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Posted May 14, 2008 4:50 PM

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by Christi Parsons

HIllary Clinton doesn't intend to be "pushed out," she tells Brian Williams in an interview airing tonight on NBC Nightly News.

That's because "until it's over, it's not over," she tells FOX News Channel's Major Garrett.

It's a media-blitz day for Clinton, who is telling just about every new show that will listen that she is in this thing until the last primary voter has voted.

"(F)or me, it's a privilege and a joy to travel around our country to make my case to people from one coast to the other and to continue to, you know, work as hard as I can to win this nomination," Clinton tells Williams, according to a rush transcript of the interview. "And that's what I intend to do. And, you know, we'll get to June the 4th after the last votes are cast on June the 3rd. And I think we'll have a better idea about where we stand."

Barack Obama thinks he has a pretty good idea where things stand, but Clinton challenges the notion in both interviews, according to advance highlights:

From the NBC interview:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Senator, what is the chance that the Democrats go into their convention without a clear nominee? Are we still going to be talking about this at the convention?

HILLARY CLINTON: I think we'll have a nominee. I really believe that. But again, we'll know a lot more on June 4th. And maybe I just have more patience than the average person these days. But for me, it's a privilege and a joy to travel around our country to make my case to people from one coast to the other and to continue to, you know, work as hard as I can to win this nomination. And that's what I intend to do. And, you know, we'll get to June the 4th after the last votes are cast on June the 3rd. And I think we'll have a better idea about where we stand.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: People who haven't been along with you on the campaign trail or watched it, say, on C-SPAN, may not have a good feel for the number of times in the average day your supporters do come up to you, those who believe in you absolutely passionately and tell you to keep going, tell you not to get out. But with the math against you in all of those categories I guess a lot of people are wondering, some of them out of complete frustration, why stay in? Is it an act of God or an emergency of some sort that you're counting on?

HILLARY CLINTON: No. It's because I really believe I would be the stronger candidate. And we're near the end of what's been a long process. I don't believe in quitting. I don't believe in being pushed out. I feel I have a bond with the nearly 17 million people who have voted for me, and the million more who have expressed support for me or contributed to me or come out to see me. And I think that having a nominee is something we will get to. We're not, you know, we're not going to miss that opportunity. We will have a nominee, but only after everyone has had a chance to vote.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Senator, you lost out on the endorsement today of NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League. They went with Senator Obama. It's fair to say you were almost present at the creation of NARAL. You've been extraordinarily close to that organization for so many years. That had to hurt.

HILLARY CLINTON: Well, obviously, I've-- I am disappointed because of the work that I've done for so many years. I'm proud to have the support of, you know, many other groups that-- share my-- views and my commitment to issues. But we're going forward. And we're gonna see where this process-- finally-- resolves. And-- we'll have a nominee. And then we'll all be united.

And from FOX:

* On a possible run for Vice President:

"I'm not entertaining that either because I am so focused on getting up every morning, doing what I can to try to get the nomination. That's what I believe I need to do and until the buzzer sounds and there is a nominee, that's what I'm going to do every day."

* On the superdelegate math:

"Well, the delegate race is still very close. And people forget, superdelegates are not bound to do anything. They don't have to make a decision. They can wait and watch. They can wait until the convention. They can change their mind a dozen times between now and the convention.

"We're going to see this through in terms of all of the contests yet to be voted on. We're going to see what happens when both Michigan and Florida are seated. The number of delegates you have to get is 2,210."

* On changing "goalposts" of her delegate math:

"It's 2210 including our newly elected Democratic congressman from Mississippi, which was a great victory. The Rules and Bylaws Committee has said they're going to resolve Michigan and Florida on May 31st. I think that's exactly what needs to be done. I wish it had been done earlier because we can't go to a convention and have a nominee only representing 38 states. Especially two states we have to win. The rules were that we wouldn't compete."

* On the superdelegate count recently shifting in Senator Obama's favor:

"Well, but this is a numbers calculation. Nobody has the numbers yet. So are we in the last two minutes of a game that you don't think one or the other can win? You go to the buzzer, maybe it goes into overtime. We don't know, Major.

"And until it's over, it's not over. As I said the other night, quoting from an e-mail that a young woman sent me, "it's not over 'til the lady in the pantsuit says it's over." I'm going to compete in these upcoming contests. I'm going to make the case that Michigan and Florida should seat their delegates.

"And then we'll see where we are."

* On speculation Clinton is remaining in the race to act as a "spoiler" for Senator Obama:

"I would say we're going to have a nominee based on one of us getting to 2,210 delegate votes. That's what it takes to be the nominee of the Democratic Party. Once that happens, we will close ranks.

"I will work my heart out to make sure we elect the Democratic nominee president, because this is not just an exercise in who becomes the nominee, this is supposed to lay the groundwork for us to take back the White House. That is what is most important to me. That is what I'm totally intent upon doing.

"But we don't have a nominee yet. And until we do, I'm going to be making my case."

* On a federal gasoline tax holiday:

"I made my case for it. I don't have the votes for it. I'm not the president. If I were the president, I would have the votes for it and we would be working very hard to implement it. So I have supported other people's ideas. That's the way the Senate works. Sometimes your ideas are supported, sometimes they're not."

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She is a lie trapped within a untruth. federal gasoline tax holiday is one such canard. What an megalomaniacal whack job. Ready to lie and dissemble on day one. Duck and cover I hear sniper fire. Cover me Chelsea. I'm going in. Bosnia ubber alles!!!
Obama 2008

How about "voted out" as it has already happened? Don't go away bitter, just go away.

The women I met while stumping for Edwards in New Hampshire won't be impressed with Edwards on the ticket. I think this is a huge mistake.

Oddly, most Dems probably agree with her. Even those of us who support Obama.

She won't get the most delegates, but let her make her case. She has that right.

After it's all said and done, though, she had better come along or she won't be able to get nominated in the future - when she's more EXPERIENCED.

Nobody's trying to "push her" out. She has been making her various cases for a year and a half now, she needs to find the door, and say good night.

regarding the presumed inevitability of short-term thinking among politicians ; while myopia is all too common (though very harmful), the clintons have clearly taken it to new levels - they never stop campaigning ever - they campaign 24/7/365 win lose or draw - therefore they are ALWAYS in defensive posture on any questioning of their policies (at the expense of a critical thinking dialogue) - ALWAYS on attack mode regarding their opponents (resulting in gridlock even when common ground is realistic) - ALWAYS in fund raising mode (resulting in always selling their influence to the highest bidders) and ALWAYS in pandering mode (resulting in sacrificing the long-term needs of American families for the short term political results) LIKE IT OR NOT ; in the VERY near future we are going to be facing a mess AS A NATION which we have been building upon with short-term solutions only for way too long - one of monumental proportions on a national level - MANY tough problems which will require reconciliation between most Americans to place the nation ahead of their individual needs/desires are on the near horizon - strong leadership will be needed and the special interest groups will have to take a back seat for a long, long time - otherwise there will be a jeopardy of most things Americans hold dearly and HOPE for their children - Hillary has neither the temperament, style NOR inclination to take the road that MUST be taken ... reading her supporter dialogue only makes this even more clear .... her supporters cannot see the writing on the wall ..... for all of their short-comings OBAMA AND MCCAIN have both shown a willingness to reach across to the other side and also to put special interest groups in their place - hillary has not and never will - she is a pandering phony and nothing more - her type is a dime a dozen in the history of democracy (except I'll admit she is unusually good at those despicable tactics as is bill)



Well put, Mr. McFarlin! She is hurting nobody, but herself! I do believe that The Democrats will make major in-roads in all offices, including our White House, because this nation is fed-up, outraged and sick and tired of the Republicans and their lying ways. It starts with Senator John " questionable conduct " McCain and his involvement with the S&L Scandal, along a few members of the Bush Dynasty!! That scandal eventually cost the American Taxpayers 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS and nobody went to jail for crimes committed!! Now, we have that black whole, known as the Occupation of Iraq, where more of our tax dollars are being sucked into, thanks to the Republican Regime, presently in power!! Let's knock them out of the box, they deserve it!!

Pushed, pulled, through the trap door, whatever.

I say take it to the end, Hillary. Drive it into the ground. I didn't used to feel this way, but came to the realization that the more she says and does, the less likely we will have Clintons in elected office in the future.

I keep wondering how her "hard working white Americans" line is playing in New York. People remember things like this, and if they don't, there's always video to remind them.

Stay in, Hillary. It will make the end even sweeter.

the only person that will be pushed out is bo. bo will be pushed out by the people. hillary will be the nominee or mccain will win. bo will lose in a landslide. hillary is the only hope the democratic party has. GOHILLARY!

Well, another count I'm not hearing about is that Clinton has won more congressional districts than Obama.

Clinton – 227 Congressional Districts
Obama – 195 Congressional Districts

Listen very carefully, Hillary!

I'm singing!

The women I met while stumping for Edwards in New Hampshire won't be impressed with Edwards on the ticket. I think this is a huge mistake.

Posted by: golden oldie | May 14, 2008 5:50 PM

Fear not Golden Oldie, Edwards is just trying to undo the damage Mrs Clintons campaign has done. Hopefully she will show the same class and support Mr Obama to the fullest. That would win her much needed good will. She has made allot of enemies in the Senate with her political stunts or so I hear. I hope all Democrats will realize that McCain is not in any way, shape or form a viable candidate. While I don't underestimate his parties ability to run a great smear campaign, I do question their ability to lead. The only experience they have is in ruining American standing abroad and running the country deep into debt!!!

Obama 2008

I will never vote for Obama and all the democrats I know wont vote for him either. We support Hillary and if it aint her were going to support McCain. He wont get the white vote in the midwest states and those that think he will are fooling yourselves. Like it or not, people in most of the US especially Seniors wont vote for a Black Man. Its a fact. Oh well, the DNC made this mess. Go McCain

Obama should appoint Hillary ambassador to Australia! The Clintons would love it down under. Hillary could smash beer cans on her forehead and they could learn Australian ... maybe the Oz folk could let them run for some office as special guests. She worked hard, she deserves a reward. Let's all get behind an ambassadorship for Hillary!!!


You are so adamant about remaining in the race because you believe that the majority of white people will not vote for a black candidate.

You thought this would be a cake walk, wrong.

Pay attention Hillary, white people are voting for Obama in huge numbers, and the delegates that you can't get are white. Some are even your friends.

You have ran a good race, but you have not been able to keep up.

You must admit that Barak has beaten you down. Now John has endorsed him. I think John would make a better vice president. He won't be siding with John McCain.

Believe me, they will remember you in the next election, and what they will remember is that they didn't want you. You tore the party apart with your old party ways.

I've STILL got to say: Someone , anyone PLEASE ...
... tell BILLARY Clinton to STOP agonizing us with her NONSENSICAL campaign!

You mean her EGO won't be pushed out. The door isn't big enough.

Running on Empty by Jackson Browne
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Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive
In sixty-nine I was twenty-one and I called the road my own
I don't know when that road turned onto the road I'm on
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If I can get you to smile before I leave
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Running on - running blind
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You know the way you look so kind
I'd love to stick around but I'm running behind
You know I don't even know what I'm hoping to find
Running into the sun but I'm running behind

Yet again, I continue to be shocked by the shortsightedness of Obama supporters.
Folks, why do you think the Obama campaign does not criticize Hillary, says she should stay in, and says she should not be demeaned? (David Axelrod's words, not mine.) Do you really think his campaign doesn't know what they are doing? They understand that Hillary has to stay in this race until everyone has voted, she understands it, and you should too.
You like to pretend your man won some run away race but by the time this is over, half the people will have voted for her- and she and her supporters deserve respect.Hilary CLinton was a huge help to Barack Obama when he first got elected to the Senate. I doubt he has forgotten that.
If he is the man I think he is-- and I think he- he will defend Hillary when this is over. People will say it is for political reasons but I think it will actually be quite sincere.
I find it sad that so many people can't simply support their candidate without engaging in an irrational hatred of another candidate.
Your candidate will win. You'd think you could just be happy and grateful but instead you find it necessary to persist in your ugly remarks. I think there is something very sick about that.

OK Florida (and Michigan), let's not forget how the Democratic party has totally disenfranchised us. Their payback will be in the general election.



you and McCain make a sweet couple. You will say and do anything to win.

More of the Bush policies =
McCain, Hillary Clinton they are in this for their ego,

Rove is your associate who is the devil.


you and McCain make a sweet couple. You will say and do anything to win.

More of the Bush policies =
McCain, Hillary Clinton they are in this for their ego,

Rove is your associate who is the devil.

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