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Posted April 21, 2008 9:25 PM
The Swamp

by Mark Silva


     On the day on which the average price of regular gasoline reached $3.51 per gallon, and on the day on which Sen. Hillary Clinton started advertising on television in Pennsylvania with the image of Osama bin Laden, Clinton maintained that both the economy and national security will play pivotal roles in November's election.


     "Is the election in the fall, in your estimation, going to be decided on the price of a gallon of gas,'' MSNBC's Keith Olbermann asked Clinton in an interview aired tonight on his Countdown show, "and is it not true that a president can't really do anything about the price of a gallon of gas?''


      "Well, I think it's going to be very much influenced by the economy,'' Clinton said. "I don't know what else might happen between now and then, but it appears to me that the economy is not going to recovery and in fact the price of gas is going to be a big issue. 


     "I think oil hit $117 a barrel today which is just unbelievable,'' Clinton said. "When George Bush became president it was $20 a barrel.''


   And on the use of the bin Laden image on the screen, Olbermann asked: "For nearly six years now since Sen. Max Cleland was cut down by a commercial that featured a picture of bin Laden... that tactic has been kind of a bloody shirt for many Democrats.  Is it not just, in your opinion, as much of a scare tactic for a Democrat to use it against another Democrat, as it is for a Republican to use it in a race against the Democrat?"


    "This is one of the most serious elections we've ever had,'' Clinton told Olbermann.  "And as people zero in on the choice they have to make here in Pennsylvania and around the country and the remaining contests and then certainly in the fall, I want people to really understand what a serious decision it is.  There is nothing at all that is in any way inappropriate in saying, look, presidents face the unexpected all the time.''


On the gas price question, Clinton said: "I do think there are things that we can do in the short run.  I would, if I were president, launch an investigation to make sure that there's not market manipulation going on.


"I am still haunted by what we learned during the Enron scandal about those electricity traders manipulating the market and causing the people in California, Oregon and Washington to pay such high prices that were not at all related to supply and demand,'' she said. "I'd also release some of the oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. That has in the past had a good effect on lowering the cost at least in the short term.


"And I would do what I could to try to alleviate the cost right now if we could come up with a way to make up for the lost revenue with a gas tax holiday like for example, a windfall profits tax on the oil companies on a basis to try to fill the highway trust fund while we let people off from paying the federal gas taxes,'' she said. "I would consider that.  But you're right.  Ultimately we're going to have to have an energy policy that actually moves us from our dependence on foreign oil and being literally over the oil barrel with the oil producing countries and companies.


Olbermann said: "Let me ask you about the campaign and something you said in Pittsburgh today and again, let me read the quote about being president.  "It's the toughest job in the world and you have to be ready for anything.  Two wars, skyrocketing oil prices, an economy in crisis.  Well, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."


"That is almost word for word the narration of this new ad that your campaign put out today, and that ad flashes a very brief image of Osama bin Laden,'' he said.


 "Well, first of all,'' Clinton said, "that ad is about leadership, and I obviously believe I do have the leadership experience and qualities to become the president and the commander in chief.  And as you said in the beginning, lots of times important issues get short shrift in the back-and-forth in a campaign.  But the fact is that the next president will be sworn in at a time of very, very difficult world conditions, and here at home, a lot of challenges.


"Katrina was also a part of that ad,'' she said. "We don't know what the next president will face. And I like to ask audiences to consider this as a hiring decision.  If you were to hire the person you thought was ready on day one to do the toughest job in the world, what would you look for?  What kind of resume would you be trying to seek out?

"I obviously believe that I have a unique set of qualifications and experiences that prepared me for this moment in time.  I would not be in this race, Keith, I would not be campaigning hard across Pennsylvania as I have been for the last week if I did not believe I would be the best president of the three of us still in this contest, and that I would be the stronger candidate against John McCain and the Republicans in the fall.

"And I know that national security will be a prime issue when we get to the fall.  I don't think anybody will be surprised by that, and no Democrat who wants to win in the fall should be surprised.  We're going to have to go toe to toe with John McCain on national security.  In fact, we're going to have to stand up to whatever the Republicans throw our way.  And I do think we ought to get real about some of the big issues that we're going to face in the White House starting next January and certainly during the campaign leading up to the election of the next president.''

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Hil is quite worried about the War in Iraq--she knows OBama is Code Pink and she knows America won't tolerate the far left but her opponent B Hussein Obama doesn't care he is a left wing ideologue who won't tollerate War. Obama is in over his head and has been from the start--his connections are repulsive Tony Rezko, William Ayers, Nadhmi Auchi and Jeremiah Wright along with Fararkhan are to much for any real American to contemplate.Obama will raise everyones taxes by $3,025 per year.
Jerry White, Springfield,IL

This is Hillary Clinton: Whitewater, Travelgate, Monica Lewinsky and impeachment, renting out the Lincoln bedroom, the loss of the Rose Law Firm billing records for nearly 2 years until they were miraculously found in the White House living quarters, removing files from Vince Foster’s office following his suicide and before investigators could get there. Her refusal to release her earmark requests from her time in the Senate, as well as her Clinton library donors. Her sell out apology to the African American community (for her campaigns racist comments) which came days too late. Her decline to return $170,000 in campaign contributions from individuals at International Profit Associates, or IPA accused of widespread sexual harassment, and whose CEO is a disbarred lawyer with a criminal record. Lets not forget her campaign eventually returned some $850,000 to Hong Kong businessman Norman Hsu who was found to be a fugitive in a 15-year old theft case. He was indicted for fraud related to his campaign contributions in 2007. Her failed inclusion and diplomacy with congress on her once universal health care bid. Her subsequent surrender and alignment to the health care industry (second largest recipient in the Senate of health care industry contributions). Her disguise on NAFTA and all free trade agreements. Her conscious vote for war in Iraq. Her blatant flip flop on Florida and Michigan. Her repetitive lies about sniper fire in Bosnia. Her exaggerated foreign policy experience. Her dealing the race card better than Republicans. Clinton photo and prayer breakfast with Rev Wright. Clinton photo with Rezko. Her failure to get the endorsement of close friend Bill Richardson. Her miserable failure to manage her own campaign (and husband). Her charlatan flip flop on pledged delegates and superdelegates by encouraging party elite to vote against the will of the people - “I believe strongly that in a democracy, we should respect the will of the people and to me, that means it’s time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our president.” - Hillary Clinton in 2000

Clinton is starting to sound as crazy as old man Neonut McCain does, same Republican lingo, same beliefs which are undermined by reality. Iran has had the capacity in terms of spent fuel rods, to make nukes for almost 2 years now, and have provably, demonstrably, done no such things, nor have they taken any noticeable steps in that direction. this crap that 'they are seeking to build nukes' is 100% BS they could have already, but haven't. that's all there is to it.¤t=n44400663_31250959_6559.jpg

This election is serious for Clinton personally because she's thrown away whatever semblance of presidential presence she may once have had. As for her ad, beyond the pale, just beyond the pale. As a thoughtful observer who does want a woman president in my lifetime (I agree with M. Moore on that), I am beyond disappointed in what this woman has done with the forum she's had. She is now an embarrassment and a spoiler. She is not trusted. She would sabotage Obama just to have a chance in four years. She's that greedy and ambitious. She'll be lucky to have Obama's conciliatory generosity when the time comes. Some of us don't want him to overdo that.

Senator Hillary Clinton Must Explain: The Praising of a Group of KKK Supporters
A Investigative Report
By David A. Love, Editorial Board
and Peter Gamble, Publisher

Note: In a year of political absurdities, where one candidate--Senator Obama--is being held accountable for his friends and acquaintances and everything that they have said and done during their life times, we have stumbled across a problem. Had Senator Clinton not been as self-righteous in her attacks on Senator Obama concerning his associates, including Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Chicago activist Bill Ayers, the following would probably be a footnote and blemish--albeit significant--on the Presidency of one William Jefferson Clinton. Yet, insofar as Senator Clinton has decided to hold her opponent responsible for the words and actions of others, we pose this question: should Senator Clinton be careful where she throws bricks?

Now Senator Hillary Clinton (D, NY) has some explaining to do. has learned that Bill Clinton, while president, repeatedly praised the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC). This is an organization that many, including some whites and a former U.S. senator from Illinois, have called racist.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, the UDC is a neo-Confederate organization which is affiliated with such white supremacist groups as the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South.

Formed in 1894, the UDC limits its membership to women who are related to Confederate veterans of the “War Between the States.”

That political ad was pretty damn hilarious. Not a democrat here, but I hope Clinton gets the vote she deserves.

Looks like Hillary's reaching back to her Republican roots and firing up the fear wagon. This would be merely pathetic if it weren't so effectivewhich is itself pathetic.

Crazy Jerry White,

If Wingnuts like you insist on making this election about nothing more than meaningless crap, that's fine.


"In addition to believing that we are the last generation before God destroys the earth and that "international television" is a sign that Christ's return is nigh, Hagee has maligned the Catholic Church as 'The Great Whore' and 'a false cult.' Accordingly, the Hagee endorsement has raised the ire of Catholic activists who claim Hagee is a bigot who regularly preaches anti-Catholic hate and blames the Catholic Church for the Holocaust."

jerry white - your wasting your time with bolderdash in stead of decent writing, your boss hillbill will soon run out of money causing her to drop out after she loses penn , and won't be able to pay you !!!

I hope using a photo of bin Laden back fires on her. She acts like a Republican in disguise. These kinds of comments prove she will do anything for power.
We need Obama in 08 and the grassroots movement that makes his candidacy more legit than any of the others. By the people, for the people. We all just need to remember we have to own it after the election and President Obama is in office.

Wow Matt, you threw everything at her INCLUDING the kitchen sink ! :)

Looks like Hillary's reaching back to her Republican roots and firing up the fear wagon. This would be merely pathetic if it weren't so effectivewhich is itself pathetic.

After 6 years in the Senate Sen. Clinton NOW has a plan? So why didin't she introduce energy independence legislation during the last 6 years. Hillary show us the legislation you wrote or co-sponsored.

As to her threatening to retaliate against a nuclear attack on Israel by Iran she can sleep through that 3AM phone call because I am certain Israel would immediately retaliate with it's own 300 nuclear war heads.

As for her comparing herself to President Truman and her paraphrasing his famous remark "If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen" again one must ask "Why has she stayed out of the kitchen for the past six years as a Senator?" Sen. Clinton voted for every Iraq War Appropriation (except the last one) that Chef Bush and Chef Cheney cooked up in their kitchen and sent up to the up to the hill.

Hypocrite thy name is Hillary Clinton. You started your career as a Goldwater Republican and have come full circle. tonight you sound just like Sen. Goldwater threatening to unleash a nuclear holocaust upon this world. that is not leadership that is being M.A.D.

It's not Annie get your gun, it's Annie get OUR guns.

July 13, 2006 Hillary voted against amendment 4615 to H.R. 5441:

“To prohibit the confiscation of a firearm during an emergency or major disaster if the possession of such firearm is not prohibited under Federal or State law.”

Hillary why does it have to be you who takes us down now. You could have done so many wonderful things for others that didn't involve violent actions. Please give up and help fight the Republican Military Industrial complex! Your tearing this apart use your jaws on MCSAMEASBUSH!

STOP yourself, Hillary.

Everyone should STOP and just listen to Hillary.

She's blaming President Bush for not giving a speech "tomorrow," the kind of speech she would give.

Well, why don't you JUST GIVE IT, Hillary! More people are listening to YOU and Obama right now then they are President Bush.

Instead of using your platform wisely, you're hurling negative attacks on Obama in stump speech after stump speech. And then when you get on a national television show you carry on as if you never said any of the nasty stuff you've said. And if the moderator calls you on it, you complain that you've also been the victim of attack ads.


Hillary Clinton COULD HAVE BEEN a great candidate. Instead, she mismanaged her campaign, got behind, and instead of giving ONE noteworthy speech, she started playing the race card, the religion card, the patriot card and every other kind of sleazy card out there.

It's holier than thou, above it all, superior and self righteouse supporters of a raw, untested, chairismatic leader like Obama that are what this country should be really fearful of. In your mind, EVERYONE should simply step out of his way...they are too angry, too cunning, too caustic, too strong-willed, too ambitious for your comfort. Wake up. This is an election, the candidates are here to WIN not to make their opponents feel better by politely stepping out of their way when they are leading. Which race has ended because one candidate is ahead and the other has been forced to concede because misguided supporters like you think that it is what the rest of us need? I am a democrat and a strong supporter of both candidates. But rabid Obamaites like you and your ilk make me wonder if you have the slightest clue of what it means to actually have a healthy, compettive race and let the people make the decision for themselves. Give your high-browed ridiculous ideas a rest. Please. Enough.

Disgusted in San Francisco.

Keith O is usually better with the facts, and Hill should be ashamed that she agreed largely that the Prez can do nothing about the price of gas. Let us try to recall that California, where we require Light Sweet Crude to make our blend of eco-friendlier petrol, used to get 40% of that supply from Iraq, pre-Lust in the Dust, part II. We now get nada, and isn’t it interesting that the Bush Saudi alliance does not pump Light Sweet Crude. So Bush had nothing to do with raising the price of oil and its many by-products. Try not to consider Iran: Most Americans prefer to leave their head in the sand - even though we have no new sources worthwhile hereabouts. Alaska, hah! Five years before anything deliverable, if it makes it this far, for "pipe dreams" of riches. Finally, any bets on an October "surprise?" If Bush/Cheney hit Iran, what do you think the price of gas will be? Remember the (closed) Suez Canal? Will we have to bribe the Imams for the next 50 years after they close down the Straits of Hormuz? And are they even likely to take a bribe like the capitalistic Egyptians? RG, Westwood, CA, Left Coast, USA

Thanks Swamp

Your Obama Bias shows.

I dare you to post ONE post that questions Obama's credibility, ethics, policies or campaign. Just ONE.


"As a thoughtful observer who does want a woman president in my lifetime"
Posted by: GaiasChild

Your prejudice is showing!

If you were truly thoughtful about it, it would not matter what gender, race, or creed the person was. In America it only matters if the person is qualified to do the job. Hillary and Obama both are.

The media and of course Obama needs to tell voters more about his relationship with Ayers. It’s important because voters well wonder whether that relationship, coupled with Obama’s longtime relationship with the Anti American, anti White, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is the beginning of a pattern, a pattern in which Obama seems quite comfortable with people who really, really, really HATES the United States of America

Obama is our Savior. After watching “typical white people” grill Obama during the debate, I realized that Obama, Ayers, and Reverend Wright are Right, God D*** america. Now is the time to rally around Barak and Michelle and make them proud! These poor bitter rural white folk with their guns and phony religion who are afraid of people not like themsleves should not be allowed to vote. Yes, no more so called elections where typical white people vote! And news flash america, Barak is right, your typical white american is a racist! Obama will apologize to our Muslim brothers for arrogant american policies of hate and slavery. Only Obama can forgive an evil nation founded on slavery. White people, no more gun purchases, save your money cause reparations are comin! Obama 08!!!

Looks like Hillary's team is creating commercials that the Republicans can use against Obama in the fall. Except that John McCain is too much of a gentleman to stoop that low. What this campaign has shown is that the two Democratic candidates are deficient in the maturity, decency and judgement needed to be president.

Whre did Senator. Clinton get her experience running the country? Was it while her husband was president? Was she the one really making all the important decisions, was Bill the president in name only? And, as far as her stand on gun control, look at her record. Of cource, its about the same as Senator Obama's , look at his record from both the U.S. Senate and the Ill. General Assembly.

Why is it that none of the candidates, except McCain, will suggest the one thing that government can do to dramatically reduce the price of gas by $1 a gallon. CANCEL ALL TAXES ON GASOLINE!!!! Oh, I forgot. Democrats don't lower taxes and they certainly don't eliminate them. (And yes, I know that $1 saving includes federal, state and local taxes on gas).

The best way to stop terrorism is to get them to NOT WANT TO KILL YOU. Not simply kill them so they can't kill you. That just continues the cycle of violence, and makes us no better than them. This should be about changing attitudes around the world. It can't be about "regime" change, or forcing our ideologies down the throats of other nations as Bush has done in Iraq.

We are seen as a nation of greed and self-righteousnes. And they are right. We need a complete change of economic and class structure. So noone has better opprtunities over another. Capitalism is inherently evil, because it encourages greed and discourages a compassion for those who are hurting or struggling.



"Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one"

Imagine, John Lennon

Or, if you prefer something from the Bible:

"The community of believers was of one heart and mind, and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they had everything in common.
With great power the apostles bore witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great favor was accorded them all.
There was no needy person among them, for those who owned property or houses would sell them, bring the proceeds of the sale,
and put them at the feet of the apostles, and they were distributed to each according to need."

Act 4: 32-35

Why does it often seem that those who claim to be Christian the most, often act contradictory to its own teachings?

Just another example of the depths to which the Clinton's will sink to. They embody everything that is despicable in the term "politician".

We can take the high road or Hillary can take the LOW road but the democrats will NOT meet at the WHITE HOUSE THIS YEAR.

and yes, if he rattles at 30-second question from mild-mannered Charlie Gibson what is he going to do when Bin Laden shows his face? RUN INTO THE CLOSET AND CRY?

Say whatever you want about Clinton's tactics, but one can't deny her tenaciousness and calm under pressure. None of the Democratic nominees that started this season could or would endure what she has gone through but keeps on fighting, including Obama.

As angry and heavy as Oberman wanted to be, he melted like butter in a microwave once Clinton got going. To me, the interview is a microcosm of what this Democratic primary is all about: paternalistically aggressive leadership vs. inspired dreamers.

Clinton seems more energized by the challenge and possibility of failure (of her lifetime since she probably won't have another shot at running for POTUS).

In contrast, Obama seems to have been worn down by the pressure......he seems to manage upbeat appearances only in friendly settings. He seems frustrated in more combative environments (debates or interviews) and often seem to be searching for the "right" answer to questions beyond the standard policy issues. I used to think Obama's frequent pauses during verbal responses as a sign of a thoughtful person, but now I view them as someone who hasn't really thought much of it in detail.

Seems to me that the inclusion of a picture of bin Laden in the commercial is trying to accomplish two things.

The picture itself is to scare the american people. Let them relive the fear. Scare them into voting for Hillary based upon her "experience".

Secondly, the brief flash of the picture is a type of subliminal message that is so very low and underhanded. It is trying to create confusion in the voter's minds by attempting to link Sen. Obama to Osama bin Laden. Nice try Hillary, but the citizens of PA are not giong to swayed by that nonsense.

It is difficult to fathom why anyone would even consider supporting Hillary's surrogate candidacy to restore the Billary team to the White House when we have a once in a life time presidential contender in Sen.Barack Obama. He has clearly demonstrated throughout this primary he is by far the superior candidate. However corporate special interests who want to preserve the status quo are doing their best to derail Obama's winning streak and his initiative to bring real change to Washington. I sincerely hope they will not prevail. We need Sen.Barack Obama to repair the damage inflicted by the Bush administration at home and abroad. Obama is the ONLY one who can do it from day ONE!

how does a man spend a whopping NINE MILLION dollars on ads in ONE city that has a heavy BLACK population and is still behind?

doesnt that tell you that despite the crowds you see that he is literally STRUGGLING?

This woman deserves so much compliments, even Obama must be scratching his head.

i dont thing these kids you see out there are voting for him.....i think they are merely looking for a place to meet up and hang out, but they end up voting for Hillary.

9MILLION!!!!!!!!! and he still TRAILS?

Ah, the Recpublican scare tactic. It never goes out of style.

obama has had a lifetime to deal with his middle name. Certainly he has been in the United States all this time, yet he still has not discovered a way on dealing with his own name.
He could have had it legally removed or developed a way in which to address it. but that simple thing has been unsolveable for you.

now i ask you, in all fairness does this sound like someone who could deal with a real crisis?

mild-mannered Charlie Gibson scares the living daylights out of him.

Obama supporters, see the signs as i did. You might like him, but that is not enough for these troubling times. We need a juggler, a problem solver, a tough knowledgeable person in the hot seat right now......and it has never been hotter. We are about to face a derpression if this economy is not handled properly. Obama has demonstrated one thing very clearly. He is not that person.

Hi, my name is Hillary Clinton. I ran a mismanaged campaign where I attacked my opponent over an essay he wrote in the third grade and have done my best to bloody him up and do the Republicans a favor for November.

I only raised $19 million in February but claimed to raise $35 million by loaning myself money and including it in the figure and taking money from my Senate campaign fund.

I failed to compete in all states and have no chance of beating Obama in the primaries, so please, super delegates, tell the American people to go to hell and annoint me their candidate because I'd rather divide the party and take it down from the inside instead of losing to Obama.

So what if he's better organized, better funded, has more supporters, won more delegates and can beat McCain in November. So what if my campaign is deeply in debt. I DESERVE THIS, sniff sniff.

I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message because I just don't know when to give up and only pretend to believe in democracy.

Well, we'd have to change the rules mid stream for that, Matt.
I know. Let's hold a REAL primary. No repugs who feared Hillary early on crossing over to vote up the guy they weren't going to vote for in the fall anyway.
No kids stuffing ballot boxes in Minnesota curbside.
A real, private, regulated vote.

All that cash and Obama still can't close the deal. He is a deeply flawed candidate even in his own party. He will be defeated.

From the movie "election."

You gotta see this:

Clinton claims she can go toe to toe against McCain, but what is her position on the Columbia Free Trade Agreement? Clinton only enjoys getting with Mark Penn and going toe to toe against the Liberals at who were RIGHT about Iraq - the biggest disaster she never saw coming.

As a democrate and a woman, I am outraged on the behaviour this woman is showing. How is showing pictures of Osama, dissing MoveOn.Org and praising gun ownership on a weekend where 30+ people in Chicago were shot alone any different from the rightwing neocons that I refuse to support.

You, Hilary, are not a democrate but a woman who doesn't care anything for the party and what true democrates really care for.

Jerry White - while some would say your racist use of Obama's middle name indicates your ignorance and stupidity, I'd instead point to your spelling and grammar skills as evidence that you are a first-class idiot. Thankfully you live in Springfield, Illinois, where you can't spoil the party for Obama. But please stop spewing such ignorant asinine posts on message boards. We're tired of idiots like you thinking they know what they're talking about. You clearly don't. So please stop.

This is Obama: "I only did 5 hours of legal work for Tony Rezko's real estate firm" .....except when Rezko was giving me a sweetheart deal on prime real estate; except when Rezko raised $16,000 in campaign funds; except that it was really $250,000 that Rezko raised rather than $16.000. Obama hardly knew Rezko; except when he was Rezko's guest at Rezko's home in Wilmette or at Lake Geneva; except when Rezko toured the house with Obama. And Obama is bringing a new and open style of politics... except when he used Machine tactics to force his opponents in his state Senate race from the ballot; except when he endorses Todd "Tax Man" Stroger;except when he refuses to answer questions aout how many fund raisers Rezko held for him.This is Obama

I can't imagine why she would mention bin Laden. My first image was Hil's hubby wiffing when bin Laden attacked the Trade Center before, successfully.

I guess her motto should be, go with the dirt you know instead of the dirt that might be in the future.

Lets not forget that people took that method w/Bush Jr.

The decision to vote against Hillary is an easy one. She has flip-flopped on numerous issues thinking these reversals will be politically advantageous. She has clearly presented herself as a person not to be trusted. She is not qualified to be our president.

OK, let's see. Osama bin Laden planned this attack from the original WTC bombing in 93 right through the entire CLINTON administration's term until early in GWB's term as President. So, Hillary NOW talks of being tough enough to deal with him. Funny, he grew his organization and planned the greatest terrorist attack on Amercian soil during her husband's watch. But, she's tough enough. Good Lord, please help us rid ourselves of this Clinton Bush era.

She's clueless. 'Energy policy?' Yes, just like the energy policy that subsidizes ethanol production, so we get gov't spending, less grain/corn, higher food prices, and still higher gas prices. What Bush could say that would reduce prices very quickly would be that we are immediately bringing all of our troops home from the Middle East (with the exception of troops directly involved in tracking and capturing OBL). Oil would probably drop from $20-$30/bbl. Ironically, Hillary, did not mention this as an obvious way to reduce the global tensions that helped push oil well above $100/bbl. Next, we remove any energy subsidies/tax credits whether for solar, oil, ethanol, etc. If an energy source can be produced at a price agreeable to both producer and consumer, it will be produced, without government 'promotion.'
Peace be with you.

Everybody talks about wanting a civil election campaign, but it will never happens. WHY? Because the fear and smear tactics of Hillary and Bill work! Hillary so piously complains that Obama is abandoning his campaign of change and hope for one of attack ads. WHY? Because Hill has been attacking from the beginning and Obama has to respond in kind or be swamped by it. Just the same old same old from the nasty Clintons and all the nasty Clintonians out there.

Hillary, you go negative, girl! It's working for you!

Hillary Clinton reminds me a great deal of Richard Nixon.
He was also bright, hardworking, and he was obsessed with being in high office.

He was also awkward, prone to exaggerations and lies, and not particularly pleasant to hear. He shared with Hillary a way of speaking that is genuinely annoying to those who love the language.

Stories in his speeches, especially when he was in tight spots, like the toe-scrunching one about his wife's cloth coat (Chequers), remind me very much of Hillary's excruciatingly bad tales, like the one about the Pennsylvania cottage with no conveniences or her dad teaching her hunting.

Nixon started his early political career by calling his opponents names - famously the decent woman he first defeated for Congress, suggesting she was soft on communism. Hillary has said shameful things about Obama, often picking on trivial points just to have something nasty to say.

There was the same tiresome predictability about Nixon and his views that we see with Hillary. There would be no surprises from Hillary because we already know her, and she is not interesting.

Nixon, of course, with Watergate, proved capable of almost anything to hold to power. I would expect the same with Hillary. Look at the immense practice she has had lying and covering for her sleazy husband. Indeed, look at her decades-long tolerance of him.

The probable outcome will be that Bill and Hillary convince the remaining Super Delegates that Obama can not win because he can not carry the white vote - despite the fact that he is ahead in the delegate count and popular vote. People will be very upset by this scenario and leave the democratic party in droves. John McCain will win by a landslide - blacks and young voters will flock to the Republican party. The democratic party will be forever weakened.

Posted by: Dana | April 22, 2008 7:54 AM

Have you done any fact checking on McSame's gas tax holiday proposal?

"The tax supports the federal Highway Trust Fund, which finances road projects nationwide and is already facing a $3.4 billion shortfall, the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials says. The American Society of Civil Engineers says every dollar invested in highway infrastructure generates $5.40 in economic benefits through reduced delays, improved safety and lower vehicle operating costs. And the federal transportation department says every $1 billion in highway spending creates 34,779 jobs."


So if you do the math, McCain's proposal could end up costing $9 billion dollars and more than 300,000 jobs - all to save the average American just over 31 cents a day for three months.

She and Bill might as well join the Republican Party. They have done more damage with this election than Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly combined.

Hillary talks out of both sides of her mouth just like Bush and his cronies. A vote for Hillary is a vote to keep Bush lousy policies.

Hillary talks out of both sides of her mouth like Bush and his cronies. A vote for Clinton is a vote for Bush's looney tune policies.

For Change Vote Obama!

John Mellencamp Small Town

Bruce Springsteen Radio Nowhere

Obama 08!

Hillary says:

"Maybe my husband Bill couldn't take out Osama bin Laden, but I sure can!"


Swillary must have been drinking her shot and a beer again!

Operation Chaos strikes again!


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