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May 24, 2010

MacPhail and Angelos meet -- again

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail and principal owner Peter Angelos met today to discuss the floundering team and its major-league-worst 14-31 record.

Those discussions are becoming a more common occurrence, something MacPhail joked doesn’t suit either man.

“He’s gotten a larger dose of me than I think he wants,” MacPhail said. “He’s gotten a heavy dose of me recently, but, obviously, he is more likely to see me when things aren’t going well than when things go along as planned.”

MacPhail would not reveal specifics, but the topic of manager Dave Trembley’s job security surely was on the agenda. Trembley’s job still isn’t safe, but he survived Monday’s off day, which seemed like it would be a logical time for him to be replaced if that decision already had been made.

When asked about Trembley on Monday afternoon, MacPhail said basically what he has said in the past, that his focus right now is on roster construction and not his manager.

“We are still working through player personnel issues, which have increased based on our injury issues Sunday,” MacPhail said.

The Orioles are expected to place reliever Koji Uehara (strained right elbow) on the disabled list Tuesday. They also could do the same thing with closer Alfredo Simon, who strained his left hamstring running to cover first base in Sunday’s 10th inning.

MacPhail said the club is looking at every potential option to improve the beleaguered bullpen. That presumably would include promoting relievers such as Frank Mata, Kam Mickolio, Dennis Sarfate and Alberto Castillo from Triple-A Norfolk. Also, the club could move starter David Hernandez to the bullpen while calling up prospects Chris Tillman or Jake Arrieta to take Hernandez’s place in the rotation.

Tillman and Arrieta almost certainly would not be called up to pitch in relief, however.

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You would have to think they'd at least be interviewing potential candidates at this point. I know they could go with the "interim manager," but that wouldn't make any more of a difference than sticking with Trembley for now (for now meaning a matter of weeks or less, not the rest of the season).

We don't need another minor league lifer. We need someone who can instill respect and discipline right away. The rest of this season has as much to do with getting our young guys (like Jones, Matusz and Wieters) on the right track for next season as it does finishing this season out respectably.

Mr Dan, an Orioles fan from Venezuela.

I know must of the fans wants Dave to be fired, he has done poor managing calls and some questionable line ups, however, I wonder who can ever win with this current bullpen, not even the greatest manager of the entire baseball history, this bullpen is as bad as the worst we have had in years.

Koji has showed no value to this club, not last year, not this year.

When will González be back? Will he be back as a closer?

Calling up Mata, Sarfate, Castillo and Kam can help, but Andy needs to do something more.

Have a bullpen and then fire Dave is he stills underachieve.

Thanks for your post


The Orioles tying to keep or even build on the fan base, you would think they would do something to give the poor fans a ray of hope. If they do have a plan which I doubt they do, it might be a good idea to announce the plan to the people who buy the product they claim they are providing the fans of Baltimore. This is a very poorly run business. They have the news media and plenty of free advertising, all they have to do is say something, but they say nothing. This is just horrible.

Don't tinker with symptoms; cure the disease. FIRE ANGELOS!

get rid of the whole staff and bring in fresh blood that will jump start these young guys...the players need to be motivated, let them have the hair they want and let them be themselves and play the game as it was meant to be played....with fun.

Hire Billy Bean from Oakland and give him 100% full control.

Everyone on the team is learning how to after day, week after week, season after season.

Either sell the team of bring in someone who can evaluate talent, and is not another retread.

It has never been this bad......EVER!!!

Fire him already. But whatever they do they better make sure to sweep Crowley out the door with him. Of course they won't. I'm sure they'll handcuff the next manager with a bunch of retread Oriole coaches. Besides who really would want the job? We have no obvious replacement or he'd already be gone. We need a Buck Showalter type (if not the man himself) IMO. A no nonsense kick in the @ss kind of guy. Someone who show the players, FO and ownership how winning works. It's painfully obvious that NO ONE on Eutaw Street knows what a winner is. Imagine being a 10 or 12 year old kid from Baltimore and never knowing what a winner is like? Some of my best days growing up were going to OPACY and enjoying a competitive team. Now when I do go to the park (very rarely, it's our only form of protest people!) I enjoy the atmosphere so much more than the actual product on the field. How sad.

Hopefully MacPhail talked him into selling the org to a Ripken led investment group.

Ive been to three games. lifetime fan. going to one more with my friend in june. and then im done. after reading macphails garbage yet again. im done.

The major issue with the Orioles as a team is that they play stupidly - poor execution of fundamentals, a lineup bereft of situational awareness, and batters who don't seem to have a plan when they step into the batter's box. These things have cost them too many winnable games. Even *with* all the injuries, the Orioles could (relatively easily) be a .500 team right now. Imagine, then, what they could do when Roberts, Pie et al return from the DL.

I don't blame Trembley for the injuries, or the bad luck. Of course not. But I do blame him for every day choices like:

-batting Jones leadoff in the face of all evidence to the contrary that it was anything resembling a good idea, and then *staying with him at leadoff* for way too long

-his pigheaded tendency to pigeonhole pitchers as this or that type of reliever instead of recognizing the best choice available in each situation

-his complete inability to deal with his players in-game, and instead waiting until the next day to deal with them (see the Mariners/Orioles game on May 11, and his utter abandonment of David Hernandez when he ran into difficulty )

Etc. etc...

All of these little brush strokes add up to one picture: Trembley is incapable of practicing any sort of competent style that is necessary to help his players see their place in perspective of the larger team picture. One by one the Orioles players fail, and their failures are not prevented or corrected until it's too late. So the failure wasn't ever necessary in the first place.

And that's how losing becomes a habit.

If all the O's can do is re-shuffle what has already not worked in the bullpen, the 9299 tickets sold last week for the KC game will look like a seelout by August.

The team looks terrible. No matter what acquisition they do works. Tejada, Atkins. At least Millwood tries his best with NO run support. Bring up the kids and call it a season. It can't get any worse. Can it??

I'm not a 'fire the manage3 r' guy, but fire the manager already. My reasoning is that he's lost the confidence of the front office. Trembley is a complete baseball man. No way did he fail to notice in March that he'd been handed a closer who couldn't get outs and a 1b who couldn't hit, and that his 2b (and leadoff) and LF were not ready to start the season. Either he vehemently demanded help from McPhail and was ignored, or he didn't demand it. Either way, he needs to go. The manager tells the GM exactly where his team stands and what he needs to succeed, and the GM finds a way to address the needs as fully as possible. If the two don't have that going on, there's no hope and it's time to move ahead with another relationship.

What, if any, are the "strengths" of this team? Dito the entire organization.

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