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June 17, 2010

Freshman LB Javarie Johnson leaving Maryland

One of the headliners of Maryland’s 2010 football recruiting class won’t suit up for the Terps this fall. javarie-johnson.jpg

Freshman linebacker Javarie Johnson has been granted his release from Maryland, an athletic department official confirmed Thursday. Johnson, who committed to Miami last summer, enrolled at Maryland in January and participated in spring practice.

“The big thing for him was to get out of town and get away from some of the distractions around home. Some kids just need to get away,” said Craig Jefferies, his football coach at Dunbar High in Washington. “This really wasn’t a great fit for him. I personally think he needed to be away. It wasn’t anything Maryland did or didn’t do. He wasn’t doing well academically there, but you really can’t fault Maryland and you can’t fault Javarie. It’s probably an even exchange in what happened.

“But that wasn’t the primary reason he wasn’t doing well. He was a kid that kind of needed a different environment away from his home. Maryland was really deep at the linebacker position, but he was ready to compete for that. But it was a lot of adversity that came in to play with that. Between him and Maryland, it was probably a consensus that they both kind of cut their ties early and let him go on and do what he needs to do and get him an opportunity to fend for himself a little bit. It wasn’t an ideal situation to come in, but Maryland gave him an opportunity and I guess he saw early that he wanted to go back to his original idea and really be away [from home]. I personally think that’s the best thing for him. [Maryland] tried and extended themselves and tried to make the best of it, but ultimately it wasn’t enough.”

Johnson, a four-star prospect and Washington’s top-ranked player, was the highest rated prospect in the Terps’ 2010 recruiting class. At Maryland’s Signing Day news conference, Terps coach Ralph Friedgen said Johnson was a candidate for immediate playing time as a true freshman.

“He is a kid that I fell in love with last year,” Friedgen said. “I was very disappointed when he signed with Miami. When you meet this kid, you'll see why -- he always has a smile on his face. He has a wonderful personality. He's also 6-3, 250 pounds and can run a 4.5, so that lights me up a little bit so I smile.”

Jefferies said Johnson has submitted a list of schools he might be interested in to the Maryland staff. Johnson probably won’t be allowed to enroll at any ACC school, or any school that the Terps have on future schedules.

“You just don’t release kids to those schools. That’s understandable. But they’re working on that as we speak,” Jefferies said. “We’ll try to find the best situation, where he’ll fit in academically and get away from the area where he can be successful.”

Photo of Johnson courtesy of the University of Maryland.

Posted by Matt Bracken at 2:55 PM | | Comments (19)


Way to go Ralph. lol.

What is going on with these 2 programs?

They can't get top recruits, then, the ones they do get, end up being busts.

Its going to be so embarassing when Navy totally destroys MD. I mean, if that game is ever within 20 points, I would be amazed.

How is this Friedgen's fault? Don't be a dumb*** Ryan.

Sounds like a football major in the maing.

I told you guys when he went from Miami to Maryland that the reasoning was due to grades. Guess what?? Grades were also a factor here at Maryland. He wasn't a "steal" from Miami.

But nonetheless, best of the luck to the young man. I hope he is able to get everything together and get himself into a good college, get a great education, and have a wonderful football career.

LOL at blaming Ralph for running a clean program...Johnson couldn't cut it academically. Every academic resource is available to the student-athletes at UMD. from study halls to tutors, if that's not enough, then maybe it's best that player and school part ways. Believe me, it stinks he won't wear a Terps jersey!

First of all. Who cares about Johnson. My point is, they don't get top recruits, and when they do, they are THIS TYPE.

How is it NOT Ralph's fault, for recruiting players that can't play because of some reason that would probably make most people laugh.

If either of these programs got consistent solid players, this wouldn't even make the news.

It just goes to show, that when they do get a 4star, like this, he ends up being someone who can't even play.
But, again. Get mad at me. when they are 2-10, call me a a**h*l*. That will make it all better.

Ryan-you will always be an ahole no matter what you say or do on here,you proved that last year when you said the Md.mens basketball team wouldn't finish above .500.So just to get the Terps football season started off right,I'll call you an ahole now,and thank you for your prediction.Since you are always wrong,Maryland will probably go about 6-5 or 7-4 and make a bowl game.Why don't you take your whiny little act back to your Momma's basement.It gets old after a while.Go root for USC or something.Ralph gave this kid every chance to suceed and he coudn't hack it academically.Watch where he ends up,in a mid major conference or a school who doesn't place much emphasis on academics.And I hope he suceeds at football,because otherwise his future is not looking well.Learn something new for a change.

Gotta love Craig Jefferies, Javarie Johnson's football coach at Dunbar High in Washington: "He wasn’t doing well academically there, but you really can’t fault Maryland and you can’t fault Javarie."

No, it was MY fault.

Can you say academics.........

Wow, it must have been a pretty bad semester if he's gone after 1. Must not have done anything other than go to spring football practice

No Ryan, calling you an a*****e doesn't make it better. Its just a statement of fact.

I never said mens wouldnt finish above 500 last year. show me where I said that?
I said, this years team, wouldn't finish above 500.

I think its funny some of you get so worked up. To actually comment, on my comments. lol. nerds.

Now, now boys, if you can't play nice, we will have to seerate you.

HEY KID, when ya go to Maryland, ya gotta go to class and do the homework. How is this not his fault? Skating through school before college based on your athletic prowess will catch up with you. I guess he got caught. Tough luck for Ralph and the program.

BTW, Ryan could write for the newspapers down here. He respects Maryland about as much as they do!

You keep saying programs MIAMI is in the top[25, and we just signed 1 of the top quaterbacks in tha nation Teddy Bridgewater. So Ryan keep your comments reserved to MarylAND who isn't in the top 25 and hasn't signed any 1 notable are 1 a championship in the 30 years I've been on the planet, Miami has 5 of those.

It's like Ryan enjoys bashing Maryland. I guarantee the Maryland/Navy will be close, there is NO WAY Navy wins by at least 20 points..that was simply a stupid comment.

Ryan is a pure looser and of course he writes to get a reaction!

What good journalist does not write for reaction? Read the Sun and ever column that Mike Preston writes. Are you calling Mike out when he says a player stinks or he rags on the home team? It is Ryan's opinion and that it all it is. Get off his back and stop making this personal. It is hard to refute his underlying comment that both sports (football and basketball) have lacked recruiting prowess in the last 5 years, if not longer. Both have had their top players commit, namely four stars, to later opt out. Let's hope Bino can help and make a difference in getting some local kids, but don't hold your breath. Not a lot of hope for the football. Let's face it, Ralph is only there for financial reason. As bad as last year was, this will be worse. We need a change and Yow, Ralph and Franklin need to move on. I'll predict a 14 point loss to Navy, and a below .500 record in both football and .600 record or less in hoops. Adrian Bowie and Tucker are not leaders and are up and down players at best. The freshman are just that, freshman. Hopefully I'm wrong becasue I love the Terps. Just my opinion.

Hey Ryan if all you say is negative about our terps don't call yourself a true fan. don't blast the team and the coach show some support. every move Gary and Ralph make might turn out the best but i love their stand on academics. and by the way you are an a*******.


Based on your spelling and grammar, it is painfully obvious that are a graduate of "The U". Or should I speak slower?

He is probably having academic problems at Maryland? West Virginia will take him if he can spell, "cat"!

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