Republicans target Obama on the Web: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted June 6, 2008 7:45 AM
The Swamp

By Michael Tackett

Well, that didn't take long.

The Republican National Committee Friday launched a Web site,, in what it calls a "a one-stop shop for voters to learn about the presumptive Democrat nominee."

It sounds so benign.

Then comes the kidney punch. "As Barack Obama wheezes across the Democrat primary finish line, many voters are still learning about the junior Senator from Illinois' proposals to meet with rogue leaders instead of America's generals, raise taxes on families and small businesses, and choke off funding for our nation's soldiers."

Count on a long five months from both sides.

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They should be able to sue the GOP for liable. I looked at the site its a bunch of lies!!!

Obama will be a president of the people!!

The only thing Republicans do well is attack with fallacies and half-truths. They rely on character assassination rather than an honest appraisal of the candidates' positions. It's the epitomy of dirty tactics but unfortunately it has worked in the past. Hopefully enough Americans have woken up to the crass hypocrisy and cynicism of the neoconservatives running the party, and these underhanded tactics will fail them this time around.

That's funny they use the term 'wheezes' when McCain would be the oldest President in history if elected.
They are going to have to ratchet up the lies a few notches if they are going to avoid a blowout.

Barack Obama is unstoppable. He will be our next president. If Hilary could't destroy him, neither will the republicans.

I love it ! The rabid spin machine crawls out from under its rock. It speaks of all the wonderful policies their candidate has. OOOps.....Well I guess if you don't have anything good to say about your candidate, you might as well smear your opponent. Only problem? America is tired of the republicans and their divide and conquer politics.

Lies that led to war.
A failed policy in Iraq that has killed more than 100,000 innocent people.
(Notice the Republicans NEVER talk about the dead Iraqis.)
A failed economic policy.
Oil buddies.
Good ol boys network.
Tax breaks for the very richest.
And McCain....stay the course, might makes right, I was a POW.
(Its not clear how that makes him qualified to be President.)
Lets count the troops that come home, dead, wounded, missing limbs, out of their minds, PTSD, depressed, suicidal.
Thanks George.
No thanks, John.

I'll take junior any time.

I can only hope that at long last people have had it with the personal attacks designed to defame good people while disguising the fact that the Republicans have nothing worthwhile to offer America. It's time for people to stand up to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the Republican Hate Machine and say "At long last, have you no decency?"

Typical B.S. from the Right Wing Wackos. So much for McCain's pledge to clean up the rhetoric. Let the Swift Boating begin! Does the GOP really think that this type of attack will be effective? Wait till people realize what John McCain really stands for. He will be lucky to carry Az.

Good idea! If the press won't, somebody should.

I want to know Obama and I want to hear any and all information whether it is positive or negative. If this is the only way to know him. So little his been said about his middle name being Husein that I want to hear more.

I want to know Obama and I want to hear any and all information whether it is positive or negative. If this is the only way to know him. So little his been said about his middle name being Husein that I want to hear more.

I personally do not think that that attack is very personal. It has relevance to what the American people need to know--policies and contacts. However specious the rhetoric may seem... Obama has been known to associate with more radicals than most would be comfortable jeapordizing their campaign with.

I strongly feel Obama would be a great president of this great country.lets salute himt

I think that the RNC is going to have a very tough time overcoming Senator Obama's unprecedented online support - if you check out the poll at, the majority of visitors to the site seem to believe that Senator Obama does indeed have the necessary experience to be the next Commander-in-Chief.

So little his been said about his middle name being Husein that I want to hear more.

Posted by: Eva Manning | June 6, 2008 9:07 AM

If you need to learn more about a name...there isn't enough time to enlighten you to the rest.

I want to know about Obama, too, but I want the truth and not some lies spun out by Swift Boat types. Those people and their lies have plunged us into war and trillions in debt and a very serious depression.

I guess this author Michael Tackett is more interested in sliming Obama in the guise of a legitimate news article. Obviously since you screen opposing viewpoints about Bush/McSame. He has 133 lobbyists on his staff, has questionable "war hero" status; has obvious flip flops and fact problems. (Sunni vs Shiites, Tax cut flip flop, must read Greenspan's book to learn the economy etc.)
You rather publicize GOP fraudulent propaganda and call it a news story.
It won't work this time; Bush/McSame has too much questionable baggage.

Whatta site!! Looks like it was designed by the folks at Fox or The National Inquirer or some old horror movie poster.

All people have to do is answer the following questions:

1. Who is funding this site?
2. What is the purpose?
3. When was the last time these people told us the truth?
4. Am I a moron?

This is rich - the website originally had a poll "Do you think Barack Obama has enough experience to be Commander-in-Chief?" After over 70% of respondents answered "Yes", the site pulled the poll and replaced it with "What do you believe to be Barack Obama's greatest weakness as a Presidential Candidate?", giving only negative options for answers.

Is this what our founding mothers and fathers fought for, a democracy that encourages falsehood, deception, character assassination, misrepresentation, slander, distortion and out right lying. I don't think so, yet some of those " good " Americans believe it is their constitutional right to do all of those things. They see it as free speech !! What a poor definition of that great right we have !! They hide in the shadows, they are neither man enough, nor woman enough, to present their charges in person or in their own given names !! They are shadows, bent on destroying what is good about America !!! I only point to one example, maybe the most glaring example, short of actual assassination !! Max Clelland was U.S, Senator from Georgia. He was up for re-election against the present Senator from Georgia, a Republican, Senator Saxby Chambliss.
Former Senator Max Cleland is a Vietnam vet. He wasn't a POW, but he was injured in the war. He had both of his legs amputated and one of his forearms. Needless to say, he is wheelchair bound. During the course of his re-election campaign, there were efforts to call into question his patriotism and, you know what, he lost the election. He lost the election to a 6 times deferred candidate, Mr Chambliss. That shows the power of negative campaigning, to be able to destroy a Senator, who happened to be so unlucky, serving his country, as to have lost his legs and one arm, in battle. That is why I resent when people say don't mention biographical occurrences about Senator " Questionable Conduct " McCain, even though they are true. Where were those critics when the Swift-Boaters were destroying a U.S. Senator's career and a real war hero, to boot ?!!! As Dr Martin Luther King Jr. stated, may times: The truth will set you free !! Know the truth when you hear it and see it !! Don't take anything you hear as the truth, especially if it is out of character, of the person being lied about !! There will be a lot of that type of character assassination going on against Senator Obama, that is the only way his opponents can be victorious against him and his opponents are our's, the Democrats, opponents. Be aware and on guard !!

Too much the coward to allow my post exposing the same tactic being used by, Michael Tackett? The group so devoted to Hillary-Hate, a survery found that >90% of their blog postings contained vicious, low-brow attacks solely on Hillary, while _less than 5% contain any dialogue on Obama policy or positions held_. Typical upside-down reality you cherry-picking, 'heroic' bloggers enjoy, isn't it?

Did you also vote in the TX primary as a cross-over Repug, in support of Hillary, in order to swiftboat her out of the election too as >10% of TX Repugs did?? Brav_O!!

So instead of creating a site about John McCain's policies, or at least improving upon his own site, they create a junk site to "educate" folks about the opponent?

Folks... If it smells like, looks like and acts like, you call it what it is... a sham.

McBush doesn't have any new policies to brag about. We've seen his policies over the past 8 years. So the only thing left to run on, is lies about the opponent.

You're gonna have to do better then that this time around. Fox News isn't the power house it once was and Bill Orally is going down with the ship. The Internet has leveled the playing field and the grass roots efforts are paying off in 2008!

I am having trouble seeing this as an attack. Yes, it points out negative aspects of Obama (what opposition piece doesn't?). But it also asks some very germain questions, for example about the Obama-Rezko connection. The fact that Obama's house could only be purchased if someone bought the adjacent lot, which Rezko did for him, then left vacant and allowed Obama to encroach onto part of it for free sounds like a gift to a public servant worth thousands of dollars. And the fact that Hillary raised numerous points about Obama's background is certainly fair game. If a fellow Democrat considers something relevent, why couldn't the opposition?

I think most of the posters on this comment thread are just too knee-jerk in their reaction that it is a "typical Republican attacks."

I note that at present in at least a couple of the polls, Obama has about a 6-point lead over McCain. If I were on the Democrat side I would be very worried -- early polls have historically been skewed towards the Democrat by double digits over what ultimately happens in the election.

Words DO HAVE meaning no matter how manic the Obama nationalists wish that were not true!

Obama NOPE!

@Carl: You may want to further your education regarding Rezko, as it relates to their BushCo-bin Laden Carlyle ongoing relationship. What tangential 'relationship' involves Obama is but a laughable, minor tick in comparison. Just like a Repug to throw their monkeydust first, ask questions later.

Gee, my middle name is Anne--would anyone like to know more about that? Could someone please explain WHY Senator Obama's very common middle name is relevant? I think anyone stupid enough to get their information from such sites is welcome to it, frankly. As tempting as I might find those sites, if only to point at the bad English and laugh, there are better conservative commentators to listen to. The "Democrat Party" as discriptor is a big tip-off as to what follows. The Tribune will endorse John McCain in November--and this article is only a fun way to get exposure for the smear artists and wingnuts. The Chicago Tribune is becoming an ever less credible source of information. They were one of my sources for conservative thought (if only on a "know your enemy basis"), but no more.

Thank you Elizabeth. Anyone who even cares about knowing more about Obama's middle name obviously has no idea what the important issues are, let alone who stands for what.

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