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Posted May 15, 2008 10:29 AM
The Swamp

by Jill Zuckman

What kind of president would Sen. John McCain be?

In a speech in Columbus, Ohio today, McCain said he knows he can't govern by fiat and hopes that by bringing together the two parties he can accomplish much by the end of his first term in 2013.

"I want to leave office knowing that America is safer, freer, and wealthier than when I was elected; that more Americans have more opportunities to pursue their dreams than at any other time in our history; that the world has become less threatening to our interests and more hospitable to our values; and that America has again, as she always has, chosen not to hide from history but to make history," McCain said.

An end to the constant partisan squabbling is what voters are looking for, said McCain, who is eager to preserve his reputation as an independent thinker who reaches across the aisle to accomplish big things. With Sen. Barack Obama likely to be the Democratic nominee, advisers to McCain want to make sure that voters know that it is McCain, not Obama, who has a record of forging bipartisan consensus in Congress.

"For too long, now, Washington has been consumed by a hyper-partisanship that treats every serious challenge facing us as an opportunity to trade insults; disparage each other's motives; and fight about the next election," he said. "For all the problems we face, if you ask Americans what frustrates them most about Washington, they will tell you they don't think we're capable of serving the public interest before our personal and partisan ambitions; that we fight for ourselves and not for them."

Specifically, McCain said he hopes that most American troops will have returned from Iraq by the end of his first term in office. The U.S. would maintain a military presence there, but no direct combat role.

He hopes that increased cooperation with Pakistan and other allies will lead to the death of Osama bin Laden and his chief lieutenants and disrupted terrorist networks worldwide.

And he sees a newly formed League of Democracies stepping in to apply diplomatic and economic pressure to force Sudan to allow peacekeeping forces into the country to stop the genocide in Darfur.

On the domestic front, McCain sees robust economic health due to the reduction of the corporate tax rate, a low capital gains rate, and doubling the child tax deduction. And he is hoping his plans for reforming the health care system will lead to better access to care than in any other time in the nation's history.

McCain said he will work with anyone and listen to any idea intended to solve the nation's problems if he is elected president. Democrats will serve in his administration and he will hold weekly press conferences to respond to questions about what the government is doing.

"I will regularly brief the American people on the progress our policies have made and the setbacks we have encountered," he said. "When we make errors, I will confess them readily, and explain what we intend to do to correct them. I will ask Congress to grant me the privilege of coming before both houses to take questions, and address criticism, much the same as the Prime Minister of Great Britain appears regularly before the House of Commons."

Not surprisingly, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean does not believe McCain's prescriptions for the nation are the right ones.

"The reality behind Senator McCain's new rhetoric is that his plans either ignore the problems he identifies or actually makes them worse," Dean said. "Whether he is taking President Bush's fiscal policies to new extremes, continuing a stay-the-course strategy in Iraq that has distracted from the real war on terror, or pretending he would bring transparency to government after refusing to even release his own tax records, Sen. McCain found yet another way to show he's the wrong choice for America's future."

In fact, McCain has released his own tax records, but his wife, Cindy McCain has not released hers. The two have filed separate tax returns throughout their 28-year marriage and signed a prenuptial agreement to keep their finances independent.

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"The reality behind Senator McCain's new rhetoric is that his plans either ignore the problems he identifies or actually makes them worse,"

What a hypocrite. His attack about Hamas wreaks of the same smear and fear tactics of the past and clearly shows he is for status-quo. He is the one that gives Hamas more power than it deserves the same way Bush has made Iran a larger power than it ever should have been. Since when do we as Americans ever let any group or country influence our vote? How dare he try once again as with Bush to use our patriotism against us for his own benefit. He has been on every side of every issues in the last 8 years. He claims to work across the isle as he himself uses smear and fear and gets his cronies to do the same. It is time for America to recognize the small America that the republicans represent. We are better than this..we deserve better than this type of ...and I use this term loosely..leadership. Only the gloom of these people can confuse statesmanship and appeasment. They have no wish to bring America together. They believe in divide and conquer. This is their playbook and it is time to take the keys from the inept and once again bring light to all America can be.

Is this guy on acid, doesn't he read the polls and papers6 When is the laast time he watched the evening news? You GOP'ers are real dreamers.. only problem is you never wake up!

He obviously didn't have on his bifocals!! Senator " questionable conduct " McCain should set his sights on leveling with the people on his cozy relations with the Bush Regime, with his coziness with the Lobbyists !! Above all, though, his explanation of how he betrayed the trust of Americans, that cost us 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS, in taxpayer's money, resulting in a scandal, known as the S&L Scandal !! I hope he has the courage to confront these issues and apologize for past misdeeds!!! He, being a Ridiculous Republican, I'm not holding my breathe !!!

McCain is what Obama only pretends to be. Someone who reaches across the isle and does what he feels is best for the country and doesnt just toe the party line like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

McCain is what Obama only pretends to be. Someone who reaches across the isle and does what he feels is best for the country and doesnt just toe the party line like Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Posted by: Vinny | May 15, 2008 11:02 AM

What a great arguement Vinny...who the heck do you think IS the other side of the isle. Jeeez!

Hey Vinny, if you think for one minute that McManiac has any intentions of crossing the AISLE if he is president I have a country to sell to you, Oh wait Bush is taking care of that right now!

McCain's only vision is to: continue on with King George's self serving, plutocratic, nationally destructive policies of fleecing the middle class of America to line the pockets of rich wealthy republican elitists, murdering our nation's mothers, fathers, sons and daughters in illegal republican, unconstitutional wars like Iraq, continuing to sell our jobs over seas under the disguise of "free trade", spending like there is no tomorrow while claiming to be conservative, giving large corporation's tax breaks and welfare while cutting aid to American citizens and acting as if wasting American tax dollars on social programs for Iraq and other countries is sound policy while doing so for American citizens is somehow socialism.

If you truely love America, it is time to seriously discuss ideas how to make this country better.

If not, let us start again the drama of "The Emperor''s New Clothes". It is entertaining at least.

Thank you Dennis for saying it so truthfully:
"Republicans acting as if wasting American tax dollars on social programs for Iraq and other countries is sound policy while doing so for American citizens is somehow socialism."

I couldn't agree more!

Bring our troops home, give the children health care, stay out of my bedroom and please keep your church to yourself!

John McCain has risked his political career many times in order to reach a concensus with Democrats. Conservatives even hate him for it, but you guys keep dreaming. Obama has never done anything to believe that he will stand up to his own party the way that McCain has. Regardless of what people believe neither party is always right. At elast McCain knows that and tries to work around that notion.
In the words of John McCain "I have faced much tougher times than a political campaign my friend.", McCain was a POW who could refused to be released until all of his brothers were released. John McCain is a true AMERICAN HERO. No one can deny that. WHat has Obama ever done for his country?

McCain has been a true bi-partisan and an experienced leader. I believe McCain is the only candidate who will do the right thing this election. I am a left- of center Democrat but I am disgusted with the ugliness of the Democratic Primaries. The Democrats have lost my vote this year for the first time. McCain has always been popular with Democrats, he is moderate and has always detested Bush. Remember Kerry wanted McCain on the ticket in '04. People want to use ageism against McCain but the new Pope Benedict is 81 and McCain would be long out of office before his 80s. Reagan was nearly 70 when he entered office and was one of the best presidents of the 20th century.

TIMETABLES!!!!!!! McCain said the troops will be out of Iraq by 2013!!! TIMETABLES!!!!

Let's go media and Republicans all over the country - call him a defeatist. Call him someone who surrenders to terrorists.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Mr. President? Say about McCain what you said about others who proposed timetables. Come on Republicans and mainstream media,let's hear it.

Yes, Paul, Jill left out that little bit.,0,7390709.story

2013? Won't we be bankrupt long before that? How many lives? How many billions? And for what? An area of the world that's been warring with each over for thousands of years and we'll straighten them out by 2013. Please.

Republicans can revolt by voting for Hillary Clinton. It does happen when a candidate is out of touch with the public needs and desires.

The days of free rides are over and you had a great trip with limited rewards unless you put your money in oil.

That has to change though. reality can't keep a war going and keep tax free. The saying goes" You can't have guns and butter." therefore the failure of the economy.

Whatever you have made if the banks falter you will only get so much on the dollar. Let's not let it get that far.

Reprimand Bush, override his vetoes that are bad ideas. It is time for Hillary to clean up the mess and you know how wiling and able she is.

Please after she wins let her do her work and work with you. Suggestions are always welcome and will be heard.

It sometimes takes a little suffering to be a patriotic citizen. Hillary is that bit of giving in, not the suffering. WE have to do something NOW.

I could of been OK with McCain, however once he sold himself out to get the 'nom - NO WAY. His ideals are gone replaced with those that have devastated our once great nation. Anybody but GOP in the White House.i

McCain said the troops will be out of Iraq by 2013!!!

Oh great...only 6 more years. That should cost us only about what...4-5 more trillion dollars? On top of our 9 trillion debt, we'll only be in the hole about14-15 trillion huh? Then in 2019 we will have a 19 trillion dollar problem with Social Security. Hey no problem....more tax cuts. If people can't see how these fools will run this country into the ground in the name of a fake sense of feeling safe, we deserve it. Of course thats if everything goes great in if by chance the factions in Iraq get tired of us being there for over 11 years (ya think?), how much will it cost us then? My guess....everything!

McCain sees better times as president

It's the rest of us that worries me....I'm sure times would be good for him. Heck, with what his wife is worth (we can only guess) times can't be to bad right now.

What a deal! We only have to give McSame 2 terms to end the Iraq War.

Wait McCain didn't say he would pull troops by 2013, rather he HOPES to have them out by then. That's not setting a timeline for withdrawing. Ideally we all want troops out sooner but it's a difference of the circumstances in which they leave.

McCain makes Obama look like a spoiled, wet-nosed kindergartner struggling to be the big boy on the playground but the first to cry and yell for the teacher when someone looks at him cross-eyed. To call Obama a hack is to compliment him.

People need to read a little about McCains life story before attacking him. Here is just a snippet of what he went thru for being an American.

"Then the punishment sessions began. I was hauled into an empty room and kept there for four days. At intervals, the guards returned to administer beatings.

One guard held me while the others pounded away.

They cracked several of my ribs and broke a couple of teeth. Weakened by beatings and dysentery, with my right leg again almost useless, I found it impossible to stand.

On the third night I lay in my blood and waste, so tired and hurt that I could not move. Three guards lifted me to my feet and gave me the worst beating yet. They left me lying on the floor moaning from the stabbing pain in my re-fractured arm.

Despairing of any relief from pain and further torture, I tried to take my life. After several unsuccessful attempts, I managed to stand. Up-ending the waste bucket, I stepped on it, bracing myself against the wall with my good arm.

I looped my shirt through the shutters. As I looped it around my neck, a guard saw the shirt through the window, pulled me off the bucket and beat me."

Posted by: Vinny | May 15, 2008 5:24 PM

Thats war Vinny. I could tell you stories from Nam that would give you nightmares for 30 years. There are 4000 troops that aren't coming home. There are 30,000 coming home with arms and legs missing that won't be whole after 6 years. War is hell and that is just more reason to use our men and women when they are truly needed. Iraq was not a need.

McCain's speech is more interesting for what he doesn't talk about than what he does.

Hw never mentions reducing poverty.

He never mentions decreasing the gap between the rich and poor.

He never mention hunger or homelessness.

The poor are invisible to John McCain. He has no vision or desire to help those citizens of the United States who find themselves in the grip of poverty.

You know what Vinny? I respect and admire and am thankful for Senator McCain's service to this nation, both as a member of our armed forces and as an elected official. He is to be commended for all of it.

I won't vote for him though. He doesn't understand foreign policy, which is supposed to be his strong point. He certainly knows nothing about the economy and doesn't seem interested in learning anything about it. It seems to me a vote for McCain is a vote that says you like what's going on now. That's not good enough--we need someone who will work toward peace, not someone who would bomb another country just because we can and they have oil. Which is precisely what's going on now and I just don't see Senator McCain changing that.

Vinny, What does that have to do with any of his policies? His previous service doesn't place his policy proposals beyond criticism. It doesn't entitle him to become President without criticism, and to enact policies without question.

I'm not going to surrender my rights as a citizen of the United States to freely question my government, those who participate in it, and the policies they support.

McCain's torture means nothing if it is used to stiffle the very freedoms he was fighting for.

What will we get out of this occupation of Iraq? What benefits do we in America get? Cost/Benefit analysis, all this time, money, American lives, for what, crime isn't down in the US, there is an economic recession, and we are still fighting somebody else's war, ridiculous

Bob Barr is a better choice than John McCain anyday. The 527 groups are going to tie him to Bush and IDIOT (smackdown on Hardball last night) Kevin James - broadcaster - to being absolutely clueless and ill-informed on foreign policy as well as historical facts. YOU TUBE KEVIN JAMES- HARDBALL and see the FOOLISH SMACKDOWN, it was the best TV EVER!

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