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November 16, 2008

Could Lesnar beat Fedor?

I've heard rumors from people with no connection to anything (read: pure speculation from my mailman) that the UFC will push for a Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko fight at UFC 100.

That won't happen, because it will be too soon after Lesnar's win over Nogueira, but now that Couture has been taken out of the equation as a top heavyweight, the natural assumption is to speculate on Lesnar's chances against the top heavyweight in the world.

I doubt UFC president Dana White will sign Fedor because he won't have control of him like he does Lesnar. It doesn't do White any good to have Fedor come in for one fight and possibly take his heavyweight championship before fading away again. Lesnar has nowhere to go, as he rakes in big-time cash, including a percentage of pay-per-view buys and money from merchandising and action figures.

Still, MMA fans can dream. Could Brock Lesnar defeat Fedor? 

No. At least not at this point. That being said, Lesnar's size and athleticism make me believe he could give Fedor the best fight. Fedor will demolish Andrei Arlovski when the two meet (Arlovski hasn't done anything to impress in a long time) and would do the same to Josh Barnett. 

Lesnar's aggressiveness and excellent wrestling could at least make things interesting, potentially ... maybe ... possibly. 

I think Fedor would submit Lesnar but it could be interesting. However, I don't think we will ever see it.

Posted by Mark Chalifoux at 12:36 PM | | Comments (23)


I just wonder what on earth makes you think that Lesnar could defeat Nogueira?
He looked horrible last night and if Cotoure would have been aggressive with him he would have defeated Lesnar as was evident when Lesnar was shocked when he was hit and cut. Nogueira will sub Lesnar in the first.

Also I think fedor would drop Lesnar from strikes. He fought Kerry Shall who is every bit as big as Lesnar, even bigger maybe, fedor made chump change out of him. You should watch that one because the guy is built just like Lesnar. BTW its good to hear you have changed your tune on Fedor

To say that Fedor would just simply destroy Arlovski or Barnett (both of whom, would probably beat Lesnar) is a silly statement.

JUST A NOTE... Fedor lost this weekend to some Bulgarian guy (Sambo competition). I dont think he ever lost in recent memory. He normally outclasses everyone competing...

I think Arlovski stands a better chance against Fedor than some believe. Arlovski doesn't always look good on the ground, but he is a pretty accomplished sambo practitioner and has probably stepped up his on-the-mat training for his fight against Fedor as well. His boxing is also far better than it was in the UFC, and from a technical standpoint, he might even be a better boxer than Fedor. All of that is not enough for me to pick Arlovski to win the fight, but it's more than enough for me to predict that it will be a competitive fight.

Lesnar wouldn't stand much of a chance at this point against Fedor. Everything that Brock does, Fedor does better. And if Minotauro gets past Mir, I really question how much of a chance Lesnar has against him as well. Nogueira took Fedor the distance twice in PRIDE and has wins in his career over Herring (thrice), Cro Cop, Barnett, Werdum, Rodriguez, Kharitonov, and Sylvia, a laundry list of (at least at the time of the particular fights) mid-to-upper tier heavyweight talent. Nog is also great with his hands, outstanding on his back with his jiu-jitsu, and, perhaps most importantly, a great survivor. The man can take a beating, and he does not give up. He also is a fairly young man (though he doesn't look like it).

I'm extremely interested to see Mir/Nog because I think it will be a very technical fight, but if Nogueira gets through Mir (and I believe pretty strongly that he will), I've got to take Minotauro over the big man.

Okay, just watched the Lesnar Couture fight. After seeing Lesnar look COMPLETELY gassed at the end of rd.1, and also seeing how one dimensional he is at this point, (this is the 1st time I have been able to see lesnar fight). I can say with TOTAL confidence that Fedor would absolutely DESTROY Brock Lesnar. Possibly even EMBARRESS him. I say this completely objectively because unlike alot of others, I don't hate Lesnar. I wish Dana White would get off his butt and MAKE this happen (unlikely) because Dana White sees Brock as his cash cow right now and I don't think he feels that he can "control" Fedor the way he seems to like to with his fighters. READ: MASSIVE EGO!! U.F.C. fans DESERVE to have the BEST heavyweight fighter in the world as their champion! Does anyone agree/disagree???

Everyone keeps talking about how gassed lesnar looked, did you guys all turn away when the cameras went to Couture? He looked like he needed oxygen and was wincing in pain. Lesnar certainly didn't look very gassed in round 2 when he knocked couture out then pounded him in the face 39 times.

Do people understand the level of wrestling that was showen between lesnar and couture? If lesnar wasn't as good as a wrestler- couture would of taken him down and controled the fight. The fact that lesnar couldn't take couture down at will shows how good couture is.. and the fact that he escaped a couple times.

Again, lesnar completely dominated the fight standing. I don't see how Mir or Norg can get this fight to the ground. Heck, herring should of beat Norg... and Mir got lucky. Lesnar will destroy both.

Lesnar surprised me in this match. It seems everyone is forgetting how good of a fighter Couture actually is. Couture did not make Lesnar look bad, Couture controlled most of the fight, but he lost. Lesnar is an athlete, an olympic style wrestler and training for MMA; not to mention he is huge. He is a solid fighter and will get better as he goes. Do I think he would win in Couture Lesnar 2? No. Do I think he is in the top 5 heavy weight fighters... He's close, he proved that to me even if it was a lucky shot. And he definitely isn't ready for Fedor. I'd like to see him fight someone like Arlovski... A very accurate striker, who is pretty large himself... I never thought Arlovski was a slouch on the mat either. Nogueira will certainly tell us a lot about Lesnar, especially if Lesnar has learned from his loss against Mir (Couture wasn't able to catch him, even though he was close).

Brock Lesnar has no chance against Minatauro. He will teach that gorilla a lesson or two about real MMA. By the way, how the hell did Lesnar get a shot to the title before Minatauro??? Isn't the interim-champion supposed to get a shot first? F'n Dana White - he is such a p---. I can't see Lesnar defending the title agains top (not washed-out) heavyweights, I would put all my money on that.

Anyone who saw the Lesnar-Couture fight just realized that Lesnar has neither BJJ skills nor muay thai ones, and still Dana "the jackass" white gave him a shot title. MONEY, the UFC is all about money now!!!!!
So much fanfare for the biggest fight in MMA history, nice trick Dana.
This Lesnar vs Couture match was one of the lamest fights I've ever witnessed
If Brock Lesnar wants to have a fight with "The Last Eperor" (Fedor Emilianenko)...well he needs lots and lots of training i.e. BJJ, Sambo, Muay thai and the likes, or he (Lesnar) will lose just like Tim Silvya did...

Lesnar showed a lot of poise in this fight. He said himself that he was very nervous just before the first round. He didn't make any careless overly aggressive moves on Randy at any point. Having said that, I think Fedor has a much better striking game then Randy. If Lesnar wants to win, he will need to improve his stand-up and hope he has a good defense in guard if he wants to beat Fedor.

What can I say about Brock Lesnar? I have to hand it to him, he has improved by leaps and bounds in a very short period of time especially his striking, but he has so much further to go. I know that many of you will counter this by saying that he has plenty of experience as a collegiate wrestler. You will also say that his strength and athleticism along with superb wrestling skills will make for a formidable ground 'n' pound fighter, like a stronger Mark Coleman, Mark Kerr, or Matt Hughes.

All this is very true, but to take on true top-tier heavyweights at the height of their game is a stretch for Lesnar, at least at this point. It is true that Couture is not a chump, but his game is exactly the same as Lesnar's. They both smother their opponents and pound the hell out of them. The only difference is that Couture uses a bit more leverage rather than strength since he deals with guys bigger than him in the heavyweight division. Brock just happened to be much stronger and more aggressive in fight styles where strength and aggression is key. As a result, he will be successful in fights where opponents try to push back at his advances.

However, the fights where he will be unsuccessful are the ones where his opponents pull when Brock pushes, instead of pushing back. The Fedors, Nogs, and yes, even the Mirs, Barnetts, and Arlovskis have too much technical experience to be taken out by mere brute strength. One false move, one mistake is enough to get an arm or a leg stretched and broken. The more aggressive Lesnar get's the more opportunities for him to make a mistake. And there's alot of arm and alot of leg to grab.

With the exception of Fedor, the other 4 are legit 240-260 lb'ers. Although Fedor weighs in at around 230 - 235 he fights bigger than all of them. All 5 have better striking abilities than Lesnar. All 5 have better submission skills. And all 5 have more real MMA experience. Styles make fights and Brock is not ready for an all around great fighter that can just as easily put him to sleep as they can break him.

Forget about unifying the belts at this point. He'll have to work hard and have a "...miles to go before I sleep" type of mentality if he's ever going to reach the top again.

To Dana White: Give the fans what they really want. Enough said.

Regarding Fedor's loss in Sambo. He lost on points to the eventual gold medal winner, whom he had beaten earlier in the year. Not a big deal anyway you slice it. Also, not to make excuses because everyone is beatable, but if I remember correctly Fedor had some kind of bone spur problem in his hand- not sure if it's still an issue but maybe a factor.

Hey Tulip...already going back on your statements....

"Check back in a few months, I'll still be here. Oh, and whoever wins this fight will definitely take down Fedor."

Posted by: Mark Chalifoux | November 13, 2008 4:47 PM

Now you have Lesnar easily beating really are clueless Tulip.

Arlovski hasn't done anything to impress in a long time? Guess you didn't see him beat the crap out of Roy Nelson at the Affliction card. Arlovski is back and looking as good as ever.

I love how everyone dismisses Lesnar's striking. Lets see in his three fights in the octagon he drop Mir with a punch, drop Herring with a punch and drop Couture with a punch. Where is the bad striking game i don't see it. He probably couldn't handle Fedor right now but he only has had 3 REAL fights and still doesn't look comfortable in the octagon. Once he settles down and learns a little more, which he has been doing at an extremely fast pace, he might be the best Heavyweight ever. stop hating him because he cam from an entertainment business and just destroyed your champion. The man made Millions can you blame him?

Beat the crap out of Nelson? I saw him in trouble on the ground against Nelson before finally taking him out. It would've been impressive without the "trouble" spot.

And Dave, let's get this out of the way.

Sarcasm, meet Dave.
Dave, meet Sarcasm.

I hope you two can become the best of friends.

Disappointing Dave, disappointing. I thought you were better than that.

Randy Couture just Curred out plain and simple. Him running back to the UFC and away from Fedor made me lose my respect for him. No longer should he be called Captain America but Captain Cur! Fedor vs Bob Sapp would be almost retarded and about as entertaining as a Kimbo Slice fight. Forget about Fedor ever fighting Lesnar, Dana White will make sure it never happens. Brock is a MONSTER but he doesn’t have the skill to make a decent fight with Fedor. I bet Nogueira will take out Frank Mir then Nogueira will take the belt from Lesnar using the same type of plan when he fought Bob Sapp in Pride and tapped him out.

Arlovski and fedor are the two best heavyweights in the world right now. Dana white is so stupid for letting arlovski go. He is still an exciting fighter but you just have give him people that are not afraid of him. Fedor might beat arlovski but he will not make a Tim sylvia out of him. Arlovski is the best heavyweight striker in the world though.Dana white is protecting lesnar and the rest of the ufc heavyweight division from fedor. Also he has made it seem like lesnar is one of the best fighters in the world. Well, you lesnar fans might not want to hear it but you can't tell crap from 4 fights. Lesnar has not fought a decent striker yet and I can't figure out how a decision win over heath herring gets him a shot at the title in the first place. So I think lesnar would get eaten alive by either fedor or arlovski.

"It doesn't do White any good to have Fedor come in for one fight and possibly take his heavyweight championship before fading away again."

This is true...

Fedor is like Godzilla.

Every now and then he just resurfaces, destroys an entire city, everyone fails to defeat him, and then he goes away...

what are you talking about? Fedor will get signed eventually by ufc. his last fight for affliction will be soon. and even know that plan to resign him till 2012 he will not do it.

This is what will happen. he'll get signed and probably before ufc 120 fedor will fight lesnar.

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