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December 18, 2009

Weekly recruiting roundup

Maryland fans in the area will soon have a chance to see five future Terps in action.

The second annual Maryland Crab Bowl is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. tomorrow at Towson University’s Johnny Unitas Stadium -- weather permitting.

UPDATE: The Crab Bowl has been postponed because of the weather and will instead be played Monday at 7 p.m. at Johnny Unitas Stadium. Click here for the updated schedule of events.

Atholton athlete Matt Robinson and St. John’s (D.C.) defensive tackle Andre Monroe are suiting up for the Baltimore team, while Archbishop Carroll (D.C.) lineman Nate Clarke, Wise defensive end / fullback Rahsaan Moore and Wise safety Titus Till will play for the Washington squad.

Click here for the Baltimore roster, here for the Washington roster and here for a breakdown of the teams.

Check back with Recruiting Report on Saturday for more on the game.

• Robinson and Monroe were Washington Post All-Met first-team defense selections.

• Three Terps commitments made The Gazette’s Prince George’s County first-team defense: Till, Moore and Suitland defensive back Jeremiah Johnson.

A solid contributor on both sides of the ball, the senior University of Maryland recruit had 99 tackles and four interceptions.

• Two Maryland wide receiver targets were selected to The Gazette’s first-team offense: Forestville’s Antonio Belt and Bishop McNamara’s Brandon Coleman.

The 6-foot-7 receiver caught 48 passes for 789 yards and 11 touchdowns and was selected to the Under Armour All-Star game in Orlando, Fla.

• The Abington (Pa.) Journal checked in this week with Sal Conaboy, a Terps offensive line commitment.

“I just like wrapping around and hitting people,” Conaboy said. “I get to use some athleticism.”

• DeMatha offensive lineman Shane Johnson committed to Pittsburgh this week.

Johnson, a likely all-state selection, considered several FBS schools — including Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Boston College, North Carolina State, Wake Forest and Rutgers — before opting for Pitt.

Basketball recruiting

• After seeing Terrence Ross at the National Hoops Festival in Upper Marlboro last weekend,’s Dave Telep says the Terps shooting guard commitment is ranked “60 slots too low.”

We know other schools are trying to see what his status is. Maryland, to its credit, has been present at his games and is doing all it can to solidify the pledge. Ross did not wish to talk about his recruiting at the National Hoops Festival only saying that he remains committed.

• Adam Zagoria reports that Maryland has expressed interest in point guard Jio Fontan, a transfer from Fordham.

Todd Washington, an advisor to Fontan, said the Maryland staff reached out about the 6-foot-1 Fontan, who received a conditional release from Fordham that prevents him from playing in the Atlantic 10 or the tri-state area.

Trevor Cooney, a junior shooting guard and UM target, leads Sanford High in the Kappa Klassic starting tonight in Wilmington, Del.

Sanford's Trevor Cooney, a 6-foot-4 guard, is one of the top junior prospects in the country. Programs that have offered him scholarships include Maryland, Notre Dame, Syracuse and Villanova.

• Terps women’s combo guard pledge Natasha Cloud led Cardinal O’Hara to a win Tuesday.

Natasha Cloud's 16 points helped Cardinal O'Hara to a 56-24 win over visiting West Catholic.

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I'd put the odds of Ross signing with the terps now at less than 50%, if the kid is that good, the big boys will be after him now, and unless the Terps make a deep run and get some quality face time on the national stage, this guy is going to bolt to a Kentucky, Kansas, someone of that ilk........bummer you couldn't get him signed on time Gary, will love to hear the explanation on why we lose this one........

Has anyone noticed the stat that Gilchrist is putting up? Something like 18 and 8. Stephenson is leading Cincy in scoring...glad we dropped out of the pursuit. Who was the guard Gary took a lot of crap for recruiting around the time Gilchrist left? Anyone know how he's doing? Probably 14 points and 7 assists a game.

Rob,Ross had already committed,unfortunately there is nothing that makes him keep his commitment regardless of how much work Gary and his staff have put into it it,which by all accounts is considerable.If he decides to go elsewhere it certainly won't be Gary's fault,but being the Gary hater you are,I'm sure you'll blame him anyhow.

Burt from Essex is right on. Besides, Rob doesn't have a clue as to whether Ross is going to sign, so his "less than 50%" chance is based on nothing but pessimism.

The day Gary Williams took over the program was the second-best day in Maryland basketball history, only behind the day Gary hoisted the National Championship trophy. seem a bit confused about the way recruiting works. The coach offers the scholarship, tells the kid how greeat they'd fit into the program, and so on...But Gary Williams can't sign the LOI- The kid has to do that. It's not Gary's fault when a kid committs verbally (obviously Gary must have done something right to get that far) and then backs out. If a kid changes his mind and doesnt show any more integrity and class, then the he** with them, they're not good for the program. As for Ross, it'll be great if he keeps his word, but MD will be okay even if he doesn't- Mosley will be starting at the 2 guard next yr regardless, and this Cooney kid may fill the slot the next year

As for Shreds, in case you were out of the coutnry for the past yr, Gilchrist and his "handler" are scum bags, and may have completely destroyted the S. Fl program for awhile. The NCAA already is involved and its a matter of time befor they take a kit. The only thing that kept Gilchrist from MD was the fact that Gary wouldn't give an unqualified leach a job taht wvery would in turn would have put the progran in jeopardy of NCAA sanctions. Get a clue

Has anyone noticed the stat that Gilchrist is putting up?

Has anyone noticed the NCAA investigation of multiple NCAA violations from USF's men's basketball program, most of them involving Terrelle Woody, the team's video and conditioning assistant and a longtime friend and trainer of Bulls forward Gus Gilchrist. The 32 violations could lead to Woody being banned from the NCAA. If the violations are proved correct, USF faces five years of penalties.

GARY MAKES THE RIGHT CALL AGAIN, letting the punk kid and his punk agent hit the road.

will love to hear the explanation on why we lose this one (Ross)........

Hey Matt, aren't their retrictions on children posting on this site. I mean really, give me a break. The kid is commited to Maryland. Is there a chance he won't come. Sure. But Maryland's last five recruits - Williams, Padgett, Parker, Stoglin and Ross - are outstanding players. And if Ross's stock has climbed that much, the Maryland coaches must know what they're doing by going after players that have real potential.

But the whole Gary argument is so ludicrous as to be unworthy of discussion. Some people will never be happy. They must have miserable lives.

Gary is a Hall of Fame coach. He won us a title, is one of the best game coaches in the nation evidenced by last season, has over 600 wins, at least 20 wins in 10 of his last 13 seasons (19 wins the other three), has knocked off seven #1 teams, and over the last 10 years Maryland is third in the ACC in conference wins just one game behind Duke's total.

So. How about arguing against FACTS?.

Ah the gary lovers. I love reading all the articles of the super defensive Gary Williams fans. Guys the college basketball game has changed and Garys piss poor attitude hasn't. Wow he finally decided to recruit the last two years and landed a couple decent recruits. Md plays in hands down one of the greatest arenas in all of the land and all of the nations best recruits live within an hour of the place! I know i know its not his fault though. Md put up the worst 7 year win lost record of any team coming off a national championship in the history of the game. I know Iknow that was not his fault either. Gilchrist sounds like a punk (18pts/9rebs) but everyone of you would be saying how great Gary is if he kept this kid. If the great Gary Williams could of landed one single recruit out of Mello/Durant/Beasly/Gay we are hanging more banners. It doesnt matter if you knock off 7 #1 teams if you finish the season with 19 wins. When was the last time we went to the final 4 with the great gary?

I agree with some of the comments that they should have had Ross sign his LOI when he committed verbally. Maybe they shouldn't announce commitments only after they've signed LOI. That way Ross wont get badgered by every hopeful (or hopeless) Terps fan or journalist who questions his verbal commitment. I do question WHY he feels it's necessary to wait until the spring to sign the dotted line. Perhaps its for the attention or the drama. All I know is that whatever Terps team walks on to the floor next October for Midnight Madness then those are the guys I'm rooting for.

If Ross goes somewhere else then so be it. Hopefully he will stay, but we have some pretty good kids here now and between Parker and Stoglin we will still have a good recruiting class. Now if we could just do something about Adrian Bowies jumpshot...Ugh...

Yeah, if only Gary would be more like John Calipari. Then we could hang tons of banners from the Comcast rafters, at least for a few months until the NCAA wiped out that season.

Md put up the worst 7 year win lost record of any team coming off a national championship in the history of the game.

Wrong. I didn't go through too many teams (just the first 15 on the list), but Cal, CCNY, Wyoming all had worse 7 year records than Maryland after the won a title.

everyone of you would be saying how great Gary is if he kept this kid....

Wrong again. We'd be under NCAA investigation and likely on probation.

When was the last time we went to the final 4 with the great gary?

We've gone to two under Gary. Before Gary, how many macaroni?

Answer: 0

In my last post earlier this week(in "Ross breaks out"), I disparaged John Calipari and his appalling absence of ethics as a college basketball coach. A few days later, interestingly, Bobby Knight issued his public condemnation of Calipari for the same thing. While some of Bobby Knight's personal behavior over the years can be questioned, no one has ever questioned his integrity as a coach or recruiter. As a matter of fact, toward the end of his time with Indiana and throughout his TTU career, the primary rap, which should be familiar to any within the Terp faithful, is that he could no longer recruit. Perhaps, much like Williams, Knight was unable to "land" those high-end recruits simply due his refusal to pander to the whims of over-indulged 18 year olds, their "handlers" or ramora-like AAU coaches. At any rate, he is and remains a powerful voice in college basketball circles and whose opinions people, even if they do not agree, will hear and have to consider.

Now, while Ross may, in fact, not eventually end up a Terp, maybe we should focus on the real cause for same which is not Williams', or his staff's, lack of effort to sign him. Ironically, Knight's statements may help with Maryland's effort to sign Ross. Of course, while this will only, if at all, have a direct impact on Calipari's recruitment of him, it would be interesting to know what residual impact it could have on other programs' pursuit of him too.

Gary Williams could of landed one single recruit out of Mello/Durant/Beasly/Gay we'd be hanging more banners.

Durant: One and done. No title

Beasley: One and done. No title.

Gay: Two and done. No title. His pay to play at UCONN is well documentated.

You were saying?

woah woah, go terps. Ccny? WYOMING? You have to be kidding me! I guess its ok to compare the terps to those teams for all the gary forgivers. This is fricken md basketball! We should have some swagger not excuses. Bring us Roy Williams and in two years we win a national champoinship. Gary struggles to get us in the top 25. If it wasnt for him getting lucky by taking a flyer on Dixon we wouldn't even of gotten our national championship! So gary got us to our first final fours so that makes it ok for us not to break the top 25 and maybe get to the dance. Better yet its ok to go to the first round of the NIT and lose but no worries Gary got us to a finally 4. The game has passed Gary there are no more Johnny Rhodes out there to develope. He has refused to changed with the modern athlete and there for we as fans get to watch our top 40 terps year in and year out. I was just watching Texas and UNC there is not one terps starter who could get on the floor right now with those guys. Go terps I guess its cool he did get us in two final fours! Oh yeah and why would any of the banners be taken away for getting Mello/Durant/Beasly/Gay?

Ok, now we know that brendan is a closet NC and a Roy Williams lover. Look what your beloved team did today against Texas !!!!

My loyalty is to the school, not Gary. If he could maintain Maryland as an elite program, then I would have no problem with him, his coaching, or his recruiting. But we are no longer elite. What is said to be our best recruiting class in years is teetering on being another mediocre class if our star shooting guard bolts. Even with his signing Maryland's best class in years ranks in the middle of the ACC. Why can't we expect better? Does Maryland not have a great tradition? Is the school not located in a high school basketball hotbed? Is our arena not top notch. I would mention the national chamionship, but that is fast becoming ancient history to the 10th and 11th graders we should be recruiting. The 16 year olds we are going after were 8 when we were last a powerful team. All they know Maryland and Gary to be are NIT 2nd round outs. C'mon we can do better.

Geez. This is comical.

Oh yeah and why would any of the banners be taken away for getting Mello/Durant/Beasly/Gay?

None of those players you site won a title and none of them stayed in school for more than two years and all of them played on very good basketball teams.

b-roni posted this line: Md put up the worst 7 year win lost record of any team coming off a national championship in the history of the game.

He is wrong. Maryland does not have the worst 7 year record after winning a title, there are actually 13 NCAA teams that have won a title and have a worse record. Wyoming (1947) is one of them. I was simply corrrecting overblown hyperbole.

Gary got us to a finally 4.

Actually, 2 Final Fours.

It's unbelievable how fast people forget the fallout from the end of Lefty's tenure and the Bobby Wade era. Gary had to deal with a program that was stripped of scholarships, banned from the post season, and not allowed on national tv for a year. The punishment the NCAA hands out these days seem like a slap on the wrist compared to what MD received. I can confidently and proudly say that no current coach can pull a program out of the abyss and turn it around they way Gary had. He has vowed to keep the program away from embarrassing NCAA recruiting violations while maintaining a competitive team. Maryland faced Indiana in the 2002 National Championship. The Hoosiers have a richer basketball tradition than MD, yet today they're struggling to maintain a winning record.

Whether or not Ross commits to MD, Gary and his assistants have done a heck of a job. Everyone needs to realize that highly touted recruits do not always translate to a program's success. Paul Hewitt has had back-to-back stud recruiting classes, yet last year GT was a joke and this year they have already lost to Dayton.

But I guess some people just love ragging on the Terps unless they win it all every year. These are the same people that said MD wouldn't even make it to the NIT last year. When MD got into the dance, they were calling for a one-and-done against Cal. When MD easily upset Cal , they were complaining about not being able to advance past Memphis. Yes, I'm talking about you, shreds and brendan.

Don" t count on Ross NOT coming to MD Coach Vetter is a stand up guy. He has lots of ties to Md.His reputation is on the line if Ross doesn"t come. Ross attended a game of Parkers recently. They are buddies. We don"t know why he didn 't sign his L.o.i

shreds you have it exactly right. B-roni and brendan are the same by the way. anyway first and formost I love md b-ball just as much as anyone on here and all I have ever wanted is us to win. I can't stand unc but guess what they have an amazing coach who does nothing but recruit great athletes and win championships. Like shreds has said I am not a gary williams fan I am a md fan. Sorry if I expect more from our team than the NIT. Dave wants to talk about the fallout from lefty's tenure like it was the other day. Recruits these days don't even know who Lefty is. What the heck does that have to do with md's woahs these days. We get a middle of the road recruiting class and everyone wants to talk about how amazing the great gary is. People (dave) have the attitude of "Hey atleast we didn't suck" when it comes to md. I am sick of it and I am sorry for using a rival like Roy to point out our coaches short comings. Go terps! Maybe next time I will use syracuse to point out how gary sucks. I wish there was a University of Gary to root for all the williams fans. Its 2009 not 1995 anymore people

B-roni- oh please, this statement "Gilchrist sounds like a punk (18pts/9rebs) but everyone of you would be saying how great Gary is if he kept this kid" obviously indicates that anything that you post is nonsensical garbage. NOONE would be saying how great Gary was if he had kept this kid because that would have meant supplying Terrelle Woody with a job and in turn facing NCAA sanctions. We all though it was great when Bod Wade got Rudy Archer to class too

b-roni for your info Md went to the NCAA tournament last year. Our 2010 class has 3 top 75 players (Ross,Parker ,Stoglin) and a player from one of the top high school programs in the country, St. Anthony's. The 2011 class guys were going after are very good. Gary has Never had a losing season. He.s won 20 every year at Md but 2. We are an elite program

go terps, as long as we're playing the game of correcting people, Melo did win a national championship at syracuse...
and I hate to say it but b-roni and shreds are right - none of these recruits care what happened in the 80's, why should we give gary a hall pass to mess around all he wants after winning a championship? Our "great" recruiting class for next year is rated right in the middle of the ACC...and that's with Ross, who we all know hasn't signed yet. Dixon and Baxter were great but they weren't exactly highly recruited guys out of high school. Gary isn't doing himself any favors in terms of recruiting the last home game after a big play, Jordan Williams (who was unexplicably benched in the second half) stood up to cheer on his teammates and gary turned around and yelled "sit the hell down!" and pushed him back into his seat. Last year, I heard him call Cliff Tucker a few harsh obscenities on the sidelines as well. Is that the kind of coach a kid coming out of high school who's highly rated would want to play for? I don't think so. He
needs to change it up.
But please, gary apologists, tell me why all of that is OK. Tell me why always being the 35th best team in the country and being on the bubble every year is OK now. Tell me why average is now acceptable for Maryland basketball. Because I don't know why.

If you believe rankings, the terps20010 class is 5th in acc. State and wakes classes are overrated. The 2010 class will have at least one more player. Remember, we beat Wake and Carolina at full speed with a team with supposedly vastly inferior talent. Rankings are all opinions. I'll take Gary over every coach in the A.C.C. Coach K couldn't have sniffed the N.C.A.A. tournament if he'd had coached last years Md team. Roy Williams wouldn"t have won 10 games. Let's see where the terps are at the end of this year. They are as good as Carolina or Duke-neither of them impress me

ryan a- nonsensical garbage? I guess the truth hurts. Sorry I expect big things out of my team every year. Sorry losing to AMERICAN UNIVERSITY is unexceptable to me. You wanna say that everything I post is nonsensical garbage, you should tell that to your boy Vanroy who has the balls to actually call us an "elite program". Consistently finishing under .500 in the acc and losing in the nit doesn't make you elite. We do have an elite program when you compare it to Towson. Ryan I think you actually may be a bit confused on how recruiting works. Once a kid commits w/o signing a LOI that is when the real work begins. It is gary and his guys fault if the kid leaves. That means he didn't stay on top of the recruit everyday to make sure he doesn't leave. Start to look at the facts. What Gary has done recruiting and coaching wise would not fly at all at any of the real elite programs. Jim Bahiem has coached longer than gary and has learned to adjust to the modern recruit. They consistently win and consistently pick up good recruits while doing it. I love md b-ball with all my heart but the way this staff has preformed on and off the court the last couple of years is sickening. GO TERPS!

b-roni--if it hurts your heart so much to watch Gary's Terps--stop watching, for your health's sake--and for cripes sake, stop posting such negative $hi#--get a hobby!

B-roni- yes losing to American is UnACCEPTABLE- how many non-conference losses does MD have in the past 20 yrs?? "Consistently finishing under .500 in the ACC" - not sure what your definition of "consistently" is, but MD hasn't consistently been under .500 when they have the 3rd best record in the ACC over the past decade. How many times have they been in the NIT in the past 20 yrs??? I seen to think they are more consistently in the real tourney, but hey, maybe are definition of consistency is deifferent. I may be wrong, but I think MD's been in the NIT the same # of yrs as Jim Boeheim this decade. If you think their performance is "sickening", you must be 16 yrs old because you obviously havent been around for much. If you really think it's Gary and his staffs fault if Ross leaves to go to a "nike school", then your naivete proves what I stated in my previous post. Just like you think Gary should have kept Gus Gilchrist around

Obviously, I don't care who is 1 and done or not. You want the best players coming to your program to build a tradition of winning and have those with great NBA careers, generate interest in their alma matters.

However, as much as I want to see Ross here, and lets not write him off yet (this seemed to have started with him not signing his LOI, yet he has said publicly that he is still committed to MD),
the more important player is Stoglin.

Look at what Stoglin has done in his head to head match-ups with John Wall, and Derozan. He punked them.
Stoglin is so underrated, that now he is getting props, the last 2 weeks before he signed his LOI, Arizona, UCLA, AND USC all tried to poach him.
Lets not get such a vibe of "Ross's leaving" that it actually pushed him away.
The ONLY reason people are even speculating is he didn't sign his LOI. Gary very rarely gets early commitments.
Relax. Lets see what happens before we flip out.


That is so freaking surprising to me.

Ok seriously, this is a blog, people have opinions, and this is where you are suppose to post them. As for you ryan, I agree that Gary has done seem good things, but you cant be living in the past. I have been a Maryland fan my whole life and I love them dearly, but if Gary cannot land Ross and cannot get us to another final 4 in the next 2-3 years then we need to find someone who can not only coach but recruit as well. Just my opinion. Dont call me childish or rip me apart because of it. Because that seems to be the theme here.

I do blame the recruiting process performed by the MD staff for Gilchrist and Ross (if he goes to a Nike school). How long did Gilchrist sit on the MD bench and figure into Maryland's future plans before all of his "baggage" was discovered? If Ross decides Under Armour isn't his brand of choice and goes elsewhere at the last minute leaving our cupboard bare it is MD's fault for not vetting him better 8 months ago. When players up and leave at the last minute, especially the prize of the class, your program is going to feel that loss for several years. There was no big man for Maryland to sign at the last minute when Gilchrist left and there will be no top shooting guard on the table if Ross bolts in the Spring. You want to blame it on the player, his handlers, the parents, the AD? Let's put the blame on everyone except the CEO of the basketball operation.

Do any of you see the correlation between UMD not getting players since Gary and the school dropped the Nike contract? Don't you think Nike and all the AAU coaches that are in Nike's back pocket have a vandetta against us now. Gary was against dropping the Nike endorsement and very adament about it and was one of the last to come around for that very reason. He and the school knew there would be an impact, especially on recruiting. Notice the schools we lose our recruits to, all Nike schools. Coincidence, I don't think so. Jennings went to Louisville, Harris to TN and Kentucky and Oregon we all know are huge Nike supporters and after T. Ross. Top tier players are currently still playing for Nike schools because they still control the game based on the amount of money they throw around. We are paying the dues now but we are in a great position down the road. UA has a better product and much more in tune with the up and coming generation. Think of what UA has accomplished in just a short period of time. Plank is a homer, and nothing more than he wants then a winning tradition at CP, especially in football and b-ball. The guy is a competitor and as we know a former player at UMD. He has the blueprint for a billion dollar company in place. All it takes is for one major recruit to commit to UMD and go on to play pro with a major UA endorsement then others will follow. UA is building their relationship and presence through endorsements of AAU tournaments all the way down to rec ball. Having a company that will be equivalent to if not greater than Nike on the east coast where the basketball and football talent is the richest, and with a young owner who went to UMD can only be extremely encouraging and exciting for us. Take the pain now for the future looks bright.

I can not believe people are still arguing over Gus Gilchrist. This is ridiculous. His "baggage" was not "discovered." Terrelle Woody took him to a school where he could get a job. That "job" now has So Fl in hot water with the NCAA. What does anyone propose Gary Williams should have done to keep the kid???

MD was an Under Armour school when he committed verbally. Nothing changed there. How is Gary Williams supposed to vet that? There is only so much a coach can do to recruit a kid. Kid committs in April, must have liked Under Armour then. Maybe he still does. But to draw conclusions about Gary Williams from an 18 yr old's decision that may be influenced by multiple competing forces is ridiculous. Posted it before...for all we know Ross wanted to go MD in April because he had a girlfriend, ot two, in the area. Things change, maybe now he wants to get out of town. He's not a local kid. As for the idea that it sets the program back for years...Mosley's starting at the 2 next yr with or without Ross, and there are options in the following class.

No it's not Gary's job to vet the UA relationship. It is the job of the AAU coaches and handlers which are now a part of college basketball whether you like it or not. You can still run a clean program with having some influential people on your side, specifically AAU coaches and handlers through or ties with UA. You don't think Nike does this now with top Nike endorsed programs? My opinion is it will help us immensely at some point soon. Ryan, if you don't think there aren't multiple people in these top recruits ears you know little about the process.

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