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April 15, 2011

Weekly recruiting roundup

Maryland's options for the 2011 basketball recruiting class dwindled a little bit more Thursday when Desmond Hubert committed to North Carolina.

The pickings appear slim for other available post players. Two prospects who have reportedly drawn interest from the Terps are former Bladensburg star Wally Judge -- a Kansas State transfer -- and Charis Prep (N.C.) forward Jared Guest.

Judge, who starred for D.C. Assault on the AAU circuit, is set to visit Rutgers this weekend.

As a sophomore at Kansas State, the 6-9 Judge played in 17 games and started in 11, averaging 5.5 points per game and 3.8 rebounds per game. He missed five games earlier in the season for what head coach Frank Martin described as a personal issue. reported that Guest is also on Tennessee's radar. Guest was tentatively scheduled to visit College Park this weekend, according to reports.

•'s Jerry Meyer listed Terps small forward commitment Justin Anderson as a player who raised his stock last weekend during the first session of the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League.

Speaking of high level athletes, there might not be a prospect in the 2012 class as athletic as Anderson. Now it looks like his skill level and feel for the game are beginning to catch up to his athleticism. Still certainly a work in progress, Anderson had periods of play when he was dominant on both ends of the court.

Football recruiting

• Boys' Latin offensive tackle Greg Pyke spoke to his week about his recent visit to Maryland.

“I went down when Coach Friedgen was there and now with Coach Edsall they are definitely turning the program around,” he said. “They are definitely doing a lot of changes and I’m getting a good vibe.

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Gary Williams-recruiting continues to be a problem. They keep missing on most of their targets. Nick Faust and Sterling Gibbs are good pick-ups. But we have been beaten out by another team on all the big men this year and also last year!
We are going to get killed by UNC and Duke next year and pretty much any team that has good big men.

Weis-is not an ACC caliber player
Padgett--has some skills but does not scare anybody. he is probably are best big man.
Breunig-is probably a project at this point-our competition for him was Wisconsin-Green Bay-that says it all.
Pankey-has not played basketball in two years.

Jordan Williams-is gone-he will be a top 20 pick in a weak draft this year.

I think Gary Williams days are numbered he has quit recruiting a few years ago and he thinks because he is such a great coach the team will be successful without talent. They will be 6-10 in ACC next year with no BIGS! Also, Justin Anderson was handed to him on a silver platter-since he is friend's with Vetter-he did not have to put in any effort to recruit him!

Losing out on Hubert sucks but it seemed like he was a UNC lean for a long time.

It seems Justin Anderson continues to improve his basketball skills each time he plays. With another year before he gets to College Park he could be a real special player at UMD. Would love to see the Terps get some more momentum in their 2012 class and get a commit from Shaq Cleare who seems to like the attention MD is giving him. An early commit from these two could attract another high level recruit to the 2012 class.
Losing out on Hubert does hurt the team in the short term but long term there is a chance that UMD stocks up on a ton of talent in 2012.

I actually disagree about Weis. I think he may not be on offensive force, but I think he is ACC ready on the defensive end. Which will be an emphasis next year. Howard, Stoglin, Gibbs, and Faust (maybe even Paulsson) should put up pretty solid numbers next year. Having Williams back would also be a plus, but I wouldn't sleep on Weis.

I think we competed with a number of other teams for Breunig. I still believe Padgett can play in the ACC. He just needs a bit more confidence. Next year could be a huge breakout year. For those that don't believe it can happen, all you have to do is look at somebody like Zoeller for NC. People doubted his ability until this year.

I wish Hubert well. I think he was interested in MD, but UNC is UNC and I think there's been a bit of a lean for awhile.

The Terps look great as far as recruiting. A very good 2010 class. A very good 2011 class and the 2012 class has already started off well.

Fear the turtle!

Gary's program has been in steep decline for year's now. What's worse is he's held this university hostage by winning a national championship and living on his laurels since. MD should not be a bottom feeder program with the quality of recruits in the balto/wash area. Question is how long will he hold out before he decides to retire or the AD finally gets the onions to clean house.

Way to go, Gary! We can definitely use more 6'5" and 6'1" players in the ACC. The German kid is a decent get. At least, he has size (6-9).

It looks like 2011-2012 is going to be another season of getting demolished on the boards.

Go Terps!

really mitchell—
at first i thought judge considered NC because of the competition. but i also wonder if it was because he didn't want to be the only real big man at maryland now that jordan seems to be on the way out. he is not big enough to be an acc starting center. period.
over the years gary williams lost an all-star cast of players for reasons of debbie yow or that he runs too clean of a program.
tyree evans, lance stephenson, gus gilchrest [entering the draft], shane walker, terrence ross, tobias harris, and much more. players who committed or were ready to commit but never made it to the roster. those holes are tremendous to fill on the short notice the terps program has been given. imagine last year's tournament roster if things went well. milbourne, jordan williams, gus gilchrest at power forward, lance stephenson shooting guard and greivis vasquez at starting point. what team would want to see that lineup ever? that's two draft-pick type recruits that should/could be terps right now.

you guys on the 'bad' recruiting train need to find a new destination.

You can't be serious. Are we still be blaming Yow for GW's ineptitude?? She's been gone now almost a year. The GW honesty bull is starting to irritate - do you GW apologists really think the other 300 Div 1 coaches are all dishonest & GW is the last good man standing. Face it he gets outrecruited by almost everyone. Why not roll out the old academic standards are too high, the budget too low, the assistants left etc. Bottom line, we're in the ACC, always on TV, in a great recruiting area, have Comcast Ctr and can't recruit. Whatever nonsense U raise to explain his failures, bottom line the buck (or shd I say $2 mill) stops with GW & whether it's laziness, arrogance or whatever it's GW's fault.

Someone will have to explain how having too big an ego to suck up (within the rules) to AAU coaches makes a guy who tried to sneak a rapist, drug dealing accessory to murder into school too honest and clean to recruit successfully. I don't know about our academic entry requirements but thank god for Debbie Yow drawing the line at murder, drug dealing and rape. And I guess it was coincidence that everyone with an internet connection knew that Gilchrist was looking for a job for his handler which he eventually got. and an even bigger coincidence that all of these questionable guys were sniffing around Md at the very time that Gary was under the most pressure of his career? Gary has earned the right to decide when he will leave the program but sainthood is premature and he has presided over the program becoming irrelevant and a non factor nationally since the natty.

With Greivas/Hayes/Milbourne we went to the NCAA 3 times. At VT, Malcolm Delaney never made it to the big dance. GW took a team with Dave Neal at the 4 dancing. Stoglin, Faust, Bruenig, Wiejs and Hawk looks pretty good to me. Add Justin Anderson and a center in '12 and we're at the top of the ACC. Don't hold your breath waiting for GW's contact to expire. Meanwhile, I thank God that Debbie Yow is at NC State. Heard she gives a good press conference - whatever. Another thing, John Thompson quit recruiting about 10-12 years before he left and noboby said a word much less tried to run him out.

its time to bring in chuckie, an excellent recruiter, an alum and a fresh face

Why does many of the Terp recruits have the "A work in progress" Williams cannot recruit, it's time for him to take his ball and go home.

What about Joseph Uchebo, Matt? It looks like he might to back out of his commitment to NCSU now that Lowe has been fired. He's a big who certainly could help the Terps.

Didn't they even show interest in him early in his recruitment? Will State release him, and would there be any restrictions about accepting a scholarship from another ACC school?

That question also makes me wonder, not to invent conspiracies or anything, if Debbie Yow would insist on golden handcuffs so that Uchebo could not possibly help Gary's program.

Terptime, Scott, Mitch, Space, Jim Ashby:

Ahh, nevermind. Responding to your inane rants makes us all poorer for the experience. It's like trying to speak to Ryan.

Shas -

Even if previously recruited, Maryland--unlike the Calipari's, Pitino's and, yes, even "rat face" in Durham (he began speaking to Ross before his decommitment, albeit only verbal, to UM)--will not actively pursue Uchebo, if at all, until he has officially been released from his commitment to NCSU. Then, there'd be no conspiracy. Make no mistake, Yow will never allow that kid to benefit Maryland's basketball program prior to inhibiting it as much as will be within her power. Her resistance, however, as much as it would please her to "stick it to Gary," would be perfectly "legal" and entirely supported. At best, were he to re-open his recruitment and wanted to come to Maryland, barring any NCAA rule that says otherwise, I believe that he'd be ineligible for the 1st season because of both the releasing school's requirement to provide him with a full release (a waiver that Yow will never give to him) and/or for what I understand to be a conference rule that also provides for a year of ineligibility when a committed player transfers to another conference school. Thus, she'd have to do nothing more than any other school would when faced with the same circumstance.

texas— i get what you're saying.

i'm pointing out that williams recruits talent. and giving part reason why the program has taken a 'hit' in many minds. we're not talking about grown men robbing banks [ok not technically lol]. my point was basically is about high school juniors and seniors making random bad choices. for the record: they were all very talented top level recruits. but the situations surrounding them left the terps basketball team scrambling.
and no not all programs are shady. i should have copy/pasted my other comment on hubert. good luck hubert. but i just would pick weijs over him any day right now. save the scholarship for judge or two top flight bigs next season if jordan is gone.

Terp n Tex, rants you say. I need reference nothing other than Gary's record since the nat'l champ. His peak while a boon to the university caused his ego to explode. The bottom line is his time is over, he simply doesn't understand the dynamic of recruiting today. The aau circuits, the need to jump in early with coaching visits, his lack of desire to meet with recruits is evidence that he thinks his legend will bring home the blue chippers. Losing Hubert is just one more example of this....among too many examples over the last few years.
What bothers me the most are the apologists who overlook performances like experienced this year and let him by with "we'll make the dance next year".
You tell me, how often did you see empty seats at comcast this year? The handwriting is on the wall. Just like Ralph it's time to bring life back into this program and this university by thanking Gary for his many contributions and moving on to a new coach.

i like how someone actually commented by saying GW is holding us hostage with a national championship. Really lol? I mean i'd rather have it than not have it. I'm glad we got one in my lifetime on top of that why i attended. Name the amount of coaches that have won multiple nc's, its very few in the history of college b-ball. heck name the active coaches that have won one. Some people are never satisfied with anything.

@ Nathan - I thought the same thing about the NC quote.

I guess we can call John Calipari the most relevant coach of all time because his teams consistently compete for national championships and consistently come up short.

This idea that GW and his staff don't recruit or refuse to recruit is laughable. They will get a big man for 2012 and have Stoglin, Faust and Anderson on the floor. I am sure that this is just blind luck like all of the teams that have played at CP for the last 20 years.

What Larry said...

Write it down. Chuckie lies in wait. He'll recruit like his Dad and coach like Gary. It's just a matter of time...


yeah i'm rooting for the son to be tough like the father but i really, that's a whole different breed of coach there.

Hey Sean and Larry,

I think it's a tad too soon to anoint Chuckie as MD's next head Bball Coach. He went 10-22 in his 1st yr at The Citadel...with 8 seniors. The 2 years prior, The Citadel went 17-16 and 20-13. Nobody knows how he'll do with his own recruits, but let's wait and see before we get to excited about bringing Chuck in to coach MD.

Time will tell whether or not UM will would have been better off with Debbie Yow or GW. It's interesting that the first year Yow is gone, GW makes no post season trouny's.

So, when MD misses the NCAA again next year, and Faust doesn't play, what will everyone, (the ones that are keeping GW as HC) going to say?
If the whole fan base would just wake up and see that he just isn't the coach he was a decade ago, we could maybe move forward.

JW is GONE. He hasn't been to classes in a month. He didn't go to the dinner the other night.
He is in Las Vegas as I write this, and he is hanging with Selby.

So, NO big man next year. A bumb in Mosely. At least we won't have to see TUcker and Bowie anymore.
But, as they get worse, we just have to eat it cuz GW can leave on his own terms?

So, being the arrogant jerk that he is, he can stay 5 more years just to say FU to all of us. And DON"T think for a moment that same thought isn't in his mind. If you think otherwise, then you don't know GW.
He is a narcicistic jerk.

That would be tourney and what did Yow have to do with any of the men's bb team success anyway. Calling a good home grown player a bum and the HC a narcissist means that you're not a UMD fan but a hater.
The real problem is that by winning a Nat'l Championship many locals jumped on the bandwangon and now those pseudo fans don't quite know how to fall off. This is not pro sports and many of the comments here are based on missinformation and are much to personal. GW has been around along time and although many think they know him, it is crystal clear that they do not. I would bet that many of the critics here have never set foot on the UMD campus much less paid to attend a sports event. So to all those who can't stand the thought of GW coaching the team for next 5 years find another team to focus your time and criticism on.

Ryan - you don't have a clue. Stop posting.

It looks like Gary sees the importance of good guards. he has two now. He has two coming in and one more already in 12. Jordan isn't going to the NBA w/o an agent so he'll be back. But no matter what I hear about this Hawk I don't see anyone on the bench who can command a spot on a big time team alongside Williams. Meanwhile Lenardi already sees the Terps as the next four out for next year. Whoa. That's really hurting my feelings Joe. Already we're out? Jordan may not be nimble but there are a hundred 6'10" guys who weigh 205 for everyone of them who suits up like JW. If Faust is half as good as Stoglin and there's every reason to believe he may be better MD will be very compettive going into next season. Let recruiting take care of itself. The coach is there to coach. He has a personal interest in success and that alone will inspire his players. Top 25 maybe maybe not. But improved and good enough for an at large berth. I'd like to see Howard get the green light.

Matt - Are there any decent JUCO big men left that Gary still can go after? I know he's had some success going that route in the past, so maybe that would be an option for him.

Ken Francis: There might some be JUCO big guys out there, but at this point, the impact you would get from anyone that's still available is likely to be Goins-esque. -- Matt

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