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February 5, 2012

UFC 143: Condit wins title over Diaz

In the main event at UFC 143 in Las Vegas last night, former WEC champion Carlos “Natural Born Killer“ Condit (28-5-0, 5-1 UFC) won by unanimous decision over former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz (26-8-0, 7-5 UFC) for the UFC interim welterweight championship.

Condit hadn’t lost in Las Vegas in five fights and Diaz has won 11 fights in a row, with his last loss coming in 2007.

Like most of Diaz’s fights, the stare-down before the opening bell is an event in and of itself.

As referee Steve Mazzagatti gave the final instructions for the fight, both fighters began butting foreheads and had to be separated by security in the cage.

Starting out, Diaz was the aggressor, but it was Condit who landed the effective leg kicks. Diaz, at 6 feet, had never fought a fighter who was taller than the 6-foot-2 Condit with equivalent reach (76 inches).

Diaz didn't punch as hard as Condit, but the accumulation of punches often won his fights. In his last match against BJ Penn, Diaz broke the record for the most punches in a fight: more than 200 significant punches that landed on his opponent.

In Rounds 1 through 4, Condit used leg kicks, quick punches and an even temperament to frustrate Diaz. By his own admission, Diaz has said he is low on patience. So Condit's corner knew that the fighter needed to be patient and to frustrate Diaz to get the win.

In between rounds, Diaz’s corner never instructed him to change his game plan, believing that Diaz’s cardio would eventually wear out his opponent. Condit was winning the rounds by striking and landing the most kicks throughout the fight. The one area on the score card that Diaz held was for octagon aggression -- he kept coming forward throughout the fight.

By the fifth round, Diaz realizes that he had someone who could finally match him in cardio, strength and movement.

It wasn’t until the final minute that Diaz decided to take Condit down and end the fight. Condit was able to hold on to the end and win by unanimous decision (48–47, 49–46, 49–46) to become the new UFC interim welterweight champion.

 “It’s pretty surreal," Condit said after the win. "I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and teammates. They prepared me for this fight and now I walk away with the victory.”

The biggest loser of the night may be the UFC, because it would have benefited from a larger pay-per-view if Nick Diaz had won. His next opponent would have been UFC champion Georges St. Pierre, with whom he has exchanged words. Diaz called out St. Pierre after one of his fights, and the champion has let it be known that he was rooting for Diaz in this fight so that he could destroy him in the cage.

After the fight, Diaz -- much like his last opponent, BJ Penn -- announced after the fight that he was retiring.

“I think that I’m done with this MMA. It’s been great out here, I had a good career,” Diaz said. “You guys pay me way too much [money], but I don’t think I’m going to get enough to keep on in this.”

I think the one thing that would get Diaz back in the cage is if St. Pierre calls out Diaz after he beats Condit for the belt. That would make for good drama and a big payday for all.

Below are the full undercard results:

Stephen Thompson won by KO (head kick) over Daniel Stittgen at 4:13 of the first round.

Rafael Natal won by unanimous decision over Michael Kuiper.

Matt Riddle won by decision (split) over Henry Martinez.

Matt Brown won by TKO (punches) over Chris Cope at 1:19 of the second round.

Edwin Figueroa won by decision (split) over Alex Caceres.

Dustin Poirier won by Submission (triangle armbar) over Max Holloway at 3:23 of the first round.

Ed Herman won by submission (rear-naked choke) over Clifford Starks at 1:43 of the second round.

Renan Pegado won by unanimous decision over Scott Jorgensen.

Josh Koscheck won by decision (split) over Mike Pierce.

Fabricio Werdum won by unanimous decision over Roy Nelson.
Posted by Kevin Richardson at 8:39 AM | | Comments (11)


Diaz out-struck Condit in all significant blows to the body and head. Diaz controlled the center of the octagon with Condit kicking while retreating and dodging. None of the kicks did significant damage to Diaz' legs as there was no welt, no buckling, no effect whatsoever. Diaz just walked through them. It is only counting these leg kicks that Condit out-strikes Diaz. As far as the most damage done, Diaz did more. If the kicks were chopping like Jose Aldo's kicks, I would have agreed, but these kicks were not effective and would be the same as punches to the arm. We don't count those. So why should we count kicks to the legs that show no effect? Diaz won that fight on damage, aggression, significant strikes to the actual body and head, and a take down. The result was bogus and I understand Diaz' frustration.

Nick & Nate Diaz have won their fights the same way. Strikes that are not heavy hits, but the accumalation of punches. Here's the scoring system in MMA.

Judges are required to determine the winner of a bout that goes to it's full time limit based upon the following criteria: -Clean Strikes -Effective Grappling -Octagon Control -Effective Aggressiveness

Clean Strikes 1. The fighter who is landing both effective and efficient clean strikes. 2. There are two ways of measuring strikes: -the total number of clean strikes landed (more efficient)

-the total number of heavy strikes landed (more effective)

G. The heavier striker who lands with efficiency, deserves more credit from the Judges than total number landed. 1. If the striking power between the fighters was equal, then the total number landed would be used as the criteria. 2. The total number of strikes landed, should be of sufficient quantity favoring a fighter, to earn a winning round.

Diaz, you are sooooo lucky you lost this fight, St. Pierre would of DESTROYED YOU!

I think they will fight, maybe next year at this time. During Super Bowl week. All it takes is for GSP to call him a coward and it's on. -Kevin

Jaime you should watch the fight again and take off your Diaz glasses. I am a fan of neither fighter. You say there was no buckling from the leg kicks yet there was. You say Diaz won on damage yet the only damage on Condit was a small mouse under one eye. Diaz was much more banged up and if he would have shown up for the post-fight interview that would have shown.
Overall, the tactical components of Condit's fight plan were brilliantly executed. Condit dominated in every area minus aggression yet Condit used Diaz's aggression to his advantage. If you would like to read an article that best describes this go to the site below. I understand your strong desire to want your guy to win but please do not let that blind you from reality.

THANK GOD Carlos won... Now I don't have to listen to that clambering idiot for awhile. Thanks Carlos, I needed that. As much as Diaz disrespects the UFC as well as most people in front of him, the press, fans, cameramen, ring announces, and so on...he's not a good person, always mad at the world. His shortcomings are all his doing. His anger has a tight grip on him, maybe one day someone will put him in his place!.. Whoops, Never mind, Carlos did last night ! Enjoy the retirement (for a month). Lol

Realy thought Nick would walk through Condit.... But I must say I always thought it was a matter of time until the numbers of weak strikes wouldn't be enough to win a match. To bad we dont get to see the Canadian golden boy lay down a licken on Nick. GSP! It would have been oh so sweet for that to have happen.

I am a fan of neither also but WOW how u can win a fight when ur running the whole time. If Diaz is such a weak hitter why wouldn't Carlos stay in there and fight it out instead of punch kick run punch kick run. I think that was a very boring fight that neither should have won but if a winner had to be decided i would have to say Diaz just because of his willingness to stand fight

The object is to hit your opponent and not get hit. It doesn't matter if he hit hard or soft, just try an not get hit and he won't get the points. Condit fought his fight and not Diaz fight. He didn't get in there and fight like Leonard Garcia and lost the bout. He out smarted Diaz!!! -Kevin

Condit ran away from Diaz the whole fight. That alone should have been enough to hand the fight to Diaz. This is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, not the Ultimate Running Away Championship. Diaz's takedown and submission attempt at the end should have sealed the deal, above and beyond a reasonable doubt. If Condit can win this way, it undermines the very purpose of this sport. This was an abominable decision, one of the worst I have ever seen. I would wonder if there was match-fixing or an Anti-Diaz bias involved, except the financial side favors Diaz, as has been pointed out above.
For those who disagree, I'm sure you will enjoy what will almost certainly be a thoroughly boring championship fight between 2 points-conscious fighters.
You could be right about the fight between GSP and Condit might be boring, but I still believe Condit won the first four rounds. -Kevin


Did you see Diaz's face afterwards, Condit didnt have a mark on it and diaz had cuts, scratches and a bit of swelling

nick wasnt smart enough to realize that his fight style requires his opponent to stand back against the cage. if he wanted to win he should have come up with plan b

I couldn't agree more. He figured it out with 1 min. left in the fight. But it was to late. He thought Condit would get tired, but he didn't, so Diaz didn't know what to do. -Kevin

What do you guys think can be done about judging? Obviously there is a lot of controversy with this decision and there are talks of a rematch already which kinda screws Condit IMO. He implemented the perfect game-plan already and, short of finishing him, I don't think he'll do better than that a second time. Do you think a rematch is just Dana's way of getting Nick NOT to retire?

I think it'll be interesting to see if any major changes to the judging criteria come about; I'll certainly be eagerly watching! What do you think they can do?

Hunter that's good question. -Kevin

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