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August 28, 2009

UFC president Dana White on Michael Vick

Dana White went an impromptu rant about Michael Vick at a news conference for UFC 102 and dropped the following gem, among many great quotes (you can read the rest at Yahoo Sports).

“I hope Michael Vick wins the Super Bowl, makes $3 billion and is the greatest comeback story in the history of sports, man,” White said. “When are they going to stop crucifying this [expletive] guy?

White has nothing to gain by standing up for Vick. It’s pretty clear most people on this planet can’t stand the guy. From a business standpoint, it’s probably safer to stay out of situations like his and no one would’ve blamed White for a “no comment” if he was even asked directly.

But that’s what makes Dana so great. He’s not going to play it safe and politically correct. He’s going to tell it like he sees it. And on the Vick issue, he’s dead-on. Vick is getting destroyed even though he’s done his time. It makes no sense that other athletes can get away with taking human lives and only have to serve a month while Vick served years for what he did.

It’s not easy to come out in defense of Michael Vick these days, especially when you’re the head of an operation like the UFC, so White deserves credit for that.

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I believe Michael has served his time and has turned a new chapter of his life. Let him go and grow as a man. He is still a youngster. Be merciful. Remember, we will be judged by the same degree of mercy we put out. scarey, huh?

Give me a break- to all that are so - blinded sided by the facts!!!!!!!!!
maybe we should all see how they would like to hung from a tree- drowned- or put in a ring where your opponent can more or less brutally tear you apart-till your death- as you try to fight desperately- knowing you are going to die- without your blessing - I wonder if all that are for Michael- had to explain to their son or daughter that their dog is not coming home tonight as it was hung- than drowned - what their expanation- would be to their children--
I agree with most- Come on people please do not do what all normally do and make a hero out of this so called human being

Are you really arguing that we should just let this go? As if making a business out of torturing and killing dogs for entertainment is just a some kind of quirky hobby? No, a man capable of this, is capable of anything. And it is laughable that you would consider a mere 18 months in a minimum security prison as sufficient punishment for a half-decade of monstrous behavior.

Michael Vick should still be in prison, and is in no way worthy of the adoration of the foolish fans of his new team. Maybe they would reconsider their affections for Vick if it were their pets he was found to have tortured.

Dana White's sentiments express exactly what is wrong in our country. We reward evil.

Philadelphia's hero.

Go Vick I'm glad you made a big comeback...

I am no fan of Vick. Never have been, never will be. That said, I am in the "he served his time and should be allowed to play" crowd. The NFL has a long track record of allowing its criminal players to continue playing after they have completed their punishment. Whether it is a league issued suspension and/or state/federal confinement. What makes Mike Vick any different from Donte Stallworth? Stallworth was convicted of 2nd degree manslaughter for killing a man with his Bentley while still over the legal limit. Stallworth has been suspended for 1 year and will be eligible to play after this year’s super bowl.

I don’t like seeing Vick on the field, but he is no different in my book than any of the other convicted criminals that play in the NFL. His crime was heinous, but he served his time and should be allowed to play. This will continue to be the way things are until the NFL decides to change the way it handles criminals. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a change to come.

Please get off the cross people. We are talking about animals here people. When I was a child, we would snap chickens heads and watch them run around til they died. And then eat them. You do know we kill those animals you eat everyday. They were alive too. I really don't see what the big deal is. Most of you prob would have argued that pit-bulls were too dangerous and should be all put down anyway. Now this young black athlete kills a few dogs and now he's Charles Manson. He didnt hurt anyBODY, give the kid a break.

It's all a scam and all you losers are fooled by him. One of the things he was supposed to NOT do is drink and oh guess what he was seen drinking at an airport. You morons he is not a reformed ANIMAL MURDERER he is doing this only to get back in the NFL and for money. Here you go all you moron supporters and by the way to the author you are a moron and look like a complete tool. Your head looks like an egg!

what a tool white is, how about letting Matt Lindland back in the UFC you homo!


I have never seen such bleeding hearts in my life. I remember when the Marine threw that dog over a cliff and people were crying!!! HA! Get off your cross. He received a standing Ovation LOL!

There are PLENTY of people who deserve a 2nd chance, but Michael Vick is not one of them. He served his time is not an excuse for giving him a "break". Vick, at the height of his career blows it by resorting to some lame macho trip - wow I'm a man because I can choke a dog to death?

How many of YOU would blow 30 million a YEAR on this lame crap this guy did? Why does he get a 2nd chance when there are many talented players who have not killed dogs for fun waiting on the sidelines.

yes in this country we reward evil. we reward evil because this country was built on fighting. it keeps mcdonalds on the table and the big screen tv's and the 4000 sq. ft. house in the burbs safe. if you don't like it, move to europe and enjoy your shitty healthcare and 50% taxes.....good riddance. he served his time, and who cares about a few dogs.....geez.

He committed a crime, got his sentence and completed it. Done. Don't like the sentencing, then talk to the judge. However, he did not get sentenced to loss of all future livelihood, or lifelong public harassment. It is true that someone that evil may not ever be "OK" (like the rest of us) and will burn in hell, but so what? As long as he doesn't break any more laws who cares how dark his soul is?

All you who are still unmerciful to this man act like you dont make mistakes on a daily basis. "who cares how dark his soul is." wow you must be the second coming of christ huh? The fact that he owned up to it and payed the price for it makes him more of a man than any of you who make snide hipocritical remarks on forums like this. And comparing a dog to a human being is completely rediculous. A dog is a dog, an animal. We slaughter cows and chickens on a daily basis and no one seems to care, I of all people really don't care, so who decides whether we should kill one animal and not another when people eat these things other countries?

It's sad that the mainstream public still thinks of MMA as human "dog-fighting" but with some of the uneducated comments on here I can see why. If these are the fans of MMA the sport will never gain the public acceptance it rightfully deserves. Now I understand that there will always be a handful of idiots (see Morris, David, etc.) that don't grasp the impact of dog fighting on society at large. Whether you agree or not, it strikes a chord with the majority of people in the country (yes fellas you are in the minority here). I tend to agree with Badself that he served his time and you can't keep punishing him for a flaw in the system. That said, this is a 5 time (possibly more) loser that has all kinds of things on his rap sheet. Playing in the NFL is a privilage and I don't believe he has any more strikes left. Just one man's opinion.


I think everyone is over reacting to this whole Michael Vic situation. I mean I know what this guy did is Horribe considering I to am a dog owner but realy all he did was Murder and torcher dogs there just animals though his actions are deplorable its not like He Murder and torchered Human Beings now that would have been real sick and depraved. I think that he has served the time for the crime and anyone who makes a big deal out of this and not someone killing actual people is an idiot

He did serve his time and I agree with Dana and the majority of Americans as well. Let him play ball now, he served his time and it's over.

I got a felony DWI in 04. I served 8 months for it yet I still deal with the consequences of my actions 5 years later. 1 night I made a mistake. This guy did what he did for 5 years. Just because this a-hole served his time does not mean the buck stops here. What he did should be tattooed on his forehead.

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