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December 31, 2009

Coach weighs in on Terrence Ross' recruiting

Montrose Christian basketball coach Stu Vetter confirmed today that senior shooting guard Terrence Ross withdrew his commitment to Maryland "within the week."

“He has reopened his recruitment,” Vetter said. “He’s going to reopen it for a limited number of schools -- no more than four or five. Maryland is still very strong in the picture. He just felt that he wanted to open it up and make sure he was making an informed decision. And that’s pretty much it.”

Vetter said Ross, a four-star prospect who grew up in Portland, Ore., is not looking at any West Coast schools. There are four programs, in particular, that he’s currently focused on.

“Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, Maryland,” Vetter said. “He has limited who he [is considering]. Not anybody can come in and recruit him. Our rule, also, is that there will be no official visits until our season is over. And as far as recruiting during our season, the No. 1 priority is his academic work and the Montrose basketball team.”

Ross committed to Maryland in April, selecting the Terps over Arizona State, Cal, Oregon State, Washington and several others. Vetter said Maryland still has a shot at landing Ross.

“Maryland has done an outstanding job of recruiting him and Terrence is very familiar with Maryland and he likes Maryland a lot,” Vetter said. “They are still very much in the picture.”

Vetter said Ross, who will not be available for interviews during the season, has had a strong start to his senior season. recruiting analyst Dave Telep wrote that Ross was ranked "60 slots too low" after his breakout performance at the National Hoops Festival in Upper Marlboro earlier this month.

“He’s doing very well,” Vetter said. “He has improved considerably since last year. I think the primary reason is that he didn’t play AAU this summer and worked on his game. I think he has become one of the top players in the country.”

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He's as good as gone. What a disastrous 48 hours for Maryland basketball.

Nike got to him - Its too bad kids can't make decisions on their own anymore. The sad thing is that he would probably become a better basketball player in UMD's program.

Great job, Gary and Greivis.

As I posted a couple of weeks ago I sat by Ross and Josh Hairston(headed to Duke)at the Nova game and Terrence did not seem like a guy to me that was pumped up about going to MD. I agree he is going elsewhere. This is a disaster not only to next year's class that could have been special, but further underscores our recruiting problems. It is amazing to me how far our program has sunk in a short period of time. From elite to also-ran. Another trip to the NIT this year along with the loss of Ross will make this a painful year.

What a blow to the Terps. Losing last night and now this. Oh and Lance Stephenson scores 21 for Cinncinati and hits two free throws to win the game last night. That's right, we didn't need him.

Hope he goes to DUKE so we can play against his benedict arnold a**.
I would pull theoffer if I was coach.

Should have beaten William & Mary!! LOL

Honestly, if you view yourself as an NBA caliber player, Maryland is not the place to play. The glory days of the Terps are long gone and won't return until some changes are made. Gary earned his spot and should be allowed to coach until he's done, but he'll never get the top shelf players.

I do hope that the seniors can get a few quality wins before they have to get jobs. What an eye opening loss last night. Not a very bright team.

Well, here we go. I'm sure this blog entry will stimulate a great deal of misplaced backlash against Gary Williams, etc...

Without torching Ross, a 17 year old kid, let's just see what kind of character he displays come this Spring. He has already given his prior commitment to Maryland, bonded with present and future Terps and avowed his clear desire to play at Maryland. Notwithstanding Ross' own awareness of these matters, I would think that Coach Vetter, a highly respected individual, will remind Ross of same as his recruitment process proceeds.

Obviously, to resort to pursuing an already committed player, Coach K must be feeling some kind of pressure in Durham. For kentucky and kansas, given their coaches' histories, such actions are not surprising.

For those who may equate this situation to the Terps' pursuit of CJ Leslie, any such comparison is wholly misplaced. To wit, Maryland's renewed interest in recruiting Leslie resurfaced only AFTER Leslie formally withdrew his commitment. The same exact thing occurred with Deshawn Painter and Chris Braswell. Here, there were multiple reports that kentucky, kansas and duke were already in contact with Ross, either directly or indirectly (i.e., through "agents" such as current players, fellow committed recruits or, dare it even be suggested, overly influential shoe companies) PRIOR to the formal withdrawal of his verbal commitment. Interestingly, given Ross' decision not to play AAU ball this past Summer eliminates the greatest and most usual suspect from the equation for the undermining of Terps' recruiting. As well, there are also significant distinctions between Gus Gilchrist's aborted commitment to Maryland too, most importantly, that he had long before withdrawn his recruitment from VaTech.

Of course, my above-stated proposition is entirely based upon what we, the public, are provided as information. Is it possible that the Terps maintained contact with Leslie, Painter and Braswell after their respective commitments to NCSU, Florida and Georgetown? Sure. But, history, at least publicly, reveals that Maryland and Williams consistently honor a player's commitment, verbal or otherwise, to a school. Some may claim that my complaint represents little more than "crying over spilled milk" and that no commitment is final until the player signs his LOI. To those, it's clear that they have missed my point as the slippery slope of integrity, morality and ethics has already claimed them as victims.

Wake me when there is good news involving UMD football or basketball.

Zero chance Ross ends up at Maryland.

Why would anyone want to come to Maryland to play? He will only come here if he can't get playing time with any real college program. Williams will be gone in a year.

Wow...I mean, it is beginning to look like as long as they are not regarded by the top programs as valuable, Maryland has a shot. As soon as the "name" programs get interested, forget it. Is there any better evidence Maryland is now a second-tier program that has to settle for the guys the NC's, Dukes, Ky's, etc (i.e., the elite programs) don't want?

What is the difference between Maryland and a Morgan State now? The quality of the player is almost negligible. The quality of kids that get out of Maryland is just amazing. The sad part is how many of them never give more than lip service to even considering the state school.

I lived in Kentucky, and the idea that a in-state kid targeted by Ky. or Louisville would get out of the state is considered sacrilegious. Same in Kansas or Indiana or Connecticut. But in Maryland? It makes news if you can keep one here in b-ball or football.

I can understand it in football. If I am a recruit and I see MD Football is almost never on TV, and I dream of Sundays in the NFL, why go there? But hoops? C'mon!

If they are not embarrassed at the fact they cannot hold onto or even get top 50 recruits to listen...When's the last time they had a guy in the top 30 commit to them? How do they compete with teams that annually get two or three of them? Even Wake, VT and GT get more of the top guys than MD.

Matt, what are they doing wrong? It is just totally frustrating. Lefty might not have won as much with the talent he had, but he ALWAYS had the talent.

Thanks for letting me vent. Have a Happy New Year!

At least in the past when Football was bad, we had basketball to fall back on. Now, we don't even have that, they are both bad!!!

How did this happen? ESPN is reporting he's goign to go to Duke. No chance he's going to Maryland or he woulda already signed.

Wise kid, especially if he has Duke on his list ! Maybe he got an eyeful last night of watching the disaster against William and Mary and decided to a big time Coach and Program !

Yeah he's gone. They might as well focus on recruiting somebody else or just having Mosley as the 2 guard for now. I love what Gary has done for the program but it feels like he reached the top and is now just going through the motions.

That is what happens when you allow your school to lose to teams like Wiliam and Mary. Both the Football and basketball programs are now second tier. End Of Story.

Oh yeah. The kid reneged and Maryland is still in it against new suitors Kentucky, Kansas and Duke. Who is that coach kidding ? Verbal commitments do not count for anything anymore. Get used to it. For most recruits, they always seem to find the "grass is greener" somewhere other than Maryland.

Nike had nothing to do with this one. He simply got better offers. When Kansas, Duke, and Kentucky come de-commit from Maryland.

Terp fans can call "foul" or "Nike" on this one all we want, but the fact is that there is no incentive for a player as talented as Ross (he will be a top-30, borderline five-star prospect on the main scouting sites when all is said and done) to play at MD. The Terps lose often to less talented teams, the coach is a notorious taskmaster (who also notoriously pays little attention to recruiting) and the players don't make money in the pros.

As far as the other coaches sneaking in on a "committed" player, Ross let them all know he was still open the moment he didn't sign a letter in the fall. At that point, it was open season. The onus is on Williams and the staff to close the deal, and they couldn't.

Frankly, Ross is making a wise decision. He is doing what's best for him and his family. Why languish in anonymity at Maryland when he can become a star at a top-10 program. Good luck, kid.

How can ANYONE still support Gary Williams?
What a loser. He built the program only to totally kill it for whoever replaces him.

The,se losses were UNHEARD of for 15 years.
This team has no identity, they are outplayed EVERY night, and are out-talented on most.
They have ZERO shooters, and half the time don't even try.
Vasquez was the worst thing to happen to the program. But, busts like Garrison, Hayes, and others, has just killed it.

Can you really blame Ross? He wants to win.
MD Atheletics has just totally gone to the birds.
It has to be Yow's fault. Football, Basketball and Baseball are all terrible. But they will pump up like a Final FOur in Badmitton. lol

Another one bites the dust......MD and Gary just can never catch a break with a REALLY good recruit. If Parker hadn't signed yet I would worry about him also....he could be next since T Ross was his boy.

Thanks for the C%#$ tease least he will have to live with the label of being someone who backs out of a commitment and his word is about as good as a ketchup flavored popsicle, way to man up Terrence. I guess it's true, high school kids are still just

Let's remember that Ross isn't from Maryland and only came to the east coast to be seen by more recruiters.

If Ross feels the need to go to a school with 8 or 9 other McDonald's All-Americans on it, that is fine. It just shows he doesn't the guts to come to a school and be the MAN.

Maybe Duke will offer his Mom a job like Chris Duhon so he will play there.

I'm not surprised to learn that an immature high school kid has decided to see what his worth is. It is a shame that the recruiting game seems to belong to the Favored Few!!! Stop blaming Garry W for this kid's ego!!!

Wake me up when MD gets a new coach. College Basketball has passed Gary by. I feel like I am watching Bobby Knight when he was trying to win old style in his last days at Indiana.

Maybe the kid and his parents are looking at what is best for him. Maybe Gary Williams and UMD aren't the best options for him. Gary Williams doesn't seem to be that great of a coach or motivator. He needs to be able to change. Those bulleying tactics don't work when you have elite players. This is one of the reasons that your better players stay away from Md. Get rid of Gary Williams and Md will began to get star players.

Maryland players don't make money in the pros??? Name a star NBA player who went to Duke. Duke players flounder in the NBA.

I agree with you Terp'n Texas. It's such a sad state of the game when you have coaches going after already committed players. It's true that the other schools now involved are better for his exposure. He was probably one-and-done anyway. But landing a recruit such as Ross raises the eyebrows of other top talent. Sad

With all due respect to the Men's and Women's basketball teams from the '08-'09 seasons, If the Ravens fail to make the playoffs what a horrible year in MD area sports. Although I would have said that without this mess anyway.

To PogueMahone...

Duke players have made the most money in the NBA at least four of the last five seasons.

Not a Duke fan. Just pointing out a baseless statement when I see it.


Ross wasn't committed on paper. Gary has no one to blame but himself for being unable to close the deal.

Some of these comments are just insane. First of all, W&M is no Radford. They beat Wake by 10 for crying out loud. They will be in the NCAA tournament.

Second, you can say what you want about Gary's recruiting, but to say he can't coach is ridiculous. Take the same squad from last year and hand them to a different coach and see if they not only make the NCAA tournament but pull a first round upset. My friend who is a UNC fan has said many times that if you could take the recruiting part of Roy Williams and the coaching part of Gary Williams, you'd have the ultimate coach.

That all being said, back to the matter at hand: Ross. It's simple, really. His stock rose dramatically, and the top schools that would have looked him over before now are getting their chance. What stings is that MD should be one of those schools. And yes, that blame falls on Gary and Yow.

When does soccer season start?...Are we still good in that sport??

Thanks Debbie Yow for socializing UMD sports and watering down our top programs. We need to start cleaning house beginning with her. Gary has let the game pass him by. Keeping better players on the bench and going with Hayes and Gregory is page out of the "Bobby Knight" coaching manual. Sorry Gary, I have been a fan of yours for years, but your ego has become unmanageable since you won a national championship. Time for some humility and a change.

When you have put one player on the ACC All-Freshman team since Joe Smith in '93-'94 and have had only one player play in a single NBA All-Star game (Francis) in 20 years, is it ANY doubt that big-time talent that is not a former ball-boy would want to go elsewhere?

Gary is his own worst enemy with his unwillingness to play the game fully within the rules and then never giving younger players the opportunity they deserve over Gary's fave veterans, with Francis being a PRIME case-in-point when Gary kept Stokes at the point.

Time for Gary to hit the golf course full-time.

Just want to clarify my post above. I intended to mean that Gary was unwilling to fully play the recruiting game, while still remaining fully within the rules.

I had no intent of implying that Gary does not stay within the rules. I totally believe he does.

Heck, it would probably take too much effort to do either.

Okay people this thread has to stop....he is gone, he isn't coming to MD, end of story.

As far as Ross burns me like no other for what he did, but we have to remember that he is just a KID. For god sake, I read somewhere that he had to get his mom to call the coaching staff to tell them he wasn't coming, HIS MOM PEOPLE!!!! right there and then should indicate what kind of person Terrence is. I also read somewhere that when he commited, he was only 80% sure he wanted to come.....if that was the case, WHY DID YOU EVEN COMMIT???? which is another shot at his character, which at this point is slim to none. So he doesn't like MD, big whoop! he just doesn't realize that he didn't just give his word to a coach, he gave it to an entire program, team, state, and fan base waiting for him to tear it up. We stopped recruiting kids and SG's because we think we already have our future one, and now were left scrambling, and having to settle for the leftovers. If there is one flaw in college hoops, its that......when its done, it should be DONE!!! unless something unforeseen comes up, like a family emergency. I mean this kid didnt play AAU ball over the summer to play with his future team in college park.....did he not make any friends or bonds with the other players and recruits?? I mean really?? that is one guy you could not trust having ur back if u went to war, or in a time of loyalty at all!!! or maybe he is just socially inept and has a hard time making friends/bonds with people (which could also be the case and would make Duke a perfect fit…hahaha).

People need to stop bashing Gary and the program, he isn't going anywhere and is still loved by many in this fine state.......THIS IS NOT HIS FAULT!! He is not professor X, and can not read recruits minds or make decisions for them. ROSS reneged his WORD, therefore it's ROSS's fault, regardless of how he felt about MD when he first committed. Im sure when ROSS first said yes to UMD, he wasn't like, "you know what Gary, im only kind of a solid verbal and could change my mind at anytime, so you might want to keep recruiting a SG for next year."

So enough is enough about this guy....instead of talking about the ones NOT coming to this fine program/team/FANBASE.....let's talk about the one's that ARE!!!!!!!! Stoglin, Pankey, and assuming your WORDS are good, and are more mature and have more pride in ur WORD then ROSS aka the LIAR.....welcome to the Family!!!! can't wait to see you fella's in a TERPS uniform next year, come show these people that you don't need ROSS to make this one hell of a recruiting class, and all of us fans will love and embrace you into this fine fanbase.

the guy that sign with florida int had better offers and did not sign with them and kentucky was one of them and he is rated higher than ross so y did he not take the offer from them answer that terp haters

When MD couldn't land a top flight big man I knew we were in trouble. If I recall Ross was trying to get guys like Terrence Jones to come to MD, but not one did. I'm sure that opened his eyes a bit.

If Gary can pull a rabbit out of his hat and get one of the few big men who haven't signed yet to come then we might still have a chance with Ross. If not, then highly doubtful.

Anyone can see we're lacking at the PF/C postions as compared to most other big schools and I don't see any help in sight.

And for those of you out there who want Gary gone (and Fridge too), do you seriously have confidence Yow could land a top flight coach - I surely don't.

Most you you people are the same moronic Terp-haters that come out every year when Maryland has a bad game. Maryland is still 8-4 and all of their losses were to good teams (anyone who doesn't think W&M is good hasn't been paying attention). Gary and Co. will find a way to improve and make the tourney. . .they do it every year.

As for Ross, I believe he will be great regardless of where he plays. However, Gary Williams would teach him a level of toughness that he couldn't learn anywhere else. Everyone who comes through Maryland learns it. . .it rubs off from Gary.

All I kept hearing when we signed Ross was how he was such a "character kid." Well, now we will see. if he is a quality kid and a man of his word, he will be a Terp. If he is weak and shallow, he will be lured away by the sleazier coaches of the league. . .all we can do now is wait and see. . .



Why did Gary sign Pankey (nominated to be a starter on the All American Never Ever Heard of Them team.) just before Tobias Harris was going to announce. It may have been true we had no shot over uhhhhhh that perenial basketball power Tenn. However, signing a player at a similar postion just before Tobias was going to make his decision killed any chance of getting that Mc D All American. Why not just wait a month to sign Painkey. Good grief its not like Pankey had any offers outside of the neighborhood rec league. Now Ross decides the potential here is not so good. I'm mean seriously, do you think any Big Time Recruit is going to want to suit up with a Pankey or a Stoglin? Neither of them belongs in the ACC. The agreement was that Gary was supposed to improve the recruiting; that means no Pankey, or Stoglin, not no Harris, Leslie, or Ross.

I was as staunch a Gary supporter as anyone until this news broke. Williams led my alma mater to a title while I attended and I thought that would enable the coach to a free pass forever, but this is simply too much to look past. Ross was key to the program's resurgence and would ease the transition of two senior gurds leaving with that smooth 12-16 ft he just won't, and I believe that falls at the feet of Gary because Ross' name was never on the dotted line. For whatever reason, coach Williams does not or cannot pluck talent from PG County or Baltimore city and the time to adjust his methods has long passed. Demographically, there is not a state with a pair of totally separate communities teeming with that much talent....does the name Kevin Durant ring a bell? The coach doesn't necessarily see roster continuity as his responsibility and it just cost the program a player with an NBA caliber jump shot, potentially the centerpiece of an innovative offense. The caliber of player and the efforts to get them have certainly not increased recently and Gary's legacy is taking hits by the season. It is time to embrace the fact that as much as Gary has done for the university and the program, that there may be somebody hungrier and willing to do more out there, I can't believe I'm typing this but the time has come to look elsewhere if the desire is to compete among the ACC's best. The Terps aren't there right now

Am praying and hoping he commits back soon and signs. i am looking at this as a Terp fan as the glass half filled. So thats about it ,now we just wait and see.

Mike in San Diego:



Thanks to you, too. Your posts verified my prior point.

Also, do the names Walt Williams, Joe Smith, Steve Francis, Chris Wilcox, Juan Dixon or Steve Blake ring any bells. I'm certain that you'd trade your paycheck for the ones they collected, or are collecting, for their NBA careers.

The Nat'l Champ. proved that you do NOT have to be a whore to win. Did some of the relentless drive in Gary go after winning it all? Yeah. But, I would never want a sellout coach like Roy or K here. Gary is going after too many "blue chip" players.

Go back to your roots GARY! Find players that want to play and that want to be here!

and to answer a previous poster's question about blaming Ross, I absolutely can't do it. He wants to use the system to maximize any opportunity and he certainly has that right. Maryland is a great place to do that, but some offers he's receiving, morally or not, are so much better for him.

Gary still has the ability to harden a player's shell and bring out enough fortitude that a good player can max out, plus enough shot opps. to put up stats which should be a perfect storm for any recruit, but as much as I hate to say it, Self or Calipari or Jay Wright will make him just as famous and can make him a champ in any one of the next 4 yrs.

I can't blame him for choosing another school once he put some thought into the committment, the fundamental question in his head probably sounding something like 'If UNC/'Nova/Kansas/Kenticky or whoever is offering him is interested in me, why would I go to the Terps......just to keep my word? And why would he?

I'm not of the opinion that Terp fans are deserving of elite talent and/or coaching, but the fact is Gary's squads have been alot closer to good than great or clutch recently and a talent like Ross getting away is a sign that will continue. The program led by Gary looks to be able to stay above average considerably by national standards, but the ACC and the fan base, long used to multi-year runs of sustained success demands more and it's just not going that way right now. The talent is here, it's close and it's choosing to not use the Williams/Yow regime as one to maximize. It really is too bad, and I have no idea what the future holds or who is to blame, but I can't help but to think that somebody from the outside sees and wants it fixed more than the people who can fix it do, they've had their time........

Why can't the Terps recruit a quality point guard and center? They are doomed without a center. Being led by a couple of guys who think they are playing "horse" doesn't help either.

Come on Gary, COACH!!!

I am an avid Terps b-ball follower for near 40 years. Reading these posts, can anyone post an explanation why a shoe company like Nike is interested in influencing what college a kid attends. And why would Nike be anti-MD. Wouldn't Nike be interested in kids gooing into the NBA instead of college? I don't get the connection. Thanks to anyone for explaining.


Rob, how did Yow "socialize" MD basketball? Is that like a Fox News watcher's word for "make bad"? What did she do, anyway?

Gary. Just do what you always try to do. Beat Duke and North Carolina. If Ross doesn't like Md. too bad. Gary has how many wins against #1 teams? 16 points down to NC last year with how many minutes and still pulls it off. Beat both teams in last years finals. Been to the final 4 twice. Season is far from over. From a guy who had to fight adversity all his life. Go TERPS!

Duke players don't make it in the NBA? You could put together a championship team with this talent...if there wasn't a salary cap...yeah, they don't make it. Ross is gone; hopefully to Durham.

Shelden Williams Duke $825,497
Chris Duhon Duke $6,031,800
Elton Brand Duke $14,858,472
Luol Deng Duke $10,365,000
Mike Dunleavy Duke $9,780,992
Dahntay Jones Duke 2,500,000
Josh McRoberts Duke $825,497
Gerald Henderson G Duke $1,957,080
J.J. Redick Duke $2,839,408
Carlos Boozer Duke $12,323,900
Shane Battier Duke $6,939,200
Grant Hill Duke $3,000,000
Corey Maggette Duke $8,937,931
Terrence Ross ____________________

Chill out all of you. Couldn't you read the article that Ross committed to Maryland in April, selecting the Terps over Arizona State, Cal, Oregon State, Washington and several others. Apparently, this kid thinks he committed too early when MD was the best choice at that time (who else in that school list won past championships). Now Kansas, Kentucky, and Duke (all past and recent champions) want his services, who won't do what he does.
I bet most of you have done and would have done again the same thing when picking the university of your choice (if you have the money and talent to go). As the acceptance letters started to arrive from Ivy League schools, you probably discarded the state university's that you thought was your dream (well, I forget most of you probably are MD graduates anyway, but you can see what I mean). Or wouldn’t you give a second thought when suddenly some supermodels show up at your door competing to go with you to the prom even though you have promised with the girl next door? Well, this is just like this for Ross.

Well, and I bet most of you will hide under the rock again once the season progresses. It’s too earlier to judge the season, and Gary is at his best in this situation if you guys haven’t learn from last season or the season when the Terps went to the first final four (they lost five out of six games in ACC and the last one to the lowly Florida State in one stretch, and fans called out NIT, remember?). This team gets good players, just like the two teams I mentioned above (basically identical to one of the teams, can’t you see?); and just like them, they just haven’t figure out how to win.

I don’t consider many of you fans anyway.

Pterp, in all honesty how can you say that Stoglin and Pankey aren't ACC caliber players when they haven't played one minute of college ball? If either of you guys are reading this thread, welcome to the family. Terp Nation can't wait to see you play next year.

Go Terps!

To those making statements "Gary Williams couldnt get him signed" Get a clue and get off your Xbox, this isn't EA Sports, and its not professional sports where a GM makes an offer of MONEY to get someone signed. The only thing Gary has to offer is the program and a scholarship. ROSS committed to that verbally- GARY CAN NOT SIGN THE LOI FOR HIM-

T. ROSS- “Me and Mike are close and me and Terrell are close,” Ross said. “Before we get [to Maryland], we already got a friendship. We’re all pretty close and text each other. … Right now I’m just focused on high school, but in the meantime, I can’t wait to get to Maryland.”

For those bemoaning the fact that Gary killed the program, and we can't land big time recruits anymore---WHEN IN MD's history have they landed top 10-20 rated players. Lefty probabaly signed a few in ELmore, McMillan, Lucas and maybe Branch, but otherwise never. Bias wasn't. Wilcox wasn't Gary pulled one top flight class after the NC and Jones/Ebekwe/Garrison were busts. Face it, MD isnt Kansas, NC, or Kansas. MD will depend on having a good coach and quality players to compete. Thankfully, Gary Williams has done that

For those that claim the game has passed Gary by....Name a coach in the ACC you'd rather have. Nobody would know who Roy Williams was if he had not landed at Kansas and in turn NC- Coach K always has well coached teams, but outside of him, there isn't anyone in the league with Gary's past success, or ability to coach in the present, You all are probably the same group that wanted to run Gary out of town back in the late 90's when he couldn't get past the sweet 16- Game had probably passed him by then too...couldn't coach in the big games. FOOLS

Kansas wears Adidas so there goes that argument. Kids decommit all the time, verbals are non binding. When top tier schools come calling after you have a breakout national tourney you listen

To SHF9,

There was nothing "baseless" about what I said. Going to Duke does not make you a star in the NBA. If you want to talk about money, Maryland players all make plenty of money playing basketball around the world. Again, Duke players do not become stars in the NBA.

Domino effect: Ross & the one the Terps let get away Back in the summer Gary Williams outlasted some big name schools and was near signing elite 5-star guard Lance Stephenson (aka "Born Ready," "the next LeBron James").

This was the signing Terp fans had been hoping for, the one that would turn a solid recruiting class into an great recruiting class, theone that would improve the team from the first day he stepped on the Comcast Center court, the one that make Maryland a top program, the one that would finally get the critics off of Gary's back.

And make no mistake, Gary made this a personal crusade. He sent his assistants, then personally visited the Stephenson home, showed up unexpectedly at one of "Born Ready's" game. This was a top recruit he wanted in the worst way.

Then at what appeared to be the moment of one of his greatest recruiting coups--strike that--his GREATEST recruiting coup, a triumph of major proportions, suddenly out of left field Gary let it be known that the Terps were no longer interested--it was like seizing defeat out of the jaws of certain victory.

Neither Gary Williams nor any school official made any public statement about the decision, but at the time Sun reporter Jeff Barker quoted a Van Coleman, a leading recruiting analyst as saying: "I know Gary [Williams] would love to have him as a player. But he has to wonder if it would cost the program."

Out of nowhere, the Cincinnati Bearcats announced that they were willing to take a chance on the talented, but troubled player. Whatever scared the Terps away (and there were a number of character issues with Stephenson) wasn't enough to deter UC.

So how did that impact the Terrence Ross decomit? Well, it's hard to say with any certainty, though sources close to Ross say the his wavering away from UM may have started as early as last September.

The knowledge that the Terps didn't sign a player that would have catapulted them solidly into the Top 25 and even give them a shot at a national title may have be something Ross took into consideration.

Instead of being able to talk about the Terps in the same breath as elite programs like Kansas, Kentucky and Duke (schools in which he now has an interest), they fell decidedly back into the pack when they failed to get "Born Ready.

Oh, Ross says he's still interested in the Terps, and maybe he is, but it's very possible that if Stephenson were playing for them now, we wouldn't be discussing this because Ross wouldn't have found need to decommit.

Integrity!If they decommit theirs in in question-don't wantem.

It is so funny to me that when you get passionate about the state of the terps, all of the sudden, you're a "terp-hater".
I fricking love the terps. Thats why I want them to get better.

For you dopes that keep saying "well, William and Mary is a good team", THAT IS NOT THE POINT STUPID!!
The point is, W&M should NOT be getting better talent than MD. They have players with more hustle AND better Shooters. That is pathetic. Think about it. If you are a good player, you could go to the ACC with National Exposure, and play against the best, MD is so bad, that they are consistently struggling to beat low mid major teams. Florida Atlantic was 5-6 and we just won by 12. Wake up you dopes.
MD at Cole was 120-1 . They held home against numerous #1 opponents, like Stanford and Florida. A loss like this was UNHEARD OF!
MD is so weak right now, its disgusting. And anyone who thinks they haven't been on a downward spiral for 4 or 5 years now is just blind.

"There was nothing "baseless" about what I said. Going to Duke does not make you a star in the NBA. If you want to talk about money, Maryland players all make plenty of money playing basketball around the world. Again, Duke players do not become stars in the NBA."

Oh now I see. Gary tried to sell Ross on a future career in Timbuktu. Pity the kid didn't bite.

Come on, dude...

Ryan A-I see your point on several fronts and agreed with you on many until the Ross issue when I faced facts and looked at some history, recent and not so recent. First of all, there really was no contingent back in the late 90's like you said.....success was building at that time and even in a 'down' (19-21 win) year, they simply would not have lost to a william and mary-plain and simple. To me that's a big sign.

In addition you said that it's not like a GM offering a player money comparing a letter of intent signature, but in fact it is a push unlike any other in an athlete's career. You hear of programs 'enrolling' guys early or big time recruits graduating a semester early, so there's always an opportunity to put pressure on someone to more or less do what they said they would do. Maryland clearly did not do that enough, because the signature they were told would be there was not. Who would you hold responsible for that?

The fact is that Gary is a damn good coach and still has the same skill set as far as bringing out the best in guys, but now the game is about exposure, minutes and shot opportunities unless you are a handful of programs who have all that and championship possibilities. Maryland needs flash to go along with that talent and Ross would bring loads of both to a recruiting class that looks rather workmanlike without him. Ross would do plenty with those shot opportunities, and as much as the news frustrates me and I want to compare him to Nate James, I can't because Ross is just to darn good at scoring off the jump shot.

Look, it isn't the past and Gary's way of doing it has pretty much run it's course as far as producing consistent success. Back then, getting that Joe Smith or occasional Steve Francis was enough to sustain necessary success and keep the passion for the program strong. But this isn't so much a Gary is a victim of his own success thought process as it's a shift in opinion towards realizing that they guy just didn't capitalize on a foundation of success any decent coach would have. He just didn't-Nik Caner Medley and Travis Garrison and Ebekwe didn't.....ok? That rag-tag sometimes over, sometimes under acheiving team transitioned into Vasquez's and it's just not that good as far as game-to-game or season to season. The ACC isn't really up this year and I still expect the Terps' senior guards to do alot for them and be better at the end than they are now, but it's because they know what it takes-not because a guy who used to be in their head still is, because he isn't. Watch the body language and observe how tuned out the coach is. I hate that what I see is happening, but it really is and finally, to answer your question about other coaches in the ACC I came to a decision and I think that Clemson's Oliver Purnell is a very fair comparison to Gary as far as getting similar skilled and ranked players and maximizing them, some to a draft pick caliber level. I do not think that he would have failed to get the most out of a run of championship level success like I said before either and I see him as a guy who just has more gas in his tank than Gary, same goes for BC's Al Skinner. Paul Hewitt I like but he's had rosters more loaded than people know but they've underacheived so much that you have to look at him. Dino Gaudio no thanks, Frank Haith and Sidney Lowe are certainly good, but I feel the Terps deserve someone a bit better. Do you really think that just straight up blindly defending Williams for a damn good then has anything to do with a very middle-of-the-road now? And as much as I truly shudder at the thought, do you really think for a second that if Roy was the Williams in College Park that the squad wouldn't be championship level every year? It's not about Lance Stephenson, but more about him and Jeff Jones and Durant and every other name and non-name guy that either bypassed or barely considered a program that became middling pretty quick-who can blame them?

Dirk-Yow has siphoned money away from the two money makers, basketball and football, to help fund other sports programs and scholarships at UMD. It is great that we have a competitive cheer team and all of the other sports we have added, but not great for for our main programs. To me this is a form of socialization and we know that when you distribute the wealth you end up with a watered down product. If you need further clarification, please ask Obama.

By the way, the fact that Ross is 16 or 17 years of age does not mean he can't be accountable for his actions. The kid had his mother notify UMD that he change his mind and he posted his decommit on FB. Maybe mommy can tie his shoe laces before he plays at Duke with the rest of the other snot nosed punks.


Irrespective of Mr. Ross, who is not a Maryland kid, the foundation of any truly self-sustaining program is being able to keep the best in-state talent home.

Once you establish that, then you can look to add those blue-chippers who are harder to land.

But if I am a kid looking at schools and I see the state school cannot even the best players in the state to enroll, why go there?

And the fact is: Roy, Calipari, Wright, and Pitino all are considered dynamic coaches who run dynamic programs that play an exciting fun to watch style of basketball. And they contend for national titles every year and garner massive exposure.

Now I ask you, what kid would not want to look into that? I played HS ball and was lucky enough to attract some attention. If I had not signed and Kentucky, Villanova, Kansas, or Louisville came calling, I would reconsider because that is what any reasonable person does. If you get an offer from 7-UP, but then Coca-Cola and Pepsi make you an're not gonna listen?

Let's stop blaming the kid for doing the best for him because it hurts us. It has nothing to do with his integrity. Had he signed and asked to be let out, that is a different matter. But most of us know we would do exact the same thing.

If he does not want to be a Terp, that is his and our loss.

I am aggravated and disappointed because I want this program to be better than it is, but the inability to land top recruits is no one's fault but those who do the recruiting.

Get off the kid's back.

Ed OG,
B-Ball players do not enroll early, nor do they graduate from HS early- that happens in Football so guys can make it for spring practice. That is somehting that happens after they have signed their LOI to put them in better position to get playing time early. Again, not applicable to a discussion on B-Ball. I hold ROSS responsible for the decision- arguing otherwise does not hold up to any form of LOGIC. It was his decision not to sign, all Gary Williams can do is try to convince him to come, but its not Gary's decision.

No, I do not think Roy Williams would be championship level at MD year in-year out. He's been at Kansas and UNC- the recruiting adavantage there is undeniable. Roy Williams COULD NOT win a NC at Kansas, and was finally able to get one at UNC with a roster of 3 top 15 NBA draft picks- you get that kind of talent not by saying I'M Roy Williams- you get because you're Roy Williams, Coach of UNC. As for the others, Sidney Lowe is the worst coach in the ACC- he's absolutely terrible. Purnell has done a nice job, but Gary, in these down yrs, still has more tourney wins then him. Skinner runs a more boring version of the flex offense- not much for recruiting there. My point is as "bad" as MD has been the past 5-6 yrs, theyre still better than the majority of the ACC, and Gary Williams is arguably the best coach in ther conference

Gary has killed this program with his inability to land any blue chip recruits. Roy Williams would have had this kid signed, sealed and delivered at the early signing period in November. They just got ran out of the Comcast Center by William and Mary what do you think the upper tier ACC teams are going to do with them and their lack of any consistent outside shooting. Plus Gary and all his wisdom has got this team playing seven players deep if that does’nt scream lack of talent what does. This program won an NCAA championship and opened a brand new facility this decade and Gary has pissed away any momemtumn this should have brought in helping build this program. He always seems to be in rebuilding mode with his teams while other top ACC teams are just reloading. Of course all the Gary is God disciples out there will want to hunt me down and burn me at the stake for such blasphemy. But in their heart of hearts they know Gary and his coaching staff cannot land that big time blue chipper, that will make them an instant contender even for just one or maybe two years. They recruit the four year kid that makes them below .500 in the conference and a bubble team for the NCAA tournament and if they get to go to the big dance they are home by the end of the first weekend, so Gary and crew can get a jump on the next mediocre recruit. One bright note for Garylander's out there, this Ross debacle has solidified Gary's hold on the "Bobby Knight of the ACC" title. The game has passed coach by

Ryan A-You make some strong arguements but I respectfully think there are inherent flaws behind what you say and to those who worship Gary. It is the premise that Gary has always done more with less talent that bothers me. This was suppose to be the year we turned our recruiting around. Our assistant coaches are more tenured, we had a lot of schollies to offer, and we were one year removed from our worse recruiting debacle (not including this year), so we had a huge impetus to do well. Gary knew all eyes would be on him from players, writers, fans and the admin and he failed miserably. We have two unproven 3 stars and a decent 4 star. Is that what we were looking for as a turn-a-round? I hope not.

Lastly, I am tired of people, including Gary, bringing up his past accomplishments. Baring a major change in our current play, we are NIT bound. Next year's team does not look to fair any better and most likely will be worse. Now we are looking at a decade away from a national championship in which we have been consistantly a below average program. I don't know what you do for a living, but I am in sales which is results oriented. Much like coaching, I can't continually underachieve and tell my boss, 'Hey, what about the big Caruther's account I brought in 10 years ago." I also can't say to my boss, "Hey I found great prospects but it was not my fault they chose to work with other companies." Finally, just because I am a great account manager to those customers I do have but I fail to meet my quota, does not mean I am entitled to my job.

If you were hiring a college coach, would it be important for them to be a great recruiter? I would hope the answer is yes. If you were hiring for a sales position, would you hire someone who was great at handling accounts but terrible at prospecting? I would hope the answer would be, "no." What other college coach is allowed a hall pass because they won one national championship? And I know about all the Sweet 16 and NCAA apperances but does anyone care? Seriously, do you think Marv Levy of Buffalo or Shanahan of the Denver days thinks that being a runner-up in the Superbowl numerous times is something that they would want to hang their hat on? You are in it to win championships.

Lastly, on you only have to be "Roy Williams of UNC and you get players," arguement. Do you remember back when Matt Daugherty was coach at UNC and they were horrible. It was our championship year and we scored over 100 points on them at Cole. That was not that long ago so coaching must have something to do with recruiting. I mean UNC was still the same university then and offering was no different. Most will say Roy won the first championship with Matt's kids so he also must be a decent coach. But you can't say that kids go to UNC just because it is UNC. Remember how Duke was when Coach K was out, not good. Look how kids flocked to Kentucky now that Cal is over there.

People have to believe we deserve better at UMD or we will continue to be mediocre and college prospects will look at us the same. It is time for a change. Gary ain't hitting his quota!

To Ryan A-I appreciate your responses and am glad to share opinions back and forth, obviously both of us care about the program. But my response to your final statement would be that if it's good enough for you to be 'better than the majority of the ACC, even while down' is if that's good enough for you, maintain the status quo and settle. It's not necessarily good enough for me, or for most and isn't really capitalizing on any run of success which is something that should have happened, that's all. I'm not anti-Gary, and I'm with you that he can still coach, but he can't reach the top operating how he does and that's not my opinion.
What have you seen, other than possibly bringing Terrence Ross in that you would define as progress? The tenure of Greivis Vasquez? The recruitment of Lance Stephenson? I'd say honestly that other than Sean Mosely (who is a godsend for this program at this time), there hasn't been significant inroads made towards Baltimore recruiting! That's a story/thread for another day.
Again, I respect your opinion but I don't think that at this point in his career Gary is ready to change things up and re-energize the program, it's been painful to experience and I just want to be great, not better than most. To me there is a significant difference

Seriously some of these comments are amazing. You have 3 jobs as a college coach...

Recruit - Gary is among the worst in nation and losing HOME GROWN talent like i've never seen in my life!

Win - Since the championship (still living off of) he has missed the tourney more than he's made it. Sad for an area who has the TOP ranked talent in the last 7 years according to

Graduate your players - Well we all know how TERRIBLE gary's #'s are here. Dead last in the ACC 4 years in a row and dead last in this state the last 2 years. (thats right even morgan and coppin graduate more) And the argument that he loses players to the nba doesn't fly b/c MD is 7th in ACC for most active nba players but yet the rest graduate more than triple that of Gary,

Looks to me that Gary fails miserably in all 3 area's. Keep supporting and being blind but the guy a couple of spots up was right, None of us would keep our jobs based on accomplishments from almost 10 years ago.

Jason, I beleive you said it best, and more concisely than I did. One thing your post made me realize is that what's going on now and most of the last 5 years is the definition of 'good enough to keep your job' as far as Gary goes. Nothing more, no progress....just a few sprinkled unexpected wins and a few sprinkled unexpected losses too

I make no bones that Gary Williams has done a poor recruiting job at Maryland. We have yet had a legit big inside player. Now this Ross episode. Would not be surprised that Duke is his choice.

Like the football program its time to get a real coach. Thats two new coaches and an athletic director.

Keep knocking Gary guys. But remember this. He won the big one. He may never compete for the players that occupy the Thug U's that make up the SEC, Big East and Big 12. Why would we want characters like Lance, Tyree or Gus. The Tennesse situation suggests what coaching at these places is all about---money. Maybe Tobias wakes up and decommits. Or maybe he rather go to a school where the players smoke weed and learn to pack a rod while the coaches sleep with interns. Hopefully Terrence will learn from this. Oh yeah, Durham is a joke of a town. Lexington is great if you are a horse. What can I say about Kansas other than its the corn man. lets go terps

Forgot to add, the four tennessee players who were arrested were riding in a car rental. Who was paying for this. Also werent three Tenn footballers just recetly arrested for armed robbery. Good choice Tobias. Plently of role models there. Lest we forget the Duke lacrosse team.

Hey JohnH-what are you talking about? How is a few TENN hoopsters getting arrested connected to money? Deal in facts and actualities, not your own speculation(s). Gary sure did win the big one and then he followed it up by Ekene Ebekwe/Travis Garrison/Nik Caner-Medley/Mike Jones'ing us into a fledgling program that graduates nobody and wins less than it should! Stop simply looking at that ring and letting it blind you to how it is now, in 2010. The game changes, recruits change, what a high schooler is looking for has changed and Gary stubbornly hasn't. Why on earth are you delving into who paid for a rental car at TENN, and why do you have an issue with the SEC or Big East? Look among the top 25 because those conferences are heavily represented, and UMD isn't in there. Gary will get the same guys he always has, he will get them to play above their heads too, like he always has. And the Terps will perpetually underacheive because the coach won't adjust on the fly (despite a staff and resources designed to handle a shift) and see that the game is drastically different in 2010 than it was in 2000.
Winning a title is not enough to not make any progress at all just a few years later, especially when some of the most serious talent in the nation is right under his thumb in Balt/D.C/P.G.
JohnH, I'd like to know what you expect to change if the Terps program doesn't. Nobody saw Joe Smith coming either, so I guess the thing to do in your opinion is to wait for the next 'out-of-nowhere program changer?' Because it looks to me like Gary is signed, Ross ain't coming and the school isn't paying Williams to walk so this is how it is until the coach gets nationally recognized talent...that was supposed to be Ross.
Why JohnH do you feel that where Gary has taken the program since the title winning season is a good place?

Norman, I'm a lifelong Terp fan who now lives in Durham. I hate Dook and Coach K as much as anyone. In fact there is no more overrated coach than K. With all of the talent what has he accomplished? He just has good PR.

However, you're off base concerning city of Durham. Don't mix Durham with Duke, most locals can't stand the pompous students or the university.

if he is that good why would the teams that are offering him a chance take the time to offer him a scholarship now this players dont learn look at john wall roy williams of nc didnt offer him a scholarship until coach k did and look where he is now back to ross these schools want thinking about u until u had a break out game this year now they want your help when gary offered u a chance before they even offered u a chance so if you go to them schools and duke be the one i hope m.parker put that thing on you for leaving him behind

to ross if this schools were thinking about u why they did not offer before now can you tell me that when gary did offer you before you blow up this winter

MD is still in the picture like taking your sister to the prom is hot . No way. Vetter was very polite. The kid is looking to the NBA I guess and he'll get the exposure and connections grabbing a brass ring at Kentucky or Kansas. Too bad but he'd be wasting his time at MD trying to fit in with guys who really are not at his level based on scouting reports. Oddly MD was in the top 25 class for next year with him but only sixth in the ACC. Right now the ACC is struggling and just as a high tide raises all ships a low tide dramatically decreases the Terps chances of attracting big time players. Now if they lower Gary's salary to a realistic one I wouldn't care so much. Even the Vols and Nova among many others like Cuse, Zags, St Johns to mention a few are high flying with players who can run the court and shoot. MD is stylish like the way a Buick is a sports car. Even stodgy Purdue is running the length of the court these days. CP is just not an attractive option.

Good point about Cole Field House record. Coincidence that the program slid downhill faster than a skier when they got to Comcast. Sure it's a coincidence, but it's a strange twist. I'll bet Gary had delusions of beating Duke day in and day out when the donors walked up with candy and laid out the field marshal plan.

And all the I'm behind Gary and anyone who isn't is wrong is completely irrelevant. The board is discussing the state of recruiting not whether you like or dislike Gary personally and his long and esteemed record. Actually when the Bearcats got blown out by Purdue it turns out Bob Huggins has more total wins than Gary. Point is WV gets better recruits. Gary for better or worse has seen the sun set on his program. And anyone who convinced themselves that Yow or Gary didn't want the "troubled" Lance in CP is delusional. Meanwhile athletic ball hawks are everywhere but in Comcast wearing Terp uniforms.

It is inconceivable to compare Tom Izzo and Gary's program over the last decade and think that CP is the place to be. It may have been when there was less parity and Len Elmore played here, but those days are gone. No serious coach stays put for less dough these days. Pay to play. And it's foolish to think the commercial corporations are not involved in the NCAA. Grow up man. Use your brains. Even St Johns is starting to get better. The only team that has done as poorly as MD is Michigan. Cuse doesn't lie down and hope they can replace Jonny Flynn. Look at their transfer. Dynomite.

Wake up Ed. Where there is smoke there is fire. Whats a bunch of Tenn players doing in a rented car much less with an unregistered gun and a bag of weed.. Bet your last buck they werent paying for the rental nor the dope.. No doubt . Keep bashing Gary. Every program has its ups and downs Duke and UNC included. Sorry about bashing Durham. It really is a cool town with a great concert hall. Forget Tobias and Terrence. Maybe they will have 3 year NBA careers at best.
I love Gary and will never ever forget what he did for the school I graduated from (1974). Peace Ed.

Some of Gary's accomplishments ED

Starting point guard at University of Maryland
Team captain his senior year at Maryland
Perfect 27-0 in first year as High School head coach
Won New Jersey High School state title in first season as head coach
Four year head coach at American University
His 81' AU squad set a school record for wins going 24-6 (.800)
AU won the East Coast Conference - 1981
His 82' AU team went 21-9 (.700)
Consecutive trips to the NIT - first ever in American University history
Four year AU record of 72-42 (.631)
Coached Boston College to a 25-7 (.781) record his first season at BC
Coached BC to the regular season Big East championship
Two postseason NCAA Sweet Sixteen appearances while at Boston College
Named Eastern Coach of the Year by his peers
Four year BC record of 76-45 (.628)
Head basketball coach at Ohio State University - three seasons
Back to back 20 game winning seasons
Coached the Buckeyes to three consecutive postseason tournament appearances
Three year OSU record of 59-41 (.590)
Current head basketball coach at the University of Maryland - 20 seasons (1989 - 2009)
Coached Terps to 19 win regular season and trip to NIT - his first season at Maryland . Get this:
First coach in Maryland history to lead the Terps into postseason tournament play in his first season
Largest improvement margin one season to the next in Maryland's history
Second largest improvement margin in the history of the ACC
Coached Maryland to a 78-27 (.742) record in three seasons preceding 2002 championship season
Set a school record with 13 wins in ACC play
Highest season ending AP national ranking since 1975 (year after I graduated Ed--can you name the starting 5?
Went to the postseason NCAA Tournament Final Four - 2001
National Champion Maryland Terrapins were 32-4 (.888) overall for the 2001-02' season
Terps went 15-1 (.937) in the ACC - 2001-02'
Maryland went 15-0 at home - 2001-02'
Terps went 17-4 (.810) on the road - 2001-02'
Won the regular season ACC championship - 2001-02'
Won the NCAA Division I National Championship - the first in Maryland's history - 2002
Set University of Maryland all time win record with 32 - 2001-02
First team in NCAA history to defeat the highest seed possible in each bracket - 2002
One of only five coaches in NCAA Division I with Eleven consecutive postseason NCAA Tournament appearances
Maryland was runner-up in the ACC - 2003
Terps won the ACC Championship title - 2004
26 out of 30 winning seasons
Back to back Final Four showings
National coach of the year
ACC coach of the year multiple times
6th among active NCAA Division I basketball coaches list for wins
His program has produced 38 NBA draft choices
Coached seven first round NBA picks
Coached six NBA lottery choices
Coached an NBA Co-Rookie of the Year
Terps a preseason top five AP national ranking three out of four consecutive seasons
University of Maryland career record of 418-229 (.646)
At home, 254-59 (.811)
Career record of 625-357 (.640)
Between 1989-2003 won 87 consecutive nonconference home games
Non conference home record 142-6 (959) Oh gee we lost to W&M.
Longest post season streak (NCAA/NIT) of any I repeat any ACC team.
Oh did I forget, 3rd all time winningest ACC coach.
Finally Ed, Md under Gary has averaged 22.5 wins a season.
And yes Ed, Gary did graduate from U of Md.
Class of 68' - B.S. Business Administration( top 5 business school if you didnt know Ed)

was very disappointed when I heard the news about Ross, but not totally surprised. I've been a Terps fan my entire life, and I still don't understand why Gary is largely unable to recruit top tier players, especially those from the Maryland/DC area. Sports commentators have offered various explanations for Ross' likely defection (he doesn't want to wear Under Armor, someone "got" to him, Gary - unlike other coaches - plays by the recruiting rules, etc.). Is the answer really that simple? A few months ago Ross was not only committed to Maryland, but actively recruited Mychal Parker to come to the school. Yes, 17-18 year olds are very impressionable. But why is it that Maryland - where a player such as Ross would be the central focus on offense - consistently losses out on the elite players?

I was very disappointed when I heard the news about Ross, but not totally surprised. I've been a Terps fan my entire life, and I still don't understand why Gary is largely unable to recruit top tier players, especially those from the Maryland/DC area. Sports commentators have offered various explanations for Ross' likely defection (he doesn't want to wear Under Armor, someone "got" to him, Gary - unlike other coaches - plays by the recruiting rules, etc.). Is the answer really that simple? A few months ago Ross was not only committed to Maryland, but actively recruited Mychal Parker to come to the school. Yes, 17-18 year olds are very impressionable. But why is it that Maryland - where a player such as Ross would be the central focus on offense - consistently losses out on the elite players?

jason, Your critique of the recent Terp shortcomings under Gary Williams needs some correcting. Concerning the three areas on which you focus:

Recruit - Yes, recruiting--in-state and out--could be better, though this year's newbies and next are good and there already were some decent players on the team, particularly Greivis Vazquez (Montrose Christian), who's highly-regarded enough to be named to the Wooden Award Watch List for NCAA Player of the Year. To call Gary Williams one of the worst recruiters in the country is ridiculous.

Win - Your write: "Since the championship...he has missed the tourney more than he's made it." This is totally incorrect. In the seven seasons since the 2001-2002 National Championship year, the Terps have made the NCAA Tournament four times and the NIT the remaining three.

Graduate your players - While I didn't fact-check you on this one too much (didn't find a lot when I Googled it), even here there's a bit that ought to be qualifies. Nearly a dozen former players under Coach Williams had delayed graduations from Maryland (such as Keith Booth, who played for the Chicago Bulls), but aren't being counted toward his rate of graduations because it took them more than six years to get their degrees.

If you're going to try to bash Gary Williams, do a little homework first, okay?

Gwill is a great recruiter and a better coach. Only Izzo (I live in east lansing)is better at building the young guys early in the season to a contender at the end of the season. Gary does the same thing with somewhat lesser talented guys overall. Give the guy and the team a break. They won it all several years ago and he pretty much has a top 35 team year in and year out (while recruiting against Duke, NC, etc) . Losing to W&M is an ouch but they lose a game or two liek this every season. Terps rule.

If this guy goes to UK, I wouldn't be surprised if they vacate wins within 4 years. Calipari is one of the sleaziest coaches out there and there is no question, he offers players benefits. I hope he still comes to MD and Gary is the best coach for our program. Maybe if Yow stopped cutting money from Men's bball to pay for women's bball (which loses money each year and can't fill up comcast), then we'd be better at recruiting. Ban Calipari from NCAA basketabll and fire Yow!

Gary Williams is MARYLAND BASKETBALL all of you IDIOTS! he took his alma mater who was at is all time low after the death of Len Bias, and Rivived it! Winnining a national title! He is the Best Coach in the Country. give him the talent of duke, unc, kansas....he winss multiple Titles!! Gary for President!

Ross need to step back and look at the really big picture by asking himself what he wants from his college here. He needs to learn to trust his heart and guts feeling that he have had before. I understand that it is normal for a kid to doubt about them self and their important college choice at this stage and age. Since all 4 choices he has in front now are no bad choices, but there is only one that will make him a man of honor from now on. A great man would stick to his word and especially on the good promised they made like this one.
Go to Maryland if he wants to really shine and lead. He will have plenty of chance to show his skills that he has and gain with much more opportunities and really development something for himself.
or Go to other schools to just be a part of something they already have from others.
It will seems as if he is really enthralled to some particular friend and now want to just follow them to their school of choice and not his own

Ya know what Honest Man, I never thought of your point but you are so right....really hit the nail on the head. If he wants to be a follower, maybe all the hype about him being a stud is unsubstantiated. I'd love to see him choose to be that leader and take his game to College Park, but the fact that he's wavering at all may say plenty about his personality or potential to lead, all in spite of his youth. Very good point, you made me think-I hate the fact that Ross is gone, which he assuredly is

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