAIL. Thanks ANGELOS.

We are so bad even Dave is getting in on the action.
Doesn't he know we have a PLAN??? This is how Andy drew it up...all is well. Just some minor bumps on the highway to nirvana.

Anyone who doesn't think we're the laughing stock of professional sports is in serious denial. Any chance Dave gets to expose Angelos on a national stage is fine with me.

lovely. I'm going to be moving soon due to my job. Don't know if my O's loyalty will be making the trip. Thanks Angelos, you've managed to kill any hope fans have of the O's ever getting better. could you sell the team now, you win.

What a bunch of morons to continuously blame McPhail and Angelos. I'm assuming since your all a bunch of baseball geniuses that you could put together a winning, championship team-year after year. Doesn't matter what position in the draft you hold, doesn't matter who's available in free agency at any particular given moment, doesn't matter that you don't have the $$$ nor will you ever have the $$4 like a New York or Boston. Doesn't matter that your crystal ball into how a player will perform in the future is different than what the scouts saw. Your all a bunch of geniuses. There-end of story. I'm sure your all experts in the fantasy leagues-but losers in the real reality game of baseball. Get a grip!! While mistakes have certainly been made-I don't think there was any devious intentions to put together a bad team-just to tick you off! And Angelos-I bet if it was your money-you'd watch how it was spent too. And if you say no-your a darn liar!!! Angelos has spent-and they-ve bombed-so I would be hesitant too. So get over yourself and quit blaming everybody. There comes a time when the burden falls on the shoulders of the players themselves. They're the ones who collect the big salaries. They're the ones' who beat their chests-saying "whoa-we're major leaguers now". Now it's time for them to earn it. That simple.

Maybe the O's could have a Lady Gaga night. they could give her a seat behind home plate and during the 7th inning stretch she could get lead the crowd in singing Thank God I'm a Country Boy. When the song is finished she could take off her clothes, give everyone the finger and leave. Might be good for a few teenage boys dragging their dads to the game.

I found this post interesting from Buster Olney on

"The concern among rival talent evaluators about the Orioles is that the constant losing is shaping the mindset of the team's young players. For example, after the Orioles lost an early lead on Sunday in San Diego and wound up getting crushed 9-4, sources say that Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones directly lobbied for his first-inning bouncer to be changed from an error to a hit. The scoring on the play was changed, hours after the fact, and Jones got his hit, but for a player to make a direct appeal -- especially in the aftermath of a one-sided loss -- isn't exactly conventional."

Says a lot about Jones' mindset... and the rest of the team for that matter...

The joke is funny, and it unfortunately is TRUE! Thanks Angelos!

Yeah, that thing about Jones was very disappointing. He's a flashy guy, but never seemed to put himself above the team. I guess now we know different.

The best joke I've heard regarding bad baseball was from the world's greatest comic strip, Bloom County. It was several years ago and one of the characters was going to do something outrageous that wasn't going to end well. He had to tell his father, but he said, "That's only a formality, kind of like playing the national anthem before a Cubs' game."

I miss that strip.

OK seriously, who the heck is this Lady Gaga and why do we suddenly have to hear about her ALL the time? I'm not even sure she produces any packaged bubblegum music - she may not do anything but wear controversial clothes and she doesn't even look particularly good in them. What on earth is all the fuss about? Frankly I'd rather talk about Garrett Atkins and Julio Lugo all day.

That's Lady GaGa's spiel. She makes a fool of herself because she's making fun of other pop stars. She is actually a very talented singer and very attractive, but those two things wouldn't get her anywhere in showbizz nowadays, you have to be controversial and annoying to get anywhere after you become an adult now.
On to the O's. They deserve to be made fun of. They aren't even showing any individual pride out there. Most of them are out there to collect a check until they are traded, released, or the season is over, whichever comes first.

This is directed to the comments made by Blue Angel. Get your facts straight. The Orioles are the 5th most profitable team in MLB. Fans are holding the players accountable, however, they're tired of the same spin and 13 years of consecutive sub .500 baseball. Since Angelos has been principal owner, attendance at Camden Yards has plummeted to 1.7 million a year. If it wasn't for playing the Yankees and Red Sox for about 18 dates a year, it would be less than that. Oriole fans aren't morons because they're fed up! Angelos is the common denominator in all of this, so who else is to blame. Early in his ownership, the moron ran off several good baseball people and things have spiraled downward since! While it's sad that we are the brunt of Letterman's joke; nonetheless, it's sad and deserved. This is what happens to ownership that is more responsive to the bottom line, rather than a competitive product!

David Letterman is a complete dumb-a$$, not to mention a terrible comedian.

Can't we just send the whole team down to Single-A and call it a day?

The Lady Gaga news item (?) reminded me of the time a few years ago when a man won a huge monetary bet after receiving breast implant surgery.

I am a strong believer in "Hey! They can't do that to our pledges! Only WE can do that to our pledges!" Having said that, I strongly feel that Letterman hasn't been funny at all since he switched from NBC to CBS. The folks propping up his popularity probably think that the cartoons in The New Yorker are funny. THEY'RE NOT!

Kind of like the kettle calling the pot black, isn't it ?

Shows Letterman is a JERK.

Letterman is a scumbag. His Top 10 list used to be clever sometimes, but he's hardly ever funny anymore. The Orioles make fools of themselves? How about poking your underlings at work -- isn't that pretty pathetic???

Average joke. The Orioles deserved to roasted. So what!? Hopefully we all can laugh about this. After 14 seasons thats all you can do! ... Theres a lot of things that need to change with that so-called ball club. It has to start at the top with a new owner that develops an environment for not just the Oriole players but also the disappearing Oriole faithful. Baseball is just not fun anymore in Baltimore. Some people might even go as far as bring down Camden Yards and the warehouse to expand the Ravens parking lot or build an even bigger M&T bank stadium (with a dome, so we can host a Super Bowl - SWEET). We dont have the people in place to develop these players properly, so I figure we need to buy them. BUT we dont have an owner that is willing to fully invest into the baseball team and his city that he makes millions from...Until this changes more of the same...

HAHA i think the joke is pretty funny..i regret that he is filming in NY and all the yanks fans just laughed at us but still its pretty funny and we all know we've laughed at jokes of the perilous teams in major league sports like the lions and c'mon we havnt a winning season in what 12 years? if ya'll cant chuckle by now about how bad we suck then there really isnt any reason to smile about our organization now is there?

I grew up with the Orioles when they were Great. They were the only team to hold a winning record against the Yankees till the early 90's. Then Peter bought the team the rest is history.

I hope Letterman keeps ribbing the Orioles and hopefully other comedians will pile on, too.

Maybe persistent ridicule on the national stage will get through to Peter Angelos to do something to improve this team. Nothing else has.

Mr Angelos,
Just sell the Orioles to Cal Ripken and devote your time to getting a new indoor arena for Baltimore.

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