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April 2, 2009

Stoglin discusses commitment to Maryland

Maryland wasn't really on the radar of Santa Rita High School point guard Terrell Stoglin growing up.

The 6-foot-1, 160-pound junior was born and raised in Tucson, Ariz., where the Arizona Wildcats are king and the Pac-10 is the conference of choice.

“The only thing I knew about Maryland was that Steve Francis went there,” Stoglin said. “He was one of my favorite players when he was in his prime. But it’s the ACC and it’s a big conference. So when you get a phone call from an ACC school, you get happy.”

new.jpg Stoglin got that call last night and promptly offered his commitment to Maryland. The three-star prospect said he chose the Terps over offers from Texas A&M, the University of San Diego and Penn State. Arizona also recruited Stoglin.

The Maryland staff discussed offering Stoglin about two months ago, but made things official last night.

“Matter of fact they called [last night], coach Gary [Williams] and coach Rob [Ehsan],” Stoglin said. “Coach Gary did all the talking about the program and where I would fit in. They offered and I just felt it was my job to take it.”

Ehsan discovered Stoglin last summer at the Nike Hoop Jamboree in St. Louis. The Terps assistant told Stoglin he was interested, and the recruitment progressed from there with Ehsan checking out a few more AAU games and a couple of Stoglin’s practices at Santa Rita. Stoglin’s first trip to Maryland came during a high school tournament this winter. The area appealed to him immediately.

“I was weighing my options, and as a matter of fact, I was going to wait until the summer [to commit],” Stoglin said. “A couple of days ago my family sat down at the dinner table and discussed it. I like the D.C. area, and I like the climate. I like the way coach Williams coaches and I like the program overall. Maryland has a great guard history and I just thought I’d pull the trigger.”

As a junior, Stoglin averaged 27 points, seven assists and two steals per game. He described himself as a pass-first point guard that plays tough defense. Stoglin said Williams expects him to contribute to the Terps as soon as he arrives on campus for the 2010-2011 season.

Stoglin said he plans to visit College Park this summer. Until then, he’ll keep his eye on Maryland from afar.

“I’m a hard worker and I do my best to win,” Stoglin said. “I’m a winner and I look forward to representing the Terrapins.”

Arizona Daily Star photo by James Gregg

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Who the heck is this guy?? I've never even heard his name mentioned before. Is this another example of Gary's recruiting failures?? Matt-how come you've never mentioned him before??

Brian: OK so just because YOU'VE never heard of Stoglin, it automatically makes him "another example of Gary's recruiting failures"?!?!?!?! The next time Coach Williams needs to go to the bathroom I'm sure he will get a hall pass from you beforehand. Stoglin has made it rain on several much more highly regarded recruits. So before you bash Gary for your own lack of knowledge, spend 30 seconds to type "Terrell Stoglin" into something called Google and you will have more than you can read.

Brian and everyone else... His score on ESPN is 89, he is the number 32 point guard in the '10 class according to them... Espn says he can play either guard position and he is a scorer first, even thought he doesn't agree himself... he was also recruited by Memphis, as well as a few other Division I schools...not the best... but I am intrigued by the potential...

Just think, "Cog in the wheel."

Reading some comments on a story from Arizona, some people are pretty upset that he's leaving.
Its not like Gary and Co. haven't snagged a few role players from the west cost in recent years, (Ekene and DJ).

The young man seems to fit into Gary's system, "hard worker" "Athletic" "Teachable" "Not polished."

He also seems to have his head on straight. Barring some major shifts, he'll be a starting guard his senior year, it works well for Maryland.

According to a Tucson newspaper, he also reportedly said this:

A lifelong University of Arizona fan, Stoglin admitted he's curious to see who the next coach in Tucson will be. He said there "is always a possibility" he could change his commitment to UA before he signs a letter of intent, but said he very much committed to play for Maryland at this point. . . .

Some jaded Terps fans elsewhere are predicting he'll improve, then decommitt.

More on Terrell Stoglin, Rivals has him
26th best pg and 114 over all. ACC sports journal has top 100. 27 ppg 7 assists pg.. Lefty that has a strong body college ready. Will make a run for top scorer in Arizona history ( Mke Bibby 3000 pts) Schools recruited USC, UCLA, Cal, Arizona, ASU, Georgetown, Texas A&M, PSU,
Maybe a Terrell Stokes with a better shot..

Why does this not pass the smell test? Could this kid commit to MD hoping to get the attention of Ariz?

And why, oh why, can we not get a player from the area?

Stoglin is ranked 114th overall on He had 37 points as a sophmore against Demar Derozan. He reminds of a Tyrese Rice type. Think he could be a steal.

Stoglin in #20 in green

Brain, your an idiot

Who cares what recruiting websites say! anyone can be a bust and anyone can be overlooked... there are probably 10,000 + highschool players in the country... just because you dont read about some HS PG in Arizona that is coming out in 2010 doesnt mean he isnt good.... the dude can shoot the rock... look at his stats... and if you can shoot the rest is teachable. This dude looks solid.... btw ESPN states that this guy was being recuited by Arizona, USC and UCLA. but hey.... i guess he sucks?!

Terrell happy to have you aboard Terp nation.... you have to excuse some idiots .... they are the ones that will be the first to cheer you on when you win and the first to tear you down when you lose....

This is what Gary needs to do. This kid may not be the best point guard in the country, but he is a heck of a lot better than what Gary has on his bench right now. If Gary can get mid-level or higher recruits, Md will be fine. Gary can flat out coach, but he needs some talent. The last few years have been abismall on the recruiting front. With Padget and Williams in the class of 2009, and now Stoglin on 2010, it seems like the Terps are starting to get some mid-level talent. Now if they can mix in a blue-chip with that group, the future looks really bright. Keep on recruiting Gary!!!!!!

Everybody complains when Gary "doesn't recruit". Well this is how you get players, you offer a sholarship to players that are commited to the game of basketball. Not to guys everyone has heard of. I from MD and never heard of Steve Francis until that pre season. Local guys want money, shoes and cars. Look at the past 10 - 15 years of all metro players from Baltimore and DC; half of which never panned out as D1 or even d2 block busters. If we go the route of pandering and cheating to get "top prospects", win a championship, then get discoverd and have to vacate all those victories/titles, everyone would be upset and calling for Gary's head. Since ya'll are calling for it anyway he may as well have a clean record and recruit his way. Go Terps!!!!

ebe...did you mean abysmal ? or is this a new word I don't know about? Other than that you're correct ... Gary can coach, and the kid does look good !

don't hate the unknown. stoglin on film as a junior looks good. on paper as a 6-1 point guard looks good too. as an addition to a beefy blue-collar and potentially dangerous new front line? —even better.

Taran Buie picked Penn State today.

Everybody complains when Gary "doesn't recruit". Well this is how you get players, you offer a sholarship to players that are commited to the game of basketball. Not to guys everyone has heard of. I from MD and never heard of Steve Francis until that pre season. Local guys want money, shoes and cars. Look at the past 10 - 15 years of all metro players from Baltimore and DC; half of which never panned out as D1 or even d2 block busters. If we go the route of pandering and cheating to get "top prospects", win a championship, then get discoverd and have to vacate all those victories/titles, everyone would be upset and calling for Gary's head. Since ya'll are calling for it anyway he may as well have a clean record and recruit his way. Go Terps!!!!

Stop making excuses for Gary. This is like going to a bar and going ugly early. It is the path of least resistance. In a few years everyone will be upset because some kid is using a schollie and unable to compete in the ACC. Thanks Gary. Keep up the hard work.

There's always the danger of a decommit, of course (as if Gary doesn't know it--LOL). I think what he should do when Stoglin visits College Park this summer is arrange for Steve Francis join them for lunch and give him another reason not to decommit (Gary doesn't need to say more than, "There's someone who's going to have lunch with us this afternoon that I think you'll like to meet.")

If Steve Francis is one of his favorites, this would help definitely help the Terps' chances of keeping him. (Of course, it wouldn't hurt of Lance Stephenson ends up a Terp, because then the team's going to be loaded with talent and Stoglin or player coming out of high school would love to play for a college that could go all the way.)

I think all you Gary supporters are right, lets keep getting borderline top 100 players, finish 6th in the ACC and go to the tournament every 3 every years. Now that's what I call success!!!

Aye, aye, Go Terps. Remember, this is a 2010 commit, so this kid has a whole year to work on his game. Not to pad stats to get signed - to find the holes and work them out.

'Zona's coaching situation made them a longshot. They are going to stink on toast for two years, easy.

If Gary listened to Brian, we would never have had Juan Dixon, we would have had four John Gilchrists and 3 Travis Garrisons....brilliant...NOT!!!!

If you look at the videos, what stands out is that he definitely has a nice lefty stroke. We definitely need more outside shooters.

I myself have to admit that I've been tough on the whole recruiting process at MD. I also have to give Gary props when props are due. T.S. is a real nice pick up. I've been following this kid for the last year and he's been dominating on the high school level since 10th grade. (www.Tuscon I always knew that Gary could coach, yet had questions and still do to a certain extent about his ability to recruit. We'll lets hope that he proves me wrong by sealing the deal with this kid. Gary's gotten the verbal, but the kid hasn't signed and you can bet that T.S. will be hearing alot from the hometown fans about staying local. If you don't think that this kid is solid, check out some of the loyal UofA fans reactions on line when they found out he committed to MD. Bring 'em home Gary. Your not done recruiting him yet.

There's no question that Gary and Maryland have done a pretty poor job of bringing in top talent over the past few years; nor is there any denying that Williams can flat out coach. For whatever reason- clashing egos, bad luck...who knows- he's never had much success when it comes to top recruits. Keith Booth is the only MD player I can think of who was highly recruited AND managed to do something half-decent for the Terps. The guys we love? Joe Smith. Juan Dixon. Lonnie Baxter. Steve Blake. Walt Williams. None were top recruits! Francis and Wilcox were on the radar, but I'm not sure either suited up for a McDonald's All America game. Meanwhile we've had Terrell Stokes, Johnny Rhodes, John Gilchrist, Travis Garrison, Terrance Morris, and the like, who come to campus thinking they're hot sh** and wind up**.

All of which is to say, there must be a middle ground. Gary MUST get out there and recruit. Further still, he MUST recruit the DC/Baltimore area. This is OUR backyard and a friggin' hotbed of talent. ...And they're all playing at Syracuse, Georgetown, Pitt, Villanova, UConn, UNC... WTF!!! There is NO excuse for losing out on SOOOOO much local talent. On the other hand, it's important Gary gets his kind of players. Again, he'll only know if they're his kind of player if HE (not his assistants) gets off his- er- rear, and goes after them. But let's not chastise the guy for not getting every top recruit, the way Calipari, the great snake-oil salesman does. In the end, who has the title? That's right baby, it's Gary and the Maryland Terrapins.

We're all frustrated about the team's fall from grace, but being reactionary is just as dangerous as apathy. Let's give the guy some time...but watch the clock. I think Gary lives in a bubble and has since he won the title; insulated from the world around him as fans simmered to a boil. This year was a wake up call- the love-fest is over. Sure, we still like us some Gary, but there are strings and caveats involved and #1 on that list is: get us some players!!! I think it's hit home now; broken through the bubble. We'll see. Stoglin's a step in the right direction. Barton, however, would go a lot further in convincing me. Start the clock.

Or maybe you guy gary can be like calapari get to the dance every year for nothing when will he win a championship?

I'm not a Maryland basketball follower at all but I came on here after googling Terrells name. I played on his middle school team he was in 6th grade,I was in 7th. At La Paloma Charter School. it was always obvious that he was about THIRTY levels higher than anyone else around and he dominated ANYONE he would play against. Seriously.

I remember at lunch there was one hoop in the whole playground and it would be him against 20 random kids at a time and he would handle no problem.

You all have a STEAL here. Mark my words. I remember him as very very focused, humble, and very orientated on his faith. Terrell is no big hype fool. His dad was the coach of our team and is a great guy definetely brought him up right. Terrell is a legend throughout Tucson.

BTW he is a lockdown defender, I remember first hand from being a victim of his stifling defense in practice!

rather humbling to some to review the recruiting situation seven months later. UMD has three mid- high level recruits on board and the probability of bringing on another one or two high end recruits. Gary's is a system that requires patience, both in recruiting and on the court. And more importantly, he does it without any semblance of cheating. GO TERPS!

Brian and Byron, how does that crow taste. Idiots! As a sophomore the kid is now #6 in the nation in scoring and #1 in the ACC. Yeah! What a waste of a scholarship, huh?

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