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Posted April 24, 2008 10:30 AM
The Swamp

by Mark Silva, and updated with response, that organization supporting the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama, plans a protest today outside the New Orleans "town hall'' campaign appearance of Republican John McCain over McCain's own support from the Rev. John Hagee.

Hagee is the one who contends that New Orleans drew the wrath of God in Hurricane Katrina for a gay-pride parade that the city was planning. "What happened in New Orleans looked like the curse of God,'' Hagee told a radio talk show host again this week. "In time, if New Orleans recovers and becomes the pristine city it can become, it may in time be called a blessing. But at this time it's called a curse... It was a city that was planning a sinful conduct.''

MoveOn contends that it will protest outside the University Center at Xavier University for McCain's 11 am appearance there, "Due to Sen. John McCain's courting of Rev.John Hagee's political support, and Hagee's outrageous and offensive comments about the people of New Orleans.''

"To this day, Rev. Hagee continues to blame the sins of the people of New Orleans for the catastrophe of Katrina, and yet Sen. McCain actively sought his endorsement and has refused to condemn his comments,'' MoveOn argues. "On Sunday he maintained he was "glad to have" Hagee's endorsement.''

McCain campaign spokesman Brian Rogers tells the Swamp: "John McCain has clearly stated that he rejects these types of statements. It's unfortunate that at a time when John McCain is bringing people together in New Orleans, the liberal left-wing group is engaged in the same old divisive political attacks that the American people are so sick and tired of.''

"Shame on John McCain for using New Orleans for a photo op while still courting support from hatemongers like Hagee," New Orleans MoveOn member Harry Greenberger says..

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"On Sunday he maintained he was "glad to have" Hagee's endorsement.

That can't be true. Jeff told me differently.

This from the General Betrayus group? Even Hillary hates Moveon.

Shame on for this. And shame on Mark Silva for giving yet another lefty hate-group this kind of free publicity for their hatemongering.

Can't wait for Tweety and the talking heads at CNN'ed and faux noise to grab onto this latest outrage against the American people and demand Hagee be held to the same standards as black ministers that preach on the South Side of Chicago. Oh wait, outrage is only directed against Democratic leaning supporters. Republicrite supporters, especially those with a baptist bent, are excused frm apologizing for saying evil things about Americans.

Hagee can believe in whatever he wants, it's a free country...
It's not like McCain was a member of his church for 20 years and listened to this guy every Obama did with Rev. Wright.
Big difference!


McCain did an interview with Stephanopolous earlier this week and bashed Obama for his relationship with Ayres. However, Steph went real easy on McCain for his relationship with Hagee. ridiculous, here's the video.

Unless McCain and Hagee have a 20 year relationship and Hagee is his personal pastor it is irrelavant. If you cant see the diff between your campign telling you to get the support of someone who turns out to be controversial and someone spending 25 years in the church spilling the same kind of hate than you are obviously an Obama lover who is grabbing at straws. I doubt McCain has ever even heard one of Hagee sermons before.

Moveon is trying to draw a parallel between Wright and Hagee. However, only one of them is a 20 year mentor to one of the presidential candidates. The comparison regarding how nuts these two individuals are is well taken, but a comparison regarding their respective relationships to presidential candidates is off base.

By the way, it does look like members have received the memo from the DNC that they looked like fools for questioning Petraeus' patriotism and to knock it off. At least they can read. Now they just need to learn how to think before spouting off again. is a left wing-nut group who no one should take seriously.

According to Wikipedia, Eli Pariser stated in regards to the Democratic Party; we bought it, we own it.

There was talk recently of their possible sale to the United Communist Party Of Cuba and China (UCCC) for $ 31 million.

Can't the American people see that an entire city was destroyed on the Republican's watch? They were not prepared for the storm, and they have not rebuilt the city after the storm. Kinda like the World Trade Center. There's a pattern of incompetence with the Republican Party that the media refuses to investigate. Democrats need to make it very clear, if they can find the guts.

Paulo...I've listened to you for 2 years and I can tell you we are further apart than when we started.


Posted by: Herbie H. | April 24, 2008 12:42 PM

Well said, Herbie. Well said.

If it's further apart from you, Bill Hussein, then that's a good thing for Paulo.
I don't know what you're yammering about, Hussein, but McCain has no reason to distance himself from Hagee. He already said he doesn't agree with everything he says and it's not like he sat in his church for 20 years and listened to his hate speech the way Obama did with Wright.
Once again, moveon is a fully purchased PR arm of George Soros and has NO relevance.

Then I guess it must be the money Jeff. It's all about the money. So much for integrity.

Yeah, Hussein, I agree. Soros and moveon have no integrity. Your candidate should tell them to keep their blood money.


I agree with everyone here - John Hagee's ant-Catholic comments and claims that Katrina was God's punishment are A-OK because MoveOn is liberal.

And it's okay to go out of your way to associate yourself with a hatemonger as long as it may win some evangelical votes, and they support Israel.

To Jeff, Paolo, and Vinny: quit playing word games. You seem to suggest that if McCain's relationship with Hagee is not EXACTLY the same as Obama's to Wright, that it's "irrelevant."

It is perfectly acceptable to judge John McCain by the company that he WANTS TO KEEP. He went out of his way to seek Hagee's endorsement, despite eight years ago calling preachers like him "the agents of intolerance." As a Catholic, I'm disgusted that people would give McCain a pass on this one.

What the McCain defenders don't want to acknowledge is that their boy is asking for the support of an undeniable racist. Neither Obama nor Hillary has ever stepped that low; its time for McCain to admit he is in the wrong for asking for Hagee's support, and to repudiate everything Hagee stands for. He won't, because Hagee and McCain share the same world view.

As an active and PROUD move.on member in Madison WI, I find it humorous that we are described as "left-wing nut jobs" and such. I am actually fairly moderate (used to be a repub) but was happy to find a brave organization that will stand up on a moment's notice against the hypocrisy and pandering, injustice and gross flaunting of our Constitution by our leaders, be it the dems or the GOP. Funny how this org was originally formed to support Hill and Bill back in the day, but now she can't stand us. I am attending a protest this week to bring attention to the economic toll of this war, and I think most Americans would agree with that. Come join us "nut jobs" if you will!

Pastor Hagee's comments about Katrina and about Catholics is disgusting, but the election should be about issues, not a pastor competition. The REAL issue is that McCain criticizes Bush down in New Orleans, but he voted AGAINST helping the people hurt during Katrina. Pure Hypocrisy.

Pastor Hagee's comments about Katrina and about Catholics is disgusting, but the election should be about issues, not a pastor competition. The REAL issue is that McCain criticizes Bush down in New Orleans, but he voted AGAINST helping the people hurt during Katrina. Pure Hypocrisy.

So what if Obama attended service for 20,30,40 years....Does that mean as a child attending church services it going to count against you later in life(when questionable semons are given) when you have politically aspirations?! It's like condemming Catholics for the action of a few corrupted priests. everybody stop whinning and get on with what politics should be , health care, economy, gas prices, etc. (yes I'm fricken bitter) I feel better that at least I didn't give the command to go to war in the Middle east (over misinformation) and affect over 4,000 lives and their families. Maybe we should blame every Republican? but what's done is done....and it's time to move on!

Guys like Hagee give Christian's a bad name. John McCain is only pandering to Hagee's crowd for votes, look at the facts: John Hagee runs a very pro-active cult hell bent on professing their message of the end times and of intolerance for who they consider morally inept. John McCain doesn't even profess a belief or keeps it ambigous as possible. His website even reflects this. Atleast Barack Obama has the upright fortitude to call himself Christian and explain his position in regards to pastors that support him.

Let's talk about patriotism. I wonder how many of those who express such mindless outrage over the out-of-context snippets of a couple of Rev. Wright's sermons they've seen on YouTube have served their country in the military? Rev. Wright spent six years in the service, including a tour in Vietnam as a Marine and later as a Navy medical corpsman assigned to the White House. I don't expect this to give the politically motivated critics pause, but others might explore his background, the nature of his social ministry, and the full text of his sermons before projecting their anxieties onto him and Barack Obama.

In late March, I heard Rev Hagee on a national talk radio program (NPR's Fresh Air). When asked about his previous remarks about Katrina, I was shocked... Rev Hagee deliberately stood by his assertion. He calmly and methodically asserted that God brought Katrina to prevent the Gay rights parade from happening. Wow, what kind of God does Hagee believe in? A severe thunderstorm could have easily prevented the parade, but Hagee's God will cause this much death and destruction just to prevent gays from dancing and kissing in public?

In the weeks after that and other interviews, McCain continued to state that he was proud to have Hagee's endorsement, and even called Hagee his "spiritual advisor". Only after this story gained traction in the mainstream media, has McCain and Hagee retracted their statements.

If nobody knows either the time or the hour that the mesiah is supposed to show up, then how is it that a pastor can state so emphatically that something is the result of God's doing?

As many years as Hagee's been at the biblical game, he knows better. A bit too big for his britches mind you.

Now compare a pastor reading God's mind (can't be done) and a pastor who is mad as hell and doesn't believe that his congregation or anyone's should be lead like lambs to a slaughter.

Bit of a dif, just in case all the biblical zealots posting here aren't able to discern its existence.

In many cases, maybe God shouldn't damn America, but he might oughta' single out a lot of the sanctimonious in the political crowd and send a quarter million volts through their little pea brains - puttin' a quick end to the misery that so few create for so many and have for so long.

So MoveOn's a bunch of wingnuts, eh? Well, I'm proud to be one of them--middle aged mom of three, engineer, educator, and business owner. If my little $15 a month donation can add up with millions of other Americans $15 a month donation to help reframe the debate once in awhile that Fox Spews out, I will feel I've done something good.

McCain actively seeking money and endorsement from Hagee while using New Orleans as a "photo op" is the ultimate in hypocracy. The Republicans should be ashamed of what has happened in New Orleans.

For that matter, they should be ashamed of the conditions that led a minister of a poor, black, South Chicago church to be angry at the discrimination and poverty his people (all Americans as well) have suffered. That Obama can hear that anger and still see the positive influences in a poverty stricken neighborhood of this man only does him credit for being above the "all or nothing", "with us or against us" divisive thinking that Fox Spews has pushed on willing listeners for years.

It is time for people to stand up, take a deep breath, and look around at their fellow Americans. Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago? How was your heating bill this winter? Like filling your tank lately? Do you have public transportation available for when you can no longer afford a tank of gas? When was the last time you called customer service on anything and spoke with someone employed within our borders at a living wage? Let's get real, people. The neo-con arm of the Republican party has not served you, unless you happen to be mega-wealthy.
McCain will just promote more of the same.




Both controversal pastors...
and McCain SOUGHT his endorsement...he could have passed.

so the "Differences" aren't off...and when folks want to get off of the "Wright" express then I'll get off the "Hagee" express...eye for an eye. Then maybe we can all begin to address the REAL freekin issues.

Why is it that McCain can say he doesn't agree with Hagee, and not have to distance himself from this man, but it's not enought for Obama when he says he doesn't agree with Wright. Why does Obama have to continually distance himself every time Rev. Wright says something. Obama is running for President, not Rev. Wright!

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