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April 28, 2010

No respect for O's, plus a Zaun faux pas

For an idea of how outsiders view the Orioles, check out this headline in today's New York Post: Yankees lay egg vs. putrid Orioles

The story takes other shots at the 4-16 O's, too. The 5-4 Orioles win "can only be described as an embarrassing loss" for the Yankees, writes George A. King III.


On another note:

One night before rookie Rhyne Hughes hit a two-out RBI single to help the Orioles claim a 5-4 win over the New York Yankees, the player he was traded for, former O's catcher Gregg Zaun, now with the Milwaukee Brewers, laid a few eggs himself.

In the first inning of a 17-3 Brewers win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in Milwaukee, Zaun had a series of awkward throws to Brewers starter Yovani Gallardo.

The first throw hit the dirt on the mound and rolled past Gallardo.

The second throw sailed over Gallardo's left shoulder.

At this point, fans began to boo.

The third throw fell to the ground short of Gallardo and rolled into the infield.

Zaun finally found Gallardo's glove, and Brewers fans in the stands cheered.

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The truth hurts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you are looking for respect for the putrid O's , you can't handle the truth.................


Reimold - LF
Markakis - RF
Wieters - C
Tejada - 3B
Wigginton - DH
Jones - CF
Adkins - 1B
Lugo - 2B
Izturis - SS

Guthrie - RHP

Note: I don't agree with starting Lugo, but that is my prediction especially after Wigginton's rib bruise.

Prediction: Orioles 6, Bad Guys 4.

Was that also the game that Zaun had a bunch of hits and RBI? Fair is fair, should have mentioned that as well.

If "laying a few eggs" is going 4-4 with 5 rbis and 3 runs scored, which Zaun did in that same game, I would love all the O's to start laying eggs.

Yanks embarrassed? Good! Maybe the O's can give them some more to be embarrassed about. As for Zaun, maybe he was having concentration lapses because he was watching the O's score on the out of town scoreboard.

How could anyone argue with that logic? The Orioles organization is just awful from the owner on down to the ushers.

Surprising, given that the New York Post is known for its fair, balanced coverage and un-sensational headlines.

They are putrid right now--even the wins can't be easy. We have the talent to do better. Our starting pitching has been pretty good--with a few new faces in the bullpen maybe that will be the difference. We shall see.

Jeff, did you see the comment where Robertson said he Hit Wiggy on purpose.... IDK how I feel about that...

Jeff Z's reply: I saw the comment you are referring to, and that's what I got out of it at first read. But then I read it again and realized that's not what he was actually saying. He said it matter of factly, but I don't believe that's what he meant.

many moons ago, I read an article that talked about ball players losing the ability to throw the ball accurately. Does anyone remember Clint Courtney (old scrap iron)?
he had the problem, the way he compensated for the problem was to throw the ball back to the pitcher harder than the pitcher threw it to him! and those pitchers did not appreciate it either. Anyway, I felt bad for Zaun, but he isn't the first ballplayer this has happened to.

Respect must be earned. 4-16 is not going to get you any respect from fans or media. Opponents will respect the O's as individuals. Millwood, Guthrie, Matusz and others have the respect of their opponents. If the O's had a closer they could have easily won 4 more games and when your sample is 20 games, that is huge. 8-12 sounds a little better eh?

About the Post story, what do you expect from those hacks in NY? The Post is a fine paper, worthy of lining any bird cage.

Maybe Zaun has the same mental block that forced Dale Murphy out from behind the plate and into centerfield. Is it too late for Zaun to turn into an all star quality centerfielder?

He actually looked as lost in that video as Bruce Pearson did in his last days with the New York Mammoths. I hope Zauny isn't ill.

Even with the 2-game winning streak the Orioles have half as many wins as the next worst team in MLB, so the law offices of Peter Angelos will have a tough time winning a libel suit against the NY Post for describing the team as "putrid".

First I will take into consideration it is the 'Post', about as low-rent as you get for a traditional newsprint vehicle. Second though, you would hope that in some way this can be locker-room bulletin board material. The team needs to have a little more anger and edge about their start that hopefully translates into better focus.

A prominent Yankees blog entitled their recap: "Orioles 5, Yankees 4: Nope, that is not a mis-print" (
I agree that should be on the bulletin board. I'd rather die a little every day with the putrid O's than be an obnoxious Yankee fan.

What's the headline gonna be when they get swept this week?

If I had a choice of cheering for the Yankees or the Gomorrah Anti-Christs, I'd be going "GO ANTI-CHRISTS!" I think what makes us hate the Yankees so much is that they are, in fact, Goliath. They have every advantage and every opportunity and look upon winning as their RIGHT--this is called ARROGANCE. People HATE arrogance. We may be fascinated by it (a.k.a. folks like that idiot Simon on American Idol), but we don't LIKE it. People like humility. This is why we adore folks like Brooks Robinson in this town--proof that you can succeed at the very highest level without being an entitled, ego-bloated, money-driven jerk. And who else is going to cheer entitled, egotistical, money-hungry jerks other than...jerks? Which is why we also hate Yankee FANS...cheering for the Yankees is like cheering for Goliath. As Jimmy said on SOUTH PARK, "Come ON..." GO ORIOLES!!

Hooray, our #1 starter is slightly better than the Yanks #5 starter.

AMEN! If the Yanks would get over themselves, I'd have a little more respect for them as a team! The only one I can even enjoy watching as a professional player who really loves the game is Jeter.

It's nice to see the Scankees fans back again this year. I love when they stop by. Almost gives a relevance to the O's game last night. Good luck in the next 2

Live and wok in NY... I'm talking as much trash as possible to the Yankee fans. Hey, you never know when you'll get to do it again this year.

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