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May 28, 2010

O's Jones detained and released in Toronto

Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was detained by customs officials at the Toronto airport early this morning after arriving on the team flight, according to the team.

He wasn't the only one held up. A small group of Orioles personnel were detained by officials for extra screening, including Jones. Jones was not accused of doing anything illegal.

"They had the wrong person," Jones said. "They thought I was somebody else. It took its time, but it all got situated."

Apparently, the background check took longer on Jones than the ones of the other personnel.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Jones tweeted that he was "detained by immigration in canada for no false accusations till 5am and appreciate someone from the team making sure were ok NOOOOOOTTTTT"

"It was frustrating for me, and I shouldn't have put it out like I put it out, but I did," Jones said.

According to a team official, the group detained for extra screening was accompanied by a person in position of authority with the club throughout the process.

And later he added to his tweet: "I wish I could say what I want on here. That would be BRACKIN" before ending with "last 10 hours have been a blast...yaaaaay. time to sleep off the bull."

The first tweet was deleted after a short time, according to the report.

Jones said he wasn't sure if he was mistaken for Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam 'Pacman' Jones, who has faced multiple legal issues. But Jones' mother, Andrea Bradley, made that claim on her Facebook page.

A week ago, the MLBPA warned players with criminal convictions or arrests to contact the union before trying to enter Canada, according to the Associated Press.

Doyle Pryor, a union assistant general counsel, sent a memo to agents titled “immigration problems for players entering Canada.” A copy of the memo was posted on and later obtained by the AP.

It is not believed that Jones has any convictions or arrests in his background.

The Orioles were aware of the memo and a team official was quoted in the AP story last week:

“There are certain offenses in Canada that are considered more major than they are in the United States,” Orioles team travel coordinator Kevin Buck said. “Specifically, we were advised that things like DUI and that sort of thing are considered a felony in Canada. So we've just got to be careful about making sure we're aware of anything that anybody in our traveling party might have in their past to prepare for it before we head north.”

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Probably thought this under-performing, incorrigible person was an impostor to the true All-Star center fielder from last year.

Adam Jones is a POD person!

Can the O's do anything right? I wish Albers or Meredith would have been detained instead. Maybe it would finally persuade DT not to use them so much.

Why in the he!! do we still have MLB in Canada?

nad the hits just keep coming...oh thats right this is the O' hits

"It is not believed that Jones has any convictions or arrests in his background."

They probably got him confused with PacMan.

He's been to Canada before.......

they must have been detained for impersonating ballplayers wonder if Trembley was held for impersonating a manager lol

They were investigating him for stealing a Gold Glove last year.

Forget Canasa and move the Jays. New immigration issues and high prices make it not even worth visiting anymore.

"No, sir, you want the other professional athlete named Adam Jones."

..sheesh. And to think of the flack AZ's been getting about their new law. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens with prior DUI convictions are getting cavity searched at the Canadian border.

We don't need Canada in MLB. Let's build a fence, we'll stay on our side, they can stay on their side!

afterp do you post on FREDTERP

no big deal...

I was denied access to canada on a road trip because I did not have an itinerary or physical cash on me (it was '98, guess they never heard of debit cards, eh?). Entered at a different point a day later telling them we were headign to hamilton to shop for hockey gear.

1 year later we were detained going to Montreal because of this incident. They searched our Jeep, but failed to notice the GIANT COOLER FULL OF BEER we 19 year olds had.

Way to go, hosers.

They're just angry because he stole second base!

maybe they thought it was Pacman.....

Sounds like we should get Canada to run our border security.

Adam was pulled over in Arizona last year, while being interviewed on XM, for having tinted windows. Maybe that's a felony on Canada.

We should be this conscientous in interrogating those coming across the border into the U.S.

Was Adam Jones REALLY griping about the way OTHER people do their job? Really? Hahahahahaha.

I profoundly apologize for my comments about Ty Wigginton in March after the Marlin game in Jupiter when he yelled F$$K! I asked that he NOT be brought north with the team. I was wrong. This guy is playing his guts out even with the few clanks in the field. Ty forgive me!

No suprise here. Just one more case of an O's player not "coming through" when he needs to.

The effing Canadians better lay off the pipe a little bit. We're bringing them business by letting them have MLB teams, and they detain our players? WTF!!!

I hope our customs guys return the favor with a cavity check when they travel to the US.

...ay, the first two conclusions I jumped to reading the story 'tag' line was: HGH or marijuana. Glad I read the entire story.


Drinking age in Quebec is 18. Since it was legal for you to drink, why would Customs have a problem with it?

1 year later we were detained going to Montreal because of this incident. They searched our Jeep, but failed to notice the GIANT COOLER FULL OF BEER we 19 year olds had.

Its legal to drink at 19 in Canada you ignorant twit.

Feel free to not come back.

Forget you americans!!! Canada is great and so are the Jays. We have 93 Baltimore has zip and a stolen football team!!!

Maybe they thought he was Adam "PacMan" Jones.

To the Canadian Beer Border Police-

I know what the drinking age is in Canada and her Provinces. But, I would assume there are beer import/export rules, similar to the amount Molson and Labatt you can physically bring out of Canada. Also after the year before not being allowed in due to lack of an itinerary and place to stay, you think big blue in the back seat with a couple of kids driving may have raised some eyebrows.

Point of the story is, similar to Jones, they detained and us for 45+ minutes at a sleepy border crossing in VT and concluded our stay with a half a$$ed waste of time canuck hoser search of our vehicle, all because of our minor troubles the year before.

You are still wrong because each person can import up to 24 12oz cans/bottles, without any penalty or tax charged. So, they didn't miss anything. Being detained/stopped during a prior crossing may or may not have any bearing on you being able to cross in the future. It really is up to the guard or guards you encounter on any given crossing.

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