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May 25, 2010

Turner to the Mets; Gonzo likely to 60-day DL

Second baseman Justin Turner, who the Orioles designated for assignment last week to make room on the 40-man roster for infielder Scott Moore, has been claimed by the New York Mets.

It's not a complete surprise with former Orioles executive Wayne Krivsky, who was with the Cincinnati Reds organization with Turner and recommended that the Orioles get him in the Ramon Hernandez deal, now in the Mets' front office.

Also to make room for Frank Mata on the 40-man roster, the Orioles will likely just move reliever Michael Gonzalez from the 15-day disabled list to the 60-day. That would mean that Gonzalez would be eligible to come off the DL on June 9, just like Brian Roberts.

Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 1:34 PM | | Comments (19)


Another quality move from the O's here. Let's DFA our best upper level middle infielder so we can bring up scott moore for 3 games instead of someone already on the 40 man... like say TURNER!!! It's okay though cause we're pretty set in the middle, you with izzy and wiggy. Worst move of a horrible season...

Probably one of the most ridiculous moves the O's have made this year. Izturis is a free agent next year and Lugo just stinks. Why are we giving away a decent AAA prospect who has yet to get a real chance. Makes no sense...

Another quality move from the O's here. Let's DFA our best upper level middle infielder so we can bring up scott moore for 3 games instead of someone already on the 40 man... like say TURNER!!! It's okay though cause we're pretty set in the middle, you know with izzy and wiggy. Worst move of a horrible season...

At least we retained Pedro Viola. Man, is Andy MacPhail asleep at the wheel or what? Maybe King Peter slipped him something in his drink at lunch yesterday. This organization is a JOKE.

It's just as well because Turner was never going to get a legitimate chance at sticking with the Orioles anyway. The Orioles will keep Roberts at second until he's old and in a wheel chair because the Orioles can't imagine life without him. Look at the pickle they're in now because of no contingency plan.

Justin Turner?? Why don't we just get rid of Arrieta, Tillman, and every other good prospect in organization!! They could've sent garbage Julio Lugo and Garrett "Squint Eyes" Atkins instead of Turner!!

Really? Guys like Turner are a dime a dozen. i can't believe you are worried about him. someone call Brandon Fahey off his paper route so he can take Turner's place.

This organization is deep with mid-level to bargain basement talent. Let's check the archives to see how ticked you were when they let Hayden Penn go... can't believe they let him get away too.

"Best upper level middle infielder" -- that doesn't say anything, really. It's not a big deal, guys. Turner is not a prospect, nor a possible replacement for Izzy after this season. Settle down now. He's a bench player at best, an extra guy. Prospects slug more than .400 in AAA.

It's chic to criticize every move the team makes when it's really struggling, but come one...

Everyone needs to calm down. This is insignificant news. Turner was never a legit major league prospect, and he still isn't. He's a 25 year old in AAA with a .700 OPS. I'd rather see him at 2nd and Wigginton at 1st than have Atkins play another day, but calm down with the outrage. The only way Justin Turner was part of the future is if the future is a team that continues to be one of the worst in MLB, something I'm hoping we can somehow avoid. It's a meaningless move.

I don't think we should be too upset in losing Turner. He has some upside still, but I don't think it was really worth leaving him on the 40-man in the outside chance that he develops into something interesting. He doesn't really have particularly great minor league stats, with minimal pop and no speed. He's apparently not very versatile in the field either, considering his minor league fielding stats at third and short and pretty dreadful.

I think it was fairly inevitable that he would have eventually been DFA'd. He's a fringe prospect, with really only an outside chance to be anything more than a utility man.

Thank God they kept Atkins on the 40-man roster.

Turner has very little power and no speed. While it would have been nice to hold on to him, he will never be more than a utility man or light hitting every day infielder in the future. Not a great move but not a terrible loss either.

What the heck is going on? I am generally a supporter of McPhail, but this makes no sense what-so-ever. I am all for the plan, and think the O's are headed in the right direction, but I'd can McPhail just over this Turner move. Why would you give away any young prospect at this point? Just seems kind of tactically reckless.

Turner spilled his 'cup of coffee' earlier this year, showing little ability to make contact or make plays.

If it's "chic" to criticize the Orioles' roster moves, it's because the FO is setting the trends, not the fans.

Justin Turner may not be the Second Coming of Brian Roberts, but it's good to have some roster depth at 2B as Brian Roberts may never return to form again.

Also, the 40-man roster is littered with waiverable players. This organization is woefully lacking in infielders: hasn't anyone else noticed the lack of home-grown talent currently playing the infield for the Orioles?

I invite everyone to take a gander at some of the numbers being put up by Your Nolfolk Tides:

Look in particular at the 2B and SS players. See any standouts? Me neither.

I am amazed at most of you - all you know how to do is complain about everything the O's do - for those of you who thought Turner is a legit major league prospect, I am glad you are not a scout - the O's are headed in the right direction - I read more stupid comments here than an intelligent fan could imagine.

Dick, with all due respect, just how are they heading in the right direction? What do you see that I don't? Me, I see an organization that has it's affiliates playing at or below .500. The exceptions are the Keys and the GCL Orioles. Bowie is at .500 but everyone else has a losing record. That tells me we are not stocked with talent. There isn't a really good batch of young players coming up so if that is the direction you designate as "the right direction" then I hate to burst your bubble but it just ain't gonna happen. Either we drafted the wrong players (by and large, there are some exceptions after all) or we are inept at developing them. Our best players are here, out there on the field, tonight. It's not going to get all that much better. So if you don't have a bunch of phenoms coming, then now is the time to throw in some really good, (not bargain basement reclamation project types) free agents to bolster the home grown talent. They haven't done that so I have to ask, why? I don't know the answer to this question although many here have said management is cheap. Do I know that for a fact? Nope... But if it walks like a duck then, well, you know the rest... So, I'm sorry because you're probably a very nice man but I just don't see any direction that we are heading that deserves the moniker of "right". Not yet at least...

Ditto on Garrett Atkins. He needs to be protected on the 40 man roster at all costs. His batting stats away from Coors Field made him an obvious free agent singing.

Cynicism is the failure to cope and I just can't cope anymore with the O's.


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