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June 3, 2010

Is this Trembley's last game?

When the Orioles take the field today at Yankee Stadium, there is a growing likelihood that Dave Trembley will be managing the team for the last time.

I know you’ve heard that before. It’s maddening for everyone involved, especially Trembley, the baseball lifer who has done his best trying to keep his composure as the team implodes and speculation of his departure increases.

Nothing is official right now. It won’t be until after Trembley meets face to face with President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail.

MacPhail is not on the New York trip, so that potential meeting will occur in Baltimore and is expected to happen before Friday’s game at home against the Boston Red Sox. That could mean sometime tonight when the club returns home from New York City or Friday morning.

We’re careful not to speculate too much on such sensitive matters, especially when a good man’s livelihood is at stake. But we were told by a source familiar with MacPhail’s line of thinking that Thursday night or Friday morning is the most likely timeline. And we were told that before the team lost seven in a row (heading into Thursday).

We were also told that the Orioles will temporarily hire from within, likely promoting third base coach Juan Samuel to the interim post, though bench coach Jeff Datz is another possibility. Again, nothing is official yet. That decision may still be pending.

One thing we know for sure is that MacPhail’s plan, at least currently, is to conduct a search this season with the interim manager likely being just that, a placeholder until a permanent replacement is made. We don’t know what the timeline of that will be. Only MacPhail and principal owner Peter Angelos know the answer to that question.

This much is certain: MacPhail has a strong relationship with the commissioner’s office, so he will do this by the book, interviewing multiple candidates, including at least one minority, before making a decision. It would be a surprise if it were someone without previous managerial experience.

That’s the best update we can give you at this time. But it is fair to say this saga is closer to completion than it has been in the past.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 1:03 PM | | Comments (61)


I'll believe it when I see it.

Is there any reason they could not have been interviewing replacements prior to firing him or is that not allowed or not considered proper?

It's not considered proper. A lot of people would not feel right interviewing for a job that is still filled. And that certainly isn't MacPhail's style. Now, if there's an interim tag on -- like there was when MacPhail talked to Girardi -- the assumption is that the job is more up for grabs. That's not saying the backroom deals don't go on throughout the league, but it's unlikely MacPhail would progress in that manner. He'll conduct the search when the job is "open."

Not happening I guarantee it.

Who cares? Mr. Trembley deserves to be fired. He should not be pitied and treated gingerly. He knew what he was getting into and his treatment should be dictated by the best interest of the team.

After the recent off-season moves and the performance on the field Mr. McPhail should be fired today and a new or interim GM should clean house ASAP as he/she sees fit.

Before this season I thought McPhail was doing a good job, clearly I was wrong.

Bring in Grady Little so his first game back in the AL East will be against the Red Sox.

i open everyday with great anticipation hoping that i'll see the headline--Trembley Fired!!!--but it hasn't happened yet. I know alot of it's not his fault but he's done enough wrong (or not enough right) to get fired. I only hope the entire coaching staff goes too. Fresh start is needed.

Wow. Looks like they're reaally battling for him today. Fire his sorry butt and end this chirade.


Any chance it will also be Crowley's last game? We can only hope! As long as he is instructing our hitters they will continue to swing at bad pitches.

I understand why this would happen but the O's really need to bring in a couple of veterans in order to mentor the younger guys!

Not sure why Davey Johnson isn't in the mix..know of his past relationship with Peter the Great but figured he would be perfect replacement

Pleeeeeeeeeease let it be true...

Dave Trembley is a good man. It will be sad to see him go, no matter when it is. He is a good solid human being stuck in a no-win situation. Casey Stengel, Earl Weaver, Joe Torre, Sparky Anderson, and Jim Leyland combined couldn't get this team above .500. This season is already over. There will be no joy (or at least there shouldn't be) when a good man loses his job. That said, his time here is up. You can't fire all 25 players & the whole minor league organization so the manager is the scapegoat for the front office's decade and a half worth of failures.

Who cares. This team has flatlined and anyone you bring into this total and complete disaster will have to work miracles to fare any better. This is a team of complete losers. We have seen nothing to indicate otherwise. No signs of life. No frustration. They are underachieving losers, plain and simple. You'd have to be pretty deluded to think that:

A). anyone wants this job, the worst in MLB

B). any manager can make a difference with this bunch of no fire, lazy, overhyped, over-the-hill nothings.

Good luck Trembles, if indeed you are canned. You weren't very good, but, neither were the clowns you were forced to put on the field.

MacPhail, and to a larger extent, Angelos, are the real problem. Everything else is just window dressing.

Three years from now we'll be singing the same refrain, just like we were 3, 6, 9, 12 years ago.

What about Crowley?

It's time to put the poor man out of his misery. Firing him now would be an act of kindness.

I guess the new guy will come in and win every remaing game for the season due to his personal talent on the field.

After all, Trembley did a lousy job pitching for these guys, batting for these guys, and fielding for these guys. I also don't like the way he intentionally injured one of the best leadoff hitters in the game.

You know, Babe Ruth had a terrific reputation as a batter, as a pitcher, and as a fielder. Plus he has ties to the community. I wonder if he's available - and being dead, he's probably not too busy - because, after all, the new manager clearly has to do a better job of doing all the work for a bunch of well-paid adult professional major league baseball players who should neither have to have their hands tearfully caressed nor their backs viscously whipped in order to do what they are supposed to do regardless of who their manager is.

I agree with Mr Deez.....if Trembley goes The Crow Must Go.

What about Kranitz? He should go as well. Easy decision there. And enough with Crowley. The guy has been there forever and nothing has changed. Wipe the slate.

It would be a good move for trembley to finally be finished when there is no hope for otherwise.. I don't expect any coaching moves announced due to a new manager usually choosing his own coaches, but I hope Kranitz gets to stay.. I don't look for Dempsey to be the hire but he would have the fire I think we need..

Samuel will be named manager so that they can get him out of the third base coaching box. Typical Orioles move, get rid of one loser and promote another. BTW, don't feel too sorry for good old Dave, he'll be collecting a nice paycheck while he spends the rest of the summer sunning himself in Florida.

I don't know what Eric Wedge is doing but i say keep him in consideration for the managerial position.


I can't believe they would consider naming Samuel the interim coach. Isn't he also the baserunning coach? And we see how that goes. They need to find a first class replacement very quickly and let the whole coaching staff go.

The Oriole Way to fire a manager is to do it right before the team leaves for a west coast trip and what do you know - the O's head west after this next homestead.

Dave's last game will be June 13 against the Mets. The team will leave that night for San Francisco with an interim manager at the helm.

Does anyone have Don Baylor's phone number?

the Os have not one player on the field today as good or better than any Yankee on the field at the same position, and overall, barely one better than any Yankee on the field regardless of position.
some not even as good as a couple of the Yanks bench players. This is the state of the team. And surely not a recipe for being compettive.
This is what the current manager sees every day.
No new manager is going to change that fact. No new manager will make up for the pure lack of talent,
and/or production at almost every position on this roster.
Good luck to whoever gets this mess.

What's the point? This team is only going to get worse after they trade away Millwood, Tejada, Scott and Wigginton to contenders. They're sure to break the '62 Mets record for most losses so why bring in someone new now and stick him with that ignominius distinction?

I attended a Red Sox game this week and one of the things that amazed me was the Red Sox batters run out every ground ball - hard and past the first base bag. Even when it appears obvious they will be out. The O's batters routinely dog it running to first base and frequently turn to the dugout with not even making it to the bag. I just hope whoever replaces Trembley makes these O's actually hustle, play hard and do basic stuff like run hard to first base. Not only are these O's lacking talent, they are lazy and lack energy.


The team's performance has been horrid. Are they really THIS bad? I don't think so.

Please don't accuse me of using performance decreasing drugs, but I really believe that, with a change of environment (new manager and coaches -- including hitting coach) this team can stop the bleeding and play close to .500 the rest of the way.

Obviously the hole they've dug thus far is way too deep to get out of. But, after the pattern of the past decade, wouldn't it be encouraging to see a solid second half for a change?

I'll bet Davey Johnson wouldn't touch this team with a 10-foot pole, but I'd love to have him back in charge.

I like Trembley (and will feel horrible for him for losing his job b/c he seems like he really has heart for the game) but something needs to be done! Not sure if Crow should be let go too! Hitting is the problem so that makes an obvious answer (almost a more obvious one than Trembley truthfully).

Maybe Cal could be the hitting instructor (he does a lot of that at the peewee level....)

So if we get what so many I have lost count new manager and we still lose I guess you all will want him fired. The team is the Bengals of the 90s and early 2000s where they just can't get out of the losing funk. Look at Tampa as an example. They were bad for a long time and then one season it all turned around and now they have a different attitude and look where they are. True O fans stick with them and the others can just cry in their beer.

How about McPhail falling on his sword along with Trembley. He is the one that stated that results would matter this year. He has constructed the worst team in the history of the franchise, and he needs to pay as well. The reputation of this storied team is at an all time low and the house cleaning must be complete.

While it's become very obvious that Trembley is a goner at this point, the O's problems go further than that level. The number of injuries and bad decisions (can you say Uehara?)are also a huge part of their problems. And it may be time for Crowley to retire with some dignity, although that might have to wait for the end of the season. Most of the players are still young and learning at the major league level. If Trembley is indeed fired - and at this point, he may welcome the relief from what he's had to watch night after night after night - who do you replace him with?

I wish DT the best, I wish this job would have worked for him, and I wish he could go out with a win.

But a change is needed...

my prediction...this season's interim manager will be replaced by another newcomer with no MLB managerial experience. He'll then be told he gets to pick his bench coach while Kranitz, Crowley, etc. have to stay on board. I've heard this record before.

I can't believe we're still having this conversation. I can't wait to read "O's lose 120th game..............McPhail quiet on Trembley's status".

Fire Terry Crowley! Why is he still in Baltimore? He has been a major problem, especially with his failure to develop guys like Wieters and Jones. FIRE TERRY CROWLEY!

Whoopee do, who's going to replace DT? Mickey Mouse?

Funny how EVERYONE wants to see Davey Johnson come back! Angelos got into an argument with him and neither one backed down. Angelos was wrong to let him go, it was Angelos putting Angelos over the team.
I BEG OF YOU ALL!!! Please be persistent. Do what you can to bring him back till we hear from Mr. Johnson himself that he is not interested.

Selig, Angelos, McPhail, Trembley.....that's why baseball is dying!

I wish someone would put forth a legitimate reason why DT should be fired. He's not swinging at bad pitches, he's not committing errors and he's not the cause for injuries/regression of so many players.

On top of that, do people actually think that a new manager is going to come in here and rip off 10 wins in a row and make this season all better?

Bottom line is that the players are not playing well and you can yell and scream at them all you want, it isn't going to help them hit a 97mph fastball into a better location than right to a fielder.

The mans livlihood???!!!!!! This isnt a coal miner making 15 bucks an hour. he is making close a guaranteed million dollars and will get paid whether he works or not. i want to be fired and paid half a million dollars to sit on a beach. Boy thats really ruining his family and livlihood. Get a grip.


As an Orioles fan exiled in the northernmost fringes of Red Sox Nation (Barre, VT), it appears to me that the Orioles' problems this season aren't Dave Trembley or Terry Crowley or Peter Angelos or any of the other people who are filling the role of Usual Scapegoats for a losing team... it appears to me that the problems are...

1 - The Orioles (and particularly the Orioles' FANS) expected too much too soon from too many young players.

2 - The team suffered key injuries which forced those young players into roles they weren't ready for.

3 - They had a HORRIBLE first few weeks of the season, and players started PRESSING and trying to carry the team instead of relaxing... or, as with Roberts-Pie-Reimold, both pressing AND playing through injuries.

4 - The pressing had to have been exacerbated by the knowledge that MacPhail said "it's about wins and losses this season."

I realize that conventional wisdom says FIRE THE MANAGER, but I really don't think it's fair to do ANYTHING until those key players on the DL come back.

I mean, come on: Roberts, Pie, Uehara, Gonzalez, Nolan Reimold... all injured. How is that Dave Trembley's fault?

Give him a gun with some bullets in it before you can him for being a lousy shot!!

I have a name for the future manager of the birds. Ripkin not Cal but his brother Billy. His knowledge of the game on the MLB network is impressive. I think Cal should buy the club and Billy made manager.

Wrong decision-
I have said this repeatedely that Trembley is not the problem.
The problem lies squarley at the feet of McPhail and no one else!
The Orioles could not be represented by a better individual than Dave Tremley!

Trembley needs to go but he should charter a bus and take these guys out of town with him: Terry Crowley, Julio Lugo, Cesar Izturis, Garrett Atkins and Matt Albers. These folks need to get going as well, it's just not complete without their departure.

Cal as hitting coach is a great idea but I think Cal wants more than that. Let him work with MacPhail. Rick Dempsey as pitching coach, as his comments show he really understands pitchers.
I hope they can find a manager who is not afraid to lay it on the players when they don't perform, but who would want to walk into this mess. Its going to take a brave man.

I don't give a rats buttocks about Trembley. Hire a parrot that can only say "hit and run", and "sacrifice bunt".
How can you average about 2 runs per game and not at least try to manufacture runs? Hit and run or at least hit behind runners when you can't outscore anyone. Cripes, I learned that in pony league playing at Mago Vista in Anne Arundel county. What, is it passe?
If the players can't execute, than fire the whole coaching staff for not teaching basic baseball.
Not hustling back in the day would get you a severe fine in Frank Robinsons kangaroo court. Make a statement and bench anyone for a game or two for any even percieved transgression.
I don't mind the losing as much as HOW we are losing.
I'm an addict of oriole baseball after seeing how it can be played well (1965-1978).
So I won't quit being interested, just not as enthusiastically.

Let the Demper take the team for 4 months.

Can we get rid of Trembley Crowley and Angelos Pls

It would be refreshing to hear MacPhail come out and say, for instance, "No one is getting fired. We need to get all of our key players healthy before we make any rash decisions. In the meantime, we may have expected a little too much too soon from some of these players. That's not Dave's fault, though. We're not going to talk about changing managers until the end of the season."
I don't see that happening, though.

Where have you gone, Davey Johnson? Orioles Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.


I'm sure Trembley is as nice a guy as one could ever meet.

No one cares.

Get a freaking manager in the dugout that will demand that every player on the roster gives 110%. Get a manager that isn't afraid to bench, demote, or trade a player that isn't cutting it. This club needs a guy who is not a players manager. They need a hard ass in charge who will not cut these guys any slack.

Also.... Give Atkins his outright release. Make him gone. Sign a solid veteran catcher. Make some trades and get some actual major league bats in the lineup.

The O's have been drafting for years. Time to package some of these prospects for established players.

Time to stop screwing around and make this a Major League Baseball team again after 13 years of settling for being a laughing stock.

Trembley is terrible. But it justs shows you how awful the Orioles are run that Trembley finds out about in the Sun instead of being told face to face. MacPhail should have been in New York. And told him after the game.

I have no problem with Trembley getting fired, He is not a real manager. Others should get the axe just as well, everyone knows that the number 1 problem is Angelos who fails to put a quality product on the field for us the fans and the City of Baltimore. Since ownership will not be changing (nor the way he conducts it) nothing will change. Did he really give MacPhail the reigns? Nope, cause if he really did then I would drop him so fast and have him personally pay for the garbage that he has created. If you are really looking for a manager then get a real one and not all these pushovers that youhave been hiring. Let a real manager come in and cut who he wants and hire who he wants when it comes to other coaches. Let him set the pace. Then help him by actually going out and getting proven talent and not talent that you can throw fantasy numbers out about. I for one do not see us advancing until someone who really knows what they are doing is allowed to do just that. By the way MacPhail if you were really that good then the CUBS would have won something or done something worthwhile. (Yes they did make the playoffs) but you had an owner that wanted to win (and a certain someone that was cheating with steroids). Stop all this nonsense and get serious if not for you then for us the fans!!!!!!!!

It will be a relief for this to finally be settled on trembley.. I hope AM will talk to another poor team or two like milwaukee to see if Fielder might be available and what they want to take his contract.. Maybe then we could get some of what they want in exchange for whomever we might trade in july anyway to lessen the impact on us.. AN addition of a power hitter like him plus getting B'rob back plus Gonzalez and possibly Reimold/Pie, and Simon would improve this team as much as any thing can at this point.. WE missed on Adam Dunn and nobody could doubt the heart of our lineup would see some much better pitches with some one like that on deck..

One thing is certain - Trembley has more class than most of the commenters here.

Believe it or not, this team is not bad. With a few obvious exceptions, this team is young.

There is a big difference between the two.

One day they will start clicking and Trembley will not be around for the good times. Tough break.

Firing the manager is moat. The real need is to trade players to contenders for prospects, have the guts to send Adam Jones to AAA so he can learn to hit balls in the strike zone and finally go after a big time manager, allow him to pick his own coachs (bye bye Crow) and let's go from there. Angelos will have to throw some money at top shelf free agents and not free agent scraps like Garrett Atkins and Miguel Tejada.

Firing the manager is moat. ---
---Posted by: Anonymous

If I used the word 'moat' when it seems I really meant 'MOOT' I'd call myself Anonymous too.

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