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August 10, 2009

Weekend wrap — Jones' stock rising

The stock of Portland power forward Terrence Jones continues to rise, and according to The Oregonian, Maryland is still in contention to land the five-star prospect.

At the Elite 24 game in New York, Jones will play alongside former Jefferson teammate Terrence Ross, who transferred to Montrose Christian a year ago and has committed to Maryland.

Maryland hopes to land the second Terrence as well. So does Florida, Georgetown, Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina and a host of others. has updates on several Maryland targets, including Holly Springs, N.C., power forward C.J. Leslie, San Diego forward James Johnson and Long Island, N.Y., forward Tobias Harris.

Tobias Harris said his visit to Kentucky went well and that the Wildcats are firmly on his list. He will officially visit Tennessee on September 12, and he also named Connecticut, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Louisville and Notre Dame as schools he is considering.

• Oak Hill (Va.) small forward Roscoe Smith played for the East team in this weekend’s Nike Global Challenge in Portland, Ore..

Logging his second consecutive start at the small forward position, Smith's numbers took a small dip in the second game. The four star forward attempted just five shots (making two) in 19 minutes of action to finish with four points, one rebounds, one block, and one steal.

• Former Kansas State small forward commitment and Maryland target Tony Mitchell gave an update to his recruitment.

After having a tremendous month of July, Tony Mitchell named Arizona State, Georgetown and Kansas State as the three schools recruiting him the hardest. He plans to officially visit all three. More visits might be in order as he plans to wait until the spring to sign.

Football recruiting

• Good Counsel cornerback Louis Young might not be headed to Stanford after all. The four-star prospect told the Sporting News that he has reopened his recruitment.

The Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, Md.) product told Sporting News that he's not completely finished with Stanford, but he's now let Maryland, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Virginia and UConn creep into the picture.

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Do you know the signability of these players? The Oregonian did not list UMD as a serious contender for Jones; should I consider this a waste of time? Sorry Ed, just having a little fun.

Any word on Justin Coleman? Is he going to play next year in college or does he need another year. Has UMD offered him a scolly or are the waiting. Also, are we still interested in Pe"Shon Howard or has that cooled? It seemed like he was real interested and we backed off. Could it mean that we may have something in the works for Irving, or are we are totally comfortable with Stoglin? I can't remember when we have had so many prospects, something most be working. Hope we can close.

I am pretty sure Gary has gotten all he is gonna get for 2010. He gets 1 guy in the top 50 and just can'y get that 2nd one that would put them over the top. Thats the story for 6 or 7 years now.
He just cant do it like the real coaches do.
Kentucky is on the verge of like multiple championships. Sure, its fishy, but apparently not illegal. Gary is just out of touch.

Ryan, that's a bold statement considering most 2010 players haven't committed yet...and we already have two good prospects for 2010 so either way, you're wrong already

Rob is probably the old Bob from Towson in disguise. Probably took too much heat so he changed his name.


Kentucky is on the verge of like multiple championships??? What? Have they replaced Calipari already? Last time I checked Gary has more national titles than Calipari....wait, didn't Calipari win the NIT the same year Gary won the NCAA?

First of all, Gary has 1 top 50, and that is only on the ESPN list. I said I am pretty sure Gary has gotten all he has for 2010 in the top 50. Ofcourse he will field a team. But who cares about some walk on. If he gets Jones, Smith, or Harris, I will apologize.
2nd, I'll bet ANYONE who wants to, that Kentucky gets MULTIPLE rings within 7 seasons. I didn't say already. He has the top 3 OVERALL recruits this year, and a line on the top 5, FIVE, 5 next year if Wall or Henry go pro.
Read the post before you get all flustered.


I'll take Gary and a clean program that doesn't pay kids over Kentucky and the slimball Calipari any day. Add Jim Calhoun to the list of slimballs. A good analagy right now is Florida. Back to back NIT appearances for the great Billy Donavon. What up? Try losing your top assistant coaches after winning two titles. That's what up. Same thing happened to Gary losing Patos and Dickerson. So people like Ryan who don't know enough about the game or the process can post, but really the coaching job Gary did last year shut most people like Ryan up. That's why we don't see them on the blogs much anymore.

Say what you want about Gary. He's run a clean program at MD, been to two FF, won one and coaches his
Maryland has signed two major recruits for 09 (frontline) and two majors for 2010 (backcourt). They have a few more spots open and I think will be very deliberate in who they offer. They need one more frontline player and they vault into the national picture.

Ryan, they will get that player.

Rob, that was funny.

Here's a good poll Matt. Who will be Maryland's most improved player next year.

Cliff Tucker
Dino Gregory
Jin Soo Choi

I'll take Gregory, who started to remind me of James Gist at times last year. If he comes around, MD might be a real surprise, assuming Padgett and Willimas are as advertised.

Finally, is ther any chance the Terps will sign another player this year? Do you know who is still uncommitted at this point?

thanks for speaking the truth anonymous.
the recruiting for the next two seasons have been very strong if slightly under spectacular.

on Gary Williams
"He's run a clean program at MD, been to two FF, won one and coaches his butt off..."
is the best description i've read in years.
good one.


Top 50 recruits are great. No one will argue that. Also true Gary doesn't generally go after one-and-done players and recruits a certain type of player. I've been a critic of Gary not recruiting pure scorers or playing them when they show up (Jones, Tucker). But the team already looks pretty good for 2010 with Ross and Stoglin joining Gregory, Williams, Padgett, Tucker, Kim and Mosley. And anybody following summer play knows those four recruits have been lighting it up. So it seems the program has gotten back on track insofar as recruiting goes and should mention they filled the frontcourt needs this year and have already addressed next year when they lose Vasquez and Hayes. So give a little credit where it is due.

Regardless, if they are to get one of the three players that are often mentioned, I believe the vault in contender status. But, there are some very good players out there right now who have the Terps high on their list including Henderson, Coleman and Regan among others. Add one or two of those players to the 2010 class and it's a pretty solid cast.

Anon above is Go Terps. I keep forgetting to put my name in.

I think Ryan does make a valid point that Kentucky will have a good shot a couple national championships if he (Calipari) does not get popped first for a violation. His superior success at recruiting might be his own demise since other coaches will want to turn on him. Just like clean baseball players want to turn in the ones who use roids. However Ryan, I do think you can rest easy that the Terps will pick-up that other top tier player, if not two. If you look at the schools that are going after our same recruits some of these guys will have to fall into our laps due to other higher prospects going to our competition. I'm sure after last year Gary and the staff are doing all that they can. Can't argue that we have more quality recruits then in past years. I do see us back in he top 10 in the next two to three years. It is much better to have a team that plays together for 3 to 4 years in college basketball. If Calipari has challenges winning a national championship it will be because of team chemistry and lack of playing time together. A bunch of one and done players seldom make a great team.

A.K.A. Bob to John

Go Terps...Regan signed at VA. Right on the money about everything else.

It's funny people put so much stock in recruiting and overlook coaching. Calipari is a hack and a choker who blew winning a national championship because he can't coach. Can you imagine what the Gary haters would be saying if Maryland blew a 9 point lead with 1:33 to go in the title game and DIDN'T FOUL and let Chalmers throw up a three to force OT. LOL, right Ryan?

Get a clue about the game.

Calipari won't be at Kentucky in five years. He'll have taken another gig after NCAA probe(s) begin on the program. Granted, the NCAA avoids high-profile investigations or ratting on the pay-for-play system in the NCAA. That would not serve them well and there is far too much money at stake to have the system unveiled in front of the public. But anybody who has covered NCAA basketball (I have) knows the deal. Kentucky is selling their soul to win a title. But then again, they've never been shy about paying kids, so Calipari will fit in nicely. I have a problem with blogging every now and then. But I think this is worth adding to the discussion on Gary and coaches like Calipari.

Gary might be an ass. He is one of the most difficult interviews in college sports. He is stubborn and has a big ego. He does it his way, for better or worse. But Gary (and the program) don't pay kids. They play by the rules. And it hurts them recruiting kids when those same kids are being offered all kinds of stuff elsewhere. Go talk to some high school coaches sometime. "What's in it for me," is what the kids want to know.

Five-star players get paid. So do most four-star players. Maryland competes for the rest with schools like Gonzago and Stanford.. Hell, Maryland won't even pay (or give jobs to) sidekicks to star athletes. See Gilcrest and South Florida for more.

I think Gary has gotten a bad rap, some of it perpetrated by the press in an attempt to create controversy (and thus sell their content) rather than cover the man's overall record at Maryland, which includes restoring a broken program and winning a title. But those are such little things.

Gary loves Maryland too much to be responsible for tarnishing it or bringing it down, even though a pay for play scandal only materializes if a briefcase on a plane opens up with $10,000 in it. The man is honest by nature. Call it old school (but hey, star athletes have always gotten paid, so I am not sure that title fits.)

Either way, you can have the Calipari's of the world. They're whores.

Besides, as I pointed out in an earlier post, he can't coach. And since he won't be at Kentucky five years from now, I would take Ryan's bet.

Whatever you wanna say, obviously, say it. But Calipari runs a dirty program? He's still coaching. So, obviously, not too dirty.
In the end, barring getting kicked out of the sport, winning is all that matters.
What do you mean Gary doesn't target 1 and done players? He can't get them.
He brought in Francis. Wilcox was 2 and gone. Smith was 2 and gone. He takes what he can get, your a fool if you don't think so.
Again, if Calipari gets kicked out, I'll apologize, but until then, you are all just spouting off with only what you read in the papers or online. He is still there. So?
Every top recruit in the state leaves here. EVERY 1. Ross ain't here yet either for whoever wants to throw him up at me.
So, he can't land anyone, its "Well, he runs a clean program". What a crock. So every other program is dirty?
Wake up.

In the end, barring getting kicked out of the sport, winning is all that matters.

"Chalmers for three...It's GOOD. OT baby."

What do you mean Gary doesn't target 1 and done players? He can't get them.

Cause they don't pay.

Every top recruit in the state leaves here. EVERY 1.

Mosely. And I don't care anyway. I like the 09 and 10 classes. Who cares where they come from. (Terps have five players from the state on the roster.)

So, he can't land anyone, its "Well, he runs a clean program". What a crock. So every other program is dirty?

I didn't say every one. You brought up Calipari, a hack of a coach. Again, I'll take a guy like Gary, who has won a title (And Calipari? CHOKE) runs a clean program, is a Hall of Fame coach, rebuilt U of M after the dark days of Bias, Archer and Wade and has stuck around through the good days and bad. You can have the Calipari's of the world. I don't wnat that kind at Maryland.

Hmmmm...Rick Pitino. Ryan, you a fan of Rick? Is that the kind of guy we should bring to Maryland? Winning is all that matters, right? Character doesn't in your book. At least Pitino can coach, unlike Calipari. But the two are very similar in how they recruit and run their programs. A man who has now tarnished himself and the University of Louisville.

I wonder what people would be saying if that happened at Maryland with Gary. But I forgot, winning is all that matters.

Like I said Ryan, I don''t want trash like that at Maryland or my school to be humilated cause all they care about is winning and NOT how you win.

Final thought on John (a high school coach would know enough to foul with his team up three with 2 seconds to go) Calipari, the snake-oil salesman:

The Memphis investigation is not the first time the NCAA has alleged a major violation in a Calipari program. The NCAA ordered his 1996 University of Massachusetts team to "vacate" its league and NCAA tournament results, including a trip to the Final Four, because star center Marcus Camby was found to be receiving money from an agent. The program returned nearly $3 million from their NCAA apearance and an undisclosed amount to the league.

Wanna bet Memphis, like UMass, will be forced to vacate their 38 wins in 2008 and return a bunch of money to the NCAA?

Count on it.

Have fun in Lexington.

Ryan, you were saying.....

Wait a second. Do the ones of you debating this, know the people invovled?
Have you spoken with the NCAA investigators? Calipari?
Calipari is just the name I brought up because they have the top 3 recruits.
He bought them? How do you know?
Face it, its easy to put out there "its a clean program", but that is slandering the other ones.
What about Duke or UNC? UCLA? Kansas?
The point is, he can't get the top players.
Of course winning is all that matters. Do you want them to lose? Are you happy when they lose?
The whole point of sport is winning. Obviously, you want character people and not cancers, but you want CHARACTER PEOPLE because you want to win.
If you get caught cheating, you can't win, so ofcourse I'm not advocating cheating. But, just because a team gets the best players, you can't say, "well they are cheating". That is BS.
ANYONE close to the situation has pointed out how Gary is hardheaded when it comes to recruiting and he as alienated the AAU coached and others.
That is my issue. And yes, I am alum and a booster.

Gary has been the most successful coach in Terp history, brought us a title and did it the right way. To suggest otherwise is almost comical. Few if any programs stay on top forever, witness Florida and back-to back NIT appearances. The Maryland assistant coaches (recruiters) were hired elsewhere, because of Gary's success. The same thing happened to Billy Donavan at Florida. It happened at Michigan. It happened at UCLA. It happened at Arizona. It happened at Syracuse. It happened at Georgetown. It happened at Kansas. It happened at Oklahoma. That is the ebb and flow of big time college athletics.

I suppose you read in the newspapers or online about Gary's ego or AAU coaches? Right back at ya Ryan. You're just repeating what you read somewhere else.

Calipari's programs have consistently been under NCAA review. Maryland's has not (since Gary took over). UMASS had to vacate their wins and money in 1996. Calipari left town. That season didn';t count and UMASS has struggled to recover from Calipari's destructive tenure where winning was all that mattered and character took a back seat.

You asked if I spoke to Calipari or NCAA investigators. DUDE, the NCAA threw out an entire season. What more do you need? LOL. He took a program DOWN.

That likely will be the result at Memphis.

And if Kentucky does win a championship with Calipari, don''t get too comfy with the trophy. As you said in your original post, it smeels fishy. My guess is, it probably is. OBVIOUSLY, he's already committed serious infractions at other institutions.

You brought him up as a coach who has been successful and compared his recruiting and successes to Gary's. I don;t want garbage like Calipari, a man without character who hasn't won squat, whose programs are constantly under investigation, who leaves right before the crap hits the fan anywhere near Maryland. Calipari reflects all that is wrong with college athletics.

You can diss Gary all you want. I'll take him representing the Maryland program over most of the coaches in the NCAA,. You can have the Knight's and Tarkanians, Pitinos, Sampsons and Caliparis of the world. After all, your posts prove you don''t even know what the word character means anyway.

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