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May 20, 2010

You want Moore?

Well, it appears that you will get him.

I'm hearing that Triple-A Norfolk infielder Scott Moore, and not first baseman Michael Aubrey, will likely join the club tomorrow night in Washington.

The Orioles are looking for a little more versatility, and Moore provides it with his ability to play first base, second base, third base and a little shortstop.

Moore is batting .267 with five homers and 20 RBIs in 33 games for the Tides.

A career .235 hitter over parts of three major league seasons, Moore played 17 games with the Orioles in 2007 and four in 2008.

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Who cares how many positions he can play because Trembley will not play him unless forced to. How many call ups do we need to see get buried on the bench because of this a hat forgets they are on the team? One mistake or poor performance and off they go to the gulag as the clown manager goes with what he knows.

I'm sick of watching these players hack. I'm sick of a manager who shows every night how clueless he is. Every night they give themselves another reason to lose. Enough is enough. Start releasing players and promote the AAA guys because they cannot do any worse. Fire the manager and several of his coaches because these players are not responding. I'm sick of it.

this has to be the end of Feel Good Story # 2, Mr Castillo. Correct me if I'm wrong.

good call. but atkins needs to be sent down for aubrey

Jeff - will they make a move at manager?

Jeff Z's reply: MacPhail wasn't on this trip so it was tough to get a feel for that right now, but things aren't looking very good for Dave. I feel confident in saying that.

problem is there is nothing in our farm system NOTHING i thought we were suppose to have this amazing farm system now but no one is hitting at any level

How's this for your Orioles interleague road starting lineup?

1. Corey Patterson CF
2. Nick Markakis RF
3. Ty Wigginton 1B
4. Miguel Tejada 3B
5. Luke Scott LF
6. Matt Wieters C
7. Scott Moore 2B
8. Cesar Izturis SS
9. [Pitcher]

I know we don't want to take Jones out of there for too long, but he needs a break. The kid's only in his 2nd or 2rd full year, getting platooned wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. He needs to take some time on the bench and study some pitchers. If he gets hot, he can have the starting job back. Until then, Patterson and Luuuke can handle starting responsibilities.
And as for Wiggy, he's a defensive liability. We'll be solid if B-Rob makes it back, but until then, it'll be great if Moore can swing the lumber and play defense.

I have to agree with Mick. Trembley has a higher regard for "the veteran" players. Who did Sarfate pi** off in this organization to be totally ignored as of now. Wow, Trembley gave Mickolio the nod this winter over the phone, he said. Well looks like your candidate is self destructing down here Dave. This organization needs a total overhaul.Koji, Atkins,Gonzales and the beat goes on. Can Jones struggles get any worse? Wait till the Nats take this weekend series.

Great to see Moore get another shot. He's been bitten by the injury bug and was unfairly demoted in 2008 due to poor roster management as the Orioles felt they needed to have three no hit SS's and 13 pitchers as well as a declining Kevin Millar instead of giving Moore a shot.

I think if given some playing time he can be a real asset to this club. He might even be another Casey Blake type player.

I really hope DT (or his replacement) gives Moore a decent amount of time so he can show what he has.

Why do we continue to put Atkins in the lineup? Obviously he has no interest in playing, can't find the warning track and must be more concerned about his next career move. DUMP HIM.

Peter, has there been any talk at all about sending Jones down or sitting him? I don't understand why he's not on the cusp of being sent down. He's been a big disappointment and besides Atkins, he has hurt us most offensively.

You can't "rebuild" if you don't give the young guys a chance to play. With Luke Scott and Wiggington on the roster already, what did the front office do? Hire two more veterans, Miggy and Atkins, to block the development of the young players.

It took Cal half of a season to figure out the big leagues. He was an offensive disaster until the all-star break in his rookie year, then he tore it up. You can't give a young player a few at bats here and there over a month and then give up on him.

They need a new manager, who will make necessary decisions with the line up and also take a hard stance against Andy.

Yeah, I agree with others. Release Atkins immediately - he's taking up a spot on the roster that should be given to a younger player. It's not like we're going to even come close to competing this season (or even next), so why not get the young guys up here, and see what we have?

It's also pretty clear that Trembly needs to go, and a manager with recent major league experience hired. I don't want to see another manager with limited major league experience - we all see how that has worked out the last seven or eight years.

Set lineups are great, if you have an established, veteran team.

Trembley needs to move the obp guy, Markakis, to 2nd, and come 3 -4 with Wiggy and Scott. Luke Scott is on fire, and not because of the whim of the baseball gods, but rather because he changed his hands and stopped churning butter as the pitcher winds up. It is remarkable, and could continue for a while, unless Trembley benches him against a long string of lefthanded starters like he did last year when Scott was red hot.

I agree w/ Mick - among his many shortcomings as a big league manager, Trembley has no clue how to use a bench, nor does he know how to construct a lineup according to how guys are hitting.

I take a bit of an issue with any comment that states Scott Moore can "play" multiple positions. He is dreadful anywhere away from 1B, which even there he isn't a wizard. That might be forgivable if his offensive numbers were astounding, but a lifetime minor league average of around .260 with a low OBP and not very impressive SLG% doesn't exactly have me doing cartwheels.

THere was no conspiracy about Scott Moore's demotion in 2008. Trembley said that in order for him to stay on the roster he would have to prove he could play a number of positions. He clearly could not, had he been able to play SS at all, he would have seen significant playing time as we had no answer there. So he was part of the problem and not the solution.

Why would you play Scott Moore over Kevin Millar when Millar's career major league numbers are better than Moore's minor league numbers?

Ugh! He can't hit and he's not actually good at any of the infield positions.

Who comes off the 40 man roster to make room for Moore?

Justin Turner

If I had to choose between Atkins at 1B and Aubrey/Hughes/Moore/Snyder, I would take the latter. The upside of getting Atkins WAS supposed to be that he was relatively cheap, yet he seems to be too costly for AM to cut him entirely. Get rid of him and his squinty-eyed grin, and just keep spinning Aubrey/Hughes/Moore/Snyder in and out of the Norfolk revolving-door. It can't be any worse than Atkins.

atkins, gonzales, uhara; squintty eyed, sore armed, heat prostrated-interestingly
27 million in income.. atkins may not be demoted but deserves to be released. gonzalez made it through a team physical, but was ,so distraught, he couldn't find the plate or comfort zone.
uhara's two year contribution is he's got his own public relations staff
the above were so encouraging,that game day prices were raised to accomodate the expected throngs.

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