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May 12, 2011

Nick Faust, Sterling Gibbs reopen recruitments

One day after Maryland introduced Mark Turgeon as its new men's basketball coach, the Terps' 2011 recruiting class dwindled from three members to zero.

City shooting guard Nick Faust and Seton Hall Prep (N.J.) point guard Sterling Gibbs both said Thursday that they were granted releases from their letters of intent. Maryland’s third class of 2011 signee, German forward Martin Breunig, requested to be released from his letter of intent Wednesday, according to

Faust said Thursday he has considered reopening his recruitment “ever since Gary [Williams] retired. Me and my parents have just been talking to see what the best fit is, basically just going to make the right decision and [figure out] where I want to go from here.”

Gibbs also discussed his options with his family before going forward with his request.

“We just felt that it was in our best interest to just explore our options,” Gibbs said. “Maryland is still my top priority. But I just want to make sure that it was the best fit for me.”

Faust said he didn’t have a specific list of schools, but he is “definitely still considering” Maryland. Aside from the Terps, the 6-foot-5 senior said he’ll wait and “see whoever calls.” Faust, a Baltimore Sun first-team All-Metro selection this year, said his conversations with Turgeon have been positive.

“He’s a great guy, great coach,” Faust said. “I told him that I just wanted to do this to make sure I go to the best place for me. … I know he respected that. He gave me the option of being able to weigh my options. I respect him for that also.”

Gibbs said his AAU coach, Gary Charles of the New York Panthers, was fielding calls from interested colleges. Charles told that Dayton, Louisville, Notre Dame, Providence, Seton Hall and Texas were among the programs that inquired about Gibbs.

“It was definitely a rough decision because when I signed my letter of intent, I signed with Gary Williams,” Gibbs said. “When I heard he retired, it was definitely tough to try to develop a relationship with someone who I don’t know and someone who hardly knows me within a couple days.”

Still, Gibbs said he has had “a couple good conversations” with Turgeon, and reiterated that “Maryland is still my top priority.” While his AAU coach handles the recruiting process, Gibbs plans to stay in touch with Faust.

“I’ve definitely been talking to Nick just about every day,” Gibbs said. “And we’ve just been trying to talk it out. He’s pretty much doing the same thing, just making sure that Maryland is the right place.”

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predictable i suppose - hope gary steps in with a vote of confidence. hate to see them go, but so long & farewell.

what real options do they have?

These kids are probably GONE good luck to them.

I'd do the same thing if it were me.

At this point I could really care less about Faust or Gibbs... sure, would be nice to have them, but we are already loaded up in the back court. We need Bruenig though, even if he is more of a developmental player, we need his size.

I have faith that Turgeon will get us the recruits we need, it could take a couple years though. I just want this coming season to be less painful then it appears its going to be. There has to be some under the radar or atleast somewhat serviceable big men left, time to take a flyer on one or two of them... its not like we do not have plenty of room for them on the bench if they dont work out.

hahaha... these AAU coaches are telling them to hold out.. now they will get some cash

Anyone who doesn't think we need Faust, is a dope.
This team HAD no shooters last year. That perimeter consistency was the only thing keeping them from being a top 20 team.
Parker will step up in the SF roll, as will Hawk. HOWEVER, Faust is like Juan Dixon 2.0. He has more size then Dixon.

They have to do whatever it takes to hold onto him.


'Letters Of Intent' rank right up there with "Boxing Retirement', it does not mean S! I personally like how they made the decision with their parents, yet the AAU coaches are fielding the calls. What a joke! No wonder Gary did not recruit, it is pure corruption.

I hope these 2 go to another college. F em!

I can't figure out if Kevin Anderson is an incompetent ninny or a guy who has made a couple of shrewd hires in BB and FB.

The fact that he couldn't reel in Sean Miller when it appears Miller was ready to come East is one giant red flag for me.....

Regarding Faust, he's a shooting guard with limited ball handling skills. Kind of a pure shooter like Mike Jones at this point. Reality is, like Dixon, he needs to mature, work on his dribble and bulk up. He won't be an impact player as a freshman and Turgeon will attract a monster class next year with Anderson as the centerpiece. This year will be challenging but it will give Howard, Paisson, Parker, Padgett, Pankey and Stoglin lots of game experience that will serve them well as most of them return to the bench later.

Hey Ryan, that front court last year was top 20 level huh? Even Williams got eaten when he went up against UNC, Duke and other teams with legit bigs.

When is the The Sturgeon going to announce his staff? Perhaps that is a key reason why these guys are reopening their commitments. Maybe I'm wrong...

Frankly, not overly concerned with Gibbs. He certainly adds depth and comes from good hoop background, but another tiny guard doesn't excite me. The more I hear his quotes from his idiot AAU Coach, tells me more about the type of kid he is. Do ANY of these PUNKS listen to a parent or a high school coach??? Gibbs will be in Blacksburg with Coach Rob. On a side note, funny that Gibbs cited GDub. According to his critics, Gary didn't recruit?

Faust is the biggest potential loss (really a loss. As somebody posted, once they reopen, it's over). I feel this one is directly attributable to Turgeon not jumping on naming his assistants. So, who are his so-called "east coast guys" he's eyeing?

Breunig played for a joke Prep school. Yet again, would have been a body.

We'll need bodies in games against Duke and UNC when the refs start calling fouls on our EIGHT remaining scholarship players!

I do still wish these guys were coming, but next year will be a washout. No panic button, just looking at a rough year. Funny how things come full circle. GDub always talked about bringing the program back from the depths. Guess what? We will see if history repeats itself with our new coach.

The man, Turgeon, seems to have a plan and he is extremely competitive. Give him a chance to work it and it will work out. Maybe not this year, but we were going to be horrible even if Gary and these recruits came to CP. I'm sure coach is looking long-term. And please, for those of you acting like our assistant coaches were some sort of recruiting gods, get a grip. If they were, Gary would most likely still be coaching. Lord knows he has taking many years off the recruiting trail. Our assistant coaches, maybe for the exception of Bino are average at best. I know, Eshan is the man and a star coach up and coming...please. We have one local 4 star and people are crying because he is leaving. Have we set the bar that low? Come on, we are going to be a better program than that for sure and I fully expect 2 to 3, 5 Star recruits a year in the 2013 classes and above. We are going to be good. Scratch that, we will be great. Have faith, we have a coach who cares about recruiting, is genuine, and will, when it said and done, be a heck of a better pick than Miller. Miller is the next Calipari and I'm glad Anderson saw through that sleezeball and passed. Anderson had a gut instinct when he went out there and Miller probably saw that Anderson and our institution were not going to give him a pass to do some of the crap he does at AZ. That takes integrity and he has done it now twice by not picking the most popular guy, but the right candidate. Hats off to Anderson and to our new head coach. We have much to be proud of at UMD. I am excited as hell and we are lucky to have both Turgeon and Edsall.

A lot of typical hating on recruits many were excited about scant weeks ago...Terp "fans" are a strange breed though I suspect theres more a troll element at work here.

Either way - Faust sounds legit, and just because he's asked to reopen doesn't mean he can't still find his best fit here. Might be a good reason not to trash him for looking at his options - which most of us would do as well if we signed with one coach and got another. These are young kids just trying to make sure they maximize their opportunities and potential. Let's not be total animals for a change.

Gibbs sounded like a classy kid who was actually recruiting for Maryland after his initial commit. if it doesn't work out - how about we just wish him well and not be jerks. Hopefully he and Breunig get the chance to be as impression with Coach T as everybody else is right now - and they come back to the fold.


Well said, mterp! The tone of some of these comments is just pathetic...really, guys, being a fan and being passionate about your team does NOT carry with it a requirement to be an a-hole...

Johnny C,
You must have done really well on you High School Reading Comprehension tests.
I said, had that team had a legit perimeter player/shooter, they would have been a top 20 team. They had NO ONE who could shoot.

Matt- Please ask Faust especially, since he is a local kid, if they have ever heard of Walt WIlliams. The one who stayed. I guess you can't blame them, but, I don't see how getting one of the most sought after head coaches, when a coach retires, is a total cause for changing schools.

Especially when most of the elite programs have already finalized their situations.

If these guys go to an ACC school, do they have to sit out a year? There is an article in the WaPo that Coach T is pursuing a guard from Virginia. Does that recruitment tell us that Gibbs is already gone?

Coach with what you have that will show how good a coach he is. Talent is there but just not enough talent. We really needed 2 more guards and another project right. 2012 & 2013 is the classes we need to consider get 5 in each class we will be on the map take our bumps this yr. but 2012 we will be going for an acc championship. P. Howard T. Stolin Hark will be jr 2012. Agill Car will be the best senior in the country coming out.

Johnny C- You really want to question Faust's ball handling skills? Have you ever seen the kid play? I've seen him play many. many times and not only can he shoot the lights out of the ball, but he can drive hard to the hole. Which means he KNOWS HOW TO HANDLE THE BALL!!

I hope all 3 honor their commits and play for UMD. Fact is we really need them, especially Faust. Our lack of a 3pt shooter killed us last season. Opponents did not have to guard the perimeter mean while teams like Duke and Nova bombed us with 3s. Duke has 4 or 5 players that shot better than our best. How can you win if you can't shoot and have only 1 rebounder like we had last year. Now JWill is gone and many here torched him, lets not start that with these recruits. The money talk is ludicrous, this is MARYLAND after all. These AAU coaches are all pimps that want their butts kissed by the new coach. I understand why GW held them in such low regard. The #1 guy we need is Faust because he is a Maryland guy. We got a great coach who won 24 cames a year for the last 4 years in a conference that has been as good as the ACC for at least the past 2 seasons. Turg is willing to put up with the AAU guys and I believe he will get Shaq Cleare and the Hairston bros so hang in with us Nick. When UMD Chancellor Slaughter threw Lefty under the bus he had a Maryland guy named Rodney Monroe signed who ended up at NC State playing for Coach V. Monroe averaged 20 pts for 4 years and I think he's their all time leading scorer - had over 2500 points. I think that Nick Faust can be as good as Rodney Monroe. If Faust comes to play for UMD he will be held in the same esteem as Walt Williams. Lock up Faust and the others would be wise to follow.

The real problem is that the intellectually dishonest rule that the NCAA allows for players to be released from their committment without penalty in the event of a coaching change. Whatever legitamate interests this rule serves, it is ultimately tacit acknowledgement that these kids are in school for sports and not for learning.

@carey - They have not enrolled in any school, so transfer rules do not apply. Another wards they dont have to sit. The player the Post reported on is the class of 2012, not this year. Turgeon would probably be recruiting him whether Gibbs sticks around or not.

Just an FYI: Seth Allen, a 2012 pg that Turgeon was recruiting at A&M is visiting this weekend, and it's believed that he'll commit if offered. Better spacing this way with 2 pg's in the 2010 class, don't really need one this year. I love Gibbs' game, but he's the least important of the 3 recruits. I wish him the best wherever he goes, classy kid.

Ryan, do not compare Walt Williams situation to Nick Faust! Walt had already been at UMD before the NCAA sanctions had been handed down and he already knew Gary. As someone stated earlier, I would be reviewing my options, too, if I were in these kids' shoes. No they don't have to sit out a year. These kids haven't even ENROLLED yet, let alone played a game. While a "Letter of Intent" is a contract of sorts, why would a new coach want to hold onto a player who may not be happy? I hope that all 3 decide to come to Maryland, but if they don't, I hope they go on to have great college careers (except when playing us) and get their degrees.

1) No they don't have to sit out a year. And for the record, if they were transferring (which these kids are not doing), they would have to sit out a year at ANY D-1 school, not just the same conference.
2) DO NOT compare Walt Williams situation to Nick Faust! Walt was already at UMD before the NCAA handed down the sanctions and he already knew Gary. As someone stated earlier, I would be reviewing my options, too, if I were these kids. These kids haven't even ENROLLED yet, let alone played a game. As much as we would love to think that they chose the University, these kids chose a coach. And now that coach is gone.
While a "Letter of Intent" is a contract of sorts, why would a new coach want to hold onto a player who may not be happy? I hope that all 3 decide to come to Maryland, but if they don't, I hope they go on to have great college careers (except when playing us) and get their degrees.

Don't worry too much. Part of the reasons of decommitment is to have their beloved AC on the coaching staff.

have never agreed with ryan til now re walt williams ... the story for the recruits could really be an oppt to help rebuild a historically outstanding program going back to hosting 1he 1966 (?) ncaa tourn...the "glory days" story. start with that and build your case for md and they can be the team that took a chance and made it happen. a much better story then simply plugging into something somewhere else ... history. the only addon is that, gotta get the bigs ... cleare and the harrison twins would do it.

good luck coach

I have no negative feelings towards these kids. They signed a LOI for a certain set of circumstances and the circumstances changed.
I see no problem with them being allowed to re-evaluate the situation - seems to be the fair thing - the right thing. Do you really want recruits here who dont want to be if thats the case?

Turge has contacted them and I'm sure reassured them that coming to Maryland is still what he wants. I respect the man for listening to the kids, understanding their point of view, and giving them their releases. Hopefully they look around and decide that Maryland is still their best option. If not then good luck to them - no hard feelings here. First and foremost we want student-athletes who want to be here.

As far as who and what is influencing them - Turge cant control this aspect of recruiting - I dont think any college coach can. If recruits are getting bad information/advice from their parents, HS coaches, AAU coaches and "other advisors" then maybe its not a good match to begin with and they and Maryland in the long run are better off.

I still dont get the continued negativity by some for KA. Miller wasnt "ready to come back East" (what makes you say that?) and Anderson didnt blow anything. If you read the details of the contact between Millers and Maryland representatives, you'll see that it wasnt a match made in heaven. While both sides explored the opportunity - neither felt it was a good match.

I like the RE and MT hires. Men who are succesful, hard working coaches with character, class and integrity. They may not be the "sexy" choices some wanted (Leach and Miller) but IMHO those two were using Maryland for their own purposes - I nevr heard either say "I want to be at Maryland".

It will take a few years to let see how things play out with these two hires. Our two new HCs need to get settled in and bring in a few recruiting classes before we really see the full effects of thier recruiting capabilities. In the meantime both will be hitting the recruiting trail hard and working to re-establish a positive relationship with local area HS coaches. You have to admit - GW and RF - while both worked hard and did good jobs, they were more teacher/coach. They both had known weaknesses when it came to recruiting and communications. These are areas where I think both RE and MT will show an immediate imporvement. Lets give them the time they need to get things done before we judge.

LOL...loaded in the backcourt?

That's funny...Stoglin is a ball hog and the kid from Compton is suspect; he doesn't dominate. The kid from Iceland can't guard anyone.

Maryland is going to be in the pits for the next several years!

And John Feinstein is an idiot; trying to draw parallels between this hire and Coach K's hire....It's not even close.

What has Turgeon done at Texas A&M? Made the tournament? Whoopdie do!

It's sad that Maryland had to go to their FOURTH CHOICE after Miller shunned you; Brey, a Maryland native, shunned you. Rumors were you peaked an interest in Stevens...

This hire is maybe one step above the sorry hire made for the football team.


In the greater scheme of things, this is largely beside the point. Gary wasn't doing an effective job or recruiting anyway, hence the fact that no one is all that dismayed about these guys possibly not coming. If they do come, fine; if not, there is just more room for Turgeon to put his own mark on the team going forward. I would be more concerned if there were rumblings that Stoglin or Howard were thinking of transferring--which does not appear to be the case. Next year will be rough--because of Jordan Williams' being a bone head, not because of these guys going elsewhere. And, those calling that a done deal are purely speculating.

Note to Ryan - One shooter was not going to propel the Terps to top 20 status when the frontcourt had only one stud and he was underconditioned.

Note to Fitz - ballhandling against high schoolers is not like the defensive pressure at the next level. Lot's of scouts have questioned Faust' ballhandling. I've seen him play and he does have real potential. My point is he's got lots of work to do to get to where he needs to be. Stop being so defensive. Doeen't matter though. Turgeon is going to recruit guys who fit his more deliberate style of play. Square up shooters and guys with defensive ability will be sought out. Faust is too thin IMO for that, Breunig is too raw, and Gibbs too short. My guess is that Howard and Mosley will thrive, the rest not so much.

Recruitment should happen at the high school gym not AAU coaches. Does the AAU coach know much about the player as a student? Most of the high school coaches are faculty at their schools. Why do the athlete latch on to AAU coaches who demand support($$) from college programs? The high school athletic departments could use funding if colleges and boosters wish to donate. So if MD boosters funnel thousands of dollars to the AAU coach, the player signs. What a joke. College coaches have to befriend high school coaches, rec center coaches and the “legit” AAU coaches. It smells($$) bad and looks($$) bad. Turgeon, re-recruit the players…..not the AAU program. Take a trip to the schools, to their homes and make the calls. Maryland hired a coach…..not a broker.


Don't hate on the recruits that you loved when Gary got them to sign. If they re-sign you will be thrilled. Nick has length and will mature into his frame. Most 17 year old true freshman,….not via prep school, are thin. Nick has an upside. In two weeks you’ll change your words if he re-signs. Square up shooter doesn't describe Mosely at all. If so he would have tested the waters too. He is an adequate college player that plays solid defense.

Wait til the cards are turned.

As a Maryland graduate who went through the Bob Wade fiasco, you do not want Miller at Maryland. Winning is one thing but winning with class is another.

AD Anderson is to be commended for a squeeky clean hire with a solid pedigree.

Coach Turgeon is to be commended for giving these kids the time and space to take a step back and re-evaluate their situations now that the landscape has changed.

If these young men choose to re-commit, they and the program will be better off. If they choose to go elsewhere, the program is also better off. No program should want a player who is not committed.

My only caveat to these youngsters and their "advisors" is that they do not hold all the cards. If Coach Turgeon finds one or more players he likes for his university and his team, he will commit to them if they commit to him and the university. Mr. Faust, Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Breunig should be aware and be counselled that the real world is a two way street.

Best wishes to these youngsters and the Uof M during this stressful process.

Good luck Faust and Gibbs.

Let them go is the right decision for all sides.

Gary's recruiting inspired little faith, for every one Greivis/Strawberry there were three Bowie/Mike Jones/Gist/Tucker duds. Take the recent draft hype, Williams and Padget, one player and one dud.

Let Turgeon make a splash with a huge number of scholarships for 2012 and 2013. Next year might surprise with expectations so low.

Please Turgeon - lets hear names like Albert King, Buck Willimas, John Lucas, Len Elmore, guys who starred in both college and Pro's-they are right here and need to play here.

This is business not charity. College is business for young people, do it smart.

faust is a key player. however if none of them return it basically means that the 5 players who came in last year really get the opportunity to run the table. parker should get immediate consideration as the starting two-- NOT the wing guard. but nick faust mentioned in the same as juan dixon and rodney monroe is both accurate and an extreme compliment. of them all, his loss seems to be the most damaging. and faust can dribble by the way. --but gibbs would've been the 3rd point guard and may not have even made the floor behind a bigger stronger howard and stoglin.

turgeon was already recruiting cleare and the hairstons at texas a&m. so being at a bigger program gives lots of hope. moving to a larger school also opens up for kids he was recruiting who may have wanted a larger stage. his next step is to shore up the assistant coaches and hopefully put bruenig, gibbs and faust at a better comfort level.

again they're all kids and i wish them the best whatever happens. hopefully they do decide to stay.

Let's see. First, that slimeball at VT, Greenberg, swoops in an attempt to hire Eshan before Turgeon has a chance to solidify his staff. Now, with a clear understanding that Ranson was largely responsible bringing Faust on board, how long do you think it'll take before you hear of Greenberg's pursuit of Faust? Previously, it appears Faust's other "hot" pursuers were Villanova, FSU and Marquette. It'd be interesting to learn those schools' prospective 2011 classes, that is, whether they, particualrly Villanova, have filled their scholarship allotments for next year.

You know, there is an awful lot of people on these boards or others talking about Faust like he is this great savior of a player. Of course recruiting websites are a crap shoot, outside of a select few sure things, they are wrong more then they are right.

But lets get some clarity and just go off his rankings, which is what most people are doing anyways.

Faust is almost identically ranked as Parker was last year. The same Parker who was the least (non injured) ready to play in last years class, even though he was the highest rated by far. He is ranked similar or lower then all the following players recruited lover the last decade.

Travis Garrison (2002)
Jamar Smith (2002(
Mike Jones (2003)
Ekena Ibekwe (2003)
Hassan Fofana (2003)
James Gist (2004)
Eric Hayes (2006)
Greivis Vasquez (2006)
Sean Mosley (2008)
Mychal Parker (2010)

On that list, there is one MAJOR bust, a couple disapointments,a couple decent to good role players, a couple solid starters, but only one star.

Just gain some perspective, he is not a blue chipper, and chances are is no better then the average player that Gary ever recruited that was ranked similar.

Actually, after looking over those recruiting lists, its not hard to understand why Gary did not bend over backwards to land to top guys. He overwhelmingly had more success with 3*, non top 100 players then he did with the "best" recruits he did land.

I went to Kansas U and followed Mark's career. I am not sure you are getting what you think in a coach. He did have one great year at Wichita State in 2006 but he could never get to the conference tourney finals in his 7 years there. And he did not leave that program in good shape when he left. They didnt even get an NIT bid his last year there.

Granted he stayed above mediocrity in the Big 12 but never finished above 4(?) there and never made the conference tourney finals. He could never even come close to beating Kansas. He couldn't get the Aggies to the Sweet 16 even with a loaded team Gillispie left which included Acie Law. His best win, I guess, was a win over a ranked Texas team?

Anyway. Good luck Terp fans...

VanGogh must have lost more than his ear with his asinine comments - Turgeon is the best thing to happen to Maryland BB since Gary's hire - give him a year to recruit before you crucify him with idiotic statements - so we might not be 500 next year - at least it will be clean as opposed to the slime balls like Calhoun at Conn and Greenberg likes around the Big? Least! that only recruit future pros and not kids that can read

I don't blame the kids at all. If they want to go to a school like Providence, Dayton and Seton Hall which are worse than MD, go right ahead.

MD right now has 8 scholarship players. That leaves Turgeon 4 scholarships that he can offer for his type of player. I'm not sure how many players on the current Terp team are seniors, but the more the merrier so Turgeon can field his type of team sooner. I'm sure that the guy wants a slightly different type of player than Gary had.

Please Coach Turgeon, find a big man or two and a legit 3-point shooter.

I went to Kansas U and followed Mark's career. I am not sure you are getting what you think in a coach. He did have one great year at Wichita State in 2006 but he could never get to the conference tourney finals in his 7 years there. And he did not leave that program in good shape when he left. They didnt even get an NIT bid his last year there.

Granted he stayed above mediocrity in the Big 12 but never finished above 4(?) there and never made the conference tourney finals. He could never even come close to beating Kansas. He couldn't get the Aggies to the Sweet 16 even with a loaded team Gillispie left which included Acie Law. His best win, I guess, was a win over a ranked Texas team?

Anyway. Good luck Terp fans...

I would have been surprised if they hadn't backed away. Any prudent person would do the same thing. I bet most if not all wil recommit. Turgeon look like the real deal. Give him his shot.

Interesting to see so many people that were ecstatic about a potential Sean Miller hire now blasting him on these boards. A reporter writes an article about the meetings and says that "among the topics discussed were academic standards at Maryland", and now everyone assumes that a) this is reason Miller didn't take the job, and b) Miller has no class. Those are some seriously sour grapes. Presuming that Miller would turn down the job because of academic standards is not only presumptuous, but also laughable. I think you can search far and wide and interview many people in college basketball and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone saying that Miller doesn't have class. The guy has been a winner at two schools, has not run afoul of the NCAA or university admissions at Xavier or Arizona and has been a classy recruiter that leaves kids alone once they make verbal commitments. It's fine to be disappointed that choices a,b,c, and d didn't work out in the coaching search, but no need to start name-calling or feigning superiority.

I find it really odd that Maryland's AD felt the need to speak publicly about the meetings with Miller. If you searching for a lack of class, look no further. The appropriate response that 99% of college ADs would make in that circumstance is to say, "I have no comment about those meetings.... today we are here to celebrate the hiring of our new coach, Mark Turgeon". Instead it appears that Anderson feels the need to save face on this topic. Maybe someone feels a bit insecure that they only got choice e for the job. Having all the recruits jump ship immediately after the coach was announced probably reinforced that. Almost makes you think that the recruits were considering staying until they saw the official hire. At any rate, good luck with Coach Turgeon. I hope he works out well for Maryland. Just give the petty swipes at Coach Miller a rest.

WE're going to SUCK for the next 2 years. Thanks GARY!

Outside of possibly Miller; Turgeon was by far the best option for MD. He wasn't choice "e". Brey is too old and has exactly 1 season with less than 10 losses. Stevens wouldn't be able to recruit outside of IN; Dixon and Wright were never leaving given their current situations unless a top 5 job opened up. Turgeon was the 2nd option after Miller. Calling him the fifth option is simply untrue.

Gibbs is probably gone. The Terps are better served having a PG coming in 2012. As for Faust, he will come back now that Bino has been retained. If Bruenig goes, it's a shame but he wasn't solving our problems next year anyway. If we need a body, Turge could offer a scholly to that 7 footer, marek Soucek. He's got just as much game as the German.

Don't blame GW for what is to come. Everyone bashed him with unrealistic expectations. All GW did was deliver 3 regular season ACC crowns, an ACC Tourney title, 2 Final 4s, a national championship and won the 2nd most games in-conference over the past 12 years, and, oh yeah - 3rd most coaching wins in the history of the ACC, was the 5th winningest active college basketball coach when he stepped down, etc. You were all always spot-on. He was bad for the program and could never live up to your expectations. Gary is not to blame for what is ahead. Each and every one of you blog world experts owns what is ahead. You ran off GW. Now reap what you sow.

You know Tom I agree with you almost 100 percent but all good things must come to an end. I had GW signing a 5 year extension next year that would have had him coaching until age 72. Then he got married the day before Easter and JWill signed with an agent. Can't blame Gary for wanting a life and I think another difficult season looming next year was more than enough motivation for him to go. I doubt GW ever read any of the crap on the internet. I was shocked when I first heard the criticism as far back as 2004 about his style and how no decent players wanted to play for him because he yelled. Hey I yell at the TV when the Terps play. I'll never forget that championship season - something that I never thought that I would live to see. Read in the Post today that Turg has already got a 2012 PG Seth Allen who is a fiend of Anderson of Montrose. Jay Bilas, Lefty, and Mike Jones the DeMatha coach all think Turgeon is going to be a great coach for UMD. Gary likes him too so I'm happy that the program is in good hands. Let's trust the coaching staff and recruiting decisions to Coach T, after all it is his program now.

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