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November 3, 2011

Perry Hall boys soccer forfeits Class 4A North semifinal after allegations of taunting

By Todd Karpovich
Special to The Baltimore Sun

Officials at Perry Hall have decided to forfeit their boys soccer team’s upcoming Class 4A North Region semifinal game following allegations of taunting after the Gators’ 2-1 win at Dulaney in Tuesday’s quarterfinal.

Several family members of Dulaney players sent emails to Perry Hall principal George Roberts complaining about the Gators’ celebration following their victory. One alleged the Perry Hall players made “lewd and suggestive movements that showed absolutely no respect or sportsmanship.”

Players told coach Pete Eibner that they were imitating a dance called the “Bernie” performed by Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and running back Ray Rice after big plays, but that they were not taunting anyone from Dulaney.

Roberts said he spent more than eight hours Wednesday interviewing players and coaches and sorting through emails from people who were at the game to determine what happened during the celebration. After compiling all of the information, Roberts decided the best course of action was to terminate the rest of the season.

“No educator likes to see kids that upset,” said Roberts, who noted that there was no video available of the incident. “Depending on whom you ask, the [players’] dance was either offensive or non-offensive. Based on the information I received, my concern was that they engaged in a celebratory dance at that time and in the manner that they did. Ray Rice might do that dance, but performs in front of 60,000 people. He is a pro athlete and is paid to play. These are high school athletes.”

The Gators were scheduled to play James Hubert Blake in the regional semifinals Friday. A forfeit would result in James Hubert Blake automatically advancing to the regional final.

Parents and players from Perry Hall are trying to convince Roberts to reverse his decision before that.

Dave Liberto, who has a son on the soccer team and works as a liaison between the Perry Hall boosters and the team, said there was no taunting and the players were simply celebrating the victory. He said the players did a similar dance after their first-round playoff victory over Sherwood.

He said the Dulaney parents might have taken offense because the celebration was done on the Lions' side of the field.

“It was merely a simple, celebratory ‘Bernie’ dance,” Liberto said Thursday. “For them to cancel the season on us is brutal. [Roberts] can reverse his decision today and they guys can start training tomorrow. It's a big deal. We're a solid squad, and these guys have done a lot of good things.”

Liberto said some students held an impromptu protest outside the school Thursday morning.

Dave Carder, a Dulaney fan who emailed Roberts to complain about Perry Hall's celebration, said that at the end of the match, the Perry Hall players gathered in the center of the field and jogged over toward the Lions' fans. He said he initially thought they were going to applaud the fans, which is a tradition among soccer teams, but they instead broke into the controversial celebration.

"Several of them did a very noticeable pelvic thrust at the crowd and were pointing at their privates at the same time. It was 10 seconds," said Carder, who has a son on Dulaney's junior varsity team. "It was absolutely shocking. I was one of about a dozen Dulaney supporters who wrote an email to the principal. I spoke to him that night and I spoke to him the next morning. I wanted to register my disgust and my displeasure with him directly, because I'm involved in soccer. It was fine game. There was no particular animosity during the game.

"I find myself having mixed emotions about it, but I think it's the right decision. You can assume there were some ring leaders and some kids who just went along because of peer pressure. I feel bad for the kids who had nothing to do with what it was."

Ned Sparks, executive director of the Maryland Public Secondary School Athletic Association, supported Roberts’ decision and he said it was Roberts’ prerogative to take any action he thought was necessary under the circumstances.

“We have to remember this is education-based,” Sparks said. “This isn't the rec league or AAU. He took action he deemed needed to be taken. From a point of view of teaching good behavior, to the point of view of sportsmanship, to the point of view of setting the tone for what level of behavior is expected, he should be applauded. They are high school kids and they're held to a different standard.”

Eibner said he did not see the incident following Tuesday’s game because he was talking to his own players and consoling two Dulaney players.

“We have said all season long that we win with class, lose with dignity,” Eibner said. “I cannot say that the boys handled themselves with class, because they obviously did something that was interpreted by their parents as taunting. They are now having their dignity stripped from them, and our goal is to hold our heads high through it.”

Dulaney coach Jerry Tana also said he did not see the dance by the Perry Hall players. However, he said Eibner has always been a role model for sportsmanship.

“I know that Pete feels terrible, and I feel terrible,” Tana said. “They played a good game and won fair and square. However, in this day of society, with the emphasis being good sports, that kind of conduct cannot be tolerated. I’ve seen brawls break out among high school players for less than that. I do feel bad for Pete. He’s a good guy and a good coach. They have a good program. We have a lot of respect for their program and their school. We hope there’s a bigger lesson here than winning games that can be passed down to all Baltimore County high schools. I feel terrible their program is not going forward.”

Perry Hall athletic director Robert Hruz and Dulaney athletic director Mike Lafferty could not be reached for comment.

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This is ridiculos. Don't penalize the whole team for this. The referee's should have sent the capatin off the field for tauning and the team should be playing its next game. Perry Hall has a proud tradition of soccer and excellent play. The principla is wrong in his decision,

What a joke of a decision

On wjz news tonight, total emphasis on the upcoming ravens steelers game was put on trash talking and playing violently - in other words having poor sportmanship.

These are the kinds of decision made by people think everyone should get a trophy just for participating. Winning team punished for celebrating.

I am never one for getting the courts involved but if my child were a member of the Perry Hall team, I would have already contacted a lawyer and turned this into a freaking circus for the principal who backed the opponent's fans, not his team.

Way to have the teams back, Principal Roberts!

Young men learn from the adult thugs this community adores: the Ravens.

Well, I know what schools my children will not be attending when it comes to that time. It's 2012, if your kids can't understand/ handle something that mundane and that's on tv, then perhaps you should have done a better job raising them. Just sayin....

HORRIBLE!!!! Dave Carder your an idiot. To think it was that extreme is just crazy. A stern talking to, along with a warning and one day of missed training was all that was needed. I hope you feel good about yourself Dave. The punishment is not even close to fitting the 'crime'....or in this case 'dance'


Young men learn from the adult thugs this community adores: the Ravens.

Posted by: Eli

I assume you call them 'thugs' because they are predominantly black, right? Because they don't participate in thuggery off the field and not much on field...

My take- there was probably a more humbling alternative to teach them better sportsmanship (ie- embarrassingly having them apologize to Dulaney) than to scrap the season.

Also- how much of a loser can you be sending an email to the winning teams school crying that another team did a pelvic thrust dance when your team lost.

Seems there are two versions of what occurred here. I realize that the principal has the ultimate decision in this; however, with the impact that this forfeiture has, I would like to know where the Office of Interscholastic Sports for BCPS stands on this. It involves two of their member schools. How about Ron Belinko getting of his a** and weighing in on this most unfortunate situation!

Dave carder and the dulaney parents are all idiots and sore losers..get a life jerks

For one it was the principals decision to forfeit the game, not the Dulaney parents and two they should win with class, which I guess they dont have

If the principal didn't see it and it was a 50/50 split on the action being offensive, I believe this team deserves the benefit of the doubt. In a court of law you are innocent until proven guilty...I am pretty sure hearsay from some sad sack parents is not enough to keep this team from playing. This is a team that worked hard all season and Principal jackass doesn't even back them!!!

It really angers me that the Dulaney parents reported our kids doing lewd acts. We were there and the kids performed this dance and did not point to their private parts. It's also upsetting that the Dulaney folks don't have the same standards for theirselves. People in their crowd actually cursed at our team and made the same lewd gestures they accused our team of. Some of the players cursed at our team as they shook hands. The varsity Dulaney girls performed this dance on the sideline tonight after loosing their regional game to Perry Hall. Should we call their principal and complain. Normally, we would think it is a joke and shake it off, but with all that has happened to our boys team the Dulaney girls act must have been planned to taunt our kids and boys team many of who were in the stands. Do I want those girls to suffer a consequence? Should the Dulaney boys' team be punished for their behavior? I think with all the problems our country faces today, we should try to keep the poor decisions of the teenagers in perspective and realize it's not earth shattering stuff.

The Bernie dance has absolutely no vulgarity or sexual meanings at all. It's basically leaning backwards, swaying your arms. How the Dulaney parents mistook this for pelvic thrusting and giving the bird, I don't know. And if Dulaney thinks the Bernie is such a terrible dance, why did the boys at the Dulaney vs perry hall girls soccer game (which PERRY HALL won) do the bernie right at the boys in the stands from ph? Utter lack of respect and sportsmanship from both Dulaney parents & athletes. Btw, @Schmit, it was the sore loser parents of Dulaney that caused this whole incident to blow way out of porportion and caused the suspension of the team.

Wow the Ravens are thugs?? Does this apply to Joe Flacco cause he is a Raven but does not seem thugish and also Dulaney you lost you should leave why are you watching the winner celebrate?? The celebration is for the WINNER!! And lastly what kind of school spirit does the principal have?? Does he live in Dulaney?? Is he alumni?

I don't agree with the decision fully, but I also don't understand why so many people think an orchestrated group dance immediately at the end of the game is not an affront to sportsmanship. I also don't see how this is considered common. I am involved with soccer and regularly attend HS and Club games, yet do not ever see such things done after a game. Players may mob one another for a minute or even 2-3, but then they get up and shake hands with the other team. The people saying that professional players do this are clueless. Professional soccer players sometimes have a brief celebration after a goal, but after the game they immediately find a player from the other team and shake hands (or even exchange jerseys). Most of the PH players are aware of the culture of soccer and sportsmanship, and they have never seen such a thing on TV. This must be something popular at their school or amongst themselves and they should have kept it off the field. Oh, and I have seen playoff games over the past week involving Loch Raven, Friends, McDonogh, and Dundalk. No one did any sort of orchestrated celebration or show any form of poor sportsmanship. Teams won, celebrated briefly in an impromptu manner, then gathered themselves and thanked the other team for the effort. PH should have done the same and I suspect they will for years to come.

So the only way the Perry Hall principal could teach the kids a lesson is by going to the most extreme punishment available. A seasoned educator could not think of a better way to teach these players a lesson, if it was actually taunting? Which no one is sure of. Would the same punishment apply to a debate team, if they did the dance, or does this only apply to athletes. Unfortunately, it seems with athletes you are guilty until proven innocent.

A very sad and bad decision made by a seasoned educator.

My son played for Patapsco Sr High and we went through the same thing with Dulaney except dulaney's parents complained a Senior on our varsity team made lewd remarks to the sideline and ended up being suspended for the season because of the preasure the parents put on the school, no one other than a few Dulaney parents saw the incident. Dulaney beat us at that game , but my impression of the parent's are they are better than anyone else. you need to sit back and let the kid's play , I coach club soccerand I find the kid's feed off of the the emotions of their parents, and that is the biggest problem I see in youth sports, Perry Hall should be aloud to continue in the playoffs . Go PerryHall...

Why not just ban parents from the games? Parents are stupid.

This is like a Frankie Valli song from the 60s. Snooty folks from Dulaney Valley object to Perry Hall kids with Italian-American names moving their pelvis forward when they do a celebratory dance.

Poor Dulaney and poor Carder. How about telling the Dulaney kids that if you are insulted by Perry Hall's actions, beat them next time. Why can't parents staying out of every little thing with their kids? If Carder is insulted...get over it. I have been out of Baltimore for 25 years, but I can see how Dulaney still has its spoiled babies!

To the poster who called the Ravens thugs (you sound VERY jealous you were a poor athlete haha)...I guess the LOSING coach who jumped in Jim Harbaugh's face is a LOSING THUG as well??? Just saying! hahaha Let me know if you have seen any Ravens behaving like thugs. Last report I read Webb made some school kids happy (surprise visit) after a company ripped them off!! Just saying! Seems to me coaches can't handle losing anymore. Personally I saw nothing vulgar about the dance. Hey LOSING coach if the team LOST and did the same dance why do I have a feeling nothing would have been said...crickets crickets?? I'm glad my student athlete college daughter didn't attend this high school...........I had enough dealing with ignorant Mervo parents who couldn't deal with LOSING!!!

Administrators who were not present should not make such arrogant moves. Obviously that principal could not have made his own varsity team and is getting even for getting a wedgie when he was a teen. He has been waiting years to get even with the Jocks.

Dave Carder and Jerry Tana Comment. That's classic. Both are involved in Club Soccer as well and to try and hold their comments as feeling "terrible" about the principals decision is ridiculous. I've heard first hand comments from Mr. Tana threatening to put an opposing coaches head through a wall during indoor games. Referees hearing comment ejected Mr. Tana from the game.
Sad, sore losers. Always have been and aparently always will be.

Administrators who were not present should not make such arrogant moves. Obviously that principal could not have made his own varsity team and is getting even for getting a wedgie when he was a teen. He has been waiting years to get even with the Jocks.

I see the Rich Parents got there Way!!!! They are the ones who can't see to loose!!!!! What Rich neighborhood does The principal live in? Off York Road?

Good sportsmanship is of course important but so many professional sports players are role-modeling the opposite. In the old days, players from Dulaney vandalized our high school's sports field with paint. So, some of the players did some celebrating or taunting the other team.. Big Deal! And Principal Roberts spent a full day of tax payer money investigating this and being the judge and jury??? Instead of doing his job??? Few people even play soccer, it's only recently become popular in this area. Does Principal Roberts realize the value of sports? Why doesn't he spend 8 hours investigating the bullying that happens at Perry Hall that my son was a victim of... and the crime and drug problems of Perry Hall High School... instead of some soccer players getting a little carried away??? I'm outraged. Was Principal Roberts at the game? Maybe if he was there supporting the school's team the whole game, he would have seen the supposed taunting first hand and not had to waste 8 hours of time on the job.

This was a good decision by the administration. Whenever someone talks about cutting a sports budget in school the first thing you hear is how important sports are because they instill sportsmanship in the kids. This is not sportsmanship, it is a learned response from ALL of those NFL, NBA and MLB players that celebrate, dance and make fools of themselves whenever they get a chance.

The other learned response that will be next will be how the parents and students will be ready to sue the school because it is their right! Get over it, learn a lesson and try to be better sports next year!

Absolutely absurd. I am a PHHS alum, and I remember when our mens' varsity soccer team lost to Dulaney in '92 or '93. When the game was over, all of the Dulaney players pulled off their jerseys and underneath had t-shirts with a "gator" (PH's mascot) encircled with a slash through it, like the Ghostbusters. Now that is pure class. Seems no one from Dulaney thought that even remotely offensive to anyone. Surprise surprise.

This is completely outrageous! The Dulaney parents, Perry Hall's principal, AND Dulaney's principal should be ashamed of yourselves. Making such a fuss over the Bernie dance - get with the program! Removing these OBVIOUSLY talented players from further competition (PH) and condoning the action (Dulaney)...way to send a "message!" I just wonder if, instead of jumping to a decision - which was evidently done here - addressing the team, the Coaches, and the parents of the PH players might have found a more evenly tempered consequence. I think that the PH principal is showing these kids that another person's will can be inflicted upon them and they have to take it....I certainly hope that the parent's find some legal recourse if the principal does not overturn this decision. Disclaimer - I have NO dog in this fight!

Im from edgewood and dont care about perry hall but they got jerked. Dulaney paremts need to get a life. Mad as shit cause they LOST. The principal is a freakin retard and must have some kind of ties to dulaney for a bs decision like this. That parent Carder get a life doushe!!

What an over reaction.

George Roberts and the other "officials" should leave sports officiating up to the sports officials and team discipline to the coach. Especially when he/they are going on the word of the opposing teams parents word, which could be fueled by sour grapes.

Way to go, nice clear headed decision making.

Wow....what a wimpified and emasculated society we now live in. Gone are Bob Mitchum, John Wayne, Stece McQueen, heck even Clint Eastwood replaced by purse-holding Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin.....(sorry, I just threw up in my mouth) but I digress, this heavy-handed, knee-jerk decision is really not shocking anymore. Gone is any spirit of competition, fight or any form of exultant celebration for a game-hard fought or a job well-done. That might insult the losing team.....BLAH!! If the PH kids were dropping f-bombs or bad mother jokes that's one thing but to punish them for the Bernie, Dougie or any other dancing -ie is over the top.....I betcha Dave Carder and George Roberts were shoved in lockers or picked last for dodgeball when they were kids.

Unbelievable dulaney what a bunch of sorry excuses for athletes and parents steve bumbry would not be proud... I hope perry halls principal is made a mockery out of for forfeiting the playoffs. Enrollment in both schools should be way down in the coming years after this debacle. Let the kids play.

I don't have anything to do with either time, but I'm stunned and saddened that the principal caved to the sore loser parents. It's a cowardly move to listen to a couple of whiners and sink your team's season. Talk about killing a fly with a sledgehammer. You have no backbone, principal.

This amounts to ruling the death pentalty for shoplifting a candy bar. It would not have happened if Perry Hall had beat a team from a blue collar area. The Dulaney parents are the ones who are showing poor sportsmanship. Their kids losing a soccer match is likely the worst thing that has happened to them in years.

Principal needs to recall his stupid decision and allow perry hall to play soccer. They deserve to play!!

This is absolutely over the top. What has happened to high school sports in the state of Maryland? I remember in 2005 Centennial High School in Ellicott City had a more than stellar Varsity lacross program. After every game their team would assemble at mid field and dance to the "jump-off" song played through the PA system. Their administration seemed to be all on board with this. As I attended a rival high school this upset me but for a parent to seek retribution, as was done by Dulaney High School, sends the wrong message all together.

I applaud what Mr. Roberts did, I do not know either team, But my son played high school lacrosse winning a state championship and went on to play in college, I think it is about time that more players learn to conduce themselves respectively. A true winner jumps up & down then goes to shake hands. Just because someone else does a dance don't make it right. Just saying.

It's from a freaking movie!!! The movie was hilarious. I live in Perry Hall and didn't even go to the school. Did the Dulaney parents send e-mails to the movie producers when the Weekend at Bernies actor did the "pelvic thrusts?"

This is exactly what is wrong with this country. You have a bunch of pansies in charge that make stupid decisions. Why in the hell would you punish the whole team,the school and community what a joke you are George Roberts you have no Balls and should be run out of town.

This is pathetic. This is why our country is so messed up. Dulaney parents should be ashamed. Id bet any amount of money they would be upset if the shoe was on the other foot and their silver spoon feed kids had to forfeit the rest of the season. Dulaney players, students, parents, and fans.....suck it up. Losing sucks. Its apart of life. I really wish I didnt have to raise my two young boys in such a pansy world we live in. Perry Hall Principle.....Was this the only option??? Dont think so. This kids are doing the right thing. Did they have to celebrate? Of course!!!! They are kids! They won a playoff game. Those kids will remember this for the rest of their life. Way to screw things up DBag. Pathetic......

I am parent of one of the players and I was standing in between the our team and the home team stands during the incident. There was no vulgarity at all! In fact as soon as it happened Dulaney Parents were alleging that our team was putting their genitals in their faces and pelvic thrusting. Utter and complete lies! They demanded to talk to the principle and AD! I knew there would be an issue but nothing like this! The principle forced the boys to write an apology to Dulaney for making lewd gestures to them. My son was not involved in the Bernie (only about 1/2 the boys were), but was mandated to write an apology--3 hours later, the same person who forced the apology letter, cancelled the post-season! There is a video of the situation--but Principle Roberts did not do a proper investigation (Nor did the leaders of Balto County Public School-who support the decision). He never contacted the parents to ask what happened and many of us were there. He took the word(s) of the parents of the losing team! He told our sons in a meeting that he would rather forfeit the season than lose his job. The coach from the opposing team wrote a letter indicating that the act was not as the parents described! This is my son's first year at PHHS, I am seriously regretting pulling him out private school. This is just insane. We live at a time when kids are killing one another and these kids are getting punished for celebrating a victory at a game. Did this so called educator think about what it would do to these boys self-esteem? It wasn't that serious! I am disappointed with the Administration at PHHS and with upper echelons of Baltimore County Public School. It's frightening to be frank!

Dulaney needs to get over themselves. Don't hate the players hate the hame. If the shoe was on the other foot and that was your kids dancing and celebrating I'm sure you wouldn't think twice about it. These are kids celebrating a huge achievement. Let them enjoy it. Stop crying about it and let them play.

Are you serious? Offended by a dance? Welcome to the "Feel Good Era" These are the same parents that think their children can't do anything wrong, still hold their hands, and live very privileged and sheltered lives..I hate to be the "bearer of bad news" but in these politically accepted days, discipline is influenced by public opinion and favor. People make complaints everyday. It's just sad that an alleged "unsportsman like conduct" has led to this. What happen to the days of "In-house" discipline? This is absurd...I'm almost embarrased to even read this. I don't even live in the County any longer, but I must say; I'm not surprised. I grew up in Eastern Balto County in the 80's and 90's and things were the same then as they are now....the voices from the parents of students in "privileged" communities were often heard. Best of Luck!

Political correctness gone wrong. Let's be serious, were the parents more offended or the kids? If they were offended by the loss and the celebration then maybe we need to stop keeping score. Maybe these parents need to "Occupy Amateur Sports".

When is dignity and civility going to return to sports? Our job is to protect and guide. It is not to rescue from the natural consequences of inappropriate behaviors. What all of us do impacts on others, and this is an example.

Here is an odd connection - Dave Carder(The sore loser in the article) is President of Baltimore Soccer Club and Jerry Tana(Dulaney's Coach) is the Director of Coaching for Baltimore Soccer Club. And BTW - There is video and they did not touch their privates or do anything vulgar. Seems like there may be other motives at work here.

Hey, Dulaney parents, if you didn't want to see the Bernie dance, maybe your kids should not have lost the game. I don't have a dog in this fight since I don't have a child at either school, but what a bunch of whiners and what a politically correct, STUPID, COWARDLY decision by the Perry Hall principal. I hsve no idea how any student or parent or community members supports a principal who is unwilling to support his students.

Here is an odd connection - Dave Carder(The sore loser in the article) is President of Baltimore Soccer Club and Jerry Tana(Dulaney's Coach) is the Director of Coaching for Baltimore Soccer Club. And BTW - There is video and they did not touch their privates or do anything vulgar. Seems like there may be other motives at work here.

Dulaney has a history of poor sportsmanship and bad attitudes. Earlier in the season their varsity girls spit and refused to shake hands when they lost to our school. We didn't whine to their school.
Perry Hall's Principal is over-reacting and not teaching anything by taking the boys out of the playoffs; just appeasing the elitist mob.

we going to the finals

I don’t have any children/siblings at either of these schools, but the behavior of the parents on BOTH sides is more appalling than the behavior of their children. Get a grip, parents. Regardless of what the dance was, does anyone actually believe that parents recognized a dance from a movie in 1989 they probably had no idea was popular again?? Conjuring images of the “Bernie” dance, is that something fans with their children (who definitely don’t know the reference) need to see?? It wasn’t the dancing that was the problem. It’s the fact that it was clearly choreographed that makes it excessive celebration. I’ve witnessed games where a cartwheel after scoring a goal was deemed excessive celebration. The PH principal was in the right; after all, this is public school where everything is policically incorrect. PH parents: stop blaming everyone else for the mistakes of your children. And stop hiding behind social constructs of what is deemed “appropriate” in professional athletics. High School students should be held at a higher standard of behavior than professional athletes. DHS parents: Learn how to lose graciously. All of you writing letters to the principal whining about this is excessive. Yes, it was an upset. Yes, the other team won fair and square. But writing to the principal of the school and requesting for them to be disqualified is just juvenile.

Both parents of DHS and PH need to get a life. And use this as a growing/learning experience for your children. And for pete’s sake: MOVE ON!!!

Just a case of another administrator or person of authority being, for lack of a better word, a total wuss. Rather than stand up for his school and his team, he bows to unreasonable pressure and cancels the season. This cancellation causes much more harm and screws many more people than this so called "unsportsman-like dance" did. For Pete's Sake, keep things in perspective. Sorry pal but in this world sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. You have to be able to take the ribbing if you lose. It grows character. If you don't like it, work harder and find a way to win. We are breeding a country full of emotional wussies. Time for some people to "grow a pair". I went to this school many years ago and now my kids go to this school and I am embarrassed by this Principal's actions!!! RIDICULOUS!!

The fact of the matter is that the referees have the ability to give yellow or red cards to players for unsportsmanlike conduct or other infractions. The fact that the referees did not intervene speaks volumes that what the PH kids did was nothing more than a silly celebration. Further more the fact that principal Roberts, who was not even in attendance, decided to drop a nuclear bomb on the team based on complaints from Dulaney is ludicrous. This guy should clearly not be in charge of a school if he is going to make such over the top rash decisions. Let the kids play.

If he was a good principle he would have been at the game and saw for himself.

@schmitt - You sir are a complete moron if you actually believe what you wrote. So now a team that wins can't even celebrate that win?? Or people like you will dictate how they can celebrate a win?? Would it have been alright to jump up and down and scream and yell. What's the sense of playing the game?? What a dink!!

@jennifer - "get a life"... like something beyond high school soccer, perhaps?

@Debbie H - "it's not earth shattering stuff". Neither are the HS soccer semifinals.

If the kids walked off the field like they've won before & acted with class, none of this happens. It's not the Ravens' fault. It's not the fault of the parents who didn't like the crotch-grabbing. The kids made a mistake. Time to figure out that if you make mistakes in life, there are penalties.

For those who want to keep referencing the NFL - taunting is a penalty in football.

On to more important issues - how are their grades? Ready for college yet?

Have we gotten to point that politically incorrect actions run the entire process?There are winners and losers everywhere and sounds like losing parents can't take the loss.

Let the kids play!

The decision to prevent Perry Hall from playing is an embarrasment to what the school system should be trying to accomplish. My own kids have played with both coach's on a club level and I have also coached kids on Dulany and Perry Hall in their youth. Everyone agrees: Taunitng should not be tolerated; however, to dissallow the team to continue is analagous to expelling a National Honor Society student in his/her senior year for chewing gum or cursing. These are kids. They make mistakes and are in school to learn. To impose a penatly this excessive doesn't align with the BCPS mission statement of increasing student acheivement. It does the opposite--enraging those on one side and pacifiying the other. Appropriate discipline instructs. Again, the decision is way out of line and an embarresment to the school system and baltimore county.

If someone has a video and there were no vulgar actions I hope these young students use it to sue Dave Carder for slander.

The Perry Hall supporters need to get over it. They displayed poor sportsmanship and were busted for it. Maybe they will learn their lesson after this. I guarantee you they won't be Bernie dancing anymore on the soccer field.

Principal Roberts should reverse his decision...and then RESIGN!! That's my opinion...just sayin... I cannot believe that I am actually having to make a post about something so ridiculous. The Dulaney parents should be ashamed of themselves...sad...sad...sad...

Pearl-clutching at its finest.

"It was absolutely shocking!"

Yes, I'm sure it was. Just like that awful Elvis moving his hips suggestively. Well played, Helen Lovejoy.

I think mr.Roberts is wrong! His actions are way over the top.

Principal Roberts is an absolute IDIOT for forfeiting their season. It's not like they gave the Hooty Tooty Dulaney fans the finger or anything like that. They did a dance that every single college team, professional team, and high school team does to celebrate. The only way Roberts can make this better is reverse his decision and let the soccer team play the semi finals that they earned and strived for all season and apologize and say he was wrong. But he probably won't do that because he won't return any calls or emails or parents or anybody else so he probably won't change his mind.

Bad Decision by a typical Administrator. The Refs said nothing, the Coaches said nothing during the incident. Only after the losing team's parents complained was there an incident. Losers always complain about something... A Teasm Public apology for a perceived incident would of went along way. But to Forfeit a playoff game? Fire the Principal!

On a side note, it has been said by a person close to the school on live radio that Principal Roberts was an administrator for Dulaney High School for many years. Just food for thought.

What a joke. Why are parents getting so involved in kid stuff... "Your kid celebrated a win and made my kid sad, i must complain", how about let the kids be kids and shut up parents, its a DANCE! What ever happened to losing a game and seeing how happy the other team was and wanting to achieve better? Oh yeah, that went away around the same time as dodge ball and when people were giving out "trophies for participating"... lame.

The Dulaney parents must have never seen "A Weekend at Bernie's" "The Bernie" is such a basic dance and has no meaning at all. This principal should be ashamed of himself and is a disgrace to his school.

The PH boys are being played as the victims as they were just celebrating and doing the Bernie dance. The fact that they first got together at midfield then they deliberately ran over to our sideline...arms raised pointing, yelling, then apparently Bernie dancing followed by pelvic thrusts and crotch gestures before turning back and running to their bench was all just good clean celebration. I'm sure they were not taunting.

While I am not in agreement that they should have forfeited the remainder of their season, they certainly intended to taunt our fans and acted in a classless, unsportsmanlike fashion. They know it and we know it.

Get a life parents. Dumb decision.

I am so tired of our children being under a microscope if they want to play a sport in high school. Maybe it should be considered a privilege to play on a high school team, but most of these boys and girls have dedicated their whole young lives to the sport. Playing sports and training instead of running the streets. Dedicating themselves to their team at such a young age. These boys on this Perry Hall team I am sure have done just that. You are saying just because they are not professional athletes that they don't deserve to the right to celebrate a goal? Wow. If only you were as passionate about something you just might understand.

It is just a shame it seems that every year there is some school in the area that kids a being kicked off teams or teams having to forfeit, because kids are being kids. Kicked off of teams or forfeiting seasons for drinking, for parting, having sex, and for now for celebrating a goal. To make it clear I am not saying kids should be out there doing these thing nor do I want them to. I wish the powers to be would remember high school. Did they make some of these same mistakes? I am sure most of you did. You all turned out okay. Look where you are you are today.

I think that parents should do their best at home to parent their children. To teach them what's right. To be able to send them out, hold their breath and PRAY for the best. YES, kids will make mistakes. We can not make them do right all the time. They are going to experiment. Please tell me as adult you are always following the rules. That you are always setting the best example you can. That you never make a mistake. You can't!!!! You can't expect these kids not to make mistakes. I would rather my child make mistakes now to learn from them to avoid big mistakes later in life. The punishment was far from fitting. They are following the example of the awesome athletes around them. It is a dream to be a professional athlete. At their young ages they believe they are professionals. They have fought though steaming hot try-outs and gave up the last part of their summer to be a part of this team. They made the team above others. They dedicated their selves. They won a playoff game. Good for them!!! They were the better team that day. Just because of one little thing that the losing parents couldn't handle one little mistake you are going shame the whole team. Just because some parents couldn't handle a loss. They band together to tattle. Shame on them. I could go one with how parents can't handle their children losing and what's wrong with kids today, because they are too babied. Dulaney you lost deal with it and move on. Perry Hall was the better team. They showed up to win.
Roberts you should be celebrating their victory with them not against them.

Baltimore County Public Schools policy rules outline the conduct which is expected from students participating in Baltimore County Public Schools. Another policy, as outlined in the Citizenship Expectations brochure, enforces that student-athletes abide by a code of ethics which will earn them honor and respect. These young men did not participate in acts, as outlined in the brochure, that would tarnish the reputation of everyone associated with the school. The celebration, although unorthodox, was not taunting, disrespectful or vulgar and was not intended to be anything more than rejoicement. These young men played a hard game during which profanity could be heard sporadically throughout the stands and referees were jeered for questionable calls. Both teams remained focused on the game and there was no animosity. At no time did any Perry Hall athlete, Dulaney athlete or coach engage in disrespectful conduct. At the end of the game Perry Hall celebrated. They were not bad winners. They did not celebrate to lower Dulaney’s self-esteem or to diminish the Dulaney effort. The game was played well and fairly. There was no pelvic thrusting or other indecent gesture. There was a short (less than 10 second) celebration. Celebrations are common place during high school games and take many forms; in this instance it was dance. What we have here might not be an instance of inappropriate behavior, but an instance of small minded people reacting to what they “perceive” as inappropriate behavior. These are good high schools kids. Not thugs or disciplinary problems. The Perry Hall team celebrated in front of the stands in whole, not just in front of Dulaney fans. There will always be those parents that take offense to any celebration on the field. The problem arises when one perception of events is weighted more heavily than another. The haste with which Mr. Roberts came to his decision has left Perry Hall students and parents reeling. His decisions to strip the varsity team of it’s regional run seems drastic in light of the fact that the only complaints were levied from Dulaney parents and not the coach, Dulaney players or other spectators. The coaches could not confirm or deny any allegations; the boys interviewed explained their intent as celebratory only and yet Mr. Roberts moved forward with his harsh, and swift, punishment of this magnitude. On Thursday evening, Dulaney Varsity Girls played Perry Hall Varsity Girls in soccer. Both teams played well. Perry Hall prevailed. At the end of the game Dulaney, in celebratory fashion and with good humor, danced. The girls did the “Bernie” and the parents and fans cheered. I think a more important lesson can be learned from our kids. As one Dulaney girl told me after the game, “It’s a game. We play hard and we enjoy it. Parents have to stop trying to make a political issue out of everything.” Who says we’re not raising smart kids.

Sounds like the Dulaney parents can't take a loss. If the opposing team for Dulaney had been Woodlawn, I doubt if the paents would have complained and the proncipal I know would have not forfeited the game,as it would have been considered racism!!!! Everything now is poltical correctness and that is why so many don't like the liberal ideas of the education system

Feel bad for the Perry Hall team, all the work that goes into playing High School sports, practice everyday, sacrificing weekends, and just the effort put in at every game. For all this to be stripped away because Dulaney sucks at soccer, and their parents are sore losers just sucks. Get a back bone Roberts, you suck too.

LET THEM PLAY!!! How absolutely RIDICULOUS! That "Principal" really needs to rethink his decision to not let these boys play. I do not go to PHHS, nor do I have children there, but I am certainly outraged that they aren't allowed to play. HOW INSANE.

@John Schmidtberger - yet another idiot on these threads. " I guarantee you they won't be Bernie dancing anymore on the soccer field." Oh God forbid. What a crime!!! How lame can you get???

At this point, I really hope Perry Hall is allowed to play. The verbal barrage against anyone associated with Dulaney (whether they agree with this decision or not) and the threats against the Dulaney parents that have been made in this and the Patch threads is disturbing. It's funny how so many people are slamming the Dulaney parents for complaining. It seems that the bigger issue now is the Perry Hall parents and fans, and what they may be capable of doing to Dulaney players and parents at the next sports competition between the 2 schools! I hope Dulaney hires a lot of Baltimore County police officers to protect their parents, students and players at the next sporting event between the 2 schools.

I just want to say, im not from this area, nor do I know anyone one from either side of this arguement. I must say though. after reading and watching the information regarding this incident. You people (Dulaney parents) took this WAYYY to seriously. I can't believe you would be such sore losers over your kids not winning a soccer game and the winning team celebrating. GET OVER IT. QUIT CRYING... If Perry Hall won the game. They should get an opputunity to celebrate in a non-vulgar fashion. I'll tell you one thing. "The Bernie" dance, IS NOT VULGAR in any way. Also, to conclude my arguement. The movie they are getting "The Bernie" dance from is rated PG-13. Quit crying Dulaney parents and fans...

From the posts it sounds like 99% of you were not at the game. If a video does it! I love to see it. It would show the majority of the PH hall team acting very inappropriately. Yes, they Bernie danced but they did a lot more as well. Anyone who said these boys did not taunt, pelvic trust or gestured to their crotch was not paying attention. You're lying to yourself. This has nothing to do with DHS getting beat or being sore losers. The game was over and we lost to a better team that day. It has nothing to do with privaledged kids vs blue collar kids. It has everything to do with the PH team being classless winners. How about acting like you've been there before! As I already posted, I am not in agreement that the PH principal should have forfeited their season but some disciplinary action was appropriate. And why is this the Dulaney Principal's or soccer coaches problem? They didn't make the decision to forfeit the season, in fact they didn't agree with it either.

Its a shame that this type of behavior/mentality is being showcased for kids.

What could be a worse taunt that disrespecting your own kids, their efforts, and their character? The principal should be embarrassed.

The Dulaney parents are setting a fabulous example for kids and parents everywhere. They too should be embarrassed.

I hope some good hearted soul allows these kids to play on field somewhere soon...with no one from the school, no one from the media, and no parents.

Good luck boys...I am sorry the adults screwed you on this one!

Pelvic thrusting?!? Oh no - how un-American. I bet Elvis is turning over in his grave.

My son goes to Dulaney. Too many Dulaney parents are wimps, raising wimpy kids. Lose the game, go home, drink a beer, go to bed. Why email the principal because some kid danced on his HOME field. When Dulaney wins, their arrogance stinks up the place. Bad call Perry Hall, Bad Call.

First I was not there. And I know the Dulaney soccer coach. I am a soccer referee and hear the discontent all the time from parents who's team lose. They're bitter and disappointed and usually blame the referee. But if the dance was done at another time during the tournament without consequence or complaint, what is the problem? No one knows the intent. PH will think it's happiness and Dulaney will think it's disrespect. Who's right? No one. It's an opinion. Why should one person's opinion be better than another person's? Why would PH's principal think "Oh, wait, because you have a negative opinion then I have no choice but to forfeit our team from the tournament."? Apologize? Maybe. Forfeit? Why? All that happens is this, the Dulaney parent's who complained will say, "See? That's what you get for dancing in front of us after we lost!" This decision is wrong. If you want to change the policy for post game celebrations then do that, but don't take away the soccer teams right to move on in a tournament after pulling an upset because of a handful of opinions. On a side note, I wonder how many of the Dulaney parents got together after the game and as a 'team' decided to complain to 'teach them a lesson'? And would they have the same opinion if their team (or cheerleaders) did that same dance? Apparently not.

wow --not a local but it sounds as if Dulaney 's parents are a bunch of poor losers. I hope that they do not get to advance now.

This is just dumb. The whole team said they were sorry. now they can play !! desicion was reversed

The PH coach says "we win with class." If he considers that classy behavior, he has no business teaching teenagers. If he doesn't consider it acceptable behavior, maybe he should have spent a few minutes teaching his kids what sportsmanship looks like. Then he wouldn't be in this embarassing mess.

I played soccer throughout my time at PHHS and we were called a lot of horrible names when we visited schools like Dulaney and Towson. We didn't go running to our parents or our coaches that we were called names and cursed at - instead we played our hardest and typically won. Dulaney parents needs to realize that once their little "angels" grow up and go to college they will witness much worse things than dancing after a victory...

The Principal reversed his decision. Good too see good old common sense has finally prevailed over "Politically Correct" pressure. Way to go Mr. Roberts!!

these jerks need to let the kids have fun and play. reverse the decision and let it stand as a warning. AND LET THEM PLAY!!!!!

Perhaps the principal didn't go far enough. All of the student athletes should be expelled and denied college entrance. The coaches should be arrested and banned from teaching.

It's a good thing the Principal didn't have a gun in his desk too...

After all, this was a first offense and if you don't come down hard you create an atmosphere that says dancing and celebrating is acceptable behavior.

Can we also start arresting people for doing "The Wave"? If that isn't taunting the opposition, I don't know what is (and I hate being forced to stand and wave my arms over my head).

I can't believe there are parents and adults on here calling each other idots and jerks! This is where your children get it from! Show some respect! The boys are going to play the game! But realize that they're in this mess because you as parents and adults are acting this way! It is upsetting to both sides! Show your children that you taught them better then to act disrespectful. Stop calling names, and pointing fingers at the players they learned it from you who are speaking the way you are.

Decision has been reversed...Way to go boys and GOOOOOOOD LUCK!

This principal needs to wake up an smell the coffee. Kids are doing this all across the country. I was at a high school band contest 3 weeks ago, and 6 of the 12 schools in the contest had, "The Bernie," as part of their program. So did a college band that performed. Wake up!

To everyone who may be listening, the NFHS Rules states the following:

ART. 3 . . . A player, coach or bench personnel shall be disqualified (red card) for:
b. Taunting - use of word or act to incite or degrade an opposing player, coach, referee or other individual;

NOTE: The NFHS disapproves of any form of taunting which is intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule or demean others under any circumstances, including on the basis of race, religion, gender or national origin.

Having been present at the game I question the decision of the players to preform there act in front of the Dulaney fans at the touch line and the Mason-Dixon officials who are responsible for the match, until which time they are still in charge of the game. Just because the whistle sounded doen't mean they are completed.

The fact that the players made it a point to do there act in front of the Dulaney fans is poor judgement and shouldn't be over looked.

It is high school - we keep score now --did someones feelings get hurt - give the losers a trophy.

I do feel that the final ruling was rather harsh. Although I understand that some parents found this dance to be offensive, I question where the officials were when this occurred? It was my understanding that the refs during any game had the power to deem certain behaviors unsportman-like- seems to me that in this instance that ruling wasn't applicable.
In regards to some comments about..."now I know where I won't be sending my kids..." I find that truly crushing being a former PHHS student that one would be so quick to disregard this school as sub-par. "Don't be so quick to judge-Keep an open mind. It's always easier to point the finger at someone else rather than yourself." Just a thought.

Zero tolerance means zero critical thinking.

Kids should not have had to forfeit. Sounds like some adults got a bit power hungry.

The Dulaney parents are showing their kids the WORST kind of sportsmanship. Suck it up, Dulaney! You lost. Get over it! Its also to bad the principal of Perry Hall is such a spineless jellyfish. He should be removed from his job for lack of judgement in this case. In effect, thats what he's doing to his soccer team. Lame, principal.

To Go Lions. Please don't think that your almighty Dulaney kids are above anyone. After this happened please explain the acts of the girls soccer thrusting at the PH girls soccer victory. Hmmmm???? Did they not learn a lesson? It's easy to throw stones. Your girls acting in retaliation which is horrible is far beyond what the PH boys did. And yes it is and will always be the privilege against the blue collar. Just to get it right I am a true Raider at heart, but I will stand up for what I believe in. Your Lion V soccer team should be penalized too. I hope you are not against that when you are so ready for the PH boys to be penalized.


You got to be kidding me... as a kid I hated other kids for taunting when I lost but it only drove me to be a stronger player... because of other kids taunting I was offered scholarships to college... fuck anyone for trying to shelter there kids from LIFE


Perry Hall Principal has principles. Most of you do not. How about you play the game and then shake hands (not your money makers). Wake up people. These kids needed that lesson. The classy (not rich) parents were right to call them out and smarter for it. Maybe that's why they have all the money now. Some people fight for what really matters. Remember, it was your kids who squandered their right to play another soccer game. And for God's sake its only a soccer game.

The perry hall principle will destroy the morale of PHH students.The apathy of the students at Towson high is a direct result of the heavy handed policy of a principle and her billing of the students.The decline in the quality of the sports teams is proof.

Overkill? Yes.
Inappropriate? Yes.
unsportsmanship? Yes.
Just because a pro does it, doesn't mean it's right.
Celebrating is on your side of the field. You celebrate after you leave the field. Sportmanship: Treat your opponents the way you want them to treat you. End of discussion.

At no point did I say that Dulaney kids are above anyone. Unlike most people on this blog, I will not comment on what the DHS girls may have done after their game as I was not there. Were you? Did you attend either game? If however their behavior was deemed to be inappropriate and unsportsmanlike, then yes they deserve to be disciplined as well. As far as me being "so ready to penalize" the PH boys team. I did not email, call or contact anyone at PH or anywhere else to get the team penalized. In my previous posts I agreed that forfeiting the remainder of the season was too harsh. I only responded today because so much wrong information was being reported by almost every source from TV news, radio and most of these ridicluous bloggers who weren't even at the game! Finally, I have already heard from a PH senior who plays on the team and was on the field that they did in fact taunt the DHS fans and made inappropriate gestures. Maybe it was because there were a couple honest kids who took responsibility for their actions that Rogers felt compelled to impose the punishment in the first place. The decision has since been reversed and the game will go on. Best of Luck! (sarcasm)

Haha JG really if it is just a soccer game to you then why attack people? Class? Principles? News flash honey have you ever driven through Perry Hall? There are some huge houses and people with LOTS of money. This is not about money. Now are you one of these wonderful Dulaney people with class and principles? Your statement is attacking people and putting people down. Last time I checked that is not classy.

Talk about bad PR for Perry Hall!!! How much did the principle receive to make that decision? I'd like to see that investigation from the news stations…

Some of my best memories from growing up are from playing in playoff games. To steal that from these players is really an unfair punishment. What about community service, or putting on a free soccer camp for the local kids instead of this punishment that really teaches the kids nothing.

my problem is with coach Eibner. not
backing your players when you know
they were right gave me a bad feeling.
If my son was a junior at perry hall and
had to play soccer under coach Eibner
maybe CALVERT HALL would look better

Game forfeited due to 2 students dancing? Parents complained of taunting? What a bunch of freakin whiners. I can't believe the principal of PHS even paid attention to this idiocy. Suck it up, princesses. What are you going to do when your kid gets his or first letter of rejection from a college or position applied for. Your precious little darlings are going to be subjected to much more "taunting" if they are ever able to go out and try and make it in the real world.

Wow, the video is further confirmation that this is a Dulaney parent issue. They were complaining about that? There was nothing outlandish at all and it was actually fun to see the PH team spirit and thrill to win such a big game. Sad on Dulaney's part.

It's ironic that the Dulaney players will be remembered as cry babies because of an adult's actions.

The Perry Hall Principle's decision will likely result in a lifetime memory of bitterness and hatred. What's the lesson? Where's the judgement? Where's the Principle's boss who is supposed to step in when their subordinate makes a bad decision.

First of all this is not the entire story. I was at the game and the celebration was inappropriate and now Dulaney parents are made to look like the bad guys. The Perry Hall Boys team refused to shake hands with Dulaney after the game and the dance they did was more of a taunt. The dance was carried out right in fron of the Dulaney side of the bleachers where parents and fans were. It was a complete show of disrespect and several player ran down the edge of the bleacher clapping and sayinng "you suck" to Dulaney kids who there as fans. To make matters worse, the same Perry hall boys team showed up when Dulaney Girls Varsity Soccer played Perry Hall the next day. They were rowdy and rude to the Dulaney girls as they played the perry hall girls AT ESSEX. The Perry Hall boys drove all the way to Essex to harass the Dulaney girls. THE Perry Hall boys were completley immature and disrespectful and you guys think this is only because of a dance. Please.

Both of my children go to Dulaney. When my son came home and told us what happened at the game, my husband and I thought it was funny. Please do not judge us all because a few number of parents complained. We are happy that the principal overturned the decision!

The principal of Perry Hall should resign. An executive (school or private industry) should not have knee jerk reaction. His speech was embarrassing. He is supposed to be a leader of kids, not a politically correct, change with the wind, leader. Saying that he is pulling back the forfeit, but will take action is ludicrous. The "bernie" is either acceptable or it isn't. He made the decision it was acceptable by pulling back on his knee jerk reaction. To now say, that action will be taken is contradictory to the reversal decision. There does not not to be a sacrificial lamb on the Perry Hall soccer team. Mr. Principal, admit you were wrong and stop there. That is being a leader.

As a starting point, I am not associated with either party and have an overall lack of interest in picking sides in the disagreement. Both groups bear some responsibility in the unnecessary amplification of the situation. I have family on the Blake soccer team and wanted to see what they’d be up against, so I got my dance lesson firsthand. In my opinion, there is no way the Perry Hall Boys Dance Team Soccer Team’s celebratory dance off, ridiculous and poorly executed as it was, could be perceived as sexually suggestive whatsoever. Do I agree they could have chosen a better location for their recital, such as anywhere other than directly in front of a large group of soccer moms/dads (especially right after crushing the dreams of their perfect little Renaldo), probably not my first choice of stage. However, their rendition of the "Bernie" absolutely was not lewd, unless of course flailing limbs with less purpose than Weekend at Bernies II storyline (and that is saying something, that movie was horrible) fits your definition of obscene. I was seated a section down from Dulaney's supporters and had a unobstructed view of the act in question. The accusation of any crotch grabbing or grinding by these parents is grossly exaggerated at best. The second coming of Michael Jackson, it was not. As a former high school and college athlete, I understand the concept of sportsmanship is integral in amateur athletics. It is important to note, though, the referee’s were directly in front of the players for the ten second performance, still able to red card a player even after the match, subsequently levying a one game suspension. These officials obviously did not feel a red card was warranted in this situation. The Dulaney parents apparently did not concur. I recognize the view "taunting" or other “excessive” celebratory displays are viewed as inappropriate or offensive by many from generations past. While I respect this opinion, (mostly because soccer moms scare the hell out of me), this is not, nor should be (in most cases) reflect negatively on ones class or character. It's much easier to "act like you've been there before" as one would say when, one has in fact actually been there before. Let's all remember, this is a game. This incident involves kids having fun, not thinking and celebrating an accomplishment, albeit in a manner some deem racy. It was kids being kids. In slight contradiction to the just have fun view, high school sports are not Rec league, the land of the participation trophy. Competitive sports is intended to be just that, a competition, with a winner and a loser. There is nothing wrong with excitement and celebration of successes. Show me an athlete who never gloated, at least a little in a big win and I’ll show you someone with an empty trophy case. There is, after all, one surefire way to avoid watching others celebrate at your expense, beat them. In summation, these kids were not out destroying the fabric of society, calculating and malicious. No, they are kids, inherently irrational and immature who danced like the dead guy from a bad 80’s movie. Boys High School Soccer this is, UN summit it is not. Next time, please, let’s agree to not take high school kids dancing and make it into an assault on the moral fiber of America. Instead of telling the kids to pretend like they have been there before, maybe us grown folk should remember we are adults. You know, apply proper perspective to things? Not become a pissed off middle school girl, pass around spiteful notes and transform trivial matters into acts of congress.

SUCH bs !!!!!!

For me game should be played with spirit.

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