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Posted May 1, 2008 12:35 PM
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by Rick Pearson

BROWNSBURG, Ind.--Sen. Hillary Clinton called herself the "Goldilocks" of the nation's presidential campaign today, saying her proposals on issues such as cutting federal gasoline taxes were "just right" for middle-class Americans compared to Barack Obama and John McCain.

At the same time, she labeled opponents of her plan to suspend the federal 18.4 cent per gallon gasoline tax as elitists, a criticism aimed at her Democratic presidential rival, Sen. Barack Obama, and others who have contended the plan would save motorists little, guarantee no savings and display a quick fix mentality that does nothing to curb the reliance on foreign oil.

Obama, an Illinois Democrat, has called proposals to cut gasoline taxes for the summer a "Washington gimmick" pushed by Clinton and McCain, the Arizona senator who is the presumptive Republican nominee. Clinton supports replacing lost revenues with a tax on oil companies while McCain has said general federal revenues should make up for dollars lost to the federal highway construction fund.

"You know, Sen. Obama says we shouldn't do it and it's a gimmick. And Sen. McCain says we should do it, but we shouldn't pay for it," Clinton said. "I sometimes feel like the Goldilocks of this campaign: Not too much. Not too little. Just right."

Speaking to a group comprised mostly of women at the town hall in Brownsburg, a western suburb of Indianapolis, Clinton said critics of her gas-tax suspension proposal are showing they don't understand the problems facing the working class.

"I find it, frankly, a little offensive that people who don't have to worry about filling up their gas tank or what they buy when they go to the supermarket think that it's somehow illegitimate to provide relief for the millions and millions of Americans who are on the brink of losing their job," she said.

Clinton has counted on white blue-collar voters for her recent successes in Ohio and Pennsylvania that have kept her campaign viable and those voters are a key demographic for her in Indiana, a must-win state, which holds its primary on Tuesday along with North Carolina.

Joined on a small stage by her mother, Dorothy Rodham, and Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, the New York senator's appearance promoted a "family conversation" to a clearly supportive audience.

Chelsea Clinton urged the group to back her mother so she can help "all our families" and to "help what she hopes will be our growing family soon--as I know she wants grandchildren."

Chelsea Clinton said her mother "would be the best president for me as a single 28-year-old and also for me as the young mother that I hope to be under our next president."

Hillary Clinton also noted she had spoken Wednesday night with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who has been actively campaigning in both Indiana and North Carolina.

"He's in North Carolina, having a great time traveling the small towns in North Carolina, eating a lot of barbeque," the senator said of her husband. "I said, 'You know, maybe once a day?'

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Go HIllary! The NYTimes writes how Exxon is so unhappy with its 17% profit. That's 10.9 BILLION for all of us who want to know the dollar amount of a 17% increase in that company's income. Also in the Times today, an editorial taking Hillary and McCain to task for their proposed gas tax holiday and for HIllary's proposed windfall tax on the kind of profit disclosed today by Exxon Mobil. Of course, the Times didn't suggest any other practical solutions other than to mumble about the environment (which we definitely need to attend to) and the continued "no drill" attitude that ties us to foreign oil when we have our own in the ground. Brava, Hillary, you are just right! People out there in America, if you care for your country, give her your vote in any remaining primaries and make some noise if you want a practical problem solver to work for us as President.

Let's be clear about something: It's not the 18 cent a gallon savings that Obama and others object to here, it's Clinton's call for a windfall tax on oil profits to pay for it. Oil companies take these kinds of suggestions made in public very seriously, even if the rest of us don't. And Obama has demonstrated an alliegance to these firms. You may recall that his claim that he doesn't take money from them has been widely debunked. (See factcheck.org and opensecrets.org for the details.) He also supported the Cheney energy bill in 2005, which was larded with subsidies for the oil companies. Really, anyone who seriously researches this candidate will find that it's not the little people, by and large, who have been supported his candidacy to the tune of a quarter billion dollars (so far). For more on this subject, see an article I've posted at thecityediton.com or click on my screen name.

Hillary is the best candidate for the President ..
She is more prepared, strong work, always ...

Go Hillary !!

Boy, you guys are falling way out of balance on things lately. Here's another article that doesn't explore things evenly.

Not one mention in the article of WHY Obama doesn't support the gas tax holiday. Simply put, he's been down that road before. In his home state he voted for the same sort of gas tax suspension. Guess what? It didn't work as intended. That's the basis for his argument.

Some would call that experience...

Goldilocks? Hillary you make me want to vomit.

Another thinly veiled racist comment from the progressive democrat. If you remember the story, you'll remember that Goldilocks went in the bears house and ate their food without asking, broke a chair and proceeded to get in their bed, the bears shoulda ate her for lunch.

If she's using the Goldilocks story as a metaphor and arguing her policies are "just right," shouldn't she be the baby bear?

this post is very bias and some of the comments are uneducated. Obama promise is for a better tomorrow, giving a grant of $4K to college students and they in return give back to the country. A gas tax holiday is political pandering. Wake up your brain and do some research, because after the summer when the price of gas reach higher than where it is now, then you will see that the gas tax did not work. Obama has experienced this in his homestate and it did not work. He has the courage to tell us the truth. We have a choice, tell Hillary and McCain no to gas tax.

Vote for truth, vote for unity, vote Barack Obama

Funny thing words. All Hillary can do is throw around labels and false promises of gas tax cuts. Pandering populist is a good label.

She is preying on the pain of these people. They need relief now, not promises for next year. She or McCain can't do anything about it now. Why doesn't Hillary go back to DC and sponsor a bill for that now? Even if it gets shot down at least she can say she tried rather than just make up false promises of something she intends to do a year from now and promises not to quit trying. Last time I looked she was still a US Senator who could introduce legislation.

When does Hillary propose to pass the wind fall tax on the oil companies? It will not get through the Senate, let alone Bush signing it. This is out and out pandering by Hillary and she if full of it.

right on, fontapa.

i love how hillary is known as the policy wonk because she talks in more detail about policy on the stump. but nobody ever calls her on the FACT that many of her policy proposals are either completely infeasible or short-sighted, and really just designed to make people THINK she knows what she's talking about.

she's like the techie who just sprouts out a bunch of jargon, and people who have no idea what the techie is talking about are impressed. but those who do know that the techie is completely full of you-know-what.

hillary relies upon the ignorance and indolence of her voting base, and it's getting pretty sickening.

Well, read experts like Tom Friedman and you will see that Obama is right. Geez, how can you all be so fooled by lying corrupt Hillary and her lying, corrupt husband? Then again, Amercians did elect George Bush, TWICE. Wake up, please! McCain and Hillary have double teamed to get Obama. The establishment is AFRAID of an honest President in Washington. The Clintons got rich off you fools! Obama may have Rev. Wright- but how many Clinton associates went to JAIL! Wake Up!

Posted by: Pat | May 1, 2008 1:43 PM

Goldielocks?...Annie Oakley?...Rocky? etc?

It sounds like Billary is having a mental breakdown of some sort.

You know, before this electon I didn't realize what shameful panderer's and outright liars the Clinton's were. I guess the Republicans were right about them all along, of course a stopped clocked is right twice a day too.

Clinton Decries China's Acquisition of Indiana Company -- Ignoring Her Husband's Role in the Sale:
Apr. 30, 2008—

"As she campaigns throughout Indiana, Sen. Hillary Clinton has been talking quite a bit about Magnequench, a Valparaiso, Ind., factory that moved to China".

"We've got to elect a president next January who's going to remember Magnequench," Clinton told voters in Valparaiso on April 12.

"It seems, however, that when it comes to Magnequench there's quite a bit that Clinton has conveniently forgotten".

"We went to Valparaiso," Clinton told voters in Princeton, Ind., last night, "where there used to be a plant called Magnequench that made the magnets that helped to guide the precision-guided missiles, the so-called smart bombs. You've seen those  they take off, they go down the chimney, they were incredibly sophisticated and these magnets, you know  not the kind you put on the refrigerator, like we all do  but these really sophisticated magnets were instrumental making that happen."

"Clinton continued, saying, "Well, a Chinese company bought Magnequench and then they decided that they were going to move the whole company from Indiana to China. Now the president of the United States has the authority to veto that kind of a move, but Senator [Evan] Bayh begged the Bush administration not to export it  it was going to lose jobs but it was also going to lose the know-how, the technical sophistication that created those magnets. President Bush and his administration wouldn't, basically wouldn't even give Evan Bayh the time of day. Those jobs left, and along with them went the savvy to make the magnets."

"What Clinton doesn't tell voters is that Magnequench was originally sold to Chinese interests during her husband's administration, which okayed the move despite concerns about national security and eventual job loss. Experts say the Chinese acquired the "technical sophistication" that created the magnets long before George W. Bush took office."

"Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind,, Clinton's top surrogate in the state, often joins her on the stump in bashing the president for allowing Magnequench to move abroad. What Bayh doesn't tell voters these days is that he has blamed the company's moving on a 1995 decision made by Clinton's husband's administration."

Full Story here:

Good Lord, I see that people here don't know economics. Let me make it clear: if you get rid of the tax, the oil companies can raise their prices by that much and you'll buy just as much. You CAN'T just refuse to fill up when you need gas, or you won't be able to travel at all.

But she's going to tax their profits, right? Where do you THINK those profits come from? From you, right? Do you think they want to make less money? So who do they take that money back from? YOU.

Obama is the only one refusing to pander in an election year. But now you see why pandering works.

And here, ignored, is that Obama wants a middle class tax cut. Money straight to you (not to oil companies).

But that would be a bad idea because...? Because none of you knows what an inelastic demand curve is?

It seems that Billary will do or say anything to scam the American people into voting for her and it figures this stupid idea would originally come from an economic know-nothing like McCain...and it also figures that Billary would piggyback on it since she's really a Republican dressed up in Democratic pantsuit.

This so-called summer gas tax rollback would not only encourage increased gas comsumption, it would also continue driving up our massive $9 trillion and counting budget deficit that the Repubs have run up and it would do it in the summer months when we can actually work on our infrastructure because it would dry up money (this is already massively underfunded) that goes to repairing our crumbling bridges, roads etc., you know, like the one that collapsed in Minneapolis last year!

I love what Senator Clinton said about her daughter.

That really moved me.
As a father of three kids, it's been rough to see them leaving the next, but it's also a blessing to know that I raised them right. Hillary is a tough, smart and determined person, but what most impresses me is how she kept her family strong. I'll be back in my native Indiana tomorrow and I look forward to voting for her this coming Tuesday.

- Hillary will say just about anything to win - I do not trust her!

Obama 2008!!

Liary is the name she has EARNED. MOCKING soldiers as they fight (BOSNIA). Destroying a pastor. Killing hope. Godilocks my eye! Bears better run!

Goldilocks? I feel ill.

Here's a quote from Hillary during her interview with Bill O yesterday:

"Rich people; God love us".

No, I am not kidding, check any video of the interview and see it yourself.

Who, exactly is the elitist?

Will Chelsea Clinton run for president in 2020 based upon her White House
experience? Will Monica Lewinski run also based upon her White House

Was Chelsea hinting that she might be pregnant?


In the sense she doesn't see anything wrong with breaking into a stranger's house, helping herself to whatever she wants, and believing in fairy tales (such as that silly gas tax holiday) - sure!


I'm going to lose my just right porridge.

Nobody but Hillary!!!!!

Some of you have correctly noted the incongruous use of the Goldilocks metaphor because, in all versions of the story (Russian or English), the little blond girl burglarizes the home, breaks a chair, eats the bears food and then helps herself to a nap in one of the beds. That's hardly a flattering character to mimic for starters. [Although I can see how a socialist like Hillary could identify with it.]

But there's one other aspect of Hillary's use of the story that one should find amusing or annoying. That is, Goldilocks didn't make the porridge, bed or chair. The bears did (presumably). So, whatever was "just right" wasn't the product of Goldilocks' efforts. The bears should have been given the credit. Isn't this another example, one step removed, of Hillary claiming credit for another's work?

Oh, it 's a campaign for god's sake.
She told a joke. She's not a comedian. Lighten up already!

Senator Clinton's Goldilocks analogy is correct. Remember, Goldilocks sampled each product before deciding on one that was just right. In other words, she used her intelligence, taste, and discernment, something we should all do when we vote.

Just as an aside: those of you who are fond of calling other people who do not agree with you, "ignorant," should at least use correct grammar to do it with.


Just as an aside: those of you who are fond of calling other people who do not agree with you, "ignorant," should at least use correct grammar to do it with.

Posted by: Judy Kilgore | May 1, 2008 9:38 PM

I think you meant to write in the last clause either:

" . . . . should at least use correct grammar."

- or -

" . . . should at least use correct grammar with which to do it."


"From now on, ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put."

- Winston Churchill

Hillary is an makes a better entertainer than presidential hopeful. She's a world class pandered trying to create "pandermonium."

Goldilocks? I feel ill.

Here's a quote from Hillary during her interview with Bill O yesterday:

"Rich people; God love us".

No, I am not kidding, check any video of the interview and see it yourself.

Who, exactly is the elitist?

Posted by: Susan | May 1, 2008 4:35 PM
Susan, I don't listen to Hilliary anymore, except when she's caught in her lies! What she said was, "Rich people, God BLESS us". Guess Hilliary believes only RICH PEOPLE LIKE HER need God's blessing. Guess the rest of us are not worthy of God's blessings. Talk about elitist!!

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