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April 21, 2010

Trembley lets Orioles have it

If you had April 21 in the "When will Dave Trembley blow his stack" pool, collect your prize. The Orioles manager had a brief, but apparently noisy, team meeting tonight to get after his players for both their effort and execution in recent days. Trembley said it wasn't one play or sequence that set him off, but rather a collection of them. I'd say Julio Lugo's hustle down the first base line and the Orioles' getting leadoff doubles in two innings last night and not budging the runners were at the top of the list. Anyway, here is the transcription of Trembley's comments to the media about the meeting.

We need to get our offense going, and we need to find a way to get things done in order for us to win some games. It’s been really unacceptable 15 games into the season for us to be losing the amount of games that we’ve lost by not doing the things that we’re capable of doing. Let’s hope tonight we get it started in that direction. We need to get it going.

It’s time to turn it up. That’s what it is. We’re not doing the things that are necessary in order to win baseball games at the major league level. I think it has been too repetitive for the first 15 games, and I don’t want any excuses anymore about, "Well, this guy is hurt, we don’t have that guy." Nobody is feeling sorry for us. We’ve dug ourselves a hole, but it’s not insurmountable. We’re not going to give in or give up. But I’m not going to just let things continue to slide and say, "It’s OK," and accept us getting our [butts] kicked. I’m tired of that. I want to see the guys succeed. I’d like to get them back on track so they can enjoy that. You’re going to have to make some sacrifices and you’re going to have to play more as a team and you’re going to have to do the things that are necessary in order to win. In order to do that, you have to get your priorities straight. Your priorities are the team. I shouldn’t have to talk to guys at the major league level about some of the very basics, but they were addressed.

It just goes to show you that you can take nothing for granted. Everybody needs a reminder now and then, and sometimes the reminder may have to be in a way that is not as pleasant as everybody wants to hear. But the reminders always have to come because in this game, the game is basics -- approach, attitude, focus, execution. It’s easy to get off track. It’s such a highly skilled game, and you have to remind people what they need to do in order to get it back.

I’m tired of a lot of things to be honest with you. Tired is rather mild. If that camera wasn’t rolling, we could use some other adjectives, but I’m not allowed to do that. The FCC would come after me.

I had a meeting with the team as we always do the first day of the series, and our advance [scouting] stuff was pretty precise and I thought the plan was laid pretty clearly. And what I saw last night didn’t sit well with me. I feel like I’m talking to the wall. I’ve got coaches putting in six to eight hours a day planning, video, reports and this or that. Some of the pitchers look [so tight]. They look like they are pitching totally different than what we want. It hasn’t been acceptable. I’m very patient, but I’ll tell you the truth: I didn’t have anybody come up to me afterwards and disagree.

It’s time to dial it up and get this thing going in a positive direction and quit accepting it and saying "It’s OK." It’s not OK. It’s not OK at all. And I’m tired of covering for them. I get questions point blank, and I feel like I’m a damn presidential press secretary sometimes. Instead of telling them how it is, I got to smooth it over. I ain’t smoothing it over anymore. Everybody here is intuitive enough. They know. I love the players. There are people that want to see them fail. I happen to be one that doesn’t want them to fail. I want to see the Baltimore Orioles succeed. And I know the odds are against us, but I think we can do it. That’s how I feel.

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That must have been an interesting press conference for everyone

PLEASE FIRE THIS INEPT HUMAN BEING -- can you even imagine Earl Weaver speaking like this ?

Nothing Trembley said isn't true. The big thing is, is that he is right when he says this club is capable of so much better. We all knew the chances of even a 500 record were very slim, but this team is not this bad.

What concerns me is that it took the manager this long to blow up. Certainly he noticed the lethargic state of this team ten days ago, but did he do or say anything?

This club, supposedly young and hungry, has been playing like an over 50 slo-pitch softball team. And they are better than that. If this managerial fire lighting effort does not produce results, than I think it is time for Trembley to go.

It has been long overdue for this to come out. These players are all to blame for lousy play this year. I don't see how Trembley can sit in the dugout this long and not say anything about the lackluster play. The Orioles don't even resemble a bad little league team.

Why is Trembley saying these things now? Something tells me this is too little, too late.

Bleep the FCC. Let everyone have it. Those who don't need it will understand, the rest know they need someone up their (butts)


He's a good man and he's trying. Good that he said these things: certainly the Orioles are bad but they're not THIS bad. There are a bunch of sulkers on this team.

This is a tough business, and if Trembley's going to go down, I am glad he's going down with a fight. I for one hope the team begins to play better and allows him to stay around for the season.

It's about time. I'd have benched Lugo immediately after he came off the field.

It's time these overpaid primadonna's got an earful and from this point onward, some public humiliation.

They can't be much worse even if they brought up a completely new team made up of minor leaguers.

At least those guys might appreciate being here.

Timing is all. Too late, Dave

Uhhh, too little too late DT. You have already lost these spoiled brats. You should have been like this day 1....nice try

you can't polish a turd.

This smacks of John McClaren's "buckle it f-ing up" tirade a day or two before he was canned. There very well could be a new manager waiting for the team in Boston on Friday.

I really feel for Trebs....

Let's make some bold statements. First, send Lugo to minors. Easy.

What was he waiting for? Maybe this should start on March 1st.

Surprisingly low class for Dave - as bad as the play has been a good manager doesn't tell the press what was said. I guess when your back is against the wall you throw your players under the bus.

Trembley finally said what needed to be said, but it might be too late. In his wired wednesday talk with Gary Throne, he pointed out his own mistake in batting Ty Wiggington second. (2 at bats, two double plays). I don't see him being the manager past May.

Good grief, people need to realize that the GREAT ANDY MACPHAILURE built this collection of losers.

The manager is not the problem (source: see 1997-2010). We need better players, period.

You know, like a cleanup hitter, first baseman, third baseman, relievers, starting pitchers that can throw strikes, etc.

while I admit this team does not have perenial all-stars on it, the talent level on this team is not 2-14 bad. The biggest problem is the MANAGER. This little speech is way too late... and as others have said, should not have been made public by Trembley.

This team needs a general running the show, not a "buddy". Get Showalter or Valentine in here before it gets any worse. They need a new voice, a new attitude, and a new leader. It is still early enough for a new manager to make a difference. Dave T is a nice guy, but not a major league manager. Come on Andy, make the move. If not for any other reason but to show the fans that the FO cares about this season as much as we do! The longer you wait, the worse this situation gets!

A winning culture starts at the top. DT calls the shots and if he can't get his players to scratch out a run in a one run game when the lead off hitter is standing on second base you ain't gonna to win. He's got to go

These young players need to learn to be accountable. Lack luster effort should have consequences. DT won't manage that way. His job isn't a popularity contest, he's not here to make friends. He's here to win games. He's got to go!

This team is an embarrassment to the city. If Coach Trembley had ANY dignity he would resign immediately after the next lucky win we get, since the owner doesn't care enough to fire him. I am a 40 year O's Fan and am tired of telling my kidfs how good we used to be and watching 20 year old highlight clips of the good ole' days with them in an empty stadium. These guys believe the hype too much. Most of them would still be in AA in a half way decent organization. I am done with the O's. I am not wasting anymore hard earned money or time on these bums. Cal is not coming. Go Nats!!!

One of the things I always hear from people hwo might not even be avid baeball fans,is the O's don't play as a a team. I mean this shows when someone doesn't give themself up to move a runner over. Tejada tried to set an example and it cost him an injury.

The O's are in a negative spiral from hell right now and people want Trembley's head so theyll have a fresh start or something. While I disagree with Trembely a lot,there's two things to consider. A base hit here and there this year and he looks like a genius and McPhail has overhyped the pleyers he's goten to make himself look like a sucess in the making.McPhail is more of a politician than a team builder. There's no communication up and down this org. people basically fend for themselves. Who even knows wat McPhail does in an 8 hour day,whatever it it,it doesn't show up on the field.

This team is a national embarassment right now and he doesn't seem to know what to do to steady the ship.Signing Corey Patterson and Pedro Viola are busy work moves.

I'm glad all the kool aid drinkers are finally waking up to what a fraud McPhail is and how he's been blowing smoke up Angelos and the fans butts for over 2 years.People really missed the point of the Cal thing.This guy actually believes the O's aren't that far away from contending.The only player with any value in this org. right now is Matuz. Everybody else is mediocre or worse.

We should have gone after Granderson when he was available in the off season.We could have gave up Jones and Tillman for example. This line up needs some life and a dynamic player or two.

He keeps mentioning that they're not doing the things that it takes to win ballgames....

Well, then why in the hell doesn't he start DIRECTING those things to be done at the appropriate times ?

Things like avoiding double plays by advancing runners either by bunting or by hitting behind the runner.

Things like advancing a base after a deep outfield catch... especially if you see the outfielder's momentum clearly carrying him away from the infield.

Things like batters taking a pitch or two in order to not only give themselves a feel for the pitcher, but also to give any runners a chance to steal or to start early.

Things like "trying" to hit a ball in the air instead of on the ground in order to advance a runner.

Skills like being able to bunt..... and I'm talking EVERYBODY in the lineup.
Weiters, Wigginton, Markakis, and Jones included.

Tonight, Atkins leads off an inning with a single.
Instead of having Turner advance him to second, Trembley lets Turner pop out.

Cesar Izturis then layed down a perfect bunt, and the pitcher and catcher fell all over themselves trying to throw him out, and both runners were safe, Atkins at second and Cesar at first.

I'm betting that Cesar did that totally on his own, because Trembley doesn't play fundamental baseball.
The thing is, if Turner had moved Atkins to second, then runners would now be on first and THIRD.

Then Montanez comes up and gets thrown out at first by the third-baseman, and on the play, finally there are runners on second and third.... BUT WITH TWO OUT.
If Atkins had been on 3B instead of second, there is a good chance he might have scored on the groundout.

Finally, Wigginton struck out with two runners in scoring position.

In the very next inning, Markakis led off with a single.
Instead of being told to advance the runner, Weiters forces him at second, leaving Weiters at first with one out.
Then Scott hits a flyout that might have advanced Markakis to third, had he been moved to second by Weiters.

Instead, Weiters remaind on first with two out.
Next, Jones looks at a big fat fastball right over the plate and then swings at one practically in the dirt.
He finally flies out to end the inning.

Yes, one could argue failure on the parts of both Wigginton and Jones to hit with men on base and two out.

But who let those situations exist through lack of calling for basic, fundamental plays to move runners along ?

Sorry, Dave.

I really do blame you for this mess.

CAL RIPKEN bench coach
MIKE FLANAGAN pitching coach
B.J. SURHOFF batting coach
JEFF CONINE first base coach
EDDIE MURRAY third base coach
SCOTT McGREGOR bullpen coach

Wow, he really lit them up. If this is pretty much how it went down, my high school basketball coach was more intense than this guy. I don't think this is Trembley's fault but I also don't think he is the manager to pull us out if this mess. I thought he needed to go last season after the late collapse and this only backs up my thinking on that. He needs to go, fans don't like him and players don't respect him. Go get someone with some fire and a known ability to motivate. known

Make Ray Lewis manager for a week. This team will have a 7 game winning streak putting up 12 runs a game when he gets done with them!

Bear the Birdfan,

Way too much effort in dissecting this laughingstock of a professional baseball team. Simply too many problems to fix. Watch the Captials. Now there's a team that is well managed and has quality professionals. And, the players actually work hard for their salaries too. Imagine that.


You insulted many of us over-50 softball players with that comment. It's all about a man's character. Watch the NFL draft tonight. You'll feel better. The Orioles aren't worth the emotional investment.

One good thing about today:

The Zero's will not lose.

Starting a pool for next week.
Which day of the week will the Zero's win a game for the week?

It is a bit shocking that DT still has a job. The O's have gone through a shocking period of ineptitude in every season he has managed. A 2-14 like period that implies not a lack of talent, but a lack of motivation and belief. The guy is a horrible motivator of men and that is one of the primary jobs of a MLB manager. Impossible to tell anything when the players are working at 50%.

As an aside I don't think this is a Peter Angelos problem. He hired a baseball guy -- like him or not. He has been quiet, he has made offers for Tex but not wasted money on 8 year contracts for middling players. And, most importantly he has kept his mouth shut despite MLB screwing him by taking away 70% of his gross market with the Nats. The O's are the Royals or A's market-wise at this point and success will come in smaller doses, the MLB system is rigged and the O's are now on the outside. That being said the manager is still profoundly horrid.

He used the word "sacrifice"?!! One way Earl Weaver would have gotten runs in is to sac a leadoff double over to third and then get a sac fly. In the extra innings loss last week a sac bunt would have gotten a runner in scoring position. Instead he's wiped out by a double play. Poor decisions are losing games for this team. That, and not knowing how to put your guys in a position to do their best and to gain confidence.

all the above and surcharges on game day tickets-brillant!

I like DT as a person and I know the losing frustrates him -- and I'm glad he had this talk (finally!) with the team.

But a) this talk should have happened sooner, and b) it wouldn't be necessary at all if he addressed things *when they happen*. Lugo doesn't run out a ball? Bench him immediately. Someone isn't following instructions during the game? Call him into your office after the game and give him a mouthful, and bench him for the next game.

Anyone with kids knows that discipline only works if it happens right after the issue occurs. And that's what the O's have right now, a bunch of kids who don't know how to be true professionals.

Sorry DT, but you need to go.

FREE THE BIRDS!!! They'll never win until Angelos sells the team.

Is Ray Lewis available to build a fire in the O's club house until the beginning of the Raven's summer camp?

Alot of good that did. Hello 2-14, sorry, can't stay long, 2-15 is waiting for us!

Trembley should start a rhubarb with the umps when he turns the line up in, and get ejected.. That way he doesn't have to watch, and we don't have to have him manage...

Comments are for the post from Big on 4/21/2010.
I take offense to your over 50 comment. I am 56 years old and play on a 40 and over fast pitch baseball team. We compete hard, run out bases and play with conviction. We respect the game! As for the Orioles, they stink but not because of their record and not becaue of Dave Trembley. Many of the players play like children and not like men at any age. When the team comes back to Baltimore don't stay away. Come to the stadium and buy a ticket. Voice your opinions with loud BOOO's. It is still ok even in "New America" to do this. If these guys hear enough of this maybe it will affect their delicate childlike egos to play some ball and remember that they are playing for a city and not themselves. The skipper could use the help. Post by: Chucker

Wow! There are actual O fans out there. Who would'a thought? Angelos Rules! Good Luck with that.

AM - Please get rid of this coaching staff before these young players regress any further. To dismiss these players as untalented is just blind stupidity; any major league scout working for other teams will tell you that the talent is there.

Bad Baseball is Bad Baseball.
Leadership Lacking.
Completely out of the hunt in week 3? Are you kidding me. Pathetic..Heads should roll.

The team got away from Trembley last summer, and he's not getting it back. It looked horrible the end of last year, it Spring Training and is horrible now. The players have bailed on him.

Time he goes.

I don't remember Earl using the sac bunt that often. He hated giving up the out. I think Trembly is on a very short rope, probably end of the month if things haven't turned around. May or may not be deserved but that's the nature of the game. As for the post with the new coaches I could see that except Ripken would never be a bench coach, would have Dempsey in that position. Have been a fan of the O's since I understood what this game was all about and always will be win or lose. I believe we are close to turning things around, at least my heart will always believe that. So win or lose, GO O'S!!!!

lots of questions....why would he release it to the media? closed door means closed door i thought. doesn't read like much of a tirade to me. i can't see him screaming any of this in somebody's face. and that's what they need. just like bull durham when the manager asks crash what to do. 'Scare 'em, they're kids, scare 'em.' if i had seen the lugo incident, i might have tuned out completely from here on. he benched him last night but too little too late. just like this speech. sorry dave.

Sorry Trembly, The game is about x's and o's.

You need to be x'ed from the O's.

>>One way Earl Weaver would have gotten runs in is to sac a leadoff double over to third and then get a sac fly.

You obviously never watched Weaver manage. Weaver HATED the bunt - felt it was giving outs away - and rarely used it.

And, yes, to the person who asked could you see Weaver saying this, I could - this and a lot more.....

So it took a 2-13 record for the New Dave Trembley to show up. As has been noted: too little, too late.

When Gary Thorne asked him about the Julio Lugo lackluster effort the night before, Trembley seemed clueless about it, and just kind of mumbled some boilerplate about the players trying their best, etc.

I'm sorry, but he's over his head. He has been shortchanged by MacPhail and injuries in terms of what players he has available to him, but he can't get anywhere near the best out of what he has.

I'm very frustrated with the O's this year. The team is in a horrible funk. Our manager seems unable to get 100% from them. Maybe the guys have decided he's not a very good manager and have stopped responding to him? Trembley must go. I take no pleasure in saying that. Please don't tell me he doesn't share some blame for this soon to be 3-20 start. This team was starting to look like it was on the right track last year. Now they have fallen off a cliff! We need a new leader, a new direction!

@Stephen: "Weaver would have gotten runs in is to sac...and then get a sac fly..."

Weaver hated sacrifices. He knew there were only 3 outs per inning, 27 per game, and hated to give any of them away.

Weaver lived and died by the three-run homer.

We've all been sold a bill of goods by snake oil salesman McFAIL. The best manager in history probably would 4-12 at best with this overrated assortement of so called "talent."

Really, it's not Trembley's fault to begin with....he just happens to coach a team that is in a word, terrible. How many one run games have they lost? How many times has the bullpen blew a lead they have had in the late innings? This is all about not having the talent to compete...which is why the O's have sucked for 12 solid years now. The MGR can only use what he has to work with, and in some cases yes, he can get more out of something by being a good MGR.....but the bottom line is that, all the teams that are winning have solid foundations, and some great talent....I have never even heard of half the players in our bullpen....and it stands to reason this team can't win...appearently, you've not heard of them cause they have done nothing note worthy. Today's game is about money, and who will spend the most to get the top players....this organization isn't one of those and have proved it time after time. Peter Angelos is the reason this team isn't any good....and will continue to be as long as he is in charge.

Trembly is not the one that consistently swings at pitches away and in the dirt.
It's pretty tough to manage a team that doesn't score. As far as Early Weaver is concerned, he would have stroked out by now.

Too many idiotic comments from too many people to address individually. Hence my opinion: DT is not the problem as the bats and gloves are not in his hands; for those of you who have not noticed it's the players on the field, not the coaches or the manager. Any level of major league baseball players should not need to be told to actually play the game - it is their job and they already know. One comment that I will address specifically: Losing streaks happen but it just looks worse when you've only played a handful of the 160 or so games in a season - to state that the team is out of the hunt is real bad math; the O's could play ~ .600 ball for the rest of the season and look pretty good or they could have a small win streak and be back in the hunt by early May (two weeks away). So for all the morons who know soooooooo much about baseball just shut up - not one of you could do the job when all you can do is complain about what did happen and seemingly just Know that your moves, after the fact, would have worked better. My guess is that Trembley is as ticked as we all are and probably in a state of shock (hopefully temporary) that professionals seem to care so little about their work product.

Motivation?: Comes from within; Panic?: Not the answer; DT's handling of the players?: Not one of us knows what the manager has already said to players this season; Peter the Great?: Do you really think he doesn't care?; AM?: I bet he cares as well but is smarter then to panic after three weeks; The Plan?: Still the right one but you can't predict all (or maybe any) of the variables that go into the remaking of an entire organization.

I agree with the guy that said "go to the games" and make some noise - boo the bad and cheer the good; become part of the solution instead of pretending to have all of the solutions.

The O's can and will get better. Anyone that thought it would not be painful at times (many) need to go away. This is not an exact science and the ship is still floating. I still believe the O's will have a decent season and I suggest that you experts do the same.

Ray Lewis?: Find the people who actually think that was a good idea and make sure they can't reproduce - their genes need to be removed from the pool!

"I think people are looking into it too much and pointing fingers, trying to blame this and blame that. I think people need to relax and the guys in here need to start realizing that it's a game and to have fun." [Markakis]

Sad fact, it hasn't been a game at the major league level for many years. Major league players making millions of dollars... [oops, we're watching minor league calibre ball]. The problem isn't just with Trembly, it's with every one in the organization. If it's going to be run as a business, then conduct it as a business. The owner has a responsibility to hold everyone responsible for their position for the sake of the shareholders, let alone the fans who continually support the Great History of the Baltimore Orioles. Stop these multi-year exhorbitant salaries and begin incentive-laden contracts. And it the manager isn't performing his job as he should, fire him. Same with the players.

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