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May 18, 2010

Trembley's handled the job with class

I don't regularly cover the Orioles, so I can't honestly say whether or not Dave Trembley is a good major league manager.

Nor can I tell you whether or not he'll still be managing this team next week, although I think we can probably agree that, barring more games like Tuesday night's comeback win against the Royals, it doesn't look promising.

What I can say with reasonable certainty is that, no matter what happens in the next few weeks, Trembley has handled a difficult situation with class. And in an emotionally charged sports climate, that's an increasingly rare thing.

I was thinking about Trembley Monday night when I saw the highlights of the Florida Marlins game where Hanley Ramirez booted a ball into left field, and then jogged after it as if he barely cared when he got there, a lazy display of sportsmanship if there ever was one. Ramirez, who is easily one of the best young players in the game, acted like a spoiled child when manager Fredi Gonzalez yanked him from the game, and in the clubhouse afterward, he told reporters that he didn't care what Gonzalez thought because Gonzalez "never played in the big leagues."

Gonzalez's response?

"He's right, but I know how to play this game," he said.

Trembley too never played in the big leagues. He's one of only eight managers to not play professionally at any level, and I've always wondered if today's modern player ever tried to throw that back in his face. It's a unique snippet of baseball culture, when you think about it. No one in the NFL gives a damn that Bill Belichick didn't play college football, but baseball is such a cliquish game, it doesn't surprise me at all that Ramirez went there with Gonzalez instead of being accountable for himself.

Delicately, I asked Trembley what he thought about the incident concerned that he might think I was trying to provoke him, or imply that the players in the clubhouse didn't respect him. That wasn't my intent, but when a manager is fighting for his job, every question can feel like you're being cross examined.

But calmly and warmly, Trembley responded with, literally, a seven-minute answer that wasn't so much about Gonzalez and Ramirez as it was his philosophy about leadership, and the way baseball and sports have changed in the last 20 years. He even recommended I read a book about Chuck Daly, former Detroit Pistons coach, and the way he dealt with the frustrations and challenges of being a leader.

"I find it rather interesting that when someone does something that's not very responsible, that instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they call out maybe some of the biographical things of someone else," Trembley said. "To me, that's rather cheap. But hey, that's just the way society is these days. It's a very passionate game and things are said. That's why I've always tried to have the 24-hour thing. Go home and think about it and if you have a problem the next day, come in and let's talk about it."

Think about this for a second: Trembley dreamed his entire adult life about getting a chance to manage a major league baseball team, and now that he'd had his chance, can we honestly say he was ever given a realistic chance to succeed? The right players to compete? He hasn't always made the right moves. I don't think even he would argue that he has. But even if he was perfect, would it have mattered? At the very least, Trembley would have needed a magic wand to give this team a consistent chance to win, night after night. I can't fault him for not being Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

And yet, with his lifelong dream hanging by a thread, have you seen Trembley call out his players for some of their boneheaded mistakes? Has he pointed to scapegoats, even when they were obvious? Nope.

"I think it's unfortunate that that kind of stuff gets put out there and gets put in headlines," Trembley said. "Most guys that I know do what I've tried to do in the last month here or six weeks, try to take the high road and not call out players."

Gonzalez is a friend of Trembley's, and their situation is hardly unique. Jim Leyland didn't play in the major leagues either, but it's hard to imagine a player popping off and calling him out like that. Because Leyland would probably challenge him to a fight, because he's as old school as they come. And though Trembley seems to long for that previous era, he's not the kind of manager who would react that way. Maybe it's his teaching background, but he seems to understand as frustrated and emotional as you might be in the moment, turning the other cheek is just as important.

"The game has changed," Trembley said. "You know why the game has changed? Because the people that are in it. I admire our guys. I admire every one of them. Because for the most part, with the exception of a handful, maybe two or three, they've all been stand-up guys. In situations that have not been pleasant. You know what I mean? And that's why it's so darn tough."

It's obvious this season hasn't been pleasant for Orioles fans. Even though the club has more young talent, both in the major leagues and in the minor leagues, than it did five years ago, it's not enough talent to consistently win baseball games. Bobby Cox, Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa probably couldn't turn this team into a winner, so I'm not sure why we think Trembley should.

Still, you can see the losses in Trembley's face, adding up, and adding years. This is killing him as much as killing any fan, yet he knows he has to be composed and calm, even when the second-guessing begins.

"Everyone is just as tired of asking me the questions as I'm tired of answering them," Trembley said. "What new spin can we put on it? But we all have to be decent about it because you have a job and I have a job. I understand that I'm required to come in here and talk to you all. But let's be honest. I'd rather talk about it when we win."

The fact that Trembley is a classy guy doesn't mean he's necessarily the right guy for this organization. But I don't think that means he's the wrong guy either. You may not have noticed, but in the last 24 games, the Orioles are 12-12. Not great, but not embarrassing either. To blame the team's lack of early success entirely on him would be ridiculous, especially considering their brutal schedule.

Trembley's done his best to not look for scapegoats. The sad reality of it is, he himself might end up being one.

-- Kevin Van Valkenburg

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Kevin, you're one of my favorite writers for the Sun. You write great pieces on the Ravens, and you've put out another great one about Trembley. The only two shots I will take at him are that he mixes the lineup too much. I think he needs to find a consistent lineup, and let the guys learn their roles. The other is that he has underused poor Jason Berken. Berken has been pitching well from the bullpen (much better than Albers), but he's been used in only a few innings in the past two weeks. If Trembley's been saving Berken for a rainy day, well, he'd better give him some innings or else he'll be rusty on that rainy day when he needs a long man.


You are obviously too close to the situation to view it objectively.

Sure, Dave Trembley might be a man of integrity, but wasn't it the same Dave Trembley who said at the beginning of the season that he wasn't going to coddle these players anymore....that it's now about wins and losses?

Instead, it's the same OLD Dave Trembley who sits in the dugout like a zombie, and wouldn't yank an obviously over-whelmed Adam Jones from the lead-off spot for weeks. And didn't rip ANYONE for the 2-16 start?

Yeah, the team is 12-12 since then....way to go, Dave.

The Orioles have been losing for about a dozen years in a row under a myriad of managers. So blaming Dave Trembley for the state of the organization is just plain silly.

We fans collectively implicitly agreed to let Andy MacPhail torch the franchise and start over with Trembley as the manager. So let's do exactly that.

Your are without a doubt, bang on with this story on Trembley!
He shows patience,has great leadership skills, provides just the right amount of emotion, is respectful, and is a fantastic representive for the orioles of today!
The tough part is the game is about winning, and the results speak for themselves. Dave has all the right qualities, that you look for when building an organization, but he will only be remembered for his won/loss record!

a thoughtful post. i couldn't agree more.

sadly the Trembley trolling probably will never end. easiest cheap shot there is in baseball.

get him a slugger to play first, a closer and a leadoff guy. he'll win games.

DT has been suffering as much as Job with a team that is a couple of players away from being a 0.500 club. He is a very classy person & I'm sure most of his players feel they are in his debt. So Good Luck Dave; you dont deserve the stuff you've been through.

Not saying I don't think the man isn't a stand up guy, but he sure as heck can't manage.

We shouldn't confuse being classy and a 12-12 record in his past 24 games as a sign he doesn't deserve the blame for this embarrassing start.

The fact is, he does deserve blame. He is notorious for mishandling a pitching staff, doesn't hold his players accountable for Ramirez-type stuff, and his team is awful fundamentally.

That's managerial stuff, plain and simple.

As a die hard fan, I appreciate the class DT has shown, but I'd really much rather someone who demands AND gets the most out of his players. That can be done with class as well.

So, not saying I wouldn't love to have a beer with the guy, but he can't manage a game or players to save his life.

If I recall, Earl Weaver didn't play in the major leagues either at all or for any appreciable time. If you take a look at many of the former players and coaches playing today, many of them mostly rode the pine, were back up players or stopped out at the minor league level. My late father told me that these guys are good coaches because they sat on the bench, watched the games, listened to their managers work through their thought processes and learned. Hanly Ramirez is a child. I like Dave Trembly and if I was a player, I'd like him even more.

How many times has Trembley's bad moves taken the wind out of the sails of this young team. Starting with opening day, Gonzalez's fast ball was 10 mph off, he was awful in spring training and it was obvious to everyone else something was wrong... well you know the rest of the story. Trembley dosn't manage with his own eyes but by some book designed for real baseball teams, well guess what, we don't have a real team and his handling of the Bull Pen this year has been for lack of a better word ,Stupid. I'm starting to think this is just a cost saving measure too.

Not sure who's the right guy to manage this team (maybe Sigmund Freud), but Dave's not responsible for the 2 biggest contributors to all those losses:
1) the pathetic hitting, especially the lack of clutch hitting; this group makes every other guy who takes the mound look like Cy Young material. Like it or not, that's not DT's fault.
2) late inning relief; this one, by and large is on McPhail. How can you blame a manager for not having a decent closer to put in the game? And who knew Jim Johnson was hurt? He blew several games himself.

You've got to have the cards in your hand to win most games. He doesn't have them. Period.

Trembley may be one of the nicest guys in professional sports but it's certainly does not make him a major league manager. This has to be one of the most opinionated articles I've read in the media and really makes me wonder why I should even read the Sun.


If I remember correctly, Gonzalez was throwing in the high 80's - low 90's on Opening day. Your assumption would put his fastball at 100 mph then?

That's the good thing about the internet, anyone can say anything and because its in print, it can be taken as fact...

What an absolutely classy piece of writing. Wowee! This is quite a beautiful comment on leadership. I teach leadership. This is the kind of stuff I teach. Please keep up the good work! I grew up ready Shirley Povich who had to be one of the greats of all time. He would have been proud of this piece. Jim Moss, Sr.

@Curt and all the Curts of the World

> Trembley dosn't manage with his own eyes

This is just absurd. Take last night ... when he stayed with Millwood thru 8. He was managing with his eyes. And his managing gave the Os the chance for the win.

People like you just think, at some 6th grade level, that you could maybe do better. And that's why you're trolling him.

I have to laugh at Chris saying the writer was too close to the situation to view things there ANYONE, no matter their opinion of the Orioles, who posts on here that has an objective view?

As Boy Scott Leader Dave Trembley gets an A+. As MLB Manager he gets an F.

Monday night I sat with perhaps 3000 actual fans watch errors, a run balked in from 3rd...runners left on base...runners staying at 3rd base when they should have headed home...BASIC FUNDAMENTAL BASEBALL errors.

And what does Dave say in interviews?? Dave says, "They are trying hard but "it" just didn't happen." What BS.

In short...Dave Trembley's team is not playing major league baseball. But I am paying major league ticket prices.

Get a new manager.

Wow! 12-12 in the last 24?! I'll take it...

Geez that's more nice comments than I've seen in the last two years on this site about DT.

Nice guy or not Dave didn't mishandle the pullpen last year or this year. Let's keep in mind the players we have had in the pen the last two years. Very little talent. Jim Johnson as the close was a mistake that DT was stuck with as we traded our closer. Koji got hurt early last year but for some reason we thought he would survive in the pullpen, not DT's fault either. Matt Albers is a AAA player at best and DT has little confidence in his ability consistently get hitters out. Castillo is not a major league pitcher period and I can go on.

You can't blame DT for the lack of fundementals either. You learn those at the amature and minor league levels, when you get to the bigs you are expected to know thoses things. These are PROFESSIONAL ballplayers, getting paid tens of millions and the accountablilty for knowing fundamentals rest with them. I saw were DT got ripped for running two players in the ninth inning who got thrown out and then he get's ripped for not being more aggressive, can't win in this town of self annointed experts.

DT got ripped last year for the starting pitching but he had a staff of guys for the most that shouldn't be in the majors but funny things is those guys all landed with other teams, so what does that say about what the rest of the league saw in those players.

Although I love baseball more than any sport it has become a very waterdowned product due to expansion, too long of a season, unbalanced schedule, no salary cap and too much specialization of players and particullaly pitching.

It use to be that your starters with few exception started in long relief in the bullpen usually for the first two years but now we go from the cradle to the big league mound and expect them to be the second coming of Jim Palmer. Keep in mind Palmer started in the bullpen. Also wonder how Palmer would fair today with the current strike zone they use.

Baseball constantly pays guys who are career underachievers lots of money when they really don't belong in the majors and then the fans call for the managers head when he can't win with the lousy players they get stuck with.

Put some real talent on the field and the judge DT on his ability to manage. Nice guy or not DT's not the problem in B'More, it's lack of real baseball talent on the field.

Maybe he's been able to remain classy because he's never challenged by the 2nd rate Bmore media...

The team also has gotten worse under Trembley. This year is supposed to be measured by W's. The young players have not gotten better under DT. Time to go,,,sure he's a classy guy. But he's not a winner

Dave Trembley should be a bench coach but he is simply in over his head as a manager.

Trembley's style of managing is better suited for a minor league team. It's definitely true that he hasn't had much to work with. However, he leaves non-performing hitters in place too long, waiting for them to "catch fire" - while pulling pitchers from games who are performing well in order to put in his designated 7th/8th/9th inning guys. You can (and should) do that in the minors because the point of the game there is as much developing players as it is winning. But in the major leagues, it'll kill a team. I know it's killing me...

After reading The Baseball Codes and following the Phillies sign stealing episode, I wonder... Are the Orioles stealing any signs? If so, why isn't it helping? If not, why not? Maybe we're just not cheating enough...

I feel sorry for Dave , he has to face the cameras and explain why this minor league team can't comnpete with major league ballclubs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in reality Andy should be facing the cameras and explaining why his team is full of minor leaguers and why he failed to "buy the bats" when this was a season to be graded on the WINS...............what a joke,,,,,,,,,,,,,poor Dave...........

You may not have noticed, but the O's are 13/27, the worst record in the majors.I'm sure that Dave is a very nice person, but he is a very average manager at best. Name one played that has excelled with him as the manager. He doesn't inspire any of the players. He has contributed to the culture of losing in Baltimore. Can anyone say they associate him with winning? I don't think so.

I don't think you can call DT a "scapegoat." His winning percentage with the team has decreased every season, and is falling off a cliff in 2010.

It seems that Sun reporters often confuse "class" with competence. DT is a classy guy. I like him. I think there's a role for him in the organization at the minor league level. But I think some of the things that make him classy are costing him.

Players do get away with far too much. There is no accountability. It really does seem like he wants to be liked more than he wants to make these players the best they can be.

Not to beat a dead horse, but Weaver never needed to be liked. But he pushed his players to the max of their abilities, and he knew when to pull back so that the manager-player relationship never got too antagonistic.

Not every manager can be an Earl, but I think the O's are sorely lacking in accountability throughout the organization. It would be nice to at least see a manager who emphasizes it.

Great article man. My brother and I are huge Oriole fans, and my brother got the chance to interview Dave for an article for our college. Said the same things, that Trembley is patient, kind, respectful, and intelligent. I believe that this is the coach they need for their young players, just need more talent at the major league level.

I would love to see players held accountable, but what is Trembley to do when the team has no depth? If he pulls a guy for not running out the grounder, who plays in his place? It's not just the team that is not hitting currently, it is the organization. There are no better options on the bench or in the minors now that Patterson has been called up, and I think the players know that despite MacPhail's warning a couple of weeks ago.

Dave, while a nice guy, does not have the intelligence or the stones to be a good manager.....but at least he's cheap. And if we dont fire him for being the dumb dumb that he is, we dont have to pay 2 managers at once.....

I have no personal beef with Trembley. He has always seemed like a fine fellow who is loyal to the Orioles and desperately wants to win. The problem is he just doesn't seem to be a very good MLB manager. That's not the worst insult in the world, it's a tough job, that's why they make so much money. The fact is the GM of this team has said that this is the most talented team he's ever brought north. If Andy truly believes that then how can he keep a manager that has managed that talented group to such an abominable record? Isn't getting the most out of the talent he has the managers #1 job? Please, Kevin, Peter, Jeff, any of you guys, if you are going to write an article defending Trembley please tell us what makes him a good manager. We'll all happily concede he's a great guy and a loyal Oriole booster. So am I, that doesn't mean I'd be a good manager either.

Thanks to KVV for his excellent and reasoned article.

That said, I suspect PA/AM are holding on to Trembley only to see if Piniella, Guillen or another high profile manager becomes available.

I have never questioned Dave Trembley's (DT) class or integrity. He is an all around stand-up guy. He should be fired as manager of the Baltimore Orioles. He has no feel for his pitchers or game situations. He lacks the fire needed to inspire a team that has been mired in a state far below mediocrity for too many years. I am well aware that DT is not the sole problem facing the Orioles, but come on, 13 wins by May 19? Not nearly good enough. This is the best team the O's have fielded in years. How can this team belive in DT when they know he was hired as an "interim" manager? Openly, they stand by him, but subconsciously they have no faith that he can lead them out of this funk. Who to replace him with? Difficult question, I know. My biggest problem with DT is the way he handles his pitchers. Therefore, I like Rick Dempsey, an Oriole with a lot of fire who know pitchers as he proved for many years calling games behind the plate with the O's. Yes, I am aware he has no proven managerial experience but he is a lifelong baseball man, could be given the opportunity to manage team until years end and then re-evaluated. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO LOSE. Yes, DT is a class act and but he is not the man to continue to mage this team.

dave trembley has to go unfortunately for him even though he might be a classy guy he isnt major league material especially when you do some of the things he has done we have talent on the field and they need a manager that has been around baseball in the majors for a long time and not just minors and some one who has fire dave you dont have it and you havent changed one bit

The question you should have asked DT was: "Would YOU have pulled Ramirez from the game?" Based on past history, I think his answer would be (sadly) "no"

I wish Trembley would hold players accountable the way that Gonzalez held Ramirez accountable. During the past 2 years we've watched too many Orioles not run out ground balls and nothing was ever said or done about it.

Say what you want about Trembley - in the big picture it's irrelevant whether he is all, part or not related to the problem. The MLB is certainly not giving wins based on "class" (see last night's Red Sox - Yankees matchup). The local press spends a lot of time telling the fans who/what isn't the problem and not much time talking about what is. You can call this "an emotionally charged sports climate" and once NFL season starts, I'll agree with you. But the truth is, professional baseball is, for the most part, an afterthought in Baltimore these days - except for those die-hards out there, and God bless all of you: You're the ones filling seats on cold, rainy weeknights and giving the sportstalk shows an audience in the summer. In a truly "emotionally charged sports climate" however, a pro team would be expected to win or, at the very least, compete. (Imagine if the Yankees were 13-27 this year coming off a World Series win?) After 12 years, in Baltimore, that expectation is long gone.

Who cares if the guy is a nice guy. Nice guys always finish last and Trembley and the O's are in their customary last place position. It's a crying shame that this franchise continues to flounder. Honestly we all know that Dave should have been fired at the end of last year and they should have started the next phase of this rebuilding process with a more proven manager. Sorry but being a classy guy just doesnt translate into wins.

you state " i don't regularly cover the Orioles" and then you claim "Trembley has never publicly called out his players"

Seems a contradiction.

And Trembley has called out his players. On two occasions Felix Pie last year. On one occasion Pie this year. Unfairly. He was feeling the heat from the media and chose a popular scapegoat.
He also scapegoated Tejada this year on a bad hop grounder in a game Millwood was pitching. Not cool. physical errors happen. It was a tough play.

Trembley has a history of scapegoating whoever is not popular at the time. He did so with Guthrie numerous times that seemed unfair. He's also blamed Roberts' injury on dozens of occasions for this poor start, while failing to point out Wigginton's contribution. He's making excuses trying to save his job.

Going back a couple years, the Orioles called up Montanez as he was winning a triple crown. He played sparingly in the majors while Trembley played Jay Payton 7 days a week. Trembley is a coward, and later admitted to having a grudge against Montanez when he was a young Cubbie in 2001 or something. What??? Montanez still hasn't
gotten an extended opportunity, and now is rotting like Pie did last June and July. Play the kid once in awhile, already. Sit Jones down for a game.

Trembley has gotten fond of marching to the mound only to leave a starting pitcher in. He was praised when he did it the first time. So he's eager to do it more often. He went out with Guthrie on the mound a couple starts back and it looked like Guthrie had a hard time keeping a straight face and couldn't wait for him to leave. He did it again w/ Millwood last nite. Millwood has a better poker face.

Personnel, lineups, and in game strategies are basically irrelevant in assessing Trembley's tenure.

Young players have not developed. Clutch hitting is non existent. Sure, you can "blame the players" as Trembley did a few weeks back (collectively, this time) but ultimately the manager sets the mood in the dugout. And is responsible, rightly or wrongly, for production.

No formula can quantitatively determine a manager's effectiveness, but Trembley's "style" has gotten stale.

The sad reality of it is... THAT TREMBLEY IS A HORRIBLE MANAGER!

KEEP TREMBLEY!!!! Best we've had in a long time.

The main problem with orioles has been the inability of building a good farm system. They do not have enough good minor league players who can come up and paly in major league level consistenly. Blaming the current general manager and manger for the all the problems is not quite right. I think Andy has done a good job trying to build a healthy farm system and bring in young players who may have a chance by trading away player we had. Signing Atkins and the lefty closer from Atlanta was clearly mistake, but who does not make mistakes?

"He hasn't always made the right moves. I don't think even he would argue that he has."

I think he would, simply because I can't remember DT ever saying he made a mistake or made a wrong move. It's always the players fault!

Adam Jones has not developed into the player he can be, and that I put on Trembley. Nonetheless, I hope the birds don't make a midseason change, and wait until the offseason to figure out who to target.

The facts of the matter are this: during the Trembley, Perlozzo, Mazilli and Hargrove eras, the Front Office has not provided the manager a competent Major League team.

It's no longer a managerial issue people. Hold the Front Office accountable.

Dave Trembley is not just a super-classy gentleman, he is a super-intelligent baseball manager and manager of men. But, you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Go ahead and fire him -- go ahead and ignore the real problem -- and you will be crying again to fire the next manaager because the ZOrioles aren't winning. They can't win until they get enough winning gplayers. That is up to the ownership to pay for top players.


Well-written piece, but you're arguing a point that nobody disputes. We all like Dave as a man and think he's classy.

But we're not auditioning the guy to marry our daughters. He's not getting the best out of this team. MacPhail needs to make a change. That's my opinion -- and one that is disputed by some -- but at least it's an opinion that takes a stand.

I'm looking for someone at the Sun to either:

A) Tell us why Trembley is doing a good job as manager and ought to stay, or

B) Tell us he really needs to go

It's the talk of the town, guys. Address THIS point.

No one could win without a single homerun from the first basemen 1/3 of the way through the season.

Trembley is not our problem.

I dont know you. I have no agenda. But this is the best piece(by far) I have read about Trembley since the night in San Diego(I was there) he got his first major league win as a manager. Will Dave survive? Its going to be an uphill climb for sure, but this was a spectacular piece about a man who has been given little from which to work in an uncompromising and hellish envrionment.
Ive known EVERY Oriole manager personally for the last 45 years. Ive been close to Earl, Cal. Sr., Frank, Johnny Oates, Grover, Ray Miller...and even briefly Hank Bauer. Theres not a more standup guy in the bunch than Dave. Im rooting like hell for the guy to rip off about 10 in a row. Nothing would make me happier than to see him succeed. Will it happen? I doubt it. But after nearly 40 years in this business, you end up rooting for people...its human nature. And Dave Trembley is about as good a person as Ive known in the game.
Great work!

I dont know you. I have no agenda. But this is the best piece(by far) I have read about Trembley since the night in San Diego(I was there) he got his first major league win as a manager. Will Dave survive? Its going to be an uphill climb for sure, but this was a spectacular piece about a man who has been given little from which to work in an uncompromising and hellish envrionment.
Ive known EVERY Oriole manager personally for the last 45 years. Ive been close to Earl, Cal. Sr., Frank, Johnny Oates, Grover, Ray Miller...and even briefly Hank Bauer. Theres not a more standup guy in the bunch than Dave. Im rooting like hell for the guy to rip off about 10 in a row. Nothing would make me happier than to see him succeed. Will it happen? I doubt it. But after nearly 40 years in this business, you end up rooting for people...its human nature. And Dave Trembley is about as good a person as Ive known in the game.
Great work!

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that Dave Trembley wasn't a decent man or a stand up guy.

I just want to know if he's the right man for the job. Is he the man to help lead the O's back to respectability?

Even you aren't sure of that answer Kevin since you admit you don't cover the team.

But before I give my answer you have to consider all the posts that came before mine. They can be lumped into these categories.

1) What do you expect from him when he doesn't have the players to compete? A very valid point and same could be said for Sam Perolozzo's tenure. He has no control over that. The front office must be accountable for low rent signings like Garrett Atkins.

2) Trembley mismanages the bullpen and many times the game. He does make mistakes but I'd continue to submit that 99% of managers today manage in a cookie cutter, compu-stat type of way that takes all the gut and intuition out of baseball. Fans complain about putting in the "closer" when he blows a one run lead. You only complain because it didn't work. Ask any other MLB manager and they make the same move.

3) Here is where I take issue with Trembley. You brought up the Hanley Ramirez situation and if Trembley were posed with the same scenario he wouldn't sit him down. I can say this because you've already seen it. Julio Lugo jogs to first. Garrett Atkins doesn't run out a dribbler. Adam Jones tells the staff he's fine where he is in Center. What happened? Nothing.

Trembley didn't put this mess together but his job is to get the most out of what he has.

Of course all the blame can't go on him there is plenty to go around, Angelos, MacPhail, FO, and THE PLAYERS.

But to leave Trembley out of that group just excuses something that he is a part of. He took the job so do something with it. Otherwise step aside and give someone else a chance.

Nice guys finish last. DT has got to Go!

One of many things I don't understand is that Mazzilli was fired in mid August when the Orioles were just five game under .500 and the current manager just keeps on losing and he still has a wallet full of O's credit cards. He might become the first manager to fall under the Mendoza line.

i'm sorry but as long as they keep dave trembley and andy mcphailure in the orioles will suck forever!

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A Baltimore native, Dan Connolly has been covering sports for 14 years, and baseball and the Orioles for 10 seasons, including the past six with The Sun. His first year covering baseball on a daily basis was Cal Ripken Jr.'s final season as a player. It's believed that is just a coincidence.

Steve Gould is an assistant sports editor for The Sun, overseeing Orioles coverage. The Columbia native joined The Sun as a sports copy editor in 2006 after graduating from the University of Maryland.

Peter Schmuck has been covering baseball for a lot longer than Steve Gould has been on this earth. He is now a general sports columnist, but has been a beat writer covering three major league teams (the Dodgers, Angels and Orioles) and also spent a decade as the Sun's national baseball writer. If you want more of his insight on the Orioles and other sports issues, check out his personal blog -- The Schmuck Stops Here.

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