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May 28, 2010

Trembley's 8th inning decisions

When a team is going terribly, everything gets second-guessed.

Especially when a late move backfires.

That happened Thursday night, when Dave Trembley made two tough decisions in the eighth that arguably cost the Orioles in their 7-5 loss to the Oakland A’s.

The first I have little problem with; the second I disagreed with at the time, and still do.

Brad Bergesen had thrown 93 pitches when Trembley removed him with two runners on and no outs in the eighth. He had just given up two singles, and had a three-run lead with the top of the order coming up.

Trembley didn’t want Bergesen to get a loss after pitching so well. I get that. I also see how you can criticize it, because it didn’t work and Bergesen had retired 14 in a row before the eighth. Pure judgment call in my opinion.

I am OK with it because Jason Berken has pitched well and that’s who was summoned. And Berken got the first out no problem.

But with two left-handers coming up, Trembley went with left-hander Mark Hendrickson over Berken to get the conventional lefty-lefty matchup.

The twist is that Berken had been better than Hendrickson against lefties in the same number of at-bats in 2010. Lefties were 7-for-36 (.194 average) with one walk and five strikeouts against Berken. They were 12-for-36 (.333 average) with four walks and eight strikeouts against Hendrickson.

Trembley said he made the call because Berken hasn’t been in those situations often and Hendrickson had. And there’s the lefty-versus-lefty thing, of course.

But I’d go with the guy I think has the best chance of getting me outs. And, right now, Berken (and Will Ohman, who is basically the interim closer) is that guy.

Hendrickson got one out, and then a couple singles – including a terrible hop to Cesar Izturis – helped to unravel the Orioles. This wasn’t Hendrickson’s fault. He didn’t pitch poorly, but it didn’t work out.

So Trembley, already embattled, is certainly going to hear it on this one. As the manager says, that’s baseball.

It’s a game where moves are constantly criticized. Especially when things are going poorly. And I think Trembley went 1-for-2 on this one – that doesn’t count bringing in Cla Meredith, who gave up the game-clinching, bases-loaded double. You can hammer that one, too, but the choices were limited then.

That’s my take. Now let’s hear your thoughts.

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the fact that DT doesn't even know what his pitchers are good at, who they can get out is alarming. and the lack of confidence he showed in berken in that situation- given the way that this year has gone and the rep he has for developing young players, is frightening. And the confidence he continually shows in the erratic hendrickson, he of the 5+ ERA. is equally frightening.
The team is bad enough not to have to endure these crazy decisions. There is no rhyme or reason for what he does any longer. Is he trying to tell AM, hey, look at this crap you gave me to work with?. Or, all this losing has finally taken its toll.
My take: 3 years of losing culminating in a year that can be considered nothing short of an unmitigated disaster is enough for anyone. Let him go. He's begging at this point. It's way too tough, and way too sad, to watch any of this any longer.


My thoughts-Trembley sucks like he always has for each of the last 3 seasons.He has absolutely no clue how to handle a bullpen,and no reason to be an ML manager.He would not even have been interviewed with any team other than the Borioles.He has cost this team at least 10 games this year IMHO,at a conservative estimate.If left here all year,he will ruin Bergeson and Matusz,and Tillman,Arrieta and any young pitcher he brings up.That's the main reason he needs to go.Plus once again he had numerous opportunities to play small ball,advance the runners,especially with Scott hurt and Markakis out of the lineup.Still think Moore on this team is a total waste,as is Montanez,not because I dislike Lou,but you can't be sharp not playing for 10 days at a time.Would much rather see Aubrey up here playing 1st,then the poster boy for Crest and Lasix.Tell me again Andy about this thing called the plan and how we are headed in the right direction?

I don't have any thoughts. I think they were all great moves. I think that Dave Trembley is a great manager - he may win manager of the year. I think we might just challenge for a playoff berth this season. I think that this organization knows exactly what it is doing, and they are all dedicated to Winning - whatever it takes to win for the O's!

You nailed it. Ok dan, i can understand where you're coming from, but i disagree with almost every move. bergensen is pitching a gem. 2 hits in 8 innings and he gives up a weak, very weak ground ball between tejada and izturis. finally the next guy gets a solid hit to center...a single. and you yank him. Screw that! Bergensen is the guy to leave in there. he'll work his way out. Berken has been clutch, but every time you bring in a relief pitcher, you take a chance whether they have their stuff or not. Bergensen proved he had his stuff. I do think Berken had some good stuff too, but we only saw it for one batter. leave him in!!!! Hendrickson didn't pitch that poorly, but this way of managing the bull pen has now cost us...get this..10 games where we've had the lead in the 7th or later. Trembely needs to go!!! fire him!! He only knows one thing....Losing!!! We're a good team. Great starting pitching. But the team's not motivated and Trembley loses games for us. FIRE HIM!!!

It seems to me this keeps happening, game after game. I can't remember a skipper so inept at managing pitchers. I know this is ultimately the manager's decision, but what role does Kranitz play in these decisions? Is he restraining Trembley, or encouraging him>

That logic doesn't make sense. Davis was only the tieing run, so Bergesen doesn't get stuck with a loss if he pitches to Davis, and he comes around and scores. In effect, he burns Berken for one hitter (Davis) then goes to the lefty-lefty matchup. He could have just left Brad in to pitch to Davis, gotten his lefty matchup afterwards, and still had Berken to pitch to Suzuki.

The game was basically lost once he decided to bring in a righthander to pitch to Fox. I doubt few O's fans have any confidence in Meredith or Albers in pressure situations. Why not bring Mata or Hernandez in; you're 15-32, might as well see what they can do. Beats watching the same screwups night after night.

What's my take? Who cares. When you sign guys like Atkins, Hendrickson, an over-the-hill Tejada, Izturis, etc this is what happens. It all starts with the front office. This organization is a disgrace. For a decade they've been trying to "cut corners" that includes hiring this manager. You reap what you sow.

We need a new manager.

one thing that no one seems to see is....why can't Ohman get 4 outs? if we take out Hendrickson, use your closer there. DT must go..he has no vision of managing a bullpen to win games and not to not lose (which they do).

Trembley didn’t want Bergesen to get a loss after pitching so well.

He has used that line so many times this year. Managing defensively is mantra.

Trembley has been doing this all season. He ruined Brian Matusz outing against the Cleveland Indians two weeks ago by doing the same thing. He got cute with the lefty-lefty, righty-righty thing and wound up having to use guys that should have never been in the game.

There is an old saying: If you do not learn from history, it is bound to repeat itself. This seems to be happening with Dave Trembley's pitching decisions game after game.

I quit watching the game after the bad hop to SS cost the Orioles dearly. I saw the beautiful game Bergenson pitched and hoped for a win but the bad hop told me to move on and keep my blood pressure down. This morning I saw that they lost.

Trembley makes bonehead pitcher-batter decisions repeatedly. Two weeks ago aagainst the Royals he had his pitcher intentionally walk a .220 hitter in late innings to load the bases. The hitter was 0-2 in the game. This brought a .285 hitter to the plate -- who was 2-2 in the game.


Fire this guy.

Same old Same old. DT manages like a robot. It's like he follows a script every night, especially with the bullpen. The season is a loss. Pitch Berken, Arietta, Tillman, Mata. The has beens have to go.
But really we lost the game in the previous innings when the O's ( especially AJ) could not break open the game ( again).

It's one thing for the tv announcers to be fooled by small-number statistics, Dan; they're just working with the numbers being fed to them. Reaching conclusions on 36 2010 AB is absurd.

But with the luxury of time and the inter-web, we can check out the recent past.

From 2007-09, Hendrickson accounted for 365 AB vs LHH, who hit him at a .260 BA/.319 OBA/.386 Slg rate.

In the same time frame, Berken had 263 AB vs LHH, and was smacked around at a .335/.399/.506 clip.

For all the faults Trembley has - and there are a lot - he absolutely made the right call here. Didn't work out, but hey, it happens.

Yeah it is the managers fault. He is the one that the line drive went off with two outs right and the bad hop was his fault in the 8 to right. We have been through how many managers in the past 13 years and I guess it was all there fault too. The Os are like the Cincinnati Bengals of the 90s. They just can't get out of the losing funk. Look at the Rays they finally have started winning and having success and there attitude change but it took a long time too. I am a frustrated Os fan to but you have to hope it gets better. The Ravens were really bad for a long time too but with a great draft and luck in free agency thet got the winning confidence and never looked back.

Did not see last nite's game but it sounds like another "push the wrong buttons" ending with the bullpen. The automatic appearance by the closer and "Left vs Left\Right vs Right" rules just do not work for the O's and thus DT. He has been forced to abandon the closer thing since the O's don't have one. The O's don't have the luxury of a matchup bullpen strategy. If a guy is getting outs and is not issuing BBs, let 'em stay in!

Typical Trembly. He just isn't very smart.
Even if he wasn't such a dunce they should remove him because of the losing culture that he has instilled. Like him or not, he's a proven loser. That team expects to lose and they do.

It's called the 'feel of the game', and Trembles just doesn't have that 'feel'!

Never has, and that's why his late inning moves and depletion of the bullpen hurts the O's. He must go, but how long are they going to wait? The pain continues.

Let's see.... this is only about the 50th time DT has made the same mistake in the last year.....

The only thing I can figure at this point is that AM realizes that it is his own fault for this mess and then feels too guilty to fire DT. If that is the case then PA needs to fire AM. Of course in less PA realizes that it is his own fault for this mess and feels to guilt to fire AM, in which case.... oh yeah, there is no one to fire PA....

That's what this team is about - poor judgment after poor judgment. Whether it's poor on the field choices, or poor free agent signings, or poor draft choices. It's about a decade plus of poor judgment.

I not only thought he could have let Bergeson go one more batter and Berken continue to pitch past the 1st out but I also have to question him not using Luke Scott in the 9th as a pinch hitter for Atkins. If Scott is ok to play tonight in Toronto then certainly 20 hours earlier he can come off the bench against the A's closer who wasn't all that impressive against the guys he did face. Too bad Christina Markakis had to wait until 8:21PM! We could have used Nick at about 9:45 as well! Would love to know if he was at the hospital screaming at the tv! I got to watch a great game for 7 innings from Section 34 only to see an awful finish to the 8th and 9th innings.

Get rid of everyone on the team except Markakis, Scott, Jones, Millwood and Gunthrie. Everyone!!!!!!!! All managers, batboys; everyone that hasnt shown a reson to stay. They are all habitual losers!!!!

i like dave. i really do. i like listening to him talk about the game. but this over managing the bullpen has got to stop. it is fine to do when you have consistent reliable relievers in your bullpen. but we don't. we have a bunch of bums in the bullpen. if dave brings a guy in and he gets someone out and it appears he is throwing strikes just leave him in Dave. STOP OVERMANAGING THIS BULLPEN! THEY ARE BUMS!

i am tiered of hearing about the pitch count, although it mostly started with paul richards when he managed the orioles in the late 1950's. i don't understand all of this math up stuff. if a certain pitcher is doing well let him in the gameyea sometimes you have to go with your gut feeling or percentages,but al lof this tuff dave trembley does seems to be somewhat over managing.

Frank Robinson used to say that changing pitchers is the biggest and the toughest decision a manager has to make. Of course, some times you make the right decison and still get a bad result. And some times you make a bad decision and get lucky. Even the worst pitcher is going to get the best hitte out more than 50% of the time! Like I've said before, it's not like you've got Tippy or Moe in the bullpen these days. Very questionable decisions from DT, no doubt. But in the long run, what does it matter?

That's the last straw for me. I am absolutely fed up, and I refuse to tolerate this madness anymore.

Last night epitomized why Trembley should have been fired at the end of last year. He exercises the worst judgment I have ever witnessed in watching baseball for the last 25 years. By my count his poor judgment has cost the Orioles at least 8/9 games, and that's generous.

Berkin has been lights out all year. So what does Trembley do--he brings him to pitch to one batter--ONE BATTER. Then he brings in a Hendrickson for the lefty-lefty match despite the fact lefties are batting well over .300 against him. How stupid is that?

It's time for a big., old fashion purge. Flush Trembley, Samuel, Crowley, Atkins, Hendrickson, Izturis, and Lugo down the drain. It's cruel to watch old, mediocre, has beens.

I will attend select games but until the Orioles win 5 games in a row, (highly unlikely) or Trembley is fired, I will not waste my time watching them on television again this season.

Orioles fan deserve better than they've been getting, especially the last two seasons.

To Angelos: Have mercy, please fire Trembley NOW!

The sad part is a starter who cant pitch beyond 90 pitches. He's young, whats with that? Why aren't these guys conditioned to go longer. This is sad, the mentality of the coaching staff. The first reason doesn't fly with me. The second I agree with you. this is becoming a real problem to the development of young players. They get up from Norfolk and get there heads screwed with by Trem, Krany and the crow and wined up need minor league rehab to find there way again. Bring me Dempsey!!!!!!!!!!

As DT was walking out to pull Berken, The TV analysts (i forgot who said it) said interesting move, Berken gets lefties out better than Henderson but DT must want the veteran to face the veteran. I knew right there this was gonna end badly. Time after time after time, we watch as DT makes the wrong late innings move. whether it's keeping the starter in too long, or yanking the guy after 1 batter/1 inning, he has no feel for the game. This is reason #1 on my list of why DT should get fired. He doesn't control the hitting, the fielding, the baserunning (for the most part anyway) but what he can control, the bull pen, he does an awful job.

As my buddy sadi the other night, Trembley cares more about his starting pitchers being in line to win games instead of actually trying to win them. Bergesen had been pitching groundball after groundball after the first inning. Guys on first and second, you need a groundball, Bergesen is the guy you want. Put in Berken, not the worst move because he's been great, but leave him in! Im tired of seeing Dave put in guys who conventional wisdom says should be a good matchup instead of putting the guy in who has the best chance in getting them out. I mean Cla Meredith there? Yea he throws sidearm and you would think he would be good to righties, but he did what he always does, leave the ball up and it got smoked. Not sure how much more AM has to see before getting rid of Dave.

I suggest we start calling DT BP instead.
They are both screwups that lead to disasters.
The monumental mistake was made last fall when the Baseball Commish in waiting, AM, gave BP a new contract. It was foreseeable that the O's would again be losers-Where has BP been a winning manager? At some point in the season he would have to be fired. Then back to another career coach as interim manager. He'll get a contract extension for 2011 and the beat will go on and on.
Happy Ground Hog Day.

As I stated before on many other posts and I will state again, Trembly has no idea what he's doing, the team couldn't care less, they just want their paychecks, which they aren't earning, and people wonder why we continue to lose. His decisions always backfire, how is that not his fault? You wonder why our bullpens always struggles, it's not that these guys can't pitch, but when used every night like they are, they will get tired. We have starters that have gone 7 or 8 innings this year and we have still had to use 4 or 5 pitchers to finish a game. Apparently Trembly thinks the only person who can get a left hand hitter out is a lefty, he absolutely sucks. I'm not sure how many more games I can watch and have the camera pan over to him and he is just sitting there with a blank stare having no idea what to do. The guys isn't a winner, never has been at this level. Sorry to be so harsh but the Orioles are the WORST team in this league yet we continue to send the same people out there and the not do a damn thing about it. Something needs to change period. Otherwise the Orioles can enjoy there 4,000 fans a night, remember it's not the fans who ran this team into the ground, we have been beat up way too much over the past 13 seasons and it's time to stop. At least, as Peter A says, we have the Nats to watch. They have a little more excitement, heck maybe I will even go to a game or two this year and spend my money on that organization. Get it together Orioles, you WILL lose your fans if things aren't changed. I'm done my venting for now.

Earl Weaver was very successful with his system of stats on the index cards. So, if Earl were managing last night, he would have stayed with Berken, based on past evidence.

Trembley's use of the bullpen is an atrocity. His match-up approach has been disastrous game after game, yet he continues to go that route. Berken comes in and gets the batter out on 4 pitches? I know, yank him! Let's see if someone else can come in to lose the game.

Also, there are 114 games (READ: 80 losses) left in the season: how can he continue to bring in 4 or relievers a night before their arms fall off? Trembley obsesses about the pitch count for his starters, but he doesn't factor in the wear-and-tear on his bullpen. If Berken were left in and were to continue to be successful, Hendrickson, Meredith, Castillo, Huey, Dewey and Louie could've had the night off and been rested for the next game and the rest of the season, for that matter.

PLEASE FIRE DAVE TREMBLEY! He is the worst Orioles manager I have seen in my 40 years of watching.

It doesn't matter what moves Trembley makes - these guys have to get OUTS. Five runs in the 8th? Give me a break. It's been going on for years with no end in sight.

I heard the Nats owners say how committed they are to winning, how Mr. Lerner has never lost at anything in his life. Pays big money for Strasburg and soon to another #1 pick. Need a picther? They're in it for Roy Oswalt. The O's will get their chance at a #1 pick next year because they're on their way to at least 100 losses in 2010.

Leet's not forget the chance we had in the bottom of the 9th. Jones swung at the 1st pitch with two on. Then "toothy" Atkins proceeds to strike out. Certainly what he does best since coming to the American League, a much better one than the National. This is just a losing frranchise. The worst in the 13 losing years. Last night they were not only losing--they were sorry.

I happened to notice on last night's telecast Bergerson's exit to the clubhouse. It looked as if he was angry and shouted something. Palmer even made mention that he was hollering to an umpire, presumably Angel Campos on the plate. I wonder if he was just frrustrated with Trembley. He pitched a great game and certainly deserved a better fate. Makes one wonder if Trembley has lost the clubhouse. It's hard to believe that he hasn't!!


First, I would like to know who the MLB genius was that came up with the brilliant idea that a starting pitcher should only throw 100 pitches in a game. Why 100? Why not 135 or 180?
My 84 year old father keeps reminding me of the day that Carl Hubbell pitched both games of a doubleheader in the 1930's.

Second, I would also like to know why managers insist on bringing in a "closer" in the late innings when the starting pitcher has pitched great into the 7th or 8th inning. All teams do it now and many times I have seen it backfire. This practice may be a little more acceptable if you had a great bullpen...but the O's relievers are so unreliable from one game to the next.
Actual year to date statistics show that they are "pathetic". If I were Mr. Trembley, I would allow Millwood, Guthrie, Bergeson and Matusz the opportunity to win their own game when they pitch brilliantly into the late innings.
Sometimes a manager's best move is not to make one.

I've always supported Dave Trembley and tried to be patient with him and the team but he needs to go. He constantly makes these terrible pitching changes in games which really make no sense at the time. He never uses Berken who is clearly the best relief pitcher (Other than Ohman) that they have this year, and why is Julio Lugo still being used when you brought up Scott Moore? Did they bring him up to start one game and pinch run? Ridiculous.

He doesn't seem to teach any type of fundamentals, and I know it's not his fault if a player makes a mistake out there, but he should have an influence on them or else why is he there? I really think, even though this team has a terrible record and a bunch of injuries, that they can still be much better than they are playing right now. I truely believe for the first time since Trembley took over that a change at manager is the best and most useful move at this point.

I went to the game yesterday. I'm a calm person, I've not defended Trembley, because I don't think he's very good. I've not called for his head, either, because the team isn't very good, either - it's clearly not all, or even mostly, his fault.

Having said that, I was tearing my hair out last night watching him in the 8th inning.

I no longer want to see him fired, I want to see him packaged up in a box (with airholes, I'm not cruel) and shipped back to his family.

I want the bullpen phone in the dugout to get a restraining order against him, so that he can never again pick it up.

I want him to vanish.

We are not surprised by the out come of any game, and we know Peter isn't surprised either.....Peter dosen't care about the fans, he thinks giving us the broadcast on MASN really is doing us a favor. I'm so mad at this owner I cann't see straight, I really don't understand why he dosen't know the value of a customer. grant you he is doing very well from MASN, but the true fan he dosen't really value, he really dosen't deserve this team, but maybe this is showing how he is really in life. From the empty seats to the concession stands and Boog Powells BBQ; Good Luck to an owner who cann't hide the way he really is, his team is showing it.


Do you happen to know if the OPrioles have hired a new head groundskeeper? I have seen several bad hops this year, and the one last night was an all-timer. I watcha lot of baseball and I have not seen another hop like that (in the middle of the dirt part of the IF) this year.


Nicole Shery has been the head groundskeeper for four seasons now

Dave Trembley over analyzes every situation-and loses most of them. Real rocket scientist here. Forget the lefty-lefty, righty-righty matchup. If a guys'getting the outs and pitching fine-keep them in. As far as the bullpen-give them all the unconditional release-sure it will cost money, but what do we have to lose? Bring in talent from wherever and tell them, if they want to pitch in the big leagues-here's your chance and don't blow it. Time to bid adieu to Dave Trembley-nice guy, but the team is not responding to the "teacher" he was purported to be. I know it's not his fault for on-field play-but someone has to fall on the sword. Sorry Dave-your it.

What's truly shocking is that Trembley used to the O's bullpen coach. You would think he learned something in that role, but chances are he was a hinderance in that position as well. Trembley needs to be fired asap. At the same time, the front office needs to clean house on the coaching staff. There's a culture of losing and promoting another deadbeat out of that crew to run the team would be just another in a long line of mistakes. Clean house. Fire Trembley now, and replace the coaching staff sooner rather than later.

A lot of managers would have left Bergeson in. Being his pitch count was still reasonable, I think you let him battle his way out. This is a contradiction from what I posted on MASN, but the more I think about it, let Bergy clean up his mess...Im sure he wanted to be out there. Your starters are your best pitchers, my philosophy is to keep them out there as long as possible. Ozzie Guillen won a WS following this philosophy.

Trembley's other mistakes;

- Making excuses about the "bad hop". It didnt look that bad to me. Izzy was brought here to play D..he's a pro, he shoud have made that play. Izzy has cost us late in gamesa couple of times. Lugo & Izzy look comical out

- Bringing in Meredith...Trembley admitted after the game Meredith is struggling. So why do you bring him during the most crucial point in the game? Why not Ohman or Hernandez ? Clueless

- Removing Berken was a mistake...flat out. Trembley lacks a feel for the game.

- Not backing up Bergy...Bergy shouted ater the umps after the dreadful 8th. Trembley should have been all over that ump when it happened. DT is a class act right? Maybe,,,but he coddles his player AND the umps

DT is holding the team back,,,he's got to go.

It honestly boggles the mind that we are still having conversations about how bad a Dave Trembley decision was when his team is the worst in the majors and not improving.

This guy shouldn't be coaching. Period.

MacPhail also shouldn't be GM, because if he can't see that his ML coaching staff is an embarrassment, then he shouldn't be in the position he is in.

It's all kind of a mute point at this point. The Orioles really stink across the board BUT I think last night goes a long way to showing very clearly that Trembley has never been able to handle the bullpen. He's never known when to pull a pitcher and often leaves them in until 5 or more runs have scored and .... game over. This should be the last straw because bringing in Hendrickson was just stupid. The guy should be fired and be done with it. The O's need new blood behind the wheel even though that person is doomed to failure as well. At least the new guy isn't likely to make so many horrid decisions. the words of the late great Robin Harris, "gotta go, GOTTA GO!"

I was absolutely flabergasted to read one poster say, "he enjoyed Dave Trembly's post game interviews". This poster must also enjoy watching paint dry. DT looks like a cigar store indian in all the interviews I have seen. He looks the same way in the dougout. No fire, no passion and the players certainly play to the temperment of their mgr. Every night as most posters have observed, they make the same mistakes, again and again. I must then conclude that the organization is insane, for the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result. I would suggest send all the young players with some potential to Norfolk for the rest of the year (if they are not going to get rid of DT, his staff and the hangers on) and let them regain their confidence. Who knows they might even win the International League and the Little World Series. Bring them all back next year with a new Mgr and a renewed desire to win.

The pain continues, Andy. How much more pain can you endure before the firing of DT takes place? A month, two months, the rest of the year? All I can say, is you must love pain!

Didn't want him to get a loss since he pitched so well??!!!! How about he wants him to get a win since he's pitched well up to this point?? Until we play to win, this whole "snatching a loss from the jaws of victory" attitude will persist.

No, I don't get that statement and I am very disgusted. Why do I keep watching this BS year in and year out???

That he wasn't fired over a year ago PROVES MacPhail is not in control. Angelos does not want the embarassment of firing another manager and will hold out for as long as he can. Remember when they made Trembley manager before the end of the season a couple years ago? What did they do to close it out? Go 3-30, or something like that? This man knows exactly how and when TO LOSE A GAME. I've never seen such an abomination in the big leagues. Oh, the PAN (105.7, the Peter Angelos Network) keeps ignoring the elephant in the living room (Angelos), because if they criticize him they'll lose their tv/radio shows. I can't even listen anymore, it's so sickening. ANGELOS HAS TAKEN THE ONCE PROUD ORGANIZATION KNOWN AS THE BALTIMORE ORIOLES AND MADE IT INTO A LASTING JOKE. Everyone know he's the problem and will remain so until he no longer owns the team. Yes, THIS TEAM WILL NOT HAVE ANOTHER WINNING SEASON WHILE ANGELOS OWNS IT. PERIOD. Keeping Trembley on board is PROOF of same.

Thus ends the rant... and now I'll go watch the Nats... even if that does fill Angelos' pocket with even more ill begotten funds.

Living in Florida I got to see the O's in spring training and thought they had a chance to move up in the standings. But after 2 months of the season they are still losing games the same as they did in 2008 and 2009 and thing in common with all 3 seasons is the same manager being unable to make competent decisions and moves.

It is time to admit a mistake and send Trembley packing.

Little League Dave would fail at that level also. He is the worst manager in franchise history and the only good day in this season wil be the day he is fired!

It is a rare pitcher who can enter a game and have all his pitches working immediately. Even the best need time for adjustments in the transition from bullpen to game mound. Only a few roll out of bed and throw strikes, and have complete command at all times. Trembley's style of managing places a burden of expectation on a revolving group of arms to consistently be that rare kind of strike thrower. Instead of allowing the starting pitcher, who is in the flow of the game, and who has relatively more talent, to "find" ways out of late inning blips and jams, he places inferior talent who rush to get their arms loose into the same blip and jam. Bergeson, a sinker baller, may well have induced a double play with his very next pitch. The kid is a fighter and did not want to leave the game. Trembley's decision to pull him highlights his own insecurities, and a judgment skewed from fear.

Its like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic...........
This organization is a disaster from top to bottom.

Baseball hell is playing for the Orioles. It sucks the life out of you and turns fun into drudgery. It also makes promising young players depressed and not live up to their potential. Losing game after game, season after season, year after year takes its toll on players, management, and fans.

The depressing part is the organization is going backwards........its getting worse because we actually had expectations that we had some young talent that could blossom this year and help drive the team to a .500 record.

We cannot replace Trembley with another "who is that" manager. We need to after somebody who can work with young talent and teach these kids how to change their mindset from being losers to winners.

We also need to get rid of McPhail and bring in a young fresh thinking GM....I am not impressed with his plan, execution or vision......i also dont think he has a great eye for young talent....Hobgood.....or older talent.....Lugo, Atkins...etc

And he certainly doesn't have anticipatory executive skills........he should of had a plan for replacing Trembley........or the Brian Roberts fiasco.....and how about Crowley?

Anyhow.....the season goes is what it is......and i think the red deck chair looks better over there by the stairwell.

Trembley always assumes that lefties are better pitching to lefties and righties are better pitching to righties. He refuses to use stats to guide his decisions. The Orioles need to find a manager who is more analytic. Johnny Oates used to have detailed stats on every possible matchup and he was a winner with that approach

Dave T. has no fire at all. He just sits there with that blank stare on his face. I don't think he knows what is going on in he game. This team needs someone who will light a fire under their asses and get them motivated. I'm sick of his lefty/lefty and righty/righty scenerio. If you are a pitcher you can pitch to either. Starters do it all the time.

it's not like Trembley has a plethora of pitchers at his disposal who can get people out when he wants them to. What was he supposed to do? If you leave Berken in, and he gives up the runs then we would be arguing today about whether Trembley should have brought in Hendrickson for a lefty-lefty match up. My take, Baseball should be like European Soccer. The best teams play in the Majors, the lower teams play in the minors unless they can prove themselves otherwise. The Baltimore Orioles are a minor league baseball team, and not even a good one at that. I'm a long time oriole fan, but there isn't much to get excited about at this point.

I agree with you Dan, the lefty-lefty/righty-righty matchup is overrated. Earl Weaver never played them. He played the stats of pitcher v. hitter matchup. Case in point: Mark Belanger was a career .220 hitter, yet against Nolar Ryan he was over .300. Every time Ryan pitched Belanger was in the lineup and always got a key hit against him including Game 1 of the 1979 ALCS. Trembley doesn't play the stats and that's why he needs to go. The Orioles need a manager who plays statistics instead of hunches.

If only it was as simple as changing managers.

Can we get Baltimore taken off the front of the jerseys?

The Orioles are so bad, I don't even bother to watch them on TV.....and that is free. I would never consider buying a ticket to see this "mess" play......they are truely the worst team in baseball!!! Absolutel Awful....Thanks Andy McPhail for this and Pete made it and now Trembley has to try and do the best with this "garbage"....

i'm an O's fan living in Northern California, this is the first time I've seen the wOe's play this year. They said in the telecast that 25% of the runs the O's have given up this year were after the 8th inning. Is that true?

I think Trembley mismanaged this situation, I would have left Berken in to close the game out, go with the hot hand. And why burn through 4 relievers including bringing in Castillo for the last batter?

Also, while I hope Adam Jones becomes a great player, he seems to have poor abs with runners on. Only saw three games but he's hot and still has a bad approach.

I think you should put Peter Angelos at catcher so that everytime a run scores the player crossing the plate can call angelos a DUMB A$$. Maybe he'll get tired of hearing it and do something.

Trembley over manages the relief pitchers.

Please fire the worsat manager the Orioles have ever had!!!!! Trembley and Macphail both need to go before this team can start winning again.

I'm frankly over being angry at this team. At this point, I'm curious to see how bad they can continue to be.

Perhaps a 100+ loss season and a vanishing fan base will convince the anti-Steinbrenner to open the wallet and let those moths have a breath of fresh air.

This team is so bad it's making "Lopez Tonight" look like an enticing late night option. :-D

Fire Trembley and MacFAIL.

Everything here defies logic especially how DT is still here

Not sure what everyone is complaining about. DT is perfect match for this bunch of "athletes". If we had solid manager, he would have been on a suicide watch by now.

I've avoided bashing DT because he's in a tough situation, but his bullpen philosphy appears to be "keep changing pitchers until you find one who can lose the game".

Why the hell is Montanez with the team. Career .142 hitter. CAlso cut Atkins and bring up Aubrey

Jeff Z's reply: Aubrey is on the minor league DL with a hip flexor right now and it still about a week away from returning. He wouldn't be much good for the Orioles right now.

This boils down to lack of fundamentals. Lack of fundamental managing and coaching that results in lack of execution of fundamentals on the field and lack of fundamental mangerial decisionmaking. I saw it all from right behind the Os dugout. Heard the conversations. Bergie didn't want to come out. You never remove a pitcher pitching with confidence. He didn't get a call for a third strike on his last batter. But he had pitched with runners on successfully and at 93 pitches, there was no reason to believe he was gassed. It was just a stupid fundamental mistake to pull him. The rule in baseball is you never know what you are going to get from a reliever - sometimes they have good stuff, sometimes they got nothing. Yes there were some bad breaks after that but if Izzie stays at home on that bad hop and isn't trying to make the play by himself at second, he should still get that ball and get us out of the inning. Lugo had second covered and he could have gone to first anyway. Its just a lack of fundamentals all the way around. Jones and Patterson had horrible approaches at the plate (lack of fundamental situational hitting). It was a miserable show last night.

Trembley's reliance on the bullpen is amazing. Does he know that the reason those guys are in the bullpen is that they are not good enough to be in the rotation. You cannot rely on them to get the job done every time out - it doesn't happen. But DT keeps going "By the Book".

It is nice to read that Trembley hasn't lost the clubhouse - the players are still supporting him - but when will the Orioles brass realize that Trembley has lost the fans.

It is disappointing to see so many wasted good starts by our pitchers. Either we don't score enough or the bullpen implodes on itself.

That is why I usually turn the game off if we have the lead late and DT takes out the starter. I would rather read about holding on for the win that watching the loss that I know is coming. It is sad:(

I agree that the team is not very good but both Trembley and Terry Crowley need to be fired! I think the young starters have great potential and I am afraid DT will ruin them. AM really needs to try to talk Bobby Valentine into taking over this team.

Blow the team up -- dump any veteran who you can find a home for (Good Luck with that!) and bring some young guys up from the minors. At least they'll be glad to be here and actually hustle once in awhile! This team has no fire or intensity - and absolutely no desire to win!

How much worse could the kids do??? We're already the laughingstock of baseball.......

Absolutely Pathetic!

Why are the Nats hovering at .500 with less talent? Because Jim Riggleman knows how to manage in the Majors. Why are the O's hovering just above .300? Because Trembley does not.

Sorry Dan, but like so many other posters I also felt that DT made two wrong decisions.

All too often we see cases of DT wanting to protect a starting pitcher who has turned in a great performance. All too often this happens. But when Bergesen is throwing as well as he was last night, clearly the best way to "protect" him is to leave him in the game, at least until he has given up a run, maybe even two.

DT constantly, *constantly* babies his starters. 93 pitches is nothing, at least it should be treated as such. These are men out there, and they should be allowed to work out of their own jams, especially when they've been performing well.

DT has been breeding a group of starters that tire easily and who have no experience pushing themselves in the late innings.

And I won't even get into how badly he botched the lefty/righty thing *again* last night. Seriously, DT is a nice guy, but he manages from fear, from a belief that his players are fragile things ready to fall apart at any moment -- and because he manages that way, that's the kind of players he ends up with.

AZ Raven Fan said: I happened to notice on last night's telecast Bergerson's exit to the clubhouse. It looked as if he was angry and shouted something. Palmer even made mention that he was hollering to an umpire, presumably Angel Campos on the plate. I wonder if he was just frrustrated with Trembley. He pitched a great game and certainly deserved a better fate. Makes one wonder if Trembley has lost the clubhouse. It's hard to believe that he hasn't!!

To AZ:

I am not happy at all with Trembley either, but Bergeson was pissed off because the umpire squeezed him on the last batter, calling a ball on a great pitch. Please don't try to say Trembley's lost the team because you didn't see that. That's taking something and coming to a completely false conclusion. trembley has enough problems without some made up stuff.

It's awkward to bring up, but Dave Trembley just isn't very smart. Can anyone name one instance in which his strategic prowess clearly exceeded that of his rival manager?

I'm not saying you have to be a genius to succeed in this game, but compare Trembley to Joe Girardi, Joe Maddon, Ron Gardenhire, Mike Scoscia... even crazy Ozzie Guillen, who runs his mouth but knows how to manage a game.

We're just overmatched at the position. Awkward to say, but true.

There have been 141 appearances made by O's relievers so far this season. That's an average of nearly 3 relievers per game! How's it working out for them?

Unfortunately, I'm past the point of caring.


When almost everyone in an entire village gets the same sickness, it's not a coincidence. It means there's something in the environment that's that's causing it. In the O's clubhouse, there's something (or things) affecting almost everyone there in a negative way. So what do you do to change the environment? It's not practical to revamp the roster in mid season. But you can totally shake up the management staff. And I mean all of them. Start completely over with a whole new management team. What have you got to lose?

It seems to me that Trembley manages this team like it is the All Star Game. Like all 300 people in the stands want to see every pitcher on the roster. He takes starters out when they are pitching well, and uses a pitcher like Berken, our supposed long reliever, to match up against one guy.

No one has even mentioned yet the implications of bringing in multiple relievers in one game for the next game, next week, and next month. I remember one game earlier in the year when Trembley brought Albers in for no reason, then had to use Albers again the next night and Albers was gassed. Let's also look at how well the O's relievers will pitch when we traditionally play our "best ball" in August and September.

Most managers couldn't win with this current O's roster, but they could be doing a lot better than Trembley, especially in terms of developing our young pitchers.

Trembley is ridiculous. Have you ever seen Josh Beckett being pulled out of the game having retired 14 in a row after 93 pitches? Enough said.

Those making excuses for Trembley don't understand how ridiculous they sound. Defending Trembey's moves is like defending O.J Simpson in court.

For those of you old enough to remember...
How about these comparisons?

Peter Angelos = Robert Irsay
Andy McFail (misspelling intentional) = Joe Thomas

Dave Trembley = Buster Keaton, the ultimate stoney face!

Angelos will not fire Trembley and pay him to sit home. He will replace Trembley in the offseason or if necessary can him near the end of the season and have one of the coaches finish the season. Dave is better as an organizational guy than a manager. He will still be around.

Why would we expect Trembley to have any idea how his pitchers fare in different situations. He's a bump on alog and sadly the bump is currently the dugout bench. Setting that log adrift may well uncover a few solid rocks making a path to cross this turbulent stream.

Dan, I have a huge problem with him taking out Bergesen. Trembley is horrible at handling pitchers and so what if Bergesen has thrown 96 pitches and given up 2 straight hits. Start making these guys responsible for winning games. Let them throw 120 pitches- for God sake their arms won't fall off! Also, taking out Berkin for Hendrickson shows complete ignorance about each pitchers strength.

Look, this team is horrible. If you have anyone who's doing the job let them finish. Show some confidence in the starters and expect them to come through. This is the worst team in baseball history based on their record. Develop the starters. Don;t use the relievers unless you absolutely have to. It's all hopeless anyway. This is horrible and disgusting. Geez!

It's time to lay the blame on who is really responsible for this mess, Peter Angelos! He milked the fans out of every dime he could get without attempting to field a competitive team. If we have a poor manager, no hitting...whatsoever, a horrible bullpen, who's the fault?...ownership. Don't say no one wants to come here...they did before Angelos let this franchise become the second worse in baseball, and one of the worse in professional sports. You can't blame the fans not wanting to go out and watch this mess. Give Trembley a break, he's in there because Angelos will not spend on a proven manager, McPhail has been a success everywhere but, why? Angelos. Angelos never takes any blame. Look how long it took to get a real Spring training complex? The Angelos family must go before this once proud fanchise returns to it!s glory. Sell the club to Cal and his group and if you have to, keep partial ownership of your beloved Masn network. Angelos is the problem with Orioles.

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