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October 5, 2008

The Kimbo saga is over

EliteXC managed to find the only person more fragile than Kimbo Slice’s last opponent, James “Colossus” Thompson, in former MMA fighter Ken Shamrock. The only problem was that Shamrock is so fragile he was injured during the warm-up, thus pitting Kimbo Slice against a different lackluster fighter, in this case it was Seth Petruzelli, who defeated Slice in 14 seconds Saturday night on CBS.

So, the Kimbo Slice saga is over. I would be shocked to see him headline a major card again and he probably won’t earn too many more six-figure paydays. It is tough to ask a fighter to take on an opponent he didn’t prepare for at the last second and Slice’s camp initially refused a bout with any replacement. Slice should be commended for stepping up and taking the fight but as Sam Caplan from touched on in a piece on Sunday, Slice’s motivations for accepting the fight were likely financial.

Slice was near the end of his road in the spotlight so making a move to cash out now was probably the right call. Slice literally had nothing else to gain from the fight with Petruzelli. Shamrock had a name and is familiar to casual fans. Petruzelli is a UFC washout (or “UFC veteran” if you take Elite XC’s phrasing) and a win over him would’ve done little for Slice. He had everything to lose and nothing to gain, as far as his career is concerned.

So, if it was money, I think it was a brilliant move by Slice. He’s not a young fighter (34) and he got into the fight game too late to really make a name for himself. Instead, he went from an Internet sensation to a headliner on prime-time national television and made a boatload of money in the process. Slice capitalized on being in the right place at the right time and got absolutely everything he could have out of his position. I respect that.

I know a lot of people have problems with Slice and hardcore fans fret about his “credibility” and things like that but really, that’s not his fault -- you have to pin that on EliteXC. Slice got his and made enough money to set his family up and racked up enough fame to live off of for a while and no one can take that from him.

There will be plenty of people out there debating his weak chin, bashing him for his futile performance Saturday, questioning where his career goes from here, what damage he did to the sport and pondering the other questions on the table now after the loss. I’m not going to take more shots at Slice or throw in any parting barbs. I tip my hat to him. What he was able to accomplish is still stunning. He’ll never be as relevant as he was before Saturday but that’s OK,  and that’s the real story from EliteXC: Heat on CBS Saturday Night Fights. Well played, Kimbo.

The scuttled main event and the fall of Kimbo will take precedence in any discussion of the fallout from the show Saturday, which is to be expected, but I thought it was a decent show overall. I thought Andrei Arlovski looked a little sharper than I remember when he took down Roy Nelson,  and the fight between Kelly Kobold and Gina Carano was entertaining. I also thought Jake Shields looked good again and, along with Arlovski, was one of the top fighters on the card.

Still, I can’t help but wish the UFC had a TV deal like this. It’s tough to watch a show like that (which was entertaining and, most importantly, free) while knowing that first-time viewers aren’t being treated to the best fighters in the world. The top-caliber fighters in the UFC (or a few more from Affliction would’ve sufficed, for a one-night show) could have put on a much better show and I hope that they get the chance someday soon. Now that the Kimbo craziness is behind us, it’s important for MMA to put its best foot forward when in the spotlight. So, even if EliteXC manages to find a long-term future, hopefully they sign some better fighters (not Tito Ortiz) or partner up with Affliction.


View photos of EliteXC: Heat.

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You make me laugh with reading some of this crap you've posted. Kimbo is a joke. Don't give me all this empathy BS about how you respect him. That man DOES NOT deserve a quarter of the fame he has. You can make all the excuses you want about how he wasn't ready for Petruzelli. But Petruzelli wasn't ready for Kimbo either! PLUS the added pressure of just walking into the main event. Here's how it is. It was the same if not worse of a situation for Seth. You called Seth UFC washout? Well that UFC Washout just took a huge steamy dump all over the EliteXC's poster boys chest in 14 seconds. You can empathize all you want with Kimbo, that's your opinion. It just makes me sick when people do that. Yeah, it's not his fault he was put in the situation he's in now. He's made a lot of money doing it. I'll even go as far as calling him a victum of the EliteXC's very sad marketing attempt. However, he knew the risks, he took them and they FINALLY backfired. He deserves all the ridicule he gets and I love watching it and reading about it. However it does make me want to vomit that this nobody of a fighter gets main event shots. The only legitamate Main Event (in my eyes) is this last one against Ken Shamrock. Say what you want about Ken, he's past his prime but he would have murdered Kimbo. Kimbo is old as well. Not to mention slow and stupid AND no experience. Kimbo can talk about he's prepared and knows what to do. But physically I doubt he can do it. Hell, I can tell you how to do a tricky slam dunk in basketball... that doesn't mean I can go and do it! I laughed SO hard when Frank Shamrock said "If Seth wins this,it's the opportunity of a lifetime! Instant fame if he beats Kimbo!" Don't make me laugh, I said that if Seth beats Kimbo give the man a friggin cookie! Because that's all a win over Kimbo Slice is worth. All in all, Kimbo needs to go back to beating up the local homeboys at the Taco Bell parking lot for chump change again. He doesn't belong in this sport at all! He's a discrace and a nobody. Always has been and always will be. Enough said.

The bad news is this was a great way for MMA to widen its audience and Kimbo was horrible. Honestly to me the fight looked fixed Saturday night. It would have been great for MMA if he could have done better but instead he was a huge flop. I'm not a diehard MMA fan but he had my attention and made me watch when normally I wouldn't have. They took one step forward when they brought Kimbo into the sport but 2 steps back when he flopped miserably. Yes, Kimbo made some great money but he embarrassed himself in the process.

I agree Ronnie. I think people would've watched regardless, since it was on CBS. If they gave all that promotion to someone like Rich Franklin, people would have tuned in and they would have seen real MMA.

Acceddenied- Kimbo did embarass himself and proved he was a joke, but I'm sure that doesn't matter nearly as much as the cash does. Otherwise, they wouldn't have accepted the Petruzelli fight.

Kimbo not being ready for the fight is a lame excuse, the guy used to show up in backyards and win 10k fighting some guy he'd never seen, being ready for something shouldn't be an issue, especially when what the guy did was exactly what Kimbo should be ready for. I'm amazed that they called the fight so quickly, CBS and Elite need to work on their show planning, and then the events wouldn't be so out of time by the end that they make a mockery of mma by having jacked up outcomes. They had the poke in the eye incident the first time around that they called because they were running so late Kimbo might not have gotten on air and then this, just happens to be 10 minutes past run time and you get a weak ass call of the fight from the official. The Rampage/Griffin fight had Rampage in worse shape than Kimbo in this fight and he was able to just hold on the ground for a whole round an dthen the fans got 2 more rounds of fighting. Pathetic and I think Kimbo's career is done as is the career of "elite" XC being on CBS past whatever they've already signed up for

I think Kimbo needs another beating and I am glad to give it to him this punk has been fighting nobodies I will takeA TRIP TO THE 305 AND HAVE THIS PUNK ON HIS KNEES IN NO TIME

I am in no way a Kimbo fan, I've thought he was lame when he was on YouTube fighting ex-cons. But I do feel bad that he got too much too soon. I am sure if Kimbo or Bas Rutten had their way, they would slowly work Kimbo up the ladder just like they would any other fighter. But Elite was so desperate for a star they rushed him in through no fault of his own. And now his career is finished. Good going, Elite XC.

Don't be so quick to count Kimbo out. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN A FIGHT. Did you guys already forget what just happened to Chuck Liddell?? If you get caught on the button, you get knocked out. Simple as that. Kimbo has name recognition, a good training camp, and according to his trainers and sparring partners, he works just as hard as any other pro fighter. I will be looking forward to an improved Kevin Ferguson in the cage.

Facts: Kimbo is not an MMA Fighter.

Opinion- I hope Kimbo continues to keep fighting but not as a main card. It fun to watch a street fighter trying to compete with real MMA fighters.

Kimbo and Seth were just pawns, used by EliteXC ( a joke ) and CBS to rake in the cash. Glad Kimbo got a slice , sad Seth got the trash cash. CBS execs are the ones that should be trashed for linking up with the hype jockey's at EliteXC. The UFC and Dana White are the real deal; have no clue why CBS wanted to waste our time with EliteXC.
Bottom line, if I were the boss at CBS the guys who made a deal with EliteXC would be sent down the road.

i think everyone is looking way too deep into this fight. he got caught on the chin rushing in. hey, it happens. one on the button, followed by the ground and pound. if they fought again tomorrow...might be different. any man over 200 pounds can knock anyone out if they slick the button. end of story.

Kimbo Slice is The best fighter i have seen so far just because he is entertaining and he is a good fighter and he could take anyone put in his way but the fight was fixed 100 % so if u have a problem message me

Dear AccessDenied,

You are an idiot! If someone walked up to you and said take this 6 figure sum of money and get in the cage, you would be there. Kimbo made himself more of a story because he was on the internet popping chumps. In reality, there isn't any difference between Kimbo and any other Joe Six Pack. You can laugh and make fun of the guy, but he made more money in 14 seconds than most of us make in a decade.

I am not going to argue with you that the guy shouldn't have been there. That's not his fault. That's CBS and EXC's fault. Kimbo is laughing all the way to the bank.

It's to bad that all you purest do not understand what's at stake here, (money) simply said. A rematch is going to rake in millions, when you look at the history of sports what brings in the money is the hipe, not skill. People will pay to see about any thing go toe to toe and especially if its a rematch.

You fail to realize how much the public loves Kimbo and comebacks.

All you fight guys want to talk about the facts. The public doesn't care about that.
They want to see their Kimbo smash.

Kimbo will shove your disrespectful words down all your pie holes. You will
be washing his feet soon.

As an MMA fan, I'm the kind of fan that hardly misses any fights, particularly the main events. I often find myself watching replayed WEC Wreckage shows on the VS channel because I enjoy it so much. So an opportunity to watch an overhyped matchup between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock sounded entertaining. It wasn't so much of the surprise as Shamrock being replaced by Petruzelli as it was the way in which Elite XC did it that I find interesting. A cut that required stiches during the pre-fight warmups? Really? I don't know about you, but I was waiting for footage of the cut, or response from the Shamrock camp. It just seemed all to fishy (not to mention convenient) that Elite XC decided to protect their investment in Kimbo Slice by pulling Shamrock off the card after the people paid for their tickets to attend the show. Then, the fact that he got owned 14 seconds into the fight, could presumably just be a backfire to Elite XC's intentions, and pure comedy on my end. Also, during the fight previous to the Kimbo match, one of the commentators said that the guy who won did so "in Gracie fashion" which I found puzzling. When was the last time you saw Royce Gracie punish his opponent with ground and pound for rounds on end in the mount? IMO, Elite XC to MMA makes about as much sense as the XFL did to the NFL.

I live in Reno and have friends who are friends with the Shamrock family (I know not the most reliable source in the world, but for what it's worth, I believe what they're telling me). And the story I'm hearing is that Ken was out partying on Friday night and got in a barfight during which he headbutted some guy, and the headbut opened up a good cut around his eye that needed a bunch of stiches. So the story here is that Ken was actually hurt, but that it had nothing at all to do with any sort of "training."

Anybody in their right mind knows what really happened. Kimbo threw the fight, the same thing alot of fighters do if the money is right

MMA is a loser sport. It's like WWF but just a bit better. More American trash for losers.

Ok I have read all of the “Kimbo’s done” blogs, blurbs and articles out there. I did not however find ONE that was an accurate depiction of Kimbo and his career. So I had to write something real for everyone. And no I do not work for Affliction or Elite XC either.

First off Kimbo “Kevin Ferguson” is an MMA rookie – a novice. The guy has less than 5 pro fights. Over the past 10 years the game has developed by leaps and bounds. The guys fighting now are professionals. Well rounded – MMA professionals. Even if it’s a professional “journey-man”. They are not street punks or someone just looking for a fight – like some of the Youtube goons. I have read where people wanted him to get into the ring with MMA veterans and champions to fight – now! You have to crawl before you walk – children even know that much. You practice, learn and fight your way up. Kimbo’s size, strength and tenacity show that he has “potential”. Some lack 2 of those 3 qualities – while other’s have none of the 3. This is why we all wanted to watch Kimbo fight. This potential is why he blew up on Youtube and why he’s already headlined cards. Not because we thought he was the best on the planet – right now. Let his pro fight game progress – don’t give up on him yet.

Kimbo was in a no win fight Saturday night. If he beats Ken all of you “bandwagon” reporters, writers, bloggers, followers - say “he should have beat old-a** Ken Shamrock – he’s 44 and blah blah”. So Ken get’s hurt warming up – now Kimbo takes another fight on short notice. Listen if you’ve watched a fight in your life you know any man with an MMA glove on can hit someone and knock them out. You can’t “build” your temple muscle to keep from being knocked out. You can’t do chin workouts so you can take a hit better. If you get caught you go to sleep - especially if you are a heavy weight. Also we’ve seen a guy get stunned – recover – realize “hey I can’t screw around with this guy” and kick his butt. Being that this was the “headline” fight – give him a chance to get in his guard and recover. Most of you were watching to see Kimbo lose anyways. Mostly because he has made a name for himself, you are jealous and he could kick your couch potato butt any day. So for you true fight fans – don’t give up on him yet.

Go back and look at the past champions from MMA or boxing – 99% of them have lost at least once. Why can’t Kimbo lose a fight without being written off? Why can’t Kimbo lose a fight without being written off? (No it’s not a typo – I meant to write it twice) Tito Ortiz, Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Andrei “the pit-bull”, Tim Sylvia, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes, BJ Penn all MMA fighters – all with at least one loss. Should they have quit too when they lost their first fight? Some of those guys are legends, others champions - all losers at some point. You keep working on your game, learn from your mistakes and fight again. Ali, Foreman, Tyson, De la Hoya, Jones Jr., Hopkins, Mosley, Holyfield, Leonard, Lennox Lewis all great champions – all losers at some point. Should they have stopped putting on those gloves after they were defeated? Think about how many great fights we would have missed out on if these guys had quit after their first loss? So don’t give up on Kimbo yet.

Seth Petruzelli did not land a lucky punch. He is a pro fighter. He meant to throw it where it landed. A pro fighter beat another pro fighter? Isn’t that what normally happens? Someone wins – someone loses. After the fight Kimbo showed that he was humble – even congratulating Seth in his victory. Kimbo is not a champion – never has been. Kimbo is new to the pro-fighting game. I named over 20 fighters - all with losses. All beat some good opponents during their career - after they were ready. Ali probably doesn’t beat Foreman if it’s his 2nd or 3rd pro fight that night in Africa. Instead Foreman probably pummels him and quickly too. The cageyness that brought on the “rope a dope” was learned from years and years of getting hit and getting hit hard. Some of those champions I named lost late in their careers after they were established too. Lennox Lewis gets knocked out by Hasim Rahman in 2001. Remember what happened later that year? Lewis knocked Rahman out and took his belt back. Lewis is still a great champion - one of the best ever. He lost to a journeyman, redeemed himself and we have since forgotten about it. Give Kimbo the same chance – don’t give up on him yet.

Thank you fitnessking. To all the other losers in the world that are hating on Kimbo for one loss, get a life. The man will comeback adn win again I am sure. I aam a huge fan of combat sports, and I enjoy watching the best lose because it shows that they are human; but the fact of the matter is that Kimbo was not the best, just the most popular. Why is everyone hating him because he is more popular than their favorite fighter. The man has help make a sport popular so give him credit where it is due. I bet even now he will still put more butts in seats than some of the boring vets that truly are the best, but make for boring fights to the casual fan. On the big picture characters like Kimbo (a larger version of Crazy Horse Bennet) is a must for the sports survival.

Kimbo is a fighter. He is strong, has a buffalo head, well disciplined in training and diet and is not scared of anyone. All aspects needed in a good fighter, all he needs now is more mma training. All you girls would crap your pants if you had to get into the cage against him.

The fight however was terrible. What the hell happened???? He looked stoned. Youve watched to many movies to think he threw the fight, even vegas bookies can't keep that silent.

Look Kimbo is done. He is a street fighter not a MMA fighter. maybe with a few years of training he will be a true MMA fighter but not know. ok i will say Sith got lucky with that punch.

"i think everyone is looking way too deep into this fight. he got caught on the chin rushing in. hey, it happens. one on the button, followed by the ground and pound. if they fought again tomorrow...might be different. any man over 200 pounds can knock anyone out if they slick the button. end of story."

Wrong, Kimbo got caught right above his left eye. Not the button. Like everyone is saying, it was only a matter of time.

Kimbo Slice is not belong to MMA. He is just a street fighter. He may go back to fight at the taco bell parking and the boat yard.

Thanks fitnessking. My sentiments exactly. It’s going to be very entertaining to watch this powerful “SLICE” of granite mature in the game. He looks like a wild man but I think he smart enough to know what to do to avoid the big punch in the future. Have you doubter heard of a trainer. Kimbo has one. Kimbo keep going man, don’t stop. Get with a good grappling coach and learn the trade.

First of all, I don't think most "Kimbo haters" as they are sometimes referred to, hate or dislikes Kimbo for who he is or that he has tried to make the transition from backyard brawler to MMA pro. The haters hate the fact that EliteXC tried to promote Kimbo as the real deal, and at the same time putting retired, unknowns or losers in the cage with him. Then have the announcers talk like it was the most amazing MMA event in history. Even in the loss, one of the announcers said it was the most amazing thing that has ever happened in MMA. WRONG, it was the most expected thing to happen in MMA, the first time Kimbo met a semi-legitimate he was owned.

Fitnessking mentioned in his post that EliteXC was unfair to Kimbo in some way because you need to "crawl before you walk". That Kimbo should have been broken in slowly. Obviously you are not a nowledgeable MMA fan, Kimbo was coddled all the way, he was still crawling since the ridiculous Mercer exhibition fight. He never once faced a legitimate fighter, Mercer, Thompson, Abbott, and some other dude I can't even remember. The Kimbo lovers will say "but Tank was a UFC vet, so there". He was a UFC vet 10 years ago, and he sucked then. Slice basically fought himself ten years down the road.

Myself, I didn't hate Kimbo and I didn't love him. Did I find him exciting, for sure. What EliteXC should have done is treat him like a real MMA fighter, make him fight real pros from the beginning. He may have had a couple of losses instead of wins, but at least he would have had some credibility. Instead they tried to fool new MMA fans and Kimbo himself into believing he was something he was not.

why did the guy celebrate like he just beat someone he shouldnt have? i guess beating kimbo was a big deal to him....even if he knocked him out in 14 seconds, he wouldnt have celebrated like that unless he knew it was a big deal....if they rematch, i predict kimbo knocks him out. :)

I do not like Kimbo, but I do think that this was only a LUCKY PUNCH

kimbo has been trained by some of the best MMA fighters. he can take blows. i can imagine he trained hard for shamrock and hasn't been slacking off. i couldn't believe he went down like that so fast by a guy with pink hair and mouh piece, 30 pounds lighter. i think we had the same feeling we did when buster douglas knocked out mike tyson.

chuck liddel has gotten his ass kicked plenty of times and he is still considered "great". right now rampage quinton jackson is the best to IMO, he beat henderson and liddell twice.

i don't think kimbo would throw a fight, he has no reason to, the guy caught him with an unexpected hook. i think Petruzelli is just a hard hitter and we doubted it by his looks. he was definately scared and very shocked, as he hesitated to finish on kimbo when kimbo went to the ground, he couldn't believe it himself. now kimbo has a reason to come back harder.

kimbo will beat every single one of you so i dont know why you guys are talking negative about him. as long as he gave it his all, thats all matters. you people swear there is a ton of mma fighter walking around undefeated. thats like saying tom brady sucks because they got beat in the super bowl. give kimbo time to develop.

i have been watching ufc since it started airing on TV when royce gracie was whipping ass and there were no weight classes, gracie would have to fight like 2 or 3 times in one night. those were the the good times. hope to see a rematch and also a kimbo/shamrock showdown.

Personally, I think that fight was a fluke. I'm not saying I think Kimbo is the beast that he was made out to be, but I think he just got caught with an unexpected hit and couldn't do anything about it. Things like that can happen anytime there is a fight between two trained and talented fighters. He's definitely not as amazing as everyone thought he was though. He has no ground game and gets gassed way too quick. However, if he catches anyone off guard and surprises them with a punch, they are going to feel it and might drop because of it. I guarantee you he could potentially win a fight against anyone you put him up against just because he's got such a powerful punch.

think everybody needs to calm the **** down! Everybody loses a fight here and there, Kimbo isn't a great fighter but just cause he lost a fight doesnt invalidate the ones he won and may win if he continues to fight. Stop being "SHEEP" people, and stop riding the bandwagon of popular opinion.

Dear Lee,

You obviously are ignorant as you are stupid. At what point in my post did I say anything about him making more money than me? Ohh that's right, I DIDN'T! I don't care what he makes. Props to him for making a ton of money. I was talking about how pathetic he is to the sport and what he did threw his reputation in the trash where it belongs and I LOVE it! It's got nothing to do with money (how I feel that is). I am talking about what he's done to this sport that makes me angry and seeing what I saw on Sat. makes me laugh all the way to the bank with all the suckers who took the bet against me. So the next time you want to argue with someone. Make sure it's relevant to what I said first. Moron.

Guys, there is no such thing as a fluke in the fight game. It may be called an upset, but it's not a fluke. You get caught by a punch from someone you were supposed to beat, then that means you did something wrong and your opponent capitalized on your mistake. That's not a fluke, that's the way the sport works.

GSP was caught by Serra, he even admitted to his own fans in a Q&A session when someone mentioned that Serra got lucky. His own words, "my friend there is no such thing as a lucky punch".

Back to the Kimbo love/hate debate. Like I mentioned earlier, if they had treated him like they do any other new fighter instead of trying to hype him as the best fighter in MMA history, then there would be no debates like this.

AccessDenied, I wonder why you say this man is bad to the sport when Kimbo never made claims to be this
great MMA fighter. All I ever hear him say is that he wants to win like everyone else. You guys need to put the blame where it belongs and that is with the greedy people that are trying to profit off of the man. You say he will not have anything after this but you are wrong. He was poor before he came into the MMA, and now he is almost a house hold name if MMA is watched. What man wouldn't take money if it is given to them and all you have to do is something your good at... hitting people. The greedy jerks of Showtime and CBS tried to cash in on a man and he has cashed in on them, win or lose. The man should be soluted not bashed. Once again he never claimed to be great he just wanted to fight... come to thinik of it now that he has lost he will get even more fighting I am sure. I just can not see your beef with an amatuer fighter cashing in on a good thing. As far as what he has done to the sport again he did not do it... Showtime and CBS did that.

ya'll act like pros in MMA.. buddy.. just remember one thing... no matter how suck kimbo is.. at least he's got the courage to be in the ring... all ya'll does is trash talking.. shit happens... cro cop used to be 1 of the top fighter in PRIDE.. look at what happened to him when he came to UFC... what i'm trying to say is have some respect for all fighters...

LOL Kimbo is way out of his league. Did anyone see the Youtube video where he was fighting in a room against another UFC veteran pounded him in the ground and knocked him out? He was a figure created by a fly by nite promotion which is dying. Kimbo will not be around in MMA long. He is not a MMA fighter and never will be.

Kimbo is a great stand up fighter unfortunately that is not enough in mma. As far as his 14 second loss it was a lucky kick in the face is all. Happens to the best. I say set up some more fights so he can really get his ass handed to him in a real ground and pound display.

I find it funny because 90 % of the post on here do not train nor fight. I do both rember one thing there is a million tiger woods ,Jordan's,manning,Silvia's they just never had the opportunity . Kimbo still has a street thug mentality plus that is what Hollywood put in you're mind but that is what put him on CBS after he lost his football opportunity (learn a bit more about the man before you judge u MIGHT be surprised what he went through and could have been ) but on any given day you can get caught by anyone and that is what happened. Respect that someone stepped in to the octagon because you wanna step in with me I will definitely choke you out !!

First, to Anonymous guy, people don't fear, respect, or care about your stupid "you wanna step in with me I'll choke you out" nonsense.

Secondly, to Mark who says Kimbo is a great stand up fighter. Just how exactly did you come to that conclusion. Who has he fought that would lead you to believe he is a great stand up fighter. Just because someone has a powerful punch doesn't make them "great". Kimbo hasn't fought a single fight in his entire career that proves him to be great at anything. I'm not hating on the guy, I'm just telling it like it is.

Anyone who talks about Kimbo as the face of MMA, a great stand up fighter, etc... has absolutely no clue about the sport. You just bought in to the hype surrounding him from his youtube days and the BS that EliteXC has been throwing around.

There is a HUGE HUGE difference between stomping some dude in a backyard, and fighting in the cage against professional athletes. EliteXC knew this, which is why they handed Kimbo slugs like Bo Cantrell, Tank Fat Abbott, and James Thompson (who almost beat him). Even this fight, they didn't even find an actual heavy weight as a replacement. They get a guy who Kimbo outweighs by 30 pounds.

I'm not blaming Kimbo, I give him credit for his courage and attempting to make the transition. Just drive;s me crazy to see all these people making him in to something he's not. He's a mediocre fighter at best, plus he's like 35, how much better can he get.

Toofunny is right, Kimbo is not a great stand-up fighter (especially after getting KO to a jab) and he makes my point on Kimbo's age.

The guy is too old to start from the ground and work his way up. Why bother? Legitimacy isn't as valuable as cash.

1st to all the people on here downing Kimbo.....I'd bet my life savings on the fact he would smash everyone of you in less then 2 mins. 2nd down to the fight,I'm not sure if anybody else watched it but Kimbo fell when he swung and then missed. That weak jab Seth threw didnt K.O. him. Fact is he was never KO'd at all. I'm not even saying that Kimbo would have won that fight. I think it was a weak fight(looked fixed) and the ref stopped it way to early. If Seth P was gonna knock Kimbo out....let it happen then. Kimbo had a lot of size on him and it didnt really look to be KO worthy shots honestly. I think this, (reguardless the fights outcome) if Kimbo had not of FALLIN DOWN the fight would have went in a way dif. direction! You can have all of the skill in the world but if u get hit in the face by a beast such as Kimbo it's gonna hurt! Lets say this,do u honestly think any of these so called top notch MMA fighters could have takin a mouth shot from Tyson in his prime and went on? I seriously doubt it!!! You can hold on to your pride and love for you favorite fighter as much as you want but fact is sometimes skill isnt enough. Play this scenario out Tyson vs say Gracie or Shamrock or Liddell or whoever really. Fight starts,they close the distance,(whoever) shoots for the take down(this is where I feel MMA skill isnt enough) they strggle Tyson hits them even in the back.......likely broken ribs. Face? likely KO'd right there. These hard hitters can smash a person with GREAT skills. As far as him gettin Main Event matches out the gate, People love watching him. You wouldnt have him fighting in the first or second fight and then everybody goes home or changes the channel. Besides Gina Carano (now) EliteXC had nobody with a name to draw $$$. You think the head of that company owns his buisness just because he loves MMA? NO!!!!!!!! he wants that $$$$$$$$$. Smartin up people.

P.S. I bet Seth would never agree to a rematch with Kimbo because he knows as well as everybody else who seen what really happend he got lucky Kimbo fell!

Kick to the face? Seth's foot doesn't even make contact with his face.

Kimbo fell? Are you for real man. It's called a flash knockout. Every fighter has probably had one. You get caught at just the right spot at just the right time. Some guys recover faster, but it's enough of a flash to cause you to lose your balance or even crumple t the ground, but instantly you can regain your wits as if nothing ever happened. And sometimes it happens as soon as you get punched again.

Everyone else saying the fight was fixed, why would EliteXC ask their poster boy to take a dive. Think about it. If anything it was rigged in favour of Kimbo like every other fight he has had.

And I can't believe someone compared Kimbo to Mike Tyson. Yes, I've heard this before, Kimbo is a monster, a beast. Again, all this comes from the fact he did what? Knocked out punks on youtube videos and fought tomato can opponents in EliteXC. He hasn't had a single fight that shows his ability to fight standing up or on the ground.

Stop continuing the hype of this guy. You are doing a disservice to the sport of MMA. He made his money during his fifteen min of fame, all the power to him, but let it rest already.

To BustYaFrigginHead

You said "I'd bet my life savings on the fact he would smash everyone of you in less then 2 mins". What kind of point are you trying to make here. I've seen these types of statements from Kimbo lovers before. Still not sure how this is supposed to create a legitimate argument for Kimbo's MMA credentials. It only really solidifies what intelligent MMA fans already knew. Kimbo should stick to fighting in backyards and not in MMA rings/cages.

Kimbo fell ! And Seth capitalized with what looked to be a jab (lucky punch)as kimbo was falling! then he illegally hit kimbo in the back of the head! I would love to see a rematch and Then all of you so called mma experts will see Seth getting his face smashed!Long live Kimbo!!!

I still can't believe there are still Kimbo fans out there that think this guy is for real.

You should watch the replay in SLOW mode JOE. If Kimbo fell, it was the most ridiculous fall ever. He goes from a swinging motion to a completely stunned "deer caught in headlights" free fall the moment he gets tagged on the chin. He doesn't even brace his fall, just falls forward stunned.

And the hit to the back of the head didn't change the outcome of the fight, it was a downward hammer fist that didn't even connect properly, it wasn't until Seth switched to the side of the face with regular punches that Kimbo was in real danger and he didn't defend himself.

It is a shame that Kimbo was propelled into the spotlight way too fast without developing as an all around fighter. Yes, he beat up some chumps on the streets but this is a different world where men have trained years and have gained experience to become professional fighters. Am I a Kimbo fan, not so much, but I think that if he wants to capitalize on his marketablity he needs to strike while the iron is hot. I am tired of reading all these haters who do nothing but sit behind a computer and dog a man for trying to make an honest living. My advice for Kimbo is to take a few more fights against semi-skilled fighters then contact the WWE or TNA and become a "wrestling superstar." There he could be billed as a legitimate fighter and make some serious money. Don't laugh at the idea a lot of MMA fighters have done this...don't believe me just do some research and see how many MMA fighters have tried their hand at Sports Entertainment.

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