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September 9, 2007

UFC 75 Recap: Rampage on, Hamill robbed, Houston we have lift off

UFC 75 was yet another tremendous card for the top MMA promotion in the world.  There were plenty of talking points coming into the event and even more after its conclusion.  Unfortunately, some of the discussion surrounding the event has not been pleasant.  So, let's go straight to my thoughts on what we saw.

Rampage is the true light heavyweight champ of the world

UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson added to his impressive UFC resume last night by defeating PRIDE light heavyweight champ Dan Henderson to unify the belt.  Jackson followed up his decisive victory over Chuck Liddell in which he displayed his striking prowess with a fight in which he showed the rest of his arsenal, especially on the ground.

If someone had told me before this bout that the fight would last all five rounds and that most of it would be fought on the ground, I would have said that was a recipe for a Henderson win.  Instead, Jackson showed that he has all-around skills and looked very comfortable on the ground, controlling the action there and rightly walking away with the unanimous decision.

I asked in my UFC 75 preview piece what would happen to the loser of this fight?  Well, in this case, I think Henderson acquitted himself very well in his re-introduction to UFC fans.  Jackson was the bigger, stronger man -- and it showed -- but Henderson also showed fans that he is a very skilled athlete as well.  And, don't forget that Henderson is still the PRIDE middleweight champion. As strange as this sounds, I think he should permanently drop down to middleweight and fight another unification fight, this time against Anderson Silva for Silva's UFC title.  The UFC's middleweight division is the promotion's weakest division and Henderson would instantly bolster its ranks.

As for Jackson, the road doesn't get any easier for him.  The UFC light heavyweight division is so stacked that there are no easy wins anymore.  I believe that if Mauricio "Shogun" Rua defeats Forrest Griffin at UFC 76, Shogun should be Rampage's next opponent.  Newly-acquired Wanderlei Silva is an option as well.  Either way, Jackson is in the midst of one of the most impressive runs in opponent quality that MMA has ever seen and, so far -- under the tutelage of trainer Juanito Ibarra -- Rampage looks like he's up to the task.

Hamill remains unbeaten (in the eyes of many MMA fans)

Read the comments on this blog and other blogs and forums throughout the Internet and one thing is clear -- almost everyone outside London thinks Matt Hamill won his fight against Michael Bisping.  And I agree with them.

I re-watched the fight this morning and rounds one and two easily go to Hamill.  Round three could be seen as a toss-up because Bisping had a couple of nice flurries early on in that round.  But, Hamill scored a couple of takedowns late in the third round and controlled the second half of that round.  I scored the fight 30-27 for Hamill.  Being generous to Bisping, one could argue it was a 29-28 fight for Hamill.  Either way, Hamill should have walked away a unanimous-decision winner.

At worst, Hamill neutralized Bisping standing up (at best, Hamill controlled the Octagon and landed some very nice punches) and clearly dominated the ground game with numerous takedowns and total control on the ground.  I don't remember seeing a single Bisping takedown.  Was Bisping's striking that overwhelming to two judges that they gave him two rounds?  I just don't see it.

The result brought up another interesting question in my mind -- is MMA judging so subjective that three judges watching the same fight can score the fight so differently?  This is an issue that needs to be resolved in the sport in general (I saw the same thing at IFL's team semifinals in August) before people start thinking of the dreaded b-word (boxing) when it comes to decisions.  However, these decisions do remind fighters that the only true way to control one's destiny is to win by stoppage.  If a fighter doesn't want to lose by a controversial decision, then go for the stoppage!

I've also been asked by a number of readers what UFC president Dana White can do to rectify this decision.  In my mind, there's very little he can do.  Occasionally, we see decisions like this in the sport (Ortiz-Griffin comes to mind.)   However, I do think Dana White can somewhat help the situation by treating both fighters as if they won or at least fought to a draw.  Don't punish Hamill and don't give Bisping credit with respect to future matchmaking.  In the end, maybe the only proper solution is a rematch.

Hamill continues to improve from one match to the next and last night he looked more comfortable on his feet than I've ever seen him.  As for Bisping, I would like to see him drop down to middleweight (much like Henderson) and help solidify that division.  I think Bisping would have a better chance being a contender as a middleweight than he would fighting at 205 lbs.  Last night's fight showed us that both Hamill and Bisping are still middle-of-the-pack light heavyweights. 

Houston Alexander continues to impress

Houston Alexander, on the other hand, is a light heavyweight shooting up the UFC ranks.  Alexander put on another show last night in absolutely dominating Alessio Sakara.  Alexander showed a lot of energy and a lot of aggression and he also showed us that along with the fists that he displayed against Keith Jardine in his last fight, he has some wicked knees too.  Alexander is a powerfully built fighter and Sakara could do nothing to keep him on the ground.

I mentioned in my preview piece that I would like to see Liddell fight Alexander next rather than Jardine.  I think Alexander has definitely earned the opportunity to get a shot against someone in the upper ranks of the division.  While Alexander has been impressive, he hasn't truly been tested either.  How will he fare in longer matches or against fighters who can withstand his striking and take the fight to the ground?

I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.  Either way, Alexander has proven to be a gem of a find for White and UFC.

What next for Mirko Cro Cop?

UFC's heavyweight division is no joke either.  And Mirko Cro Cop is finding that out the hard way.  The Croatian was brought into the promotion with much fanfare but through three fights the former PRIDE superstar has been a major disappointment.  Last night against Frenchman Cheick Kongo, Cro Cop had no answers -- instead he looked tentative and listless throughout much of the fight. 

Kongo was Cro Cop's equal standing and did a good job on the ground to wear down the former member of the Croatian Special Forces.  Right now, Cro Cop appears to be a very one-dimensional fighter.  If he can't get his opponent with a left leg kick, how will he win?  He hasn't shown much else in his arsenal since he joined UFC.  He doesn't appear comfortable in the cage or fighting under the slightly different rules of UFC (that allow elbows but don't allow soccer kicks.)

And given how much money White is paying Cro Cop, it appears that there will be no rest in sight for the heavyweight.  And, there is probably no title shot in Cro Cop's near future either.  For now, he has to simply work on improving his game and coming out with a victory.  I will be very interested to see who UFC matchmaker Joe Silva puts Cro Cop up against in his next fight.  Andrei Arlovski, maybe?

Kongo, on the other hand, was impressive in this fight.  He's right in the mix in a strong heavyweight division and may be a couple of wins away from his own title shot.  If Fedor Emelianenko is not signed by UFC any time soon, I would assume that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira would get the next title shot against Randy Couture.  And, don't forget about Tim Sylvia, Arlovski, and the recently-resigned Brandon Vera, who are all probably ahead of Kongo in line for an opportunity to fight for the belt.

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me, like many others, agree, hammill clearly won the decision. I dont see how bisping could have even a chance to win before hearing the judge final scores. I also agree Dana should do something about. I lost respect for UFC to be honest.

Well it's official on the blogs. Matt Hamill is the winner. Dana White you have to say something. Believe it or not your sport is in jeopardy with decisions like that one.

Michael Bisping should be ashamed. He lost that fight 30/27 to Hamill, but the worst was what he had to say afterwards.

I was floored by the decision of the two judges, who clearly were not watching the same fight we all were. I have been a fan of both fighters, since the UFC show. So, I'm not being bias in my statements. I feel Matt won hands down. I have started a petition to have this fight looked at again or at least a rematch. Presently there are 32 signatures and its only been on the web since roughly eight this morning. If you have someone I can email this link to, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks for your time,

The fight was very different then most people thought it would be. The argument can be made Bisbing won round 2 and 3 29/28. Sherdog had round 2 scored 29/28 Bisbing. I do think the judges where worried about the reaction of fans if Bisbing was upset. There needs to be a rematch in the U.S most likely Vegas to decide who should continue on to a title shot.

It seems likely that if Dana White was to get more involved it would be to congratulate the judges on following his instructions. This looks like a pretty straight-forward business decision. To expand the UFC's popularity, fan base and income in the UK you need the judges to lean towards the hometown favorite in a fight that ends by clock.

I had the Bisping Hamill fight as a draw - no way did bisping win that one.

First round to Hamill, Second round a draw and Bisping taking the third.

I am so disappointed in the bisping Hamill fight.
Hamill dominated the whole fight and was robbed in the end outrageous!!
Dana White has to make this right .
First he neeeds to make a public apology to mat hamill

Terrible judging. I could understand a 29-28 score for Hamill, (giving the second round to Bisping) but I really believe it was 30-27 for Hamill. Bisping would have been better off if he kept his mouth shut, turned red and ran to hide in the dressing room. The only good thing I see is I dont believe the "loss" could hurt Hamills career.

I also agree, Hammill won that one. What bisbing said after the fight was shamefull. Even he know that he was running away all the fight. Basically hammill was chasing him.

As as long time ufc follower I found the decision agains Hamill very alarming, disgusting, and corrupt! Clearly a business move to get an entire country behind Bisping and expand the following of UFC. It's time for Dana to make this right! --I'm sure Dana already had a plan for this weeks ago.... I lost a great deal of respect for the UFC lastnight. I re-watched the fight 3 times this morning, and 3 times I watched Bisping being dominated. HE NEVER ATTEMPTED TO TAKE HAMIL DOWN. Hamill was the aggresser, Hamill caused the most damage, Hamil took Bisping down over and over and over. Im furious over this bullshit. It's time to call Dana out on this one. What a huge dissappointment in the UFC, the system, and the fight decision...

Bisping clearly lost the first two rounds... he didnt even begin fighting until the third... and even that was only a minute worth of good fighting from him (if that!)... I couldnt believe the decision. . . And all the things he was saying afterwards just shows what an idiot he is... he lost... Hamill WON!

I was at the O2 arena last night,I thought Hamill easily won the fight,and so did the majority of my fellow Englishmen which were sat around me.I still like Bisping,but he did himself no favors being so cocky!!Rampage vs Henderson was awesome.

I also agree, Hammill won that one. What bisbing said after the fight was shamefull. Even he know that he was running away all the fight. Basically hammill was chasing him.

if I wanted to watch a rigged fight, I would watch wwe. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. MAT WON

I was a fan of both Bisping and Hamill and actually favored Bisping to win the fight with excellent striking. Hamill is still very awkward on his feet, and hasn't shown much to brag about on the ground either, he has improved markedly over his past couple of fights however. After seeing that fight though, I have much more respect for Hamill, he said he thought he won the fight, but also gave Bisping respect for a great fight. Much respect to Hamill who is 6-0 in my mind.

The UFC, specifically Marc Ratner, is responsible for bringing in the judges, officials, inspectors, etc. and essentially acting as the athletic commission when they run shows in unregulated places like the United Kingdom.

Two people that watched the event with me are now pretty sour on the whole sport in general, saying that it’s corrupt and full of crap. I had to try to convince them that it was just incompetence and gutlessness on the part of the judges, and not corruption.

Again, when making the argument to my pissed off friends that the judges were simply incompetent and gutless as opposed to corrupt, I basically had to say never mind the fact that the judges on these unregulated UFC shows are hired by the UFC, paid for by the UFC, chosen by the UFC, flown in by the UFC, etc. In the case of that particular fight, I think it was just a case of the judges being gutless in not wanting to have the fight scored 2 rounds to 0 headed into the final round, which is unfortunately not that uncommon to see, and then giving the final round to Bisping, which at that point would give him 2 rounds to 1.

That decision was rediculous. There was hardly any offensive action from Bisping. He had less than a handful of good flurries and about 3 solid takedown defences. Hamill had several takedowns throughout and dominated the standup in the first round. Not to mention, whenever he got in trouble he was able to neutralize Bisping with either the front headlock or a solid takedown. BAD JUDGING!

This fight was obviously fixed. Are the announcers such schills for Dana White that they can't call bullshit when they see it. It was an obvious 30-27 for Hamill. How about Bisping talking shit after a fight he knows was a gift. Matt Hamill was all class after getting homered by the UFC. Look for Bisping vs Rampage. Good job, Dana "Don King/ Vince McMahon" White. Your sport is officially tainted.

UFC in England was my first and last UFC fight. Obviously it is a corrupt "sport" that is more WWF than real fighting. The funny thing is that my friend always says boxing is corrupt (which it is), but the corruption in boxing mainly has to do with managers, not fixed outcomes!

I agree with everyone... this is BS.. Another thing that pisses me off is Joe Rogan.. He sucks so bad as an anouncer. He doesn't even know what he is talking about, he gets the names mixed up all the time, and he always talks about how good his favorite is. He is a FAKE

Matt Hamil clearly won the decsion aginst bisping. Matt hamil in my opion was too gracos in defeat, yet it was admirable of him. Mike on the otherhand is the complete opposite. I would have been happier if at least the commentaorsexpressed there feelings. I ddint even here rogan say that he though the fights desicion was wrong... he just acted as if mike was the winner.

I had Bisbing as a slight favorite going into the fight and, boy, was my judgement incorrect. But not nearly as incorrect as the 3 folks that handed Bisbing a most shameful 'victory'. Thank goodness I didn't actually have to pay for the fights; and I definitely won't be paying for the UFC fights later this month...for the same reason I stopped ordering PPV on boxing matches.

Matt Hamill WON!! He just got robbed, I'm so mad how they did this to such a nice guy like him. Bisping has no class afterwards to talk trash, seems to me that's all he knows how do, cuz when it came time to fight he didn't do nothing, he look like a towel that Hamill was tossing around. The UFC better fix this and give Victory where its deserved,and thats to Matt The Hammer Hamill!!

Was Hamill robbed because he's not as marketable as Bisping? Was Hamill robbed because of England's history of rioting during/after soccer matches if their own lost? Was Hamill robbed because he's deaf and graceful in his loss? Either way, Bisping, White, and the UFC owes Hamill and the fans an apology and more!

Hamil won the match and bisbing was not even CLOSE! This was a horrible decision! I NEVER really watch UFC and NEVER will again. To me this stuff is as set up as wwe's pathetic smackdown shows. I hope UFC ends. Too many rules, too many stupid judges. Why dont they just make each match untill someone h=gets knocked out! Like i said im done with UFC.

Where are you Dana White? Everyone who watched the fight knows it was fixed. How else can a guy dominate for 3 rounds, completely mess up another guys face, have the only uncorrupted judge score it 30-27 and then lose a split decision. Joe Rogan, are you such a puss and so afraid that your jock sniffing gig will go away, that you can't come out and say the decision was garbage? Bisping was afraid of Hamill and you could see it in his eyes. I always thought that MMA was different than boxing, pro wresting and acting......but now I think it's all the same. Rich guys playing us all for chumps. Piss off UFC!

Hammil won but im sick of all the people blaming bisbing and the UFC. It was the judges fault. We should be petitioning to never have a fight in a place that doesn't have an athletic commision. Are all of you going to get up in arms the next time a guilty murderer goes free. I doubt it. There has been so many of these in boxing and fighting in general. I think if it wasn't on Spike and it wasn't Matt Hammil most of the people wouldn't know and or wouldn't care. Again Hammil won but HE put it in the Judges hands. Ask any fighter that loses a decision. They will say you never put it in the judges hands!

Hamill and Guida both got robbed this year, but Hamill's dominance gets the nod for biggest sham. Decisions like this remind me of boxing, which is crooked as a Washington politician.

Matt won that fight, im very disappointed to the point im willing to stop watching the ufc for good, dana white should do something about this, perhaps make bisping fight Houston Alexander, also have bisping make a public apology for making the bad "go back to wrestling" i was in disbelive when he had the gots to say something like that when he had his ass handed to him bad....

I am a big fan of bisping and I know a few of the lads from the wolfs lair where he trains, but that result was a load of bull! Me and my 2 mates had scored the fight the same as the 2nd judge 30-27 to Hamill, I am never watching UFC again as I am so disgusted and angry that I paid a lot of money (£110) to see it!!!

He might have won the battle but Bisping definitley will lose the war. That tainted win will come back to haunt him. Someone needs to get fired for that one.

The Hamill decision was the worst travesty so far in UFC judging. One blog I'm on regularly that typically gets about 50-80 posts with post-event comments has 275+ as of this morning. Near total support for Hamill with a few provocateur pro-Bisping posters.

What I'd rather comment on is what's next for Crocop. I believe he signed a four fight contract when he came to the UFC? And he stated at the time he is probably going to retire after the contract is up... so this next fight will be his last. It's problematic because his competition has to be stepped down considering his 1-2 mark but he's still getting paid top dollar. He isn't getting a title shot so this last fight should be a 'gatekeeper' fight where a younger up and coming guy should look to get past him. Brandon Vera is already scheduled to fight Sylvia. Who would fit the bill? I can't think of anyone.

I was shocked Bisbing won by the decision. I agree it looks more like a business decision to retain the uk fans. i guess Bisbing had won the fight before it even began as long as he hasn't got KO. It's a sad day in UFC. now would be interesting to see who'll be the next victim...

I'm from london and so wanted Bisping to win. But even I could see it was a terrible decision, there's no way he deserved it. Also, after his pathetic arrogance after the fight theres no way I'm a fan any more. Are the judges incompetant or were they told to side with Bisping so that the UFC will continue to grow in the UK?

I think that Dana needs to address this Hamill Bisping situation as soon as he can. If you let a subject as powerful as this stir up on the internet people will start thinking that the fights are being rigged in the best interest of the UFC's marketing power.

Mr. Mohapatra: I agree with most of your blog; but I take issue with your comparison of the Bisping/Hamill decision with Ortiz/Griffin. It was entirely reasonable to see Ortiz as the winner of that fight. Ortiz had a HUGE 1st round, and got the sole TD in the 3rd round. The 2nd round was unquestionably Griffin's. Scoring that fight for Ortiz is believable. Bisping/Hamill is universally considered a travesty.

I've watched plenty of fights, going way back to UFC 1, and have never gone online to read about them the next day. Until today. It is two days later, and I still feel sick about what I saw Saturday night. I'm glad to see that the rest of the world feels the same way about the Hamill fight. I have vowed not to watch anymore, unless Dana White does something to respect the overwhelming and unanimous recognition of this travesty in his fan base.

Please make sure you sign the petition Pramit links to in his follow up to this post:

Much like one of the above writers, I have never gone online after a fight looking for reaction. After the Bisping - Hamill fight I had to though, just to make sure I was watching the same fight as everyone else. Like most of you, I'm absolutly disgusted. If this was a ploy by the UFC to gain fans in the U.K. it has completly backfired. It sure didn't take long for the UFC to turn into the joke that professional boxing is.

this is crazy. Hamil won this fight hands down. UFC will go down just like boxing if this isn't fixed

DANA WHITE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petition started just click and sign the petition to dana white

I like many other UFC fans am very disappointed with the Hamill - Bisping fight decision. I have always found the scoring in the UFC to be very fair and accurate but obviously something changed last Saturday. I hope that the decision was not tainted in an effort to gain or grow the UFC popularity in the UK and Europe???? The UFC is on the verge of becoming HUGE...don't blow it and repeat what has happened with boxing. Many fans will be watching to see how you handle this unfair decision and be waiting to see who Hamil fights next ...BE FAIR...rematch????

The Hamill/Bisping fight tainted the whole night of fighting. I'd think that the UFC could at the very least black-list the "hometown" judges and make sure impartial judges were hired in the future. The crooked judges should never be allowed to judge in the UFC again.

The Hamill v Bisping fight was complete bull in an attempt to retain to UK fans. The fight should have been at worst a draw, but Hamill had Bisping covered convincingly for the first 2 rounds, which should have been enough to get Hamill the win. Matt Hamill is an inspiration for all who fight and follow the sport, its now tuesday and this still disgusts me.. something should be done!

Matt Hamill was definatley robbed in this decision which CLEARLY should have seen him as the winner. Hamill won the first round soundly, the 2nd should have been his as well...the third could arguably been Bispings. Matt Hamill showed himself as a true warrior and Bisping i lost much respect for due to his post-fight comments. Matt Hamill is still undefeated in my book.

I have one thing to say and that is this is the first time I believe that the UFC screwed up totally. I am a huge fan of UFC and found the fight between Hamill and the other unknown a farce. I really thought better Dana but I now think that this is all about $$$$$$. We all know that Hamill won. What I think happened is the UFC was afraid to allow Hamill to win because they where on British territory. Dana, I really expect better from you but you disappointed many fans. This has changed my mind about how I look at the UFC.

Can I say that I am truly pissed about the outcome of the Hamill/Bisping fight?! Though these both are clearly talented fighters WE KNOW who the winner is. As for the other fights, I knew my boys Jackson and Alexander were going to go home happy. My dad says always bet on black, LoL, but I bet on whose got better technique. I don't know what's going on Cro Cop though, if he doesn't get it together soon, I don't think I can sit through another one of his matches again.

I felt totally discusted after hearing the decision on Bisping and Hamill. I can only imagine how Hamill felt. I have liked both of these guys since watching them on The Ultimate Fighter. But something has to be done about that decision. The UFC cannot play favorites, no matter where they are fighting at. How does that decision make other fighters in the UFC feel. Knowing that they could possibly dominate a fight and still lose it. If Bisping won that fight, then Tim Sylvia is still the heavyweight champ. I am really glad that I didn't Pay to see it. Let everyone know that I will not buy another Pay Per View fight until I hear Dana White make this right. The anwser is not a rematch. So if you like the UFC as much as I do then boycott with me so no one else gets taken advantage of.


I'm glad that me and the guys at my house for the fights weren't crazy. We almost fell over when they said Bisping won. Dana..........Do something please

Matt Hamill clearly won the fight. I don't know how Bisping, the promoters, judges and Dana can live with themselves. This reminds me of Roy Jones Jr in the Korea Olympics. Dana, how can you call yourself an honorable man to put up with this sham? I never liked Bisping's arrogance but he showed a lack of class with accepting something that was not his (Victory). He didn't even acknowledge Hamill. NOT COOL !!!!!

I was at the 02 in LOndon for the UFC and agree totally that Hamill was robbed. The judges scoring that fight must have been watching something completely different to what i saw. Being English i really wanted to be happy with the fact that Bisping had won but i simply couldnt - i was completely shocked at the result and feel that the 'real' winner of the night was Hamill.

Dana White do something. All you guys sound like little bitches.If the fight was scored wrong its not Dana Whites fault or Bisbings. White did not fix any fight. The UFC has more money then they know what to do with. Bisbing losing would not stop the brits from comeing to UFC events. The bottom line is everyone thought Bisbing was going to walk over this guy and it did not happen. I think everyone really thought he was going to pull it off and they convinced themselves he did. This is not the first or last time this will happen. Why does everyone want to believe the fight was fixed when at any second you can be knocked out. Sera knocked GSP out. I guess Dana fixed that one to. If Sera would have out pointed GSP no one would have believed it.People grow up. The decision was very close. The takedowns everyone keeps talking about was more like Hamill falling on Bisbing holding his leg. Hamill did not one time pick him up and slam him. Thats a takedown not falling on a guy. Then Bisbing got right up. I would say that Bisbing escaping all those takdowa was worth as much as the takedown cause Hamill did NOTHING when he had him on the ground. I believe if Bisbing would have taken him down he would have won the fight. All night the front kick was open the leg kick and everytime you faked hamill dropped his hands and left his head open. There will be a rematch and I can tell you now hamill will be knocked out or submitted. Bisbing was over confident and did not train correctly for this fight. Watch what you ask for you might just get it.

The Bisping vs Hamill fight is a disgrace and blemish on the UFC, especially the guy who scored the fight 30-27. This fight was clearly fixed and unless this is addressed myself as well as all my friends have agreed to only start watching K1 and Bodog because unless the UFC ends in a knock oout, you cannot trust a fair judgement. It's absolutely shameful. Hamill shouldn't even have to fight him again, Hamill should automatically move up in the ranks and get the next big name fight.

where should i begin.i was rooting for bisping for weeks before the fight.i was rooting for bisping during the fight. but i will NEVER root for that arogant peice of crap again. If i was bisping, i would take my "win", give the other guy credit and say that i was disappointed in my performance. then humbly leave the octagon.instead,this guy has the nerve to say "who's the real winner of the show now"...or 'back to wrestling for you'.... what a chump. and just as bad,theres that idiot joe rogan who just stands there like a complete retard with that confused look on his face while interview bispind right after the fight. u could see it on his face that he was confused by the decision but either because Rogan is
a) a [expletive]
b) is scared dana will snd his ass back to fear factor
c) is just a complete idiot (which wouldnt be hard to believe either)
JOe just stood there and said NOTHING. oh bisping,i used to like you, but u really disappointed me,not just by your poor performance,but for your poor attitde after the fight. i mean most fighters dont act like that even if they've CLEARLY WON the fight, and bisping took a beatdown and STILL had the nerve. what a guy. i hope he wasnt in on the whole scam,at least this way we know he actually THINKS he won and which willl make his childesh behaviour a little less disgusting than if he actually knew dana white and the judges gave him that fight. i order EVERY UFC every month on pay per view, this ends now. how do i know other fights will not be fixed? poor matt hamil, he's overcome so many obsticle in life to come this far,only to be comepletely SCREWED for all his hard work. some justice.
p.s. i've always referred to BISPING as a "relentless" fighter, but in this fight it seemed HAMIL was the relentless one...cant believe bisping could just "ACCEPT A FREE WIN" like that and still bad mouth the other guy. i wonder if it means anything to him that 99% of UFC fans know he didnt truely win that fight...or is it just about the $$$. and i wonder if that uncle fester bald egg headed dana white (LOL, a GUY named DANA) knows how badly he screwed himself by allowing this mockery to occur and go unrectified. you suck dana,u peice of trash.

I’ve been watching since UFC 1 and to be honest, this was the most obvious manipulation of scoring i have ever seen.
1. Why wasn’t the fight sanctioned?
2. Who benifits MOST from a Bisping win in London?
3. Why did the judges feel the need to explain themselves?
4. Was the explanation credible?
5. Why did 90% of MMA fans/writers feel Hammil should have won?
6. Did Matt Hamill score points while on the ground?
7. Did Matt Hamill already have a mouse on his unjder his right eye prior to the fight?
8. Did Michael Bisping scramble or did Hamill allow him to stand?
9. Who brought in the Judges?
10. Who did the drug testing?
11. How much money stood to change hands prior to the fight(vegas odds).
12. Can the fans do anything about it legally ie. demand an investigation?
13. Would their have been an investigation if the fight had been held in Nevada?
14. What was Dana’s response to people who ask these kinds of questions?
15. Do the fans have the right to ask these kind of questions?
16. What has been the UFC’s number 1 priority since the controversy took place?

If you honestly answer those questions (and many more that are out there) and still want to reduce it to a bad call it’s upto you.

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