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September 9, 2007

The Hamill-Bisping fallout and trust

Wow!  The 24 hours since I wrote my UFC 75 recap have seen this blog light up with the comments of angry UFC fans who agreed with my assessment that Matt Hamill had been robbed in his split-decision loss to Michael Bisping. So far, only one of the comments discussed the potentially more newsworthy fact that Quinton Jackson is the unified light heavyweight champ or the fact that Mirko Cro Cop appears to be at a major crossroads in his MMA career.  No one wanted to talk about the new light heavyweight phenom, Houston Alexander.

The blog comments have been nearly unanimous in their sentiment that Hamill was the victor.  Many readers also didn't appreciate Bisping's comments in his post-fight interview.  Others vowed they wouldn't pay to watch UFC again and some likened this decision to what they have endured with boxing.  Even others felt the outcome was rigged, WWE-style. 

In fact, a petition was started Sunday morning in response to the outcome of the fight:


I discuss MMA periodically with a friend of mine, Cale, who lives in England and who is himself a big MMA fan.  When he read the response to my blog entry and the comments of disenchanted fans, he mentioned that MMA in general and UFC in particular have to build "trust" during this period of growth.  I couldn't agree with Cale more.

And, as I told him, I think the sport faces two problem areas right now and both come down to how much fans trust the product they are watching:

1) Steroids

Fighters and fans alike want all fighters to be tested and they want the tests to be random.  While this does not fall under the purview of promotions like UFC in states where the sport is sanctioned, these promotions still take a hit for the current policies, whether fair or not. 

It turns out that at UFC 75, drug-testing was under the care of UFC since the sport is not sanctioned in England.  The question then is, who specifically did the drug-testing, how many fighters were tested, and what are the results?

Fans simply will not accept cheating, even if there is only a perception of cheating.  Barry Bonds' reputation with baseball fans is a prime example of this attitude.  But, even the reputation of professional wrestling -- which is not a competitive sport -- has been tarnished by its recent drug scandal.

Fans want to feel that those who hold the power in the sport -- the promotions and the sanctioning bodies alike -- are doing everything they can to combat abuse and appropriately find and punish offenders.  Fans want to feel that the product they are watching is as clean and as fair as possible.

2) Judging

The Hamill-Bisping fight is not the first time a controversial decision has been reached by judges.  The problem with such decisions is the perceived lack of accountability and some very wild differences in scoring seen not only at UFC 75 but also in other events (for example, IFL's team semifinals last month.)

In this case, because MMA is not sanctioned in England, UFC brought in the judges to score the bouts.  Couple that with the fact that UFC is clearly trying to make inroads into England's MMA market and the fact that hometown boy, Bisping, received what many felt was an undeserved victory and you have the ingredients that help make the conspiracy theories so popular.

As I mentioned in my recap, three professional judges should not be able to watch the same fight and come up with such wildly different scores.  Somehow, objectivity must be injected into the scoring equation.  Are takedowns, submission attempts, and Octagon control given proper weight as compared to striking?  Does the power of a punch or kick or damage done with a strike come into play? Should judges have to explain their decisions?  In other words, should judges be held to a higher standard -- not simply render a score based on the 10-point must system but also explain how they arrived at that score?  Do we need something like CompuBox for MMA?

Regardless of the answers to all these questions about steroids and judging, building the trust of the fans should be MMA's main goal.  The sport is enjoying unprecedented success and mainstream acceptance right now.  But, the public is weary of perceived boxing-like flaws and won't tolerate them for nearly as long as it tolerated boxing's indiscretions.

And besides that, shouldn't today's conversation really be about Rampage's victory and Cro Cop's fall and not about a decision between two middle-of-the-road light heavyweights?  Unfortunately for UFC, all the fans want to talk about is the latter and that can't be good for the sport.

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Bisping needs to go down to 185 and even there I don't think he'll do all that good against the likes of Silva, Henderson (if he goes down in weight), Franklin, etc. He doesn't have their talent or technique.

Though Hamill is one strong dude I think he proved that Bisping is too small to compete against most legit light heavies like Chuck, Rampage and yes, Alexander.

Speaking of Alexander, the "old man" impressed me in his last two victory though I'm reserving judgment until he fights more than a minute or two. What happens when his "youthful", ala Mike Tyson, style doesn't lead to a quick KO, which it likely won't against the best fighters. At 25 it's hard to keep that kind of pace up for more than a few minutes, at 35 will he gas after that? Does he have a ground game? Take down defense? Is he schooled in submissions? He's put on two very entertaining fights and I'm a fan (though he should give the post fight macho thing a rest), but the jury is still out. Usually these explosive fighters don't last long .. usually is the key word.

do not forget the announcers who said nothing. No comments what so ever. NO BALLS.
In boxing it at least got to the point were it was comman to hear :" you never know what a judge is goning to do or what fight he's watching"


I was at UFC 75 and I've watched the fight back on tape. Hamill Clearly won that fight 29-28, winning the first round by miles, the second quite clearly and although the third round was close, the late flourish by Bisping at the end of the round meant that Michael just got the round. That's the general consensus of most MMA fans. Its interesting to note that not one single judge got it right.

A 10 points must system does not work in MMA. Pride’s judging system was the best I’ve seen. The fight should be judged in its entirety. Rounds work in boxing but Boxing is not MMA (thank goodness) and Boxing judges make the terrible MMA judges.

Also very disappointing was Bisping's rather reaction to his "victory." He showed no grace and acted like he knocked Hamill out in one.

Matt Hamill was the clear winner. He took it to Bisbing the entire time and Bisbing was tired and outfought. PERIOD.

Well alot of bad thing's have been going on in the UFC as far as calls go. I did not agree with the point being taken from Tito holding the cage I thought it was called too soon without much warning. I dont agree that the Chuck and Rampage fight should have been stopped at that time Chuck was clearly not out and not hurt. And now this with Hamill and Bisping. I wanted Bisping to win this fight but it was more then clear that he had not. You could also hear the fans reaction to it after the call. They was not happy with it at all and they love Bisping. Now its not no reason to be upset with Bisping as it was not his call and he did not judge the fight of course. His words after the fight are ones he should have said if he did win I dont deney him that factor. But it was more then clear that he lost and even more upsetting is that fact that No ONE said anything about it during the showing. Joe Rogan did not say anything Randy did not say anything ect... It all comes down to the UFC fucking with Tito Ortiz again IMO and I think that's messed up. If the UFC keeps going down this road they will ended up falling and be really on the bad end of things.

I have to yell shenanigans along with everyone else who watched the Hammill/Bisping fight. There have been past 'judging anomalies', but this latest one is the most obvious.

The root of the problem can be summed up in two words: Dana White. The guy is a douche. He is a shrewd, heartless business man, which is fine. But he's done what he's good at (promoting) and now the UFC (and by extension MMA in general) needs to be held more accountable if it is to continue its evolution into a more legitimate mainstream sport. This isn't going to happen while White is pulling the strings, MMA's best friend has now become its worst enemy.

A question: If such a spurious decision was made by judges in a match held in Vegas, would the Nevada State Gaming Commission or whichever governing body regulates MMA have cause and authority to pursue an investigation?

I am an English MMA fan and trainee and did watch UFC 75. I am no English biased viewer and had looked forward to the event with much excitement. I did watch the fight after drinking only one beer and do think that Bisping did indeed win the fight. I do think it was close, but myself put it just in his favour for the following reasons.
1/ Before the fight Bisping was said to have the advantage in stand-up and Hamill was one of the best wrestlers in the UFC,
2/ Bisping dismissed the improved stand up claims and was shocked by hamills barrage during round one. Bisping threw a wobbler between rounds with his corner and came out to round 2 with open cut and potential stoppage face injuries.
3/ If Hamill was indeed superior to Bisping he would have continued with his round 1 damage and had Bisping bleeding under boxing blows to finish him in the second round.
4/ Michael go his head together and pushed out the jab to hold off Hamills blows and every time he did get taken to the ground by an ORTIZ assisted. USA champion wrestling wonder, Bisping avoided ground and pound and got up to standing and started throwing the Bisping Jab.
5/ Hamill did look frustrated and if he admit the truth,he would say that not many people have been against the cage with his power and weight on them and just worked into a postion to stand up.
6/ To defeat a champion you have to beat him at your game. Hamills game was wrestling, Bisping survived his best and stood up to throw the jab. Bisping is great at head kicks, but used his experience to avoid throwing these into a submitted ankle from Hamill. IF Hamill is so weak and needs to drop to 185 then you better tell Hamill he aint so strong at 205 cos our weak english 185 pounder only threw him off a few times while he tried "BORN IN THE USA" ground and pound....

Matt Hamill was robbed....where were comments by Joe Rogan and Randy
Couture... balls...
no respect for UFC if this bullshit continues....

Matt Hamill WON this fight!!!!!!!!!!

i was outraged, i couldnt wait to see this fight as a fan of the ultimate fighter series. i couldnt wait to see two of my favorite fighters go at it. it was a great fight, that hamill obviously won. I've watched it twice now. Bisping didnt even do that good in the third round, he still got taken down twice for about two minutes of the third round. I'd still give him the third, but close. Hamill clearly won the first two rounds. I like both of those fighters alot but hamill clearly got screwed. How can Joe Rogan say "this is a tough one to score", when everyone back in america (true ufc fans) knew the decision. Dana white better have this on his mind, because the judging was terrible.

bispings win was a joke. Worst judging i've ever seen in mma or boxing and I've seen some bad decisions. I've watched every UFC event since Shamrock -Ortiz 1 and have never seen such a one-sided fight ( for hamill) judged so badly. was this home town judges or blind judges?

Yeah I didn't have the volume turned on because I was at a sports club but I was totally astonished. This put a big dent into my respect for the UFC. I was literally in shock... that is the biggest discrimination in all of history televised live. Hamill was robbed and totally disrespected on live national television. I am not sure I will look at the UFC the same again.

"Well alot of bad thing's have been going on in the UFC as far as calls go. I did not agree with the point being taken from Tito holding the cage I thought it was called too soon without much warning. I dont agree that the Chuck and Rampage fight should have been stopped at that time Chuck was clearly not out and not hurt." Are you just trying to find things wrong? Tito held the fence like 10 times and was warned and chuck was ricked with his hans out making a snow angle... dont just go making crap up saying everything is wrong becasue just this fight was judged wrong... and it was not a clear victory it was close... hamill did win though

I was definitely grieved by the decision the judges handed down for the Hammil/Bisping fight. I haven't witnessed injustice like that in a long time. I have invested many hours and lots of cash (no betting) into the UFC over the past two years and I will continue to do the same if this issue is dealt with quickly and decisively . I was equally grieved by Bisping's attitude after the fight. I used to look forward to watching him fight but that has changed forever for me. How could he be so arrogant when he just squeezed out a "victory". UFC fans are smart, they not only look for a good fight but they want to be able to get behind a fighter.

Mr. Bisping, if you have any true fans left, they are probably family and friends who would love you for the rest of blew it..and that's had a bright future.

There is a chain email out there that is encouraging UFC fans to boycott UFC 76 to send a message to ZUFFA and Dana White...I'm taking them up on it and sitting this one out...for Matt Hammil...for the future of MMA.

Dana, speak up NOW!

Chuck and Rampage fight? that WAS a good stoppage. Chuck wasn't hurt? He sure looked hurt to me and didn't seem to whine when the fight was stopped.

As for Jo Rogan and Randy not speaking up. Remember, this was on tape delay and there were a TON of commercials. Perhaps, and this is only a guess, any comments by the guys could have been edited out due to time and or done on purpose. Jo did say before and more importantly AFTER the fight that Bisping should go down to 185 ... why would he say that if he thought Bisping won?

Bisping and Hamill rematch! Please have the fight in the US. Thanks.

I think alot of people are pretty biased based on nationality, the Brits say that Bisping won, the Yanks say Hamill won.

So here's an objective 3rd opinion: I'm Canadian and I think Hamill won. I was even hoping Bisping would win, as I like Bisping. I'm even glad that he won, but not like that - because Hamill decisively won that fight. Hamill did get tired towards the end, but he landed shots, takedowns and was on the offence the entire fight while Bisping was on the defense and didn't land hardly anything and didn't take Hamill down at all.

At least 1 judge scored that fight the way it should have been, the other 2 were obviously swayed to choose the local boy for some reason.

I have never been so disappointed by a fight decision in my life. Bisbing's face after the fight showed that even he knew he had lost it. There's not too many fighters in UFC that actually have class such as GSP, but Matt Hamill is one of them, it really sucks to see him get screwed like that. Bisbing calls Matt arrogant, but Deaf people tend to be more blunt or strait-forward about what they feel and because Matt is confident Bisbing mistakes it for arrogance. Bisbing is the arrogant one. He said "I clearly outboxed him" yeah right.

I think the issue here (assuming we dismiss the conspiracy theory) is the scoring system. If you looked at the Bisping-Hamill fight strictly as a boxing match - you could argue that Bisping won. He is simply a more skilled boxer, moved better and did more striking damage. But the problem is there is soo much more in MMA and Hamill won in those areas as well as being more aggresive and taking more risks. There needs to be a better system for scoring fights that takes the complexity of MMA into account. The 10 point boxing system just doesn't work for MMA.

For anyone interested, here is an additional petition with over 2,100 signatures already.

I'm an old guy,who's reached couch potato viewing status. The Hamill/Bisping fight got me very worked up, outraged, off the couch looking for some vindication for Hamill. It was surrealistic listening to rogan and the rest, It felt as if i had just been told that black was white.
And Bispings comments were shameful.

I am shocked and outraged that Bisping was declared the winner! Matt went out there, and did exactly what he said he was going to do - beat the @#@# out of Bisping! If Bisping was a real man, he would have walked over to Matt, and raised his hand. Afterall, he did WIN the fight. Instead, the babbling Brit took full credit for something he knows he did not earn!

Bisping is a joke Hamill had that fight won just from the takedowns alone,and thats not even saying anything about Hamill out striking bisping, I had the fight scored 30/27 winner by unanimous decision Matt Hamill!

It is a well known fact that in this sport you do not leave the decision up to the judges, it is too hard to remove all of the bias. I dont care who you are there is going to be bias in every decision. I do not think that the fight was fixed, but maybe there was a fourth round they did not show on television. Matt Hamill took it to Bisping, and he did not want to do it on the ground. He wanted to show he was more than one dimension, and did so, and you can not argue with that. Yes he did not do much on the ground, did not even try, but he stood in with a great striker, and proved he had the ability to strike and wrestle as well. Matt Hamill also proved great sportsmanship in the after fight interview, but the pain in his eyes told the story....even if no one else was willing to do so.

I don't want to see a rematch, I want the decision reversed. Dana White claims that the UFC is different than other sports (Boxing/Wrestling) but this dedcision contradicts that 100%. If something is not done, I will not give the UFC another dime of my hard earned money.

The reason this is Dana White's fault, for those still wondering, is he all but admits it to be at least an indirect fix. The promoter was also the regulator and in charge of both hiring and regulating the judges. The promoter/regulator put together a card with a pro Bisping bias. The judges (as might be expected) reflected the bias of their employer and regulator. That's a clear conflict of interest, and is why internal regulation is inherently suspect, and implicitly crooked, backroom deals aside.

worst judging ever. Bisping was scare all the fight. and his cocky attitude knowing he clearly lost. Hammill won and if ufc think they can manipulate us to believe what they want they are sorry mistaken

matt hamil won everyone knows that even bisping knows it

As a hardcore UFC Fan who liked Bisping, that was the worst scoring ever. I can live with close one's that could have gone either way, but Hammil had Bisping's face battered in the first round and almost took him down at will. Bisping had a couple of desperation charges, but otherwise, it was all Hammil. Boooooooo. Bisping turned out to be a chump to boot. Booooooo.

if this is what the ufc is going to become i'll never order a fight again. Dana better publicly address the situation and why did the announcers not say a word about the obviously wrong decision? It was the biggest joke i've ever seen. Those judges should neer score a bout again

I'm with Anthony. I say NO to re-match. Hamill WON it loud and clear. Dana White needs to step in and correct this then award Hamill with a step forward to a chance for him to win a championship!

It's difficult to add much to what everyone else is saying. The Hamill/Bisping match was very much like an IFL match or a boxing match where hometown judging rules. If Dana White doesn't do something NOW, he's likely to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. The perceived fairness and realness of UFC fighting is what has attracted many of us to buying UFC pay per view events. If UFC fight judging becomes hyper-technical like in boxing (fighter A touched fighter B 154.657 times vs. 152.421 times for fighter B, so we award the round to fighter A), it will lose its attraction. One of the great things about the UFC is that a normal person can watch a fight and almost always tell who won (and be right). Hyper-technical judging is often just a ruse to award a round to whomever the judge "likes." The Hamill/Bisping fight was a disgrace to the UFC.

The fix was in. Bisping could of been knocked out or submitted and he would of won a decision. The commentators are so scared of Dana that they kept quiet. Bring back Pride and lets have real fights again!

Matt Hamill clearly was ahead every round against Bisping. If this fight would have been in the US, Hamill would have won fair and square. Hamill is the most humble fighter saying this was a fair fight when it clearly wasn't. He was robbed and the UFC needs to recognize this.

So just when you thought Basketball was the only sport that was fixed...guess again.
The truly sad point that is being over looked, is that the only person left holding the bag is the unassuming "special needs" fighter, who is too nice a guy to say anything about it.
As for "The Count" who obviously wasn't able to count the number of times he was punched in the head and taken down, sadly showed his true colors after the match was handed to him.
As for the commentators who did no commentary on the decision, their lack of words resonated louder than the booing English fans, their silence spoke volumes about how truly afraid everyone is of Dana White.
Sadder still is Dana White trying to sell more tickets off a rigged fight. Read his comments on the fight and pending rematch, it makes any sport lover sad that they ever helped this infant sport rise to the top.
We the viewers are MMA and it is imperative that we not reward this type of blatant cheating. We as a whole have the loudest voice. With this in mind, Please do not buy UFC 75 and send a message that this type of behavior cannot be tolerated. maybe we can still save this great sport before it becomes too corrupt.

Evil begets evil...let's stop the cheating now.

Hamill won hands down!
Shame on the judges and all who were involved. hamill is already challenged in life. He doesn't need to be handicapped by Cecil Peoples!

MMA + Cecil Peoples = Boxing

I was astonished at that decision. But it is obvious to me what ol' Dana is up to: EXPAND THE MARKET AT ALL COSTS. Dana wouldn't want Englands UFC golden boy to England!! That might deter British fans!

As for Bisbing's after fight attitude, all I saw was a guy who is not used to losing trying to reconcile his shame.

I am really happy that England is getting into MMA. Obviously England has a lot of talent that will fit nicely into the UFC very soon. But to placate to the audience/host country/city like that is ridiculous.

Bisbing fought very defensivly and by that I mean he got taken down then scrambled up and continued backing up....for 3 rounds. His boxing, although more technically sound, did less damage than Hamill's and did not equal the points scored by Hamill's takedowns, aggressivness, and the fact that Hamill staggered Bisbing. Couldn't of they at LEAST called a draw and a sudden victory round 4? Even THAT would have been fishy (a la many Pride FC fights with Japanese golden boys/heros)but to just go ahead and hand over the "victory" to the local favorite? Sad. And I must say it was a dishonor to the British audience/fans, almost as if Dana doesn't think the English could watch their own fighter lose. I find that disgraceful and if I was English I'd be mad. Because, isn't it really about the fighters and not where theyre from? Isn't the goal of competition to see which athlete did the best?

I feel like I should comment on Jackson vs Hendersen and Cro-cop vs Kongo too.

Hendersen got tired at the end and Jackson finished strong. Besides that, it seemed close to me. Jackson was obviously more powerful and his strikes looked like they hurt. Hendersen looked more technically sound on his feet and off, but couldn't match ol' Rampages power and cardio. Rampage won. Dan will be back.

Cro-cop...siighh... That was bad. I don't want to ignore Kongo here, he looked good, not great, but good. Kongo pushed the pace and did not fear Cro-cop at all. I thought his striking was solid and K-1 caliber. Cro-cop on the other hand seemed timid and unconfident in his striking. Even his left leg seemed scared. I don't know if he was being gun-shy from his last experience or if Kongo truly threw him off his game. I doubt the latter because Mirko has faced many-an-opponent who outshines Kongo in Pride AND K-1, coming out the obvious winner. In fact, I can't remember if I've ever seen Cro-cop be timid before...even against Fedor he still seemed confident in his game plan/strategy. I'm not writing Cro-cop off like many other fickle "fans" have, but I will say that his intro into the UFC has been pretty bad.

Replying to seth
"One beer" You must have been stoned to think he won the fight. He did not take Mat down once and in the toe to toe he was not even close to Mat.
Like everyone else that commented on it, Mat was dominant in every way.
Bisping came out shooting his mouth off and had nothing to back it up. It was disappointing for UFC to have a result like that.

Its not Bisping's fault he won the fight!! Why are you all blaming him?! Yes he didn't fight as we expected him to, yes we all think Hamill should have won but why are you putting Bisping down? Because he's English? It was the Judge's decision not Bisping's. Us in the UK should be backing him up in this and blaming the Judges and the organisers. I am sure deep down Bisping knows he shouldn't have won and perhaps should call a rematch with Hamill. So stop slagging him off over what you believe was an incorrect decision!

No one's blasting Bisping the way he fought Catherine. People are blasting the man because the way he accepted the victory with his little speech that Hamill should just go back to wrestling. Watch the fight again and his reaction. Plain as day he knew he lost. Bisping was not a gracious winner. Hamill had every reason to be screaming and stomping over this decision. He took the high road and held Bisping and the judges in high regard after a horrid decision. The UK fans at the fight noticed this because you can hear them booing over the decision and cheering Hamill when he spoke. Be honest with yourselves UK fans. The better man did not win. Rogan and Goldberg....I don't understand you guys. Your silence spoke volumes.

You girls need to stop crying. Hamill lost because he wanted to toy with Bisping. Bisping should have lost because he had zero focus before the fight. Personally, I feel that Hamill GAVE his victory away and the judges responded accordingly. I also agree with Bisping that Hamill's in the sport for all the wrong reasons. Matt "The Hummer" Hamill doesn't get any special consideration from me because he's deaf. He's quite obviously a very capable person. I also seriously dislike Hamill's attitude? I'm glad he was on the verge of tears after the fight. He needs to learn a little humility.

We put Bisping down because he is egotistical, not because he is English.

I signed the petition, Hamil should have won hands down. I literally fell to my knees screaming in agony when I heard the decision!

In response to Plain Sight, I've never heard Hammill say that he should have special consideration because he's deaf. And concerning humility, Hammill was the only one between the two fighters to show any.

I also believe that UFC fans should boycott the next pay-per-view event to send a message that this sport is not about promoter politics.

I have to agree with almost everyone here,,,,,Hammill won.
I actually wanted Bisping to win, I really like Bispings style(although he will most likely not get a title shot)
I lost a lot of respect for him after the fight b/c of what he said.
I do think that he was embarrassed.
but that is no excuse to sound off like he did.
I thought that Hammill was a bit of a baby on TUF. BUT he also was really classy at the end of the fight.
I am sure that he knew going into it that he was the underdog, more so with the match being in England.
Come on people, go back and watch the fight and TELL me how he lost?!!
To mr Peter Hogg, I know that you are English (although I really dont think that matters)
everything that you mentioned "in favour" of Bisping was defensive.
The match is scored on octigon control (Hammill pushed the fight the whole time)
Aggression....Hammill was pushing the fight the whole time except for the in the 3rd round and even then Hammill controlled and pushed Bisping to the outside. But you could make a small argument for Bisping....SMALL! not enough to win.
Bisping defended the whole match....that doesnt make a winner in my books.
thats my 2 cents....

I wanted to comment on the Bisping and Hammill fight.I clearly saw Hammill win the first two rounds.Then all of a sudden because Bisping wins one round he gets the decision because he was at home.I liked Michael Bisping before this fight but for him to really think he one that fight is a joke.I would love to see a rematch in the U.S.A so Hammill can get a real decision if not a T.KO over Bisping.Bisping had no answer for Hammill until Hammill got tired in the third round.This is what i think acout the fight.

UFC will end up becoming exactly what every non MMA fan has said all along and that is that it’s nothing more than a circus with fighters who couldn’t make it in other combative sports and had to go to the lower sport of MMA. The decision that Bisping received over Hamill will just add to this belief. I am a converted boxing fan who got tired of all of the unjust decisions in boxing and thought I found a home in the UFC with fights that were won on skill and ability not home town favoritism. Bisping did not win the fight and his post fight interview showed how sad of a fighter he is. He was completely disrespectful towards Hamill and yes you could tell by the look in his eyes and his expressions that he knew he got away with one. Mr. White needs to step in and do the right thing. All he needs to do is look at the fight and explain to us how Bisping won. A rematch would do nothing to take back the fact that Hamill was robbed and sadly the "loss" on his record will never go away. But, hey at least on the 8th of September UFC stood right beside boxing and thumbed their noses at us. It’s sad that this had to happen and until Mr. White does something to stop this the UFC will lose all the creditability that it has worked so hard to gain. Like the saying goes you can spend 20 years gaining a customer’s trust and lose it in 20 seconds with bad service. The Bisping decision was very bad for the UFC.

This is why boxing is so terrible. Who wants to invest time and money to watch a fight that will be decided based on political or economic reasons.

Bisping wnnning would have been great for the UFC since the fight was in London, and would have garnered huge fan support.

The reality is, however, that he was outfought and outclassed, and although it may have been unpopular to award the fight to an American in London, it would have been the right decision.

I was truly sickened by this decision. I am even really having trouble understanding the argument that Bisping won the 3rd round. The UFC really took a huge backwards step Saturday. I completely agree with most of the comments posted here. The announcers are told not to dispute the decisions I'm sure. Too bad we cannot even trust someone like Randy....very sad!!!

Re: Henderson/Jackson

I thought it was a very close fight that could have gone either way, though the rounds Jackson won he won more decisively imo, so I don't have a problem with the decision. What I do have a problem with is Jo Rogan saying he too (like Bisping) should go down to 185. I know that's where he started but Jo is acting like Dan got dominated which was not the case at all. He lost a close fight and it was very competitive. This is a guy who fought and beat NOG! and other heavyweights, a guy who KNOCKED OUT COLD Silva. He belongs at 205 as much as anybody, if he decides to stay there. I'd love to see him against Chuck or Alexander, both of whom I have him beating.

I am a relatively new UFC fan and regularly watch as much as you produce for the last couple of years. For the first time ever I must express that I am suspect of the Matt Hamill / Michael Bisping decision. I am not particularly a fan of either fighter yet cannot see how Bisping pulled out a victory in this fight. The fact this was held in England makes it even more suspect but this you already know. I know "bending of the truth" exists in all sports because "humans" are the same overall. This fight outcome in particular seemed to spit into the face of a fair outcome. "Life is not fair" is a reality I am aware of but to say Matt Hamill lost this fight would be a poor judgment. The "cherry" on top of this specific debacle was the complete lack of class Bisping demonstrated during the post fight interview towards his opponent after his opponent handed him his ass most of the fight. To end this on a positive note, I am grateful this was offered for free on Spike TV! With the exception to this specific outcome, I thoroughly enjoyed the fights.

I watched it last night. I am a Brit and wanted Bisping to win, but I had all three rounds to Hamill.

Hamill dominated the octagon, controlled the fight and took Bisping down seemingly at will.

Maybe the result was predetermined and the fighters were in on it. During the first round I mentioned to the people that I was watching it with that I thought Hamill was proving a point to Bisping by dominating him standing, taking him down, then allowing him to get back up. That was my reading of events as I watched it. That Hamill was toying with Bisping.

If Bisping - Hamill was an indication of Bisping's ability to make an impact on the next level of MMA fighters, then it would appear he has a lot of work to do. I thought Hamill totally dominated him.

Dana is the new Vince McMahon. He is orchestrating storylines....personal feuds...the product placement in the Ultimate Fighter show is shameless. He needs to stay off camera...out of sight...and concentrate on making the sport REAL again.

Stop moaning you bunch of girls!!! Bisping won get over it!!!!

Can you say Dana McMahon?

This was a good fight, both fighters fought to the best of their ability and Hamill clearly won(no need to break down round by round). We shouldn't let 2 judges ruin our opinion of what MMA has become and will be in the future. Horrible calls/judgement by officials has effected every sport through time, we see it everyday. Dana White just needs to make sure those judges never come near the octagon again. Let's move on.

This decision is certainly a big step in a scary direction. Never before did I think I would be doubting the legitimacy of my favorite sport. It really, truly makes me sad.

With that said, I STRONGLY agree with all of those who argued for the case of accountability. Why should judges have the final decision? Why should everyone else be helpless to do anything about this? That's assuming the judges were even using their brain and not their pocketbook.

When the entire world is in outrage, the decision should be re-viewed by professionals. In this case, I have no doubt it would be overturned, justly, as it should be.

Utmost respect goes to Matt Hamill for being such a good sport.

I suggest that everyone reading this take action and e-mail the UFC on their main website -- our cries of shenanigans must be heard. :)

hey morons you dont get points for takedowns when your opponent gets back up at once ans strikes back at you !!
Bisbing had the fight !!
HAMIL WAS DONe after round 1 !!
WAKE up you jealous haters !

Matt Hamill won the fight fair and square! He is an amazing fighter and only lost because Bisping was in London. I think it was completely wrong and distasteful that the UFC allowed him to win. We all love Matt and know the truth of who won...That's all he needs to know.

Bisping's statement:

As most people will of seen the fight with me and Hamil was a close one. I have seen the controversy surrounding the decision so obviously have to reply. I personally feel he won round 1 and I took rounds 2 and 3. That said it was close and can I understand how some people would think differently. On the night I was given the decision and he wasn’t, on another occasion it could of been different.

Looking at message boards it appears that some (major understatement) people are pissed off about my comments afer the fight. Looking back I should of given Hamill more credit as he fought a great fight and has improved his all round game a hell of a lot. What you have to remember is though the adrenalin was running through my veins, I had fought a hard fight and was obviously happy to get the decision. I would like to take this opportunity to say well done to Matt for fighting great and bringing the fight to me big time, I should have commented on this on the night.

I have contacted the UFC and stated I would like to rematch Hamill at everyones earliest convenience as I’m sure most of you know, no fighter wants a win when the decision is debateable. I am happy for the fight to take place where ever, and look forward to settling the score once and for all. I personally feel we put on a great fight for the fans and perhaps people should focus on this more.

I apologise to all my fans who feel let down by anyhting at the weekend, hey Im a young man with alot of emotion and sometimes say things in the heat of the moment.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who has sent me there messages. Theres been to many to reply to them all. I will say this though, if Matt Hammils gonna cut me next time he might need a carving knife as Ive definately got thicker skin over the last few days.“

I could care less what either fighter has to say. No offense intended and I understand the need for some sort of damage control given the circumstances. I'm still waiting for something to be there actually will be. I will continue to hold out with hope, but if a rematch ends up as the answer, I'll never watch UFC again. Vince McMahon wont want the competition Dana. He is far more experienced in that game than you.

Hamil was screwed. Bisping only landed a few good hits and he got rocked by Hamil and taken down at will. As for the Brit who said Bisping got away from ground and pound you can tell that Hamil let him up to beat his ass on standing. A pathetic display by the judges.

That was the worst decision i've ever seen, it what is suppose to be 'real' fighting and not WWE fixed.

Hamil shouldn't even take the rematch. Of course Bisping wants it, no one things he won that fight...and he didn't.

Hamil won that fight 3 rounds to 0. I would almost consider not watching UFC anymore because of this decision.

I'm sure its been said, if fights are going to be fixed by poor judging then I might as well go back to watching WWE.

Or you take the judging away, and go until the other gives up or is knocked out.

I would put that right up there with the New England Patriots cheating.

I would be ashamed Dana White & the UFC.

I don't really think there are hometown heros in MMA. UFC and fighting is all about explosive action and good fights. All of the fans want to see an exciting fight and the winners should be the ones who preform the best. I was impartial going into this fight, I liked both fighters and planned on watching a good fight. I am American but I like GSP, Gracies and other (non)American fighters because they fight well. It's interesting that so many UK fans support Hamill in his loss to Bisping and it should prove to Dana White and the UFC that fans want to see the best fighter get the decision. I'm really sick of hearing Dana say " Never let it go to the judges" Just because it goes to the judges doesn't mean you shouldn't get a fair shake.

What Bisping said after the fight was wrong but you can't really blame him after all of the smack talking and hype before the fight, I was disappointed but I'd like to see the rematch.

After watching the fight I have to say that Hamill has massive potential, more than Bisping.

But in this fight Hamill was his own worst enemy. Even in the second and third rounds he has Bisping on the floor a fair few times, but what came of it? A few punches in the third but nothing else. He didnt dominate he just seemed to think that once Bisping was on his back the job was done.

I think Tito needs to pull the guy aside and teach him a few pounding techniques. If he had landed a few more then he would no doubt have won the fight. Taking someone down and laying on them proves nothing, he shouldnt be rewarded for simply being the more powerful of the two fighters.

Also his stand up lacks any technique, he seemed to be throwing and hoping, whereas bisping was picking his shots. Bombs when they hit though.

Can't wait for the rematch, unless Bisping improves massively he's gunna get hammered.


Oh and stop with the 'Bispings hometown' rubbish. London isn't Bispings hometown, in fact saying this is the equivelent of saying Tito's home town of New York. He's from the complete other side of England.

f the judges hamill got screwed

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