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March 7, 2012

Ronda Rousey vs. Cyborg: Who would win?

Strikeforce women's champion Ronda Rousey (5-0) has become the buzz of the MMA world with her recent  submission win over former Strikeforce bantamweight champion Miesha Tate. I couldn’t turn away from her pre-fight rants and trash talking. She has become the face of women’s MMA and the female version of Chael Sonnen.

And with a comparison to Sonnen, it’s only right to have her fight the female equivalent to Sonnen’s next opponent -- Anderson Silva. That is Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (10-1-1), the best pound-for-pound women’s fighter in the world.

The only hold-up in this fight is that Santos is serving a year-long suspension after testing positive for an anabolic steroid. She isn’t due back in the cage until early 2013, so a fight around this time next year would work. A bout of this magnitude would only elevate women’s MMA even more in the eyes of hardcore fans.

Here are some of the comparisons between Cyborg and Silva, and the comparisons of Rousey and  Sonnen.

Cyborg and Silva both started their fighting careers at the Chute Boxe Academy. They are both Brazilians and are considered the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Both haven’t lost a fight in more than six years.

Rousey and Sonnen both have Olympic ties; Rousey competed at the Olympics and Sonnen was an Olympic alternate. They are both from the West Coast, and they display lots of charisma in front of the camera. Both are considered by many to be the best in MMA at promoting and selling a fight. I thought no one could play a heel (bad guy) like Sonnen, until I heard Rousey before and after the Tate fight.

A Rousey vs. Santos title fight, along with maybe a men’s title fight, could easily be a pay-per-view card for Strikeforce.

But first, Rousey would first need to submit her next opponent, Sarah Kaufman.

With a 1-year suspension, Cyborg has plenty of time to come down in weight.

Who would like to see Rousey take on Cyborg for the Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight championship belt?

Posted by Kevin Richardson at 4:55 PM | | Comments (17)


Rousey has no chance against Cyborg. Cyborg will eat her up like a starving lion. Cyborg is not human, she's from another planet...

sarah kaufman will be a huge test. ronda wont want to even try standing with her. because kaufman hits hard. a lot harder than tate.

kaufman also has good takedown defense but once on the ground kaufman is more helpess than tate.

cyborg wins easily at 145 as thats her natural weight.. 135 its much closer because cyborg wont be able to roid it up

We haven't seen Rousey really get clocked, though most people seem to think she can't take a punch.

I think Kauffman loses her arm. Cyroid on the other hand...

I think Rousey will take a beating, for sure, but her clinch and ground skills are so far above anyone in the women's field that you have to think that, if she can avoid getting knocked out, she's got a good chance of ending the fight.

Dennis, My biggest question mark about Ronda is her cardio. She hasn't gone past the first round in any of her fights.


Eddie, I totally agree with you.

Difference between Rousey and Sonnen is that Rousey has thus far backed up her trash talk.

Sonnen has been submitted 3 times in his last 10 fights, and of his 7 wins, has only finished his opponent 1 time.
Hardly a comparison against a fighter who's gone 5-0 in her professional career FINISHING all five opponents.

Sonnen's a talented wrestler and is great at taking steroids and trash talk, but hardly backs it up in statistics.

Lest we forget Rousey actually WON her title fight and is the current undisputed champion, while Sonnen LOST his title fight.

I dislike Sonnen more than many writers, but his record in the last 3 years speaks for itself. Defeated Bisping, Stann, Marquardt, Okami, Miller and came within 1 minute and 50 seconds of beating Silva. He is the number 1 contender in the middleweight division.

Cyborg will not be the same after being clean. SHE'S A CHEATER! . I hope Ronda wipes the mat with her.

Rousey can handle Cyborg. You people don't seem to realize just how physically strong she is - she's an elite level natural athlete IN ADDITION to being a top 1% black belt. And, to say she can't take a punch is total nonsense.... She's been taking shots (elbows and knees) to the face all her life from very strong women AND MEN in judo matches all her life. Once again - she's bull strong... her normal weight is 155 - 160lbs and it's all muscle. She had to drop a LOT of muscle to fight Tate. She could easily fight Cyborg at 145 and thrash her.

Few things:

Rousey has more than just "competed" at olympics. She won a bronze medal.

Kaufmann? She will end same way as Tate.

Cyborg at 135 lbs? Kaufmann would have a chance to beat her, and Rousey would arm bar her in 1st round.

Cyborg at 145 lbs? An actual interesting prospect. But if Rousey puts her hands on her, Cyborg is going down. Once down, she is not getting back up.

Cardio? Give me a break. (You do not go, let alone medal at olympics w/poor cardio.)

How will this play out? Rousey has already given us hints in her interviews. Because Rousey is a true 135 lb fighter, she can dictate the terms. She can dictate at what weight she would fight Cyborg. Obviously, the lower the weight less chance Cyborg has. I would not be surprised that in 2013 we witness just a struggle to make this fight happen, a constant "back and forth" between 2 camps, till anticipation is raised to Mayweather-Pacquiao levels, and fight finally happens in 2014.

At that point Rousey would have 2 additional years of striking training behind her and she would beat Cyborg even at 145. More importantly, with that fight Rousey would achieve biggest pay day in WMMA ever.

Cyborg could be on all the steroids in the world for this fight and she would get her arse kicked
Sarah is the best fight for her, and Ronda will win that by arm-bar in the 1st more than likely..
You cant stop an expert!

There is no longer a 145 lb. division in women's MMA with any drawing power. The 135 lb. division is it. Rousey is the champ of that division. SHe's not going anywhere. Cyborg would have to come to her @ 135.

And that's a real problem for Cyborg. She's had trouble cutting weight to make 145. Remember her shameful conduct and the so-called "six pound bikini" bull her and her camp pulled in the Akano fight?

The powerhouse Cyborg everyone is used to seeing simply does not exist @ 135.

Rousey needs to improve her striking. Fast. Kaufman will be a fair test for her, unless Kaufman tires in takedown defense like she did in her last fight. If Kaufman has one minute on the ground with Rousey like the last few minutes of Kaufman's last fight, Ronda will take another arm home with her.

By the time Cyborg is ready, and works her way back up (they won't put a 'roid queen right back into a Championship match,) Rousey will have 16-18 months more striking training under her belt. The suspension really hurts Cyborg, as every day Rousey gets much better compared to the much more experienced girls.

Do you think Cyborg is sitting around eating bon-bons? As Ronda works on her striking, so is Cyborg. Ronda may fight twice before Cyborg returns, so the only fight out there will be Cyborg.

The UFC has had steroid guys fight for the title after their suspensions. Sean Sherk fought BJ Penn for the title right after his suspension.

Cyborg will knock Ronda out in the first minute. You can take that to the bank!!


"As Ronda works on her striking, so is Cyborg."

To that, I'd simply remind you that Cyborg has been training in MMA striking since Jan. 2005 and Rousey has been training in MMA for about a year. It doesn't matter if Cyborg has been eating bonbons or not, the athlete who has been training for seven years will not improve on nearly as steep a curve as the athlete that has only been training for one. For every hard-won, single step forward Cyborg takes in the gym at this point, Rousey sprints ten.

We're looking at another Jon Jones-type learning curve here. That's what happens when you take freak athletes and drop them into an MMA gym with great trainers. Have you forgotten what that kind of improvement looks like already, Kevin? Say it ain't so...

I said Rousey has to improve her striking fast, and she does, or Kaufman will beat her up. Kaufman is a better technical striker than even Cyborg, but doesn't have Santos' power. (Then again, how much power Cyborg will have when she isn't 160+ lbs. in the ring and on "her medicine" is another question too.)

Comparing to Cyborg's suspension to Sherk's seems silly. It ignores three things: First, Sherk did get his suspension reduced via appeal, and second, like it or not, there is much more of a stigma surrounding Cyborg's conduct and Sherk's. Mark my words, Cyborg won't just step right in to the title fight. She'll have to beat a couple girls first.

Personally, If I were a Rousey fan, I'd worry a lot more about the very real threat of Kaufman, a great fighter fighting at pretty close to her weight, in a few months, than a less-juiced, less-powerful Cyborg fight that's way, way, down the road by comparison.

Let's not crown her the next Jon Jones. She only has 5 fights and her first four opponents had a combine record of 12 wins & 7 loses, with 6 wins coming from one fighter.
Cyborg has KO the best women fighters in the world. I will say it again, Ronda wouldn't last 1 minute in the cage with Cyborg.

I'm not sure I understand why you'd question her cardio - while judo matches are shorter, in Beijing she fought 6 matches in a single day. Maybe if we're talking round 5 in a championship bout, this is a concern, but Cyborg hasn't gone more than 3 rounds in any of her bouts, either.

While Cyborg has a reach advantage, she won't be able to load up for a knockout punch. She's going to have a stiff jab to keep Rousey at a distance and pressure her into overaggressively going for the clinch. If Cyborg does this then she can load up for a counter KO.

On the other hand, if Cyborg bullrushes Rousey then Rousey will probably put her on the ground, and Cyborg will probably lose her arm.

The only problem I see is Cyborg is a f***ing dude and shouldn't be allowed to fight in the women's division. She can barely make weight at 145 so I doubt we'll see them fight anytime soon.

Kevin and Joel,

Make no mistake Santos, Kaufman, Tate, doesnt matter...Rhonda Rousey is the not losing to these girls and you obvouisly dont know much about MMA in this day in age if you think these girls are going to knock her out.

There is a common misconeception about how people seem to think Judo is not a dominate style in MMA. Well, Rhonda is going to show you. Her Judo is simply not one of the styles she picked up as a MMA fighter. She was considered one of the highest caliber women athletes in the world for the span of over two Olympics. These other girls have MMA experience but none of them have the notoriety in any of their background styles like Rhonda does.

"Takedown Tate" got humiliated on national TV because her and her trainers took her Judo lightly. Judo has never been representative at this level in the cage, except by Yoshida. Keeping in mind that Yoshida is the guy that choked out MMA's godfather, Royce Gracie almost ten years ago.

The fact is that these other girls that can strike will not be able to defend the clinch, her takedowns, or her grappling. "Takedown" Tate got thrown and handled like a beginner grappler against Rhonda. Rhonda can learn not how to get hit. Plan and simple. If any of these girls beat Rhonda standing... it will be because either one of two things or a combination of both. 1.) Rhonda makes a mental mistake and attempts to keep in standing with the girls who are powerful strikers (which she will not do) and/or 2.) The other girls get lucky and happen to catch her on the button. These are BIG IF'S. Outside of that, no trainer of any of these girls are capable of teaching them how to defend against Rhonda's takedowns and grappling skills. They might want to consider hiring someone with the Judo knowledge to learn how to defend againts her. And to that, good luck. Rhonda has been beating players all over the world with those type of high caliber coaches since she was in high school.

For those who think that Rhonda isnt going to last one minute with these girls....I would love to see the expression on your face when these girls wind up like Tate. Any of these girls that step into the Cage with Rhonda will be lucky if they can actually hold a pencil to sign the deal of their next contract. Just ask Tate.

One thing for sure is when cyborg returns she will no longer posess that super strength or relentless endurace she once had (WHILST ON THE STEROIDS!) mark my words ive seen an witnessed it before in other sports, they lose 35% strength an cardio because of the absent use of the drug, imagine races a car around for ages with a powerfull turbo, then remove the Turbo an see the major difference then in performance, cyborg hasnt got Great juijitsu or grappling skills, she relys on her muay thai skills an power, no without that 35% extra power technically speaking she'll be average an extremely less confident without the ROID POWER, I honestly believe rousey will become the best pound for pound female fighter and remain undefeated for many years to come, she has got a good chin coz tate clocked her with a big 'right' in the first round an it didnt faze her, an tate is renowned for hitting harder than gina carano, anyway it;s still early days for ronda an know doubt shes still on cloud 9, the sky's the limit for her an i wish her all the best an hope some day dana white will create a womens division n the UFC.

put the pipes down folks and step away! Gina Carano handled cyborg all through their fight, and took her down at will. She just didn't have the knowledge on what to do when she did.

Cyborg in a year will have no chance against Ronda Rousey. I wouldn't be surprised if Rousey didn't try to put a little extra on that arm bar when she traps her in it, for the cheating cyborg has done!

Cyborg will have absolutely no chance to defeat Rousey when they meet in a year! None!

There is no such thing as clean world class athletes. There is only bad sports medicine. The juice of choice for women, HGH, won't even show up on any screens.

I really wait for Cyborg to teach Rousey some respect and decency.
I admire Rousey as an athlete, bus here act is despicable. She is such a bad role model that I know of no other.

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