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January 8, 2008

One-on-one with UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard

Melvin Guillard

(Photo courtesy of Zuffa, LLC)

Editor's note: The following Q&A contains language that may be offensive to some readers.

TUF 2 alum Melvin Guillard is a young, colorful fighter in the UFC's jampacked lightweight division. 2007 was a rough year for Guillard, who suffered two first-round losses -- both by submission -- as well as an eight-month suspension for testing positive for cocaine. Guillard talked to me by phone ten days after losing to Rich Clementi at UFC 79 on Dec. 30. What follows are the highlights of the interview.

I was at UFC 79 and I saw your fight against Rich Clementi. How did you feel going in against Clementi?

Same as I feel in every other fight. I’m always ready. No matter who it is, I’m always ready to fight. I went into that fight the same way I would have gone into any other fight.

What was the beef you had with Clementi beforehand? You were talking a lot of trash to him and he was going back and forth with you. What was the origin of that?

He’s just a snake. He’s a backstabbing bastard. He likes to get over on people. I grew up around him all my fighting career and I thought we would have been cool but he’s jealous of my success at an early age with The Ultimate Fighter and just stuff like that. He would act like he’s my friend when he sees me and then when I wasn’t around – from other friends of mine who knew him personally also – he would always cut me down. He was talking bad about me and saying I wasn’t going to make it in the UFC, and [that] I was just a young kid who was going to throw his life away. [Stuff] like that.

So, I just got tired of hearing the [talk] and I confronted him about it last February at some fights at home (New Orleans). When I saw him [and had a] fistfight or whatever and I beat his ass then, I told him after that, “Every time I see you, we’re going to fight.” And, that’s how it’s been ever since then. Of course, everybody saw that he was the victorious one [at UFC 79] but he sits up there and says, “I’ll stand toe-to-toe with Melvin,” but everybody with their own eyes saw he wasn’t ready to stand up with me. He knew my weakness was my submission game as far as fighting him because he’s a seasoned jiu-jitsu guy -- I’ll give him that. As far as me putting my hands on him, I got my respect out of him. So, I’m not even tripping, you know?

So, in a way, it sounds like you don’t even think he won the fight.

He really didn’t. He didn’t take my heart. I took his heart before he got in the ring. He was scared to fight me before he got in the ring. And, it’s like I tell everybody – and I’m going to keep saying it – when I see him again, I’m going to fight him again. When I get ready to go home for Mardi Gras, he just knows not to be seen. I went home for New Years and the places he wants to go, he wasn’t even there. He knew I was going to be there looking for him. He never showed up anywhere. As long as he keeps hiding from me, running from me, I’m winning the war every day. Eventually, we’ll get another rematch in the UFC ...

How would a rematch be different? Are you working on your submission game right now?

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I’m working nothing but my jiu-jitsu. ... I got all the good guys around me ... so I’m just working the weaknesses in my game. I’m going to give myself six months to a year before my jiu-jitsu is 100 percent.  I’ve wrestled my whole life and I know you can’t learn wrestling overnight, so jiu-jitsu is not something you’re going to learn overnight either. And I was already working my jiu-jitsu prior to that fight. By me being a state champ in wrestling, an average wrestler is not going to come beat me at my own game. It takes time for them to develop a game.

I wasn’t surprised by the submission. I tried to shake him as much as I could off my back. But, he was holding on like a scared little bitch. He was holding on for dear life as if if he let me go, he knew he would lose the fight. So, I don’t look back on it. It happened last year, of course. 2007 is over. I got a new year in front of me and I’ve got another year to get better at my weak game. When I do fight the next jiu-jitsu guy, I hope they have a prayer for him -- I’m not going to be so nice anymore.

After Clementi won, he did that crotch grab and that pissed you off. But, after all that trash talking, can you kind of understand why he did that?

No, I can never understand that and nobody is ever going to make me understand that. He disrespected me after the fight. He put his nuts on the back of my head. When I catch him, I’m going to kick him in his [expletive deleted] nuts. I can’t look at that and respect that.  Because of the beef we have? Naw, I can’t. That’s honestly like me seeing him next time ... and I spit in his face.  My dad always told me if a man spit on you or slapped you, [expletive deleted] kill him. And if he put his nuts on my head on national TV, I’m going to [expletive deleted] kill him, period. So, there’s no way I’m ever going to overlook that and be like, “Naw, it’s cool because we were having problems.” Hell no. I ain’t ever gonna let another man do that to me and get away with it.

As far as the fight, though, honestly, I was going to be the bigger man about it and give him that victory -- congratulate him on his win -- but let him know that we’re still not friends and we’re going to fight again. But, as I’m getting up, it’s like he kicked me in the back of the neck, and it pushed me back down a little bit. So, I’m like, “What the [expletive deleted]?” And, I jump up like, “No, he did not just put his nuts on my neck.” So, that’s why I went after him like I did.

I had a few opportunities where I could have hit him but I had just got off an eight month suspension from [president] Dana [White] and the UFC and the [Nevada State Athletic] Commission. I wasn’t going to be stupid and let him win again by me putting my hands on him and then they dock me some more pay. If I had done that to him, he’d still be winning. So, I just kind of let it go, let it ride just for now. Just for now.

Now, I noticed that also before your match with Joe Stevenson, you like to talk trash. Do you enjoy that part of the game?  I also notice that the fans tend to boo you before your fights. Do you enjoy being the heel?

Is that what you think? Do you think I just talk trash? Do you think I’m just trash talking? What do you think?

Well, I think MMA fighters in general seem to play it pretty safe. You stand out ...

Let me ask you this. If I wasn’t who I was, if I didn’t talk trash to these fighters, would you have a story to tell? Would you have a reason to call me? No. See what I’m saying? It comes with the game.

The only people I have to respect and obey are my fans and my friends and family. As far as fighters go, I don’t have to respect or be friends with any of them. As far as I’m concerned, I might stand in front of them and face them one day. I pick and choose who I want to be cool with and that’s who I’m cool with.  I don’t go befriend everybody but when it’s time to fight, yeah of course, I’m going to talk [expletive deleted]. Rich's talking [expletive deleted] now ‘cause he won this fight and that’s cool but he’s still a poor fighter. I lost the fight and people still hate him more than they hate me. He’s an arrogant bastard. And, he contradicts himself. How are you going to talk [expletive deleted] about me and say you don’t like me, and then a couple of interviews later you're going to say, “He’s a cool kid.”

And, when he talks to me on an interview, he’s like, “Hey, what’s up Melvin? What’s up buddy?” I’m not your [expletive deleted] buddy. And, he’s done that a few times, so to me, that’s fake. If you’re going to not like somebody and create mischief and create that problem, then you keep it that way. You don’t keep going back and forth.

I got booed before the fight, I got booed after the fight, but I’m still one of the crowd favorites. They booed him even more for him talking stupid, saying “Yeah, I told him I’d stand up with him.” And everybody that was there saw that when he stood up with me, I almost knocked him out. If I’m not the person I am, then you all wouldn’t have a job.

Yeah, I like to talk [expletive deleted] but I also back it up. I haven’t gotten my ass beat. I haven’t been in a fight yet where somebody has outclassed me or just beat me down. Every fight I’ve been in, the ones I’ve lost have been from submission or a close judges’ decision. When you really look at my record and all the losses that I have, I’ve lost to jiu-jitsu guys. Nobody is ever going to stand in front of me and beat my ass. My mom did that all my life so those days are over with. If I’m going to lose a fight because of somebody submitting me, I’ll take that any day over somebody beating my ass. 

Back to the original question, is this the real Melvin Guillard? You’re not putting on a show? This is the real you?

Yeah, it’s me, man. When I have to fight, bro, it’s a business. Me and Joe [Stevenson] are cool. That was some made-up beef to get a little tension going. With Rich, man, none of that is fake. People were like, “After the fight, you’re not going to be cool.” Hell no, I’m not going to be cool! They were asking, “Are you all going to let it go? Is that the end of it?” No, it’s not the end of it. Win or lose. If I’d have won that fight, I still would beat his ass every time I see him. That’s just how I feel about him on a personal level.

From the outside it would seem like 2007 was a rough year for you, with the two losses and the suspension for cocaine. How would you describe it since you lived it?

Well, it was a learning experience. I did a lot of growing up. I realized what was important. I had my fun. I happened to be the fighter that got caught. Like I said before, there are a ton of us that go out and party and have fun and do all those crazy things. I just happened to be the one to get caught. So, it was my bed -- I had to lay in it.

2007 was a rough year. I had a rough three years. 2005 was Katrina. 2006 was my dad passing away. 2007 was the suspension. I had my three years bad luck. It’s behind me now. So, now I look forward to having a great 2008 and getting back on the winning track.

Speaking of 2008, since it looks like you have a positive outlook on the year, what do you have in store for this year?

I’m going to take a few fights outside the UFC to get back some of my wins. Hopefully, it’s not any all-around chumps. I’m not going to take any fights at 155 [pounds] outside the UFC. I want to fight at 170 [pounds] -- a weight class above mine outside the UFC. I’m probably scheduled to fight again in the UFC late March, early April if they bless me with that.

Other than that, I’ll take a lot of side hustles, make some money this year.  Being suspended for eight months really hurt my pocket. You can put in the article [that] anybody [who] wants to donate to the Melvin Negro Fund, they can donate to that too because right now my pockets [are] hurting. Being suspended for eight months ... I almost had to go work a regular job to survive. I don’t want to have that feeling again.

So, the UFC has agreed to let you fight some outside fights?

Yeah, they did. But, I gotta be careful who I fight for and who I fight. It’s not one of those things where I can just go fight any show or fight anybody. I gotta be real careful how I pick the fights. It’s like taking a gamble because if [I] do that, I have to win. I have to win these fights. If I gotta fight two weight classes up -- to fight 185- [pounders] -- I’ll do that to protect what I have in the UFC. I’ll fight a 185-pound guy if I have to. It’s not one of those things where I can just go jump and say, “Here, I’m going to take this fight or that fight like I used to.” If something goes wrong -- God forbid something goes wrong -- and the UFC’s not happy, they can ... put me on a break for a long time from the UFC and I can’t live with that.

So, the deal you have with the UFC is that you cannot fight lightweight outside the UFC?

Well, they never technically said that. They never said I couldn’t fight lightweight. But, that’s a decision I made on a personal level. I don’t even want to mess with my lightweight status -- whether it’s a win, whether it’s a loss, whether it’s a draw. I don’t even want to play with that outside the UFC. I would rather keep my 155- [pound] rankings only in the UFC. So, me going out and fighting heavier guys in different weight classes, I figure they’ll be a lot more lenient on me, to say, “OK, that’s no problem.”

Plus, I don’t want to cut 25 pounds every time I have to fight. That’s not that fun. Fighting in the UFC is worth it. But, anything outside of that, I don’t feel like it’s worth it. I’d rather just fight at the weight I walk around at. So, that was kind of a personal decision. 

Have you started talking to other promotions? Would they let you fight for EliteXC or IFL?

No, and that’s another thing. I cannot fight for any competition organizations like IFL or EliteXC. I won’t do it anyway because all those other guys, they’ll try to put me on a contract. Plus, they’re all televised. The only way people will see me televised in a fight on TV, it has to be in the UFC.

So, we’re talking local promotions?

Right, I’m talking about local, backyard [expletive deleted], something like that. That’s how I started out fighting. I don’t mind a couple of backyard fights. You got anything lined up where you are at? We can do it in the backyard.

[Laughing] Unfortunately, I live in a state where they don’t have MMA sanctioned.


Yeah, Maryland ... We have it in Washington D.C. though, so if you want to come out to D.C. ...

I’m going to jump around a little bit, man. I’m just trying to stay loyal to the UFC because that’s my home. To me, there’s no other organization bigger than that. So, if you ain’t fighting in the UFC, then your life as a fighter has got be very [expletive deleted] boring. You ain’t going to get that kind of publicity or that kind of fame. And, they got so many guys now trying to get to that level -- they’re trying to get to the big show -- it would be naive and stupid of me to take it for granted. It’d be like, “I fight in the UFC already, so I’m just going to fight over here, fight there” – I don’t think like that. I’m blessed to be in the UFC at an early age so I’m just going to leave it like that.

How many fights do you have left on your current UFC contract?

Right now, I have about two years left on my deal. I don’t have, like, so many fights, you know what I mean? They do kind of guarantee us somewhere [between] three to four fights a year.  They kind of space it out on the average because the UFC has so many shows, the healthier you are the more chances you get to fight. But, I think the way they stretch it out, you’re lucky if you get four. You’re real lucky if you get four fights [a year].

Are you back in the gym training already?

Oh yeah.

Would you say you’re mostly working on your jiu-jitsu and your ground game right now?

Yeah, I’ve been focusing a lot more, even going back to my wrestling. Because I was getting away from my wrestling too. I started standing up so much. I got careless with guys taking me down. I wasn’t going for no takedowns. I’m really trying to work my wrestling game and my jiu-jitsu. I already know I can box and kickbox. That’s not something everybody needs to try and figure out. I need to sit down and reassess my situation with my ground game and actually focus a lot more on it. It’s kind of what I’ve been doing -- focusing on my weak spot, my hole in my game.

Do you know who your next UFC opponent will be?

No, not as of right now, I don’t know. I’ll probably know within another few weeks, a month or so, something like that.

Do you have a preference?

Well, I wanted to fight Roger Huerta, but they said he’s on vacation right now. So, that fight’s up in the air. Other than that, man, I don’t care. As long as they put me back in. I’d prefer to fight a few strikers for a while until I can get my jiu-jitsu game up. Because, my last two fights, they gave me mat rats -- they just wanted to hug me. I get enough hugs at home. I want to fight some people that are ready to stand up and trade punches and kind of put me to the test.

Do you have input with the UFC in terms of what kind of fighters you want to fight or who you fight?

Yeah, they’ll call and they’ll ask us [if] we want to fight this guy, that guy. They’ll call my agent, he’ll call me, and then I’ll sit down with my coaches and we really just think about if it’s a good fight for me. So, yeah we do have say [into] who we fight.

The lightweight division in the UFC is one of the toughest divisions in the world. Where do you see yourself?

It used to be the 170- [pound] class was the toughest. Now, with all the guys like Frankie Edgar, Clay Guida, [Tyson] Griffin, the 155- [pound] class is probably the top class and the hardest weight division in the UFC right now. At first it wasn’t. At first, it was almost like, man, the 170- [pound] class was still strong. But, the only guys you see winning the 170- [pound class] are Matt Hughes and [Georges] St. Pierre. They keep trading the belt back and forth. I don’t see nobody that’s going to beat them.

But, at the 155- [pound] weight class, you got Joe fighting BJ Penn next for the title. I really think Joe can beat him and everybody’s telling me he can’t. But, dude, Joe has a good well-rounded game and his stand-up is great now. I got to visit with Joe while I was getting ready for my fight. ... He’s looking good. All around. His whole game is looking good.

And, I sit back and I thought about it and that’s what I need. I got me a few new trainers now and I need to create me a training area around me where I don’t do nothing but just train ... and not worry about everything else. I got caught up worrying about everything surrounding these last three years. I was worried about everyone and everything around me instead of worrying about myself, and what’s my main objective. And, I think that’s why I lost sight and that’s why I fell short these last two fights.

Now, I finally got my mind ready and right. I’m focused on what’s important to me. Without fighting, I don’t know what I’d be doing ... I’d rob a bank or some [expletive deleted]. I’d probably do something that desperate because there’s nothing else I want to do. So, as long as I stay focused on what’s important, man, I think I’ll hold up pretty good.

Whoever they give me the next fight, I’m hoping and praying it’s a striker ... hopefully fight a couple of strikers. Give the crowd what they came to see me do best. The people come to see me stand up and trade punches ‘til I knock someone out. When I’m fighting and struggling to get guys off my back, to try to keep me off the ground, it takes away from what I’m really good at -- for the fans. With that, I’m hoping I get a decent fight next time around.

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Wow....the UFC has to be proud to have such a fine youg man like Melvin Guillard representing their organization. "I’d rob a bank or some [expletive deleted]." You have to be kidding me. I hope you to waste any more of your time on this bum.

If he wants to fight a striker so bad why doesn't he go kickbox? It's MMA , fool. He's been doing MMA for years and he still hasn't developed a ground game? Sound/looks like a mini Randleman.

This kid is such a punk. He goes out, talks trash about how he is going to whoop a guy's ass, then gets beat and runs his mouth even more. Never been impressed with his work and I don't think I ever will be. He's just a sloppy, undisciplined jack-ass

Is this man exceedingly clownish?

Forget the cocaine suspension. Threatening to kill someone is punishable by law. Not a healthy way to represent the UFC. No class and tasteless interview. I'm sure most of his fan base are already behind bars.

Melvin needs to tone it down about 20 notches. This isn't the streets anymore. This is big business. If he wants to stay in the game, he's gotta get away from the thug life. It really turns many fans off.

Also, it would be good for him to learn a little humility. For him to say that he hasn't really gotten his ass MMA if you lose a fight in under 30 seconds, you did get your ass beat. As someone previously mentioned, this isn't kickboxing.

This is mma dumbass! Learn the whole game and quit complaining. If you just want to stand and bang, go box for a living. You sound like Heath Herring...another punk

Wow, this kid has some serious mental and emotional issues!

The Omarosa of the UFC.

He says he's never been outclassed. UMM getting submitted over and over means you've been outclassed on the ground... dip$#!t. He keeps saying that it's unfair that no one is letting him do what he's good at, but then begrudges Rich Clementi for implementing a gameplan that plays to Rich's strengths.
If you want to keep the fight standing, learn how to sprawl and stuff a shot (see Chuck Liddell).
Comparing Melvin's and Rich's records, it's clear that Melvin has fought and won over a lot of no-names while Rich has fought more recognizable fighters.
Go to the other local shows Melvin and keep beating the shlubs there. That seems to be all you're good at anyway. See if you can get a contract with the UFC to be their regional gatekeeper. The UFC can sign people that beat you in those shows and avoid signing the people that lose against you. In that scenario, the people that get signed will probably appreciate and not take for granted the fact that they've made it into the UFC.

Typical Melvin m.o. If Dana and the UFC have any sense, and I have to believe that they have pretty good business sense, they will cut this guy loose and let him land himself in jail.

You guys are hating on Melvin cause he tells it like it is. He didnt even tap in that fight with Rich. He is the best lightweight in the UFC

lol at him calling grapplers "mat rats". Would you like some cheese with your whine?

If he likes to "stand and bang" so much, why doesn't he sign with the more lucrative boxing promotions rather than MMA? Oh that right, because he'll get knocked the [expletive] out!

Melvin give it up. Your standup can only take u so far this is mma not toughman. I liked Melvin before but all his crap talking has gotten rediculous.

What a total douche

"If he wants to fight a striker so bad why doesn't he go kickbox?"

Let's not forget that Rich and Melvin had a kickboxing match earlier in their careers, where Rich KO'd Melvin.

Melvin's a good example of self-esteem gone wrong.

Ah, actually Melvin DID tap to that RNC.

Who is this guy snoop dog?

Was he on drugs when he did this interview?

LOL @ "he's the best lightweight in the UFC". Posting losses to Josh Neer and and Richi Clemeti, a cocaine user, makes death-threats....and that's the stuff that just made the papers. Who knows what else this parasite is up to.

It's funny to see all the idiots on here ripping on Melvin. Where the hell do you think fighters come from? The Hamptons? Fighters are mostly working class thug types who would be into crime or menial jobs if they weren't fighting. That includes guys like Tito Ortiz, Jon Koppenhaver, Jens Pulver, Robbie Lawler, and on, and on.

At least Melvin has been honest about his failings. He does some stupid things, but I'll be willing to bet that some of the bashers on this page have also used cocaine or "X" before, or have acted like a punk in public before. Melvin is doing more with his life than most of you.

Stop acting like schoolmarms and get real. You don't have to live with the guy, so let him sort out his own life. Idiots!

melvin my man
leave the cocaine alone....

Fred, fighters used to be just 'working class thugs', but not anymore. MMA is a legitimate sport now, and sports require legitimate athletes, not just 'thug types'. Melvin is in the UFC because he is an athlete, not because he's a thug. Fighters require brains as well. Look at all the champions, they're smart guys. Chuck, GSP, Hughes, Franklin, Silva, Serra, even Rampage are all very intelligent guys. Melvin doesn't have the brains to go along with his brawn, and as such he'll never be a champion.

ty fred
i like watching melvin fight. i dont care if he uses coke or talks a lot of shit this is not the disney channel

Melvin sounds like a high school bully that got his ass beat and doesn't want to admit it.
How in the world does a grown man dedicate himself to killing another man? I'm sure it's just shit talking, but come on, saying that you're gonna beat someone up every time you see him, that is so GHETTO!
Melvin brings a dark cloud over MMA.
Why doesn't he go to Japan and fight, I hear the Japanese culture embraces disrespectful thugs and makes them heroes, just watch Yarranoka and see for yourself.

They dropped Babalu for holding a choke a few seconds, and yet they let this scum bag push refs and try to attack others fighters in the ring AFTER he got his ass kicked, and now he wants to street fight?
The UFC does not need people that have no sportsmanship, or even the understanding that this is a sport, not your forum for personal vendettas.
I hope I never seen this idiot again, and I will surely turn the channel during his bouts if he does return.

This guy is a clown. He says he would like to fight Roger Huerta next, well good luck buddy. The last thing he wants to do is fight Huerta right now, he will take a beating and probably get released from his contract. Lay off the cocaine big guy and start training some jiu-jitsu.

It's funny to see a guy who simply "doesn't get it." He's not smart, funny, entertaining and, probably most importantly in his chosen profession, not a good fighter. Sure he has tons of talent but he lacks both the mental toughness and the intelligence necessary to become anything more than a sideshow. Hopefully the UFC throws this thug aside so we never have to see him again.

Honestly....everyone has said what 99% of us already think and know. But...what is troublesome to me in Melvins case is his commitment to harm and attack another professional outside of the designated field. That Rich has "avoided" conflict intentionally(I don't think that is his style Melvin..why avoid someone who you can handle with Jiu-Jitsu Lesson #1) or unintentionally(Melvin..I don't think you'll find Rich @ the crunking conference in New Orleans) NO ONE..should take any threats of harm or violence lightly. What ever his logic is should be heard in our court systems. In light of the loss of Sean Taylor and several other athletes attacked...Melvin should be arrested yesterday. Dana White...and the UFC can not afford a black eye like the one Melivin is about to give you in the coming months. Suspending him does not protect Rich and keeps him on the streets. I can't make threats against others and get away with it...just because Rich fights does not give anyone especially someone as unstable as Melvin(the guy thinks he can train for 6 months to beat Rich? and miss Spears were made for each other) cause to publically threaten him or anyone.
Lock that dood up before it's too late!!

Really...Melvin is going to attach and harm another athlete and has said this publically and he's still with the UFC???...Still walking around..A TRO doesn't do it..locked up does.

I love the part where he said the 8-month suspension hurt his pocket to the point where he actually thought about getting a real job. Melvin. You've been in the UFC for quite a while now and made some good money. Hire an accountant to manage your finances. You couldn't make it in the real world.

Fans of MMA...go to New Orleans Criminal Court website and contact the D.A or court system to get Melvin off the streats and out of MMA.


Anonymous, your an idiot!!! complete waste of time and space. ... what rich did after the fight was what astarted the pushing...

Rich was a complete douche bag and should ge a severe beat down for being sooo unprosffessional. what he did, the ufc does not need.

everybody misses the real point... if a guy put his nuts on you, yeah... i thought it would be diff....

Cocaine's a hell of drug.........

Melvin deserves to get Rich's nuts on him many times over... and after this interview, he deserves to get ALL of our nuts on him until he learns what humility and being a true athlete is all about.

What a complete buffoon. He's going to do something really stupid and most likely illegal and end up paying the price. He's a trainwreck. If he gets smacked around in some of these up coming "backyard" fights I wouldn't be at all suprised if he snaps and commits suicide. The guy is obviously unstable.

Geez Louise Melvina... I told you once I've told you a thousand times: You are a PUNK, a LOSER and a HAS-BEEN NEVER-WAS. You are displaying your ridiculous, unstable behavior again - as usual. I'll send you a "care package" once you're in the hole doing time after you do something really, really Melvinish in the real world. What a Douche.


According to what I can tell, this was NOT written by Rich Clementi.

Melvin Negro Fund!!!


I know this is kinda off topic, but since I can't find anywhere else to say it, just want to point out that GSP is by far the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Not only that, but I believe he could move up weight class and beat anderson silva as of today. GSP is a friggin beast.

I really enjoy watching Melvin fight (not so much as of late) but his behavior is unacceptable. I imagine his thoughts are even worse. What a great example of what someones environment and home life can do to them. Very unfortunate considering his talent and ability. Reminds me of the quote, "Got it all, but doesn't know what it means".

I really enjoy watching Melvin fight (not so much as of late) but his behavior is unacceptable. I imagine his thoughts are even worse. What a great example of what someones environment and home life can do to them. Very unfortunate considering his talent and ability. Reminds me of the quote, "Got it all, but doesn't know what it means".

this guy needs to be (expletive)ing kicked the (expletive) out of MMA... what a piece of trash, obviously we can all guess his race, no need to say it

"he didnt tap in the fight to rich" lmao yes he buddy, and yes, guillard definitely needs to tone it down, admit his losses, and train on his weaknesses, otherwise it will be the same story on his last two fights left on his contract

The sooner Dana gets rid of this crackhead the better.
Or, you know what, put him in the Octagon with Roger (who comes from the same kinda background as Melvin says he does, but is a real professional and a real gentleman) cos Roger will show him once and for all that he is nothing but a crock.

Guillard's an absolute punk and in complete denial. This is the mentality that has made New Orleans the murder capital of the US. He'll come to a bad end if he doesn't change his foolish ways.

This dude Melvin needs help & some guidance & Team Punishment isn't gonna give it to him cuz Tito is 30 year old Head case, then there's Ricco..... Like a great striker when Melvin gets space he puts people to sleep so he'll always have job fighting in MMA cuz there aren't enough KO artists.....Melvin reminds me a lot of Ramapage back in Pride b4 he hooked up with Juanito he talked a lot of shit & lost to the big name fighters...hes got the all tools he just needs to learn a ground game ala Chuck Liddel so he can always get off the mat & stay off his back...right now he's just a punk kid who doesn't have to work & gets by on his athletic ability, I feel people around him are taking adavantage of him bcuz of his talent & the fact that he's a walkin sound byte & quote machine don't help either.... If his handlers & agent really cared about yo they'd make him take some time off to get his shit together then again yo had 8 months + to do nothing but train, I saw no improvement...I hope he gets some help B4 he ends up Like Krazy Horse or Joe Riggs where as with real help he could be the LW Rampage & not LW Randleman...Please someone call Ibarra & get him to take this guy in B4 he robs a bank blame it Hurricane Katrina

You guys are RETARDED! MELVIN ALREADY BEAT ROGER HUERTA!!! It was just turned into a no contest probably for failing a drug test but nonethless HE STILL WON! Melvin could be one of the best in the division. He is one of the better wrestlers but like he said, he forgot about it. He can put you to sleep with one punch. He said he's working on his juijitsu so my nigga's going to be a beast in a few months. Melvin is real unlike these other bitches in the UFC. Watch out in 08. Melvin is going to start taking peoples heads off!!

Wow, you Melvin haters are pretty intense. I got from this interview that he's really working his Jiu Jitsu, that most of his trash talking is for show (Including in this interview with the exception of Rich Clementi) He realizes he has a weakness and wants to fight people that can't exploit that weakness while he works to correct the weakness. That he realizes he has to grow up, and is working towards that end. If you think he's serious about robbing a bank then you're a bigger idiot than you think he is. I for one think this interview was very enlightning and gave me a lot if insight on this guy..

What a no tallent assclown.

Hey Moron(jobiefree), you cant learn jui jitsu in a few months. Melvin couldnt handle one big dog in the 155 weight class. Joe Daddy, Sean Sherk, BJ Penn, Roger Huerta, Kenny Florian, Tyson Griffin, Hemes Franca. Rich Clemente didnt even make the list!! Figure it out. There's a time and a place to run your mouth and its not when you suck at the bottom of a weight class. BJ Penn is a good example of a guy who knows when to run his mouth and then goes out and follows through with it. He is, for the most part gracious in defeat. Melvin is a punk who needs to learn what an ass beating is. Just in case you need help Melvin, Rich beat your ass and it was easy.

Sorry I meant that Rashad was the moron

You are a no class moron I know Dana White will never put up with your crap. That's why there letting you fight elswhere hoping you will do yourself in by acting like you do. to bad because I see real talent in Melvin stop hanging out with Tito and put some real people around you maybe it's not to late for you. respect is earned and until you understand that simple fact people will keep putting there nuts on your head dumbass!!!

If melvin wanted Rich so bad its not hard to find him, Slidell is not a big town and there are only 2 mma gyms in all of Slidell in which one of them Rich ownes. Melvin is typical New Orleans trash that we hear about on the evening news, its mentality like that that creates a murder rate like New Orleans has.

RE - Rashad & Huerta - They overturned the decision the next day because Melvin "Greased" his legs with vasoline or something like that. He still beat Huerta just like Diaz beat Gomi, Unofficially... Officially it never happened. Unofficially, he tore Huerta the f*** up.

Melvin is obviously and idiot. I think you would be greatly mistaken to think he is a terrible fighter. I think what he needs is a mentor that will slap some sense into his head (similiar to a Mike Tyson-Kevin Rooney).
Its apparent from his comments that he is very insecure. For the past few years I've watched Jon Fitch destroy all the competition the UFC puts in front of him, he has every reason to be arrogant, but chooses to respond to his success like a professional. I think Melvin's problem is he needs to act like a professional, it appears he still doesn't understand that he has "made it" in the UFC.
Kids prove their worth with their mouths, professionals prove it where it counts in the octagon.


The reason why they called that fight between melvin and huerta a no contest was because melvin got in trouble for greasing himself up for the fight (im sure he was on drugs to). You should watch the fight sometime. Huerta will shoot in on him and he slips right off. Big difference in greasing yourself up compared to Nick diaz testing postive for mary jane against gomi.
Also that fight was 3 years ago. Huerta isnt the same fighter as he was then, he is much bigger and better. And the only thing that got bigger on Melvin was his mouth.

MMA Fan 1st of all its Jiu Jitsu u non spelling bitch lol....2nd of all I didn't say he could learn Jiu Jitsu in 8 months boi, I said he could improve...thats what You can do as an athlete if u have the better part of a year to do nothing but train & if not your doin something wrong... I just feel that homeboy didn't improve from when I saw him get choked out by Joe Stevenson & Josh Neer, or KO Ruediger wit tha body shot...& no offense but Rich Clementi isn't a great fighter nor Top Tier guy in the UFC... he's ok & Melvin can't keep losing to so so fighters & excpect to be a legit star or "Crowd Favorite" as he put it...also if TV's Al Bundy can get a Gracie Black Belt I feel an accomplished wrestler & over all athlete such as Melvin should have been able to pick up enuff of it to keep himself out of trouble in a fight by this point...Man I wish I knew who u were so Melvin & I could do a couple lines come to your house & beat ya punk ass ala Jay & Silent Bob, then wake u up & practice GOGOplatas on U till we run out of blow & Red Bulls...but seriously yo just read my post b4 U call me a (Moron) MMA Fan cuz you wouldn't say that to me in person...Somebody call Ibarra I'd hate to see Melvin throw his career down the tube cuz he didn't have a good team around him, to prepare him...I like Mel & want to see him win big fights he let me down in that Stevenson fight, his hair is another story...I do not condone the use of Drugs...Im out

Hey Jobie Homo, you should read the posting below where i said sorry wrong guy and then go ahead and shut ur mouth and get off the blow.

What a total idiot, i hope he beat up clementi in front of a camera so we can put him i jail..

I don't think the UFC allows its fighters to fight outside the UFC. This sounds kinda fishy to me.


Actually, it's not uncommon for struggling UFC fighters to be given the opportunity to fight outside the Octagon to resurrect their game.


after seeing his last couple of fights, and reading this article, i'd be surprised to see him back in the octagon.

Bottom line is that only time will tell. He's never going to be the quiet professional that's "Just happy to be here" And he has a genuine hatred of Rich Clementi. His best bet is to train BJJ AS HE SAID HE IS DOING ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY, and work on maturing and getting the right people around him (AS HE SAID HE IS DOING) The only flaw I see right now is that this fued with Rich has the potential to ruin him.

I don't believe him when he says "I might rob a bank or something" But I believe him when he says he's going to try to beat up Rich anytime he sees him. That's what a lot of people do when they seriously hate someone.

What he needs is to get older. Plain and simple. I'm 30, and as you get older you realize that a lot of the piss and vinegar of your youth was foolish nonsense, and unfortunately often times it only comes with age.

As he said, the last 3 years have been pretty tough years and he's grown a lot as a person, While it doesn't look like it from some parts of this interview (All the parts about Rich Clementi)

Unlike a few years ago, he realizes he can't just live off his striking, he realizes he is in the best MMA org in the world, He realizes he has a huge hole in his game, He wants to keep fighting to make a living, but he realizes he needs at least a year of Jiu Jitsu to be a real contender in the UFC LW Division. This is light years ahead of his mentality a few years ago when he was on TUF. He's still a loud mouthed arrogant sum bitch, but he realizes he needs to be able to back up what he says with what he does, and without BJJ he can't do that.

It amazes me how so many of you's hatred for the guy blinds you to everything good in this interview. You focus on his intense hatred for Rich Clementi and the one or two off-color comments he made, and you do what you can to blow it out of proportion.

I'm far from objective because I want to see him succeed, but I'm also not blinded to his flaws like many of you are blinded to his assets.

p.s. Calling someone a "Mat Rat" isn't trying to be insulting.

I like how Melvina says he was disrespected, but before the fight even started he walked up to Clementi and gave him the finger in his face, and that's OK. I so would have loved to see him laying there sleeping from the choke. Which could have happened if Clementi didn't follow the rules. There are plenty of great fighters with class that deserve the spot wasted by Melvina. Unfortunately he'll get the "badboy" label and probably get more fights. And he will throw a couple of big bombs, miss, and get choked out...AGAIN. TOTAL Douchebag...bad for the sport.

what an idiot!!!

Man I love watching Melvin fight, especially when he gets his (explicitive deleted) ass whooped. Jeesh, even when he taps out he thinks he wins, what a bozo. Let him out of his UFC contract or send him to the "real" main event -- Pride, he;ll get whooped there also (as well as WEC).

Well the pac-man of MMA just needs to lay off the crack/coke. Melvin you are outclassed before even entering the ring.


I hope he stays fighting because I don't think he has the intelligence the rob a bank and get away with it. We'll probably see him on TV but on a new show "COPS"


Melvin for President in 2008!!!!

hey Jay, your a no talent assclown!

Melvin was, is, and always will be, a jackass. I think Joe Stevenson choked too much oxygen out of Melvin.

melvin is a total fool, he thinks he won because he landed a few punches and talks shit because rich followed through with his gameplan. any clown can throw some bombs and get choked out, but dont hate because you cant back up your annoying trash talk. if rich went in there and stood toe to toe then he would have been the fool for standing in front of the striker. the ufc should demote melvin to the wec and only pit him against stand up fighters, then i wont mind watching, and no more pre fight interviews

I don't like cocaine, I just like the way it smells.........

Tough Times. Perhaps I will send a few dollars from my early retirement check to help him out. My family has not had their dad work for 2 years do to helping others, so our life cannot be as bad as his.
Let me know where to send to the Melvin Negro Fund, will not even ask for a reciept.
You have skills many will never possess, human is not one of them.

I think Melvin has a lot of potential. I mean if he can work really hard on his ground game like he says he is. he could be very dangerous since he is a good wrestler and is probably the hardest hitter at 155. His attitude can be annoying at times but I actually find it very entertaining. The only thing annoying about it is the fact he loss the last two and talked a lot of smack. I think he speaks his mind which is good but maybe he could turn it down a half of a notch? Either way I think he will improve his grapplig and will start knocking people out and get back in there with the well known names. Good luck Melvin!

I have re-watched the end of the fight a couple times...I'm not even certain there was a "nuts on neck" incident to talk about.

Rich gets the win, stands up and slams his down fists on his own thighs (while still standing over Melvin on the ground), I interpreted this as a sort of "suck this asshole" move myself.

At the same time Melvin starts to get up, now either there was contact or not I cannot be sure, but if there was I think it was inadvertent at best. Now at this point Melvin becomes irate and goes over Rich, presumably because there was some contact on his neck, though I think this was coming no matter if contact actually occurred or not, but this is just my opinion.

PS - Rumor has it that there are shorts, a jock, and a cup somewhere between neck and nuts, but that's not all that important.

Melvin, get some help! Team Punishment is NOT going to support you the way you need to be supported! Believe it or not, there is a whole World out there besides letting one person in the World get you so worked up! Wake up! Waste your life combatting this one guy and wasting all of your energy! Are you going to fight everyone in the World that disrespects little Melvin? You come across sounding like the little b_tch so look inward and stop with the mouth! You say that reporters would not have a job if you didn't run your mouth, wrong! UFC is about talking with your hands and feet...NOT who can talk the most crap! A 3 yr old can sit there and talk smack! That's what sets the UFC apart from all others! Get help! You let people push your buttons and by getting all worked up, you show your weakness! There are people dying out there and little Melvin in LA is running around hunting someone down throughout the city! What the h_ll is that??? You are twisted man!

Should Melvin ever attack Clementi outside the ring, his comments here should be very helpful for the prosecutioin.

Melvin is just a young, aggressive kid who hasn't developed his ability to maintain a level of maturity and ground game. He has expressed several statements that show a good deal of hope that he realizes his need to develop these attributes. I did enjoy watching him fight in the octagon a while back, but his last two defeats were a tremendous let down for me and I am sure him. His showing circumspection regarding his need to learn the ground game makes me hopeful that he will indeed do just that. If this young man can find the motivation and drive to learn....he will be an awesome fighter and will certainly have the potential to be world champion. He will have to lose all the crap language and show respect for mma as mma is the single greatest sport in the world however I can understand his feeling of horror regarding the nut sack placed upon the back of his neck. He was outraged and rightly so. I cannot believe Rich did that to him post-match...Rich has a long way to go as well in terms of the need to develop his maturation level. Can you imagine Dan Henderson or Fedor or Georges or any number of world class mma athletes behaving in such a manner. The humbleness and respect that the truly great mma fighters show was one of the main reasons that I became such a huge fan of viewing mma events. These fantastic qualities that such unbelivably tough and talented guys like the above mentioned possess is what sets apart mma from all other sports. Just take a look at how the big names in other professional sports behave with their bragging and self centered behaviors and this is a major component of why so many people are attracted to mma and losing interest in other big time sporting events.

Wow is Melvin in need of some guidance talk about contradicting yourself....begging for a striking opponant then asking for Huerta who is more wrestling oriented than striking but why the hell would he waste his time fighting Melvin when Rogers winnning and should be in line for a title fight. Rich beat you and as far as disrespecting you after the fight, I watched the fight and saw you come to center octagon and do the crotch shot at him before the get a clue and hopefully youll lose outside the ufc and they will release you so we dont have to waste our time and money watching you get your ass kicked....Maybe the ufc can bring back 135 pound Rick Davis to fight you again....idiot.

Well it has become obvious that Melvin is nothing more then a spiteful jealous adolescent. As far as the fight with Rich outside the ring it was nothing more then Melvin trying to sucker punch Rich.
Melvin did not even touch him so it's just more B.S. The other thing is Rich never put his nuts on Melvin. That is something Melvin is trying to sell people trying to justify the attack he attempted after the fight. The truth is Melvin is done in the UFC. Dana White would never let what Melvin did go for any reason. Trying to attack a fighter after the fight is over is a criminal act. Melvin is really steamed now because not only did Rich make him tap but he also got Melvin out of the UFC.. Melvin is a joke he thinks he is really going to fight in the UFC again. There is something else that really bothers Melvin and that is his lose to Joe Stevenson. Melvin does not think any white fighter can beat him. The problem is that Melvin keeps getting choked by these white guys and it burns his ass. Well at this point I am going to inform Police about the threats that have been made against Rich by Melvin. I think the UFC should also be made aware of Melvins actions concerning this article and the threats. I would encourage everyone to do the same for a few reasons. The first being to protect Rich because no one deserves to be ambushed the other reason is to protect the sport of MMA. It's things like this and people like Melvin that can get MMA outlaw .t

Sounds like Mike Tysons bitch sister.

Real MMA fans have seen enough of this piece of s***

He should get an apartment with Isiah and OJ.

I'm so sick and tired of n***** like Melvin Guillard making educated and intelligent black guys like me look bad.

The bottom line is that MELVIN IS BAD FOR THE SPORT!

Dana and Zuffa would be wise to release him from his contract.

I remember when I was taught that respect was one of the most important values taught in martial arts. Clearly Melvin missed that day.

Melvin is nothing but a silly punk. He can throw hands but besides that he's worthless. I hope he goes away for ever.

Wow. Melvin is a thug, criminal, and a poor representative for MMA. Please drop him from the UFC. That interview was stunning. Stunning that he he's either really really stupid, or actually retarded.

what a clown

Man, what a [expletive deleted].. if he actually decides to attack Clementi in the street somewhere, even if Melvin's striking is superior, Clementi would just choke Melvin out again, and this time there wouldn't be a ref to pull him off.

Melvin didnt beat Huerta PERIOD. NOT only did he grease up his legs(Roger being a wrestler, would prove very difficult to take him down) but he ALSO tested positive for drugs, he never won...he cheated so they took his "win" away. 3 yrs later & Roger has gotten bigger & way better. Melvin hasnt, he has no excuse. Huerta has had a rougher life than Melvin has had but yet Huerta turns out being a gentleman & a true professional.

melvin. you really need to understand. it's a sport. like when you use to wrestle. gracious in defeat. that's what fans like. and no, you have no fans. or very few. we use to enjoy watching you fight. but your attitude has ruined it. you need counseling. a lot of people have had it bad, but are humble. you think you deserve something. when you win, be humble. when you lose, be humble. and always keep your mouth shut. read the bible. you could learn a lot.

why do black people always have to mess stuff up. I mean you don't see white people doing this kinda stuff.

Just what the UFC doesn't need, this bum. And others like him who do drugs, kick them out, never to return. Don't let the sport get like baseball.

the iceman is a true pro. no excuses, no crying after his bout with rampage. the respect that silva and franklin have for each other whenever or wherever they meet is what it is all about. melvin, step away from the crackpipe and spend some time on a shrinks couch.

i dunno wut else to say, all bad stuff that can be said 'bout that dweeb are already there. clementi did the right thing when he put his nuts on guillard, y'all saw what he did when he got inside the octagon, right? he gave clementi 2 mid fingers, is that acceptable? watch wut comes outta your mouth gatti. & i agree with what most of you guys said, this is MMA guillard! if you want to stand & bang, then go to K1 or juz do boxin'! fight hatton or my fellowman pacquiao. i'm sure he ain't gonna win a kickboxin' match against genki sudo, who now figths in K1. truth is, i don't see any teeth in his stand up game & he also has a glass jaw. he got clipped by stevenson & his knees gave up! it wuz not even a flush shot, it's juz a strong jab. guillard's best weapon really is his mouth, he likes to cry! he's juz an ass wipe, a BIG ass wipe. a cheap ass, chromedome, cocaine-snortin', degenerate crybaby! CAN I GET AN AMEN?!!

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