Clinton 'stalls' Obama in PA. poll: The Swamp
The Swamp
Posted April 15, 2008 7:30 AM
The Swamp

by Mark Silva

The first fresh and reliable look at the mood of Pennsylvania voters since the controversy over Barack Obama’s comments about the bitterness of working-class voters flared up over the weekend has arrived: Hillary Clinton holds a steady 6 percentage-point advantage over Obama in a critical state holding its primary one week from today.

Clinton is the choice of 50 percent of the Pennsylvania Democrats surveyed and Obama 44 percent, according to the results of a new Quinnipiac University Poll. The pollsters, who surveyed Pennsylvanians on Saturday and Sunday, conclude that Clinton has “stalled… Obama’s drive’’ in Pennsylvania – with the two candidates’ standing unchanged from the last Quinnipiac Poll released on April 8 – Obama then had been closing a gap with Clinton in earlier surveys taken there.

“Sen. Hillary Clinton is fighting off Sen. Barack Obama’s drive to make it a close race in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, holding the six-point edge she had a week ago. She seems to have halted the erosion of whites and white women in particular from her campaign,” said Clay F. Richards, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

“She even gained back some ground in the Philadelphia suburbs – the area where elections are won and lost in the Keystone State,'' Richards said in a release this morning. "She now trails Obama by just two points in this critical area, while she was 11 points behind a week ago.”

Yet most of the Democrats surveyed in Pennsylvania tell pollsters they still believe that Obama will win the party’s presidential nomination – including 32 percent of the Clinton supporters surveyed.

“Two big questions are whether the Clinton forces can keep from getting discouraged by all the talk she can’t win the nomination even if she wins Pennsylvania and whether enthusiasm for Obama will translate into a record turnout of blacks and young first-time voters that would deny Clinton the victory she needs to stay alive,” Richards added. “A bigger problem for Democrats looms in Pennsylvania. One out of four Clinton voters, including a third of men, say they will vote for Republican Sen. John McCain in November if Obama is the Democratic candidate.’’

The survey of 2,103 likely Democratic primary voters found that 26 percent of Clinton’s supporters said they would switch to Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee, in November if Obama were the Democratic nominee. Nineteen percent of Obama backers said they would switch to McCain if Clinton were the nominee.

Clinton holds a strong advantage over Obama among white Democrats in Pennsylvania, the April 12-13 survey found – Clinton 57, Obama 37. Black Democrats favor Obama by a margin of 96-8.

Clinton has an advantage among women: 51-40, but Obama holds an advantage among men: 51-43. Younger voters (under 45) are supporting Obama by a margin of 55-39, while older voters are backing Clinton by a margin of 55-40.

See the result of the results here.

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We just can't trust Hillary anymore. Too many lies and half truths!. If she becomes President, how can anyone believe every word that comes out of her mouth??? Hillary your race is over. Please move aside now. It is time for McCain and Obama to contest the General Election.

Clinton going from a 20 point lead to only 6 points is not a win for Hillary. Obama, even if he doesn't win the state outright, will win if he holds her lead to less than 10%. Obama supporters - VOTE!


Obama camp makes excuses for no-shows in Philly's black neighborhoods! Obamas view of Americans is extremely disturbing!


Obama Connection to Terrorists Revealed National Association of Chiefs of Police.

Obama has a dual citizenship with Kenya Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden would be praying for an Obama victory because it would help the militants win in Iraq. Citizen Wells 3/08

Memories of Obama's recent racial stereotype of the 'typical White person' are still fresh. Add to this now his view of the 'typical small town person.' Obama is quoted as disparaging residents of small towns in Pennsylvania as being “like a lot of small towns in the Midwest” where “it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Obama is unapologetic, even dissing of voters in Florida and Michigan one has to wonder what groups of Americans he really respects?

Racist wife, Michelle, saying she was proud of America "for the first time" only because of her husband's presidential run.

Obama explained he doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin or hold his hands to his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance because it is a substitute for patriotism,

Obama confirms his own moral obliviousness and he seems to have disdain for those who are troubled by his own unwillingness to break with The Great White hater Rev Wright

Rev Wright says you don't have to wait for the afterlife for the mansion on the hilltop, he’s right! To shut him up Trinity United Church of Christ is building Rev. Wright a $1 mil house on a lot that was purchased for $345,000. According to federal income tax return Obama gave $222,500

Wright continues his Obama supported attacks on non-blacks Wright states Jesus death on the cross was a public lynching Italian style.

Obamas senate record shows he infact did support the war voted against bringing America's troops home, voted for war appropriations giving our money to Halliburton and Blackwater, voted with Bush/Chaney latest bit of posturing S433 to suspend any troop withdrawal, if not suspended, keeps the troops in Iraq for a long time to come.

Washington Post- Fact Check- Senator Obama CAUGHT LYING about Kennedy Role in Helping His Father Contrary to Obama's claims in speeches Kennedy family did not.

Chicago Daily Herald- Obama refers to himself as 'a constitutional law professor on the campaign trail. TRUTH: He never held any such title!

Hillary has no class. She is acting like Karl Rove is her advisor now. All trash and no substance. Is this the type of person we want leading our Country? McCain and Hillary-both looking for a third Bush term.

It looks like PA is going to give us a post-election picture not unlike what we see now - Obama with more delegates, more votes, more states won. Hillary will stay in this race because she is delusional (I woundn't say that she is a liar because she really thinks she is telling the truth about Bosnia and other tall tales of hers). Sadly, Hillary is like a lingering cold that just won't go away.

what assisted care facility are you from?????

I think the stall will be temporary. Most of the comments to stories like this which I read on the web are from people who say that Obama told truth. He may have used imprudent words, but what he said is true. My own opinion: Obama tells the truth. Clinton dodges bullets in Bosnia.

Did I hear her right that she was "visited by holy spirit?"

This woman is gonna do whatever it takes to become president and in fact she is acting with the "CONVICTION" that America is STUPID, and therefore, the stupid America doesn't want an ELITE!

I think her vendetta over Obama's eliticism (I read that as INTELLIGENCE, by the way) will end up biting her in the back!

I think the experience with Bush has thought America that they WANT an elitist president, and not a beer bashing superstitious fool who thinks (s)he is visited and talked to by holy spirits!

Three words about Presidential Polls:


I cannot wait to laugh at all you media punters and nay-sayers who follow this crap just to get eyeballs on your sites (it works - hence why I comment) AND who THINK they really know what Pennsylvanians feel. You folks are wrong and Senator Obama will take our Keystone State just to make your head spin. Senator Clinton will then go off and pout some more like the petulant spoiled brat of politician she is. ---Love from Bala Cynwyd, PA. PS: I am white, woman, in my mid 40s, unemployed, and BITTER about all this baloney...

Obama argued on the TV show "The View" that the "endless loop" of visual "snippets" from Wright's sermons do not tell the story of who Wright is.

But when radio talk-show host Don Imus dissed young black female athletes, Obama announced, "There is nobody on my staff who would still be working for me if they made any comment like that about anybody of any ethnic group."

This article is in error. Hillary did nothing to stall Obama. Obama stalled Obama. Hillary opening her mouth only reminds people of how plastic she is. Keep talking Hillary and you’ll give up the last of that 20 point lead.

Isn't this race over? Hilary is but a shell of a woman...what sorcery is she doing to still be here?? Barack is just what we need now, not another politician but a real person!!!

Clinton's 6 point lead in Pennsylvania will close. Even if she wins by a very small margin, it won't do her much good. People are seeing how dirty she plays the political game and people just do not like UGLY. I have never seen such viciousness in any one candidate. Her consistent llies, distortions, and downright fraudulant claims to "experience" are pathetic and shows her desperation. Say anything do anything, no matter how hurtful it is to her opponent and the party. It's Hillary's way or no way. Bill's Hillary's shady connections with China and India must be taken seriously. They would sell out the USA for their own gain!!

This article is in error. Hillary did nothing to stall Obama. Obama stalled Obama. Hillary opening her mouth only reminds people of how plastic she is. Keep talking Hillary and you’ll give up the last of that 20 point lead.

I cannot believe the complaints from Clinton supporters about the media. Is this the same woman who sought to get rid of candidates in the debates along with John Edwards? Is this the same woman who stood in the middle of the group acting as if she already had the nomination, as if if were a given she would win. Is this the same woman who was given more time to talk, who answered questions with demeaning laughter.

More long posts using capital letters and conspiracy theories from the Lush Rambo HRC for nominee contingent, I see.

The lunatic right wants HRC---that should tell us all we need to know!

Hillary's husband had this country in a Surplus of $$$. Now we are in DEBT for generations. Change to Obama? OBAMA IS A GREAT WRITER AND SPEAKER, THAT IS ALL. He has done nothing. You want change? Be careful what you change to.

WOW.... now McCain is talking about the great Americans during the Great Depression who were not bitter, they were resilient. That's good because we will all get a chance to be resilient when we slip back into another DEPPRESSION. Now the they call it a recession trying to make you believe that It won't hurt as much. The men and women who send their children to war to defend us, look upon our leaders to make the right choices. You can always try to fix a mistake to try to win a war by sending more troops, and when that is not enough, send more until you have no more....... Does anyone remember the DRAFT ? So now we have Obama who has hurt our feelings,because we know that we are helpless and walk our daily lives like sheep waiting for the slaughter.
I never trust someone like Clinton or McCain who have hundred of millions of dollars, and pretend they care about me.
I am not surprised that it has taken a black man to show us how much government has taken advantage of us.

Hillary is a very divisive leader whose only way to achieve a goal is by dividing and conquering and through negativity tactics. That is the only style of politics she knows. Please save our country from her and keep her out of the We are in a critical time and we cannot afford another 8 years of divisions and petty politics, this country has got to move on and deal with real complex issues of failing economy, Iraq war and health care. Hillary will set this country back and paralyze us.


I'm not an American I'm Canadian but like most Canadians I pay great interest to our neighbours in the South who we consider family however it boggles the mind why anyone would consider Hillary for any public office after the Bosnia fiasco. For anyone to infer that they mispoke after relating several times being attacked by sniper fire is not only a blatant lie but borders on mental illness. The lady and her husband need a shrink.

Obama has thrown another gutter ball! He has contempt for church goers, hunters and life in small town America.

Obama attended school in Indonesia until the age of ten and then went to a private academy in Honolulu. He didn't experience life on the mainland until college.

Most of his perceptions about life in America came from text books and elitist professors who have a strong dislike for America - and of course his wife Michelle and Jeremiah Wright.

Hillary Clinton's killer blows could not be dealt without a complicit over the top main stream media.
Shame on all of them!

Does anyone familiar with Sen. Obama's life trajectory and policy positions truly believe he is an elitist or that he meant anything condescending in his remarks about the bitterness experienced by those living in forgotten and economically marginalized small towns? Come on, really.

Hillary Clinton is truly a Machiavellian figure who
is set on destroying the campaign of the best candidate the U.S. has had in many generations.

In front of our very eyes she could not have stooped any lower than she has during this race.

Are we going to allow her to rob us the unique opportunity to be led by someone of Senator Obama's character and stature? Do we not recognize greatness when we see it?

What a sorry spectacle Hillary and Bill Clinton have become. A runaway train...heading towards the inevitable collision. How sad.

It's difficult not to feel morose and disillusioned. And yes, BITTER!

IF Hillary is so smart why did she not know about Bill and Monica that went on in the whitehouse where she was living. That tells me even thou she was in the white house she does not have a clue on what is going on. forget her claim on experience this went on right onder her nose. How many woman could live in the same house and not know there hubby was having sex .

It is ironic, but predictable, that when a candidate speaks to voters as though they were adults they then behave like idiot children. America is not only bitter at the grass roots, it is stressed beyone measure.It's just the truth. That's all. Walker.

Wow people can really see through Hillary's tactics. Hillary will do anything to win even at the cost of destroying the democratic party. The clintons made how much? Did I hear 109 millionaire and dares to call someone elitist. Hillary we the voters can see through your lies and mud slinging. You underestimate your voters, we see where you are coming from and we are bitter that you think we are fools to take your flip flops seriously. Under sniper fire aye. Seems to me you were happily smiling as you landed. No Hillary this is one voter you will not fool.

If we look at the direction of the country polls, it's plain to see that the U.S. will be electing a Democrat this November. Now the question remains, will it be HRC or BHO.

I like some of what Hillary says (I force myself to watch her, just so I can stay moderately informed. I force myself to watch John McBush, too, and he's definitely a good politician -- both of them are).

But what I'm looking for this time in a President is someone who has a reasonably good chance of bringing about change. Most people are 100% for progress but 1000% against change. They fear it, just like they fear people who are not like them.

I've found, however, that once you get to know people, we have a lot more in common than we have that divides us. I guess that's what I've liked about Barack Obama since last August, and even 2004 -- he wants to help us build on our strengths, and unite us to reach common goals.

We DO need to return this country to the economic powerhouse that it once was, and that spot is definitely being challenged right now. We DO need to re-engage the youth of this country into its governance -- and Sen. Obama has been doing that better than anyone.

Mark Silva presents some interesting poll results -- and they are almost always the same -- Obama vs. Clinton among youth 55-39%, Clinton vs. Obama among the over 45 crowd - 55-40%.

If we consider that most of the governmental problems we have today are due to who has been in power, is it any wonder that the youth want to throw the bumbs out? Who is watching out for them? Certainly not their elders, who are spending their tax dollars like drunken sailors, running up a massive debt that will be left for their children, grandchildren, to pay, ad infinitum. This year, $233 Billion in interest alone!!!

It's time for REAL change in Washington. It's time for Barack Obama. Come on PA, IN, and NC. We CAN do this! Yes. We. Can.

I am for one will vote for John McCain.

Obama may be able to use his money to BUY votes from
other Democrats, but not from me!!!!

I am sick of the Democrats. If Hillary
is not the nominee, I WILL NOT vote for any Democrat AGAIN!!!!!! EVER!!!!

I will sip a double espresso while watching the news of Obama's victory and Clinton loss. Now that's my idea of a 'bitter'-sweet moment!

Hillary can not be trusted? And Obama can?

Let's be real, If Obama gets the nod, we will be worse off than we are now under Bush....

The fact is, Obama will not win against McCain. Will never happen....

IThe 8-year term limit should be extended to an entire family!

People, let's extend that to spouses, significant others, siblings, kids, and grand-kids.

If you count Bush-1's VP years, it's been 28 years already!

I used to like Bill Clinton. However, the way they are behaving this time around is a shame.

Bill + Hillary should have been Billary, but their behavior is hill-billy.

We just can't trust Obama. Who is he? What are his core values? I have known deceivers who have been very good at deceiving and I'm not sure that he isn't one of them. He hasn't been in publicly known long enough to give him that kind of power. I think he should have waited until next go around to run for President but NOT this time.

if you want to destroy the republican party, vote for mccain. if you want to destroy the democrat party, vote for clinton. if you want to destroy the country, vote for obama. (i'm voting for clinton) - sincerely, a conservative

We got to look out for the future of our children and grandchildren. forget how you feel about Hillary and see she is the best for the security of our country! We need her because she's a doer where Obama is a talker. You got to forget about your and rember the future generation.

Obama made a big mistake and just handed over Pennsylvania to Hillary. I could not believe that he coould make such a simple mistake unless he really meant it. Where were his advisers?

How can I trust Hillary or Bill or Chelsea when they have "lied" so often, examples Whitewater, Whitehouse trashing, Bosnia, Columdia, Penn, etc.

Smichelle, to demean someone who requires assisted care shows a total lack of class on your part.

For me this seems like horrible deja vu. I think Obama will be the democratic nominee, but I am seriously afraid that he will lose the general election. I see him going down that same horrible road that Gore went down in 2000. He will lose middle America to the Republicans because he comes off as aloof, out of touch and snobby. And he doesn't even have half the resume/experience Gore did. I hope I am wrong, but it happened to Gore and to Kerry. Is Obama our number 3?

As a lifelong Pennsylvanian who is college educated and a proud member of the shrinking middle class, I can whole-heartedly say that the last time I was able to say things in this state were good was when Bill Clinton was in office. The last Republican who made a difference here was Ronald Reagan, and I switched to the Democratic party under Bush Sr.

The facts remain, I am absolutely certain of what I can expect from Hillary Clinton. Is it all good? No - but I know for a fact that my life and the lives of everyone else in Pennsylvania will get better if she is our next president.

I have nothing bad to say at this point about Mr. Obama, however I can't afford to take a chance voting for someone that has yet to clearly show me how my life can change for the better. I can't afford to make a mistake with my vote that could possibly hurt me and those I love for the rest of our lives.

I would rather feel comfortable with what I already know than to blindly follow the promise of change. I've heard all the promises before!

As this election progresses, I'm a bit dumbfounded by fanatical Obama supporters demanding Hillary Clinton "bow out." The more I hear it, the more I feel it is incredibly sexist. Never before in history have other politicians and fellow democrats gone out of their way, and with quite a bit of malice, to demand a viable democrat candidate leave the race. Half the democrats and more (in some states) out there still feel she would be a great president. But because she is a woman, these middle age male politicians feel she should step aside and let "the men" handle everything. I think everyone is losing site of the fact that Hillary and Obama have virtually the same stance on everything. They are both in this race for damn good reasons. This facade of Clinton being more conservation and plastic is false and seems to be spreading by Obama supporters own fear mongering. I honestly think that Clinton stands a better chance of being elected than Obama. That is what this is all about. She has led her life in the public view for decades and came out ahead with a clear path. Obama has been in the public eye for about five years. There is undoubtedly many things we don't know about his past. You can bet your ass if Clinton doesn't bring these things out now, McCain is going to do it - and do it much more strategically. There is just too much risk with Obama.
So, as a man in the Midwest, I tell Clinton to keep going and keep her head above the sexism. She has been doing in for decades gracefully.

Obama, regardless of his comments of blaming Clinton, yet again, for his own mistakes and deragotory comments, will still not win a General Election. He also stated he would win the General Election yesterday. . He obviously, in his "new politics" is not only out of touch with Pennsylvania voters but still does not understand he will lose swing states Florida and Ohio and the subsequent election. He will nevver beat McCain. American patriot verses Obama, who none of us, even Democrats, truly know where he stands on values for All Americans. Clinton is the srtonger candidate, both in Pennsylvania, and most important, in the General Election. The Super delgates need to wake up to the way the MAJORITY of Americans feel about the very conflicting Obama, and vote for Hillary Clinton. It is inexcusable for the Democrat Party to throw this election away. If they do, they doom this party. Period.

I'm amazed that so many white voters and women are supporting Hillary. I am dismayed that they cannot set aside race and gender long enough to realize that she has revealed herself to be petty, programmed, condescending toward her opponent, mean spirited, and so grasping of the nomination. But most of all, I believe my fellow Democrats ar mistaken because they have accepted her persistent lying about her experience, her abilities, and the other candidate.

So 90 plus percent of blacks vote for Obama. They line up to defend Wright's anti-white statements. What's new? Black racism is out for all to see.

"Stall" is a bit of a misleading headline considering the possibilities here. After the "bitter" remarks the thinking was that Clinton would actually regain much of the support she lost - as ARG seem to show - and build up a big lead again. But she didn't.

There is a demographic wall that makes an Obama victory extremely unlikely. A 6-point loss is victory of sorts, considering the delegate count. If this "bitter" issue didn't send Obama backwards, I suspect he'll finish about 6 points down, which is better than he did in Ohio. And that will make Hillary Clinton bitter.

I am a white South African, who knows about race issues...but I know that Obama is the way to go...Hillary is a liar and a prototypical politician that is looking after her own pocket...

Obama has hope in his message...if you can not hear that then you need to snap out of the coma that the Bush administration has induced you into...

Over the last 4 years I have been to the US twice and the fear governed nation that I saw on my last visit was very scary.

Fear sold in many forms, for example National Guard adverts at the cinemas...where fear of homeland security being compromised is all hidden behind the see through veil of patriotism...

Wake up to the fear you are being fed and choose freedom...

Vote Obama

Pennsylvania - Grandpa Gitme MYCANE is counting on you!

The folks in Pennsylvania are just not agreeing with Obama that 'religion is the opiate of the masses'. It's as simple as that.

Well, here is the sad and truly bitter story of American politics.

A thoughtful candidate reflects on an important social phenomenon, and the truth is he is largely correct, despite the distaste of many babyishly-sensitive Americans.

A thoughtless candidate comes along - telling us how she is Annie Oakley with her gun in the front pew of her church or how she gulps beer after work - and condemns the thoughtful remarks.

She sounds like one of the throwbacks who are fond of yelling "love it or leave it."

Hillary's remarks in general on a level with the obtuse bumper-sticker I used to see in the U.S.: "My Drop-out Can Beat Up Your Honor Student!"

Please tell me how you ever get progress this way? It's on the level of chimpanzees or packs of wild dogs.

It's simply an insane basis for voting for the leader of a great nation.

And the entire world knows what America needs more than anything is a new set of thoughtful and reflective leaders.

And, Hillary, that sure does not include you.

Hillary wins PA by 20 points. And Obama has no one to blame but himself and his precious choice of WORDS!

If Clinton only "stalls" Obama in PA, she loses the race. She needs to narrow his lead in delegates or this will be as good as a loss. I don't know if that poll is reliable, but a 15% loss is not terrible for Obama and under 10% is pretty much a win considering where he started.

I wonder how many of those '1 out 4' people who will vote for Clinton in the Primary but against Obama in the general are Republicans who switched for Rush's 'Operation Chaos'. Pity we didn't get stats that would illuminate this.

Hillary is a bold-faced liar (as was her hubby before). McSame will keep us at War with the Middle East until we crumble forever in National Bankruptcy and Word View Credibility. This country really IS going to Hell in that proverbial Handbag and it's as if this entire Nation is celebrating it's own hatred, racism, misogyny and intolerance. May God have mercy on us all. We are doomed you fools ...

Come on PA, end this.

26% of Clinton supporters will not vote for McCain. When most people tell a pollster that they'll vote for the other party they are really just threatening their own party in order to promote their candidate. There is no way that McCain beats either of these candidates because of cross over voters.

PA is Hillary country. She was always expected to win there. The millions of dollars the obama campaign spent on ads isnt going to help him win especially after his arrogant remarks. To be honest, I find him rather boring. Go Hillary!

Why doesn't mr obama just give up. He cant win

When did America STOP being a FORGIVING sociaty? Last I checked America is built and proud of her christian values.This man Obama has appologized for his choice of words to discribe the obvious conditions of the economic situations of this country which undeniably are true. So can we forgive and forget and move on with a truthful non-partian politics and campaign that will bring A More Perfect Union. THIS COUNTRY NEEDS DIVINE HELP! on what is going on in-IRAQ, the ECONOMY,MORAL decadence in the society etc. We cannot be a nation of "DON'T WORRY, JUST BE HAPPY"

Hillary is a bold-faced liar (as was her hubby before). McSame will keep us at War with the Middle East until we crumble forever in National Bankruptcy and Word View Credibility. This country really IS going to Hell in that proverbial Handbag and it's as if this entire Nation is celebrating it's own hatred, racism, misogyny and intolerance. May God have mercy on us all. We are doomed you fools ...

HIllary, have you ever heard of the word "Blowback"?
We now have a week to watch the undecideds "decide" that enough is enough. What you'll get with a Hillary presidency is a master DIVIDER, not a uniter. She has cheerily worked to divide the very party that made her family rich beyond most American's dreams. Let it go Hillary!
You and your husband (whom I voted for twice, and strongly defended) have tarnished your legacy with me beyond repair.
Obama 08.

I live in Pensylvania and will vote for Obama because I don't need Hillary lecturing me about Obama's word which were simply examplifying what we are truly feeling:Bitterness... And that crap about Hillary becoming the "great Bill Clinton number 2" with a booming economy is just a joke;what about all the lobbyists she is bound to? Will the world respect us after electing a delusional person who sees sniper fires everywhere?

Hillary has the right stuff to be president, America needs substance! She has the knowledge and the wisdom required to take this country through the next few tough years of recession, Iraq war, medicare cuts, health care woes, and a first hand understanding or an aging population. She knows what it's like to be part of the majority over 65, plus she has the guts to stand behind her beliefs. Obama has promises, hot air, wishful thinking, charisma and a pleasant appearance. I choose substance, I vote for Hillary for president.

Many Obama supporters are dividing the Democratic party. I am hoping it is a bunch of pissed-off rightwingers trying to get Dems to vote for Obama over Hillary so they can win the general.

Otherwise, this is a party I belonged to, but never knew such hatred for an amazing person could be spewed.\

I'm not saying you have to support Hillary if you want Obama, but to hear this vitriol is something these people picked up from the Republican play book (not Hillary).

Week after week the media backs the Clinton effort to smear the good name of Barack Obama. Sen. Obama is by far the least corrupt politician to run for President, and it drives the powers that be absolutely nuts. There is an elite cadre that runs our nation - the Clintons and John McCain (son of an Admiral) are part of that elite, not Barack Obama.

I wonder why those who call Hillary a liar aren't bother by Obama's many deflections, excuses and outright falsehoods. The Rezko trial reveals that he and his wife attended a party for an questionable foreigner and they say they don't recall being there? He says he only got $25,000 from Rezko, then it was $85,000 and finally he returned $250,000 to him. And that's not lying? He never heard his minister say hate words in 20 years, then he admits he might have known some of the content but excuses him as a "crazy uncle"? He doesn't take money from oil companies-just their CEO's - and that isn't deceit? How dumb are you????

I wonder why those who call Hillary a liar aren't bother by Obama's many deflections, excuses and outright falsehoods. The Rezko trial reveals that he and his wife attended a party for an questionable foreigner and they say they don't recall being there? He says he only got $25,000 from Rezko, then it was $85,000 and finally he returned $250,000 to him. And that's not lying? He never heard his minister say hate words in 20 years, then he admits he might have known some of the content but excuses him as a "crazy uncle"? He doesn't take money from oil companies-just their CEO's - and that isn't deceit? How dumb are you????

Obama has destroyed the democrats. The republicans have already won and are just biding their time till november when they make it official. All that is left is the entertainment of seeing the final vestiges of a once great party go down in flames.


Why is it that Hillary can tell a whopper that she was under sniper fire, and everyone can overlook it? If she truly thought she had been under sniper fire at some point in her life, would it be possible to "misremember," or "misspeak?" Isn't is possible for Obama to misspeak, or is that just reserved for Hillary?

dropping out is ridiculous. You can't win unless you get 2025. If you have less than that being slighly ahead means nothing. That's like saying you win football game because your ahead by 3 points at the end of the 3rd quarter.

OK, with all this talk about "bitter" Americans, how do you feel? Are you bitter about your life and financial and other circumstances?

66.1 %

Yes. I'll show you bitter when I vote.
5.5 %

Yes, but it isn't any politician's fault.
28.4 %

No. Actually, I feel pretty good.

11685 total responses

No Wonder we are Bitter ......And this explains who is out of touch with Americans , its Clintons and the Republicans that keep making money
from these trade policies that forget the American People so what kind of Leadership is this, favoring Big Biz , letting them Import Tariff Free from a Country that manipulates its currency so we Americans cannot compete , but the Big Biz gets to make money off the Currency exchange of the Imports Who is Who here ?????? Bitter , Hell Yes we American Blue Collar working class people , PEOPLE yes You SUITS we are People too , not just Consumers that are used in statistics and analyzed for our Spending power , my God Bitter doesn't explain the Mindset well enough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
US deep in debt and still digging
You're paying for the nation's debt addiction through both direct and indirect taxes. And unfortunately, Uncle Sam is going to need more money.
Foreclosures continue to soar, worst is not over
Filings up 57 percent in March over ’07; ARM resets to crest in May and June

But the Middlemen of these Trade agreement , now they make net money from these deal in any form , as we see below ;

What a Story! Candidate Personally Receives Hundreds of Thousands From Foreign Sources, Private Interests

Huge Kazakh deal follows financier's trip with Clinton, precedes donation .

6% is the same spread that existed before Hillary showed her self to be unacceptable by her recent dog and pony show over the non issue "Small Town Bitterness" much to do about nothing that as usual has not helped Hillary. Change we can Believe in, Judgment we can Trust, Obama 08. Recent National Gallup Poll:
Obama 52% Clinbton 40%.
Super Delegates Since Super Tuesday
Obama 70 Clinton 10
Stop the Drama, Vote Obama.
Get the Fat Lady, it is over, because it is over.

I am thrilled with the latest polling numbers. With the huge deal HRC made of the "bitter" remarks, one would think she would have had a surge, not a flatline.

Come ON Pennsylvania! Let's end this pathetic Clinton charade right here next week.

Think. Read. Vote.

PA Obama 2008

My anger at Clinton has actually subsided in the past few weeks. As an Obama supporter it seems to me that Hillary's attacks on Obama have been less or in the case of the SF remarks justified. Maybe the absence of Mark Penn from her campaign is a benefit to Democrats in general.

I think that Democrats from small towns as well as all Democrats and independents who do not want to continue the direction of the country to which GWB has been leading us will benefit from Obama. His approach is more rational and practical. An example is his health insurance plan will do more to lower the cost of health care insurance and cost less to the federal budget. Since like it or not we are going to have to be frugal with federal spending because of the mess that GWB has left us, it is important that our chief executive be wise about spending, It is time that we start planning for the future, something that many independents desire. Obama can attract them and some Republicans because of his proven record in campaign management of being cautious about wasteful spending.

I think that the general complaining about Clinton should cease. When she makes a statement about Obama that is false then she should be corrected. When she makes a statement like the one she did about the Tuzla airport and then blames it on sleep deprivation then her ability to lead this country after bedtime should be called into question and we Obama supporters must remind the country that Hillary is only capable of being the president on a part-time basis. She also will be the president with excuses for failure. Hers will be the buck stops there presidency.

I believe that those who are willing to recognize that Ms Clinton deliberately deviates from reality and truth on a consistent basis will not be persuaded by an additional example of her mendacity. What they may be influenced by is some of his attributes that are to appeal to center-leaning voters and his ability to attract young voters into the process. This is no longer a race between Hillary and Mr Obama but rather McCain and Obama. There is therefore no longer a reason to chance alienating Clinton voters

Attacks made on Obama that question his integrity are as likely as not to come from Republicans posing as Clinton supporters. If this race is not going to tear the party apart it is up to Obama advocates to not being a cause.

Why is it people talk how Hillary lies and seems to disregard any lie Obama makes? Don't you want to find out what kind of a man this really is? His bitter remark had nothing to with how people feel, that's what he is saying now. He originally said that it was why he cannot seem to connect with this class of worker. Most of us are bitter about our situations today, we all know this. Obama was giving excuses as to why he is not getting the votes and that's because he feels we're bitter and therefore cling to things that he does not relate with. The hunting, faith, antipathy to strangers and immigrants. He did basically say that we are inferior and these are what we cling to to make us feel better for not being better off in life. Open your eyes, don't make excuses. He is even trying to make fun of Clinton and McCain now for criticizing him. He doesn't get it. God help us if he is elected.

I am a 64 year old woman who heartly supports Barack Obama as do my husband and many of our friends. Hillary doesn't have all of the older voters by a long shot.
Obama is a breath of fresh air who like all of us, doesn't always choose the best words, but also is not part and parcel of Washington politics as Hillary and Bill or John McCain.
I, for one, would vote for McCain if Hillary gets the nomination. It's too bad if Hillary does get the nominations, there is not a voting line that says, 'None of the Above'. Four more years of the two of them in the White House could be devastating.

And how many megabucks is Obama spending per estimated vote in his relestless Glitzkrieg. Resist the Glitz!

I find it fascinating how Obama stories always start in the news cycle on Friday's and go through the whole weekend. Hillary OR McCain would be terrible for this country. Both of them are elitists. McCain ownes about 17 houses or something? The Clintons are so corrupt it is ridiculous. People need to develop their own opinions about this type of thing and stop living vicariously through Sean Hannity and other moronic "journalists" that essentially encourage people how to think.

hillary's had ties to a terrorists group. they gave her $50,000 to her senate campaign.

nothing like this on obama. just that he served on a board that happened to have the guy ayers on it and they taught at the same university. wow, how does that interpret into they are connected in any meaningful way.

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