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Gore's role in Obama White House

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Election 2008
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Posted April 2, 2008 2:25 PM
The Swamp

by Mike Dorning

WALLINGFORD, Pa .-- Would the election of Barack Obama return Al Gore to the White House, too?

Well, the Illinois senator wouldn't quite commit when he was asked this afternoon if he would appoint Gore to his Cabinet.

But Obama said at a town meeting at Strath Haven High School here that Gore would have a place "at the table" for discussions on global climate change within an Obama White House.

A woman asked Obama if he would consider tapping the former vice president for his Cabinet, or an even higher level office.

"I would," Obama said. "Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem. He's somebody I talk to on a regular basis. I'm already consulting with him in terms of these issues, but climate change is real. It is something we have to deal with now, not 10 years from now, not 20 years from now."

The only position higher than a Cabinet post is vice president. While Obama seemed to dangle that possibility in his answer today, he repeatedly has said it is far too early to discuss potential vice presidents because the nomination has not been won.

Obama also told the audience that he regularly consults with Gore while on the campaign trail.

Gore, a former vice president and 2000 Democratic presidential nominee, has been awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on climate change. But Gore has not endorsed a candidate in the Democratic primary.

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Let the bidding begin. The first item is a nice vice presidency up for auction. It would make a nice matched set for someone that already has one. What ami I offered?

I can see Al Gore at the table in an Obama White House. It will be filled with weirdos and stupid ideas like Global Warming nothing changes with this liberal socialist. Others at the table will include Tony Rezko if he can get out of jail card,Jeremiah Wright will be giving sermons on white rascism, Minister Farakhan will be holding Muslim rallies and our own Dickie Durbin will be Secretary of State. Obama will have Michele there just feeling bad about racism in America and doing numerous interviews with soap opera magazines. Jerry White, Springfield, IL

Did Obama consult with Gore prior to voting for the Bush energy bill? How about his push for coal energy in southern IL?

No doubt global warming is a real issue, so is foreign policy, the economy, transportation, torture and ethics, education...all of which Obama is completely unqualified to address in a meaningful way based on his track record. It's all talk and no action - that is the last thing we need on climate change.

Gore could be in charge of phony climate predictions and selling worthless government "carbon credits"....and riding around in his carbon spewing jet plane. Yeesh.

For surgeon general he proposed the writers of Doogie Howser,
attorney general -Boston Legal or Batman
sec of defense -Oliver Stone
HUD -Norm Villa

Al Gore has fooled too many people. Notice it is now called "climate change" because the past winters have completely disproved the term "global warming". Too many people have bought into this scheming money-making propaganda. The public, in general, is too naive and willing to buy into whatever is spoon-fed them.

Click on this link to an 8-segment video that will teach you the truth based on facts and scientific research.

We need to put a stop to predators like Al Gore!

Now that would make a great ticket!

Excellent!! Since Shrillery has no chance left of getting the nomination (short of destroying her own party), Obama's announcement of having man-love for Gore only increases the chances he'll lose in November.

Preposterous! I'm going to step out and made a prediction. No, Al Gore will not accept a vice presidency. Way should he? Sen. Obama would do well to convince Gore to head a committee on Global Warming. Now I can see that. Why isn't there a committee on Global Warming anyway?

I'm a student at the high school Sen. Obama held this at and the name of the school is Strath Haven High Scool not "South Haven." Just thought I'd let ya know

Gore and the biggest political whore. Great combo.

Obama can appoint Al Director of Lightbulb Changing.
Maybe Al can hire Monica as han aide-just to hack off the sleaze bag Clinton's.

Is this a joke? Al Gore is a ticket for President. If he had decided to run; Obama would be out of the race by now.

I feel sorry for you folks left in Chicago have the Daley's, you have the Obama's, you have Jesse, you have Farakan, you have your succession of Govenors....what have you people done that is so bad that you deserve all that....???

newsflash: even the Southern Baptist Conference and what currently passes for the US President have recognized climate change as a legitimate concern.

obama is a novice compared to gore. Gore was VP. Obama?

Sweet. Wright as spirtual advisor, Gore as environmental advisor. This guy has a soft spot for nut jobs. Conservatives have to be cheering every time Obama speaks.

And what's even funnier, Karl Graves, is that Obama or the leadership at the church he attends have endorsed a great many of the corrupt politicians with which this state is afflicted. And yet his supporters don't care. They simply say, "Go to his campaign Web site. It will tell you everything you need to know about the man." If you reach into a pile of dung, you are not likely to pull out a diamond.

Give me a BREAK. Gore knows a con man, unlike most of mass society. Gore would little himself to hang out with the likes of Obama.

Jerry White, 2nd post from the top appears to have the appropriate last name, White. Jerry, please inform yourself about all of the issues, before you attempt to spread fear uncertainty, and confusion on public message boards. Global warming is real, so stop polluting!

Excuse me, but how come we don't hear Gore's perspective on this? So far, this comes across as Obama saying Gore is endorsing him without Gore actually saying that. I find these comments by Obama, at best, to be some sort of bragging and at worst, very presumtuous. Obama needs to come clean on this. Instead it's very indirect.

The Goracle back in the White House. His movie is shown with a disclaimer in Britain because it is scientifically flawed. I wish the Dumbocrats were as smart as the Brits.

There is no global warming! This is a normal cycle that happens over 10's of thousands of years. Gore just has nothing to do but that's the way we like it. If he was in office for 9/11 then terrorist would be running the country now!

If this nation elects far-left socialist Obama the end is near, if he gets Gore on his cabinet the end is at hand.

"Why isn't there a committee on Global Warming anyway?"

Because it's not real. I'm tired of liberal idiocy. You people should all found your own country if you despise America so much. In fact I'd suggest you all head down to Antarctica -- you really believe in it that should be the place to be right?

Jerry White, are you a real person or just a machine for spewing Rush Limbaugh talking points?

And anybody who doesn't think climate change is real because "it's cold outside today" is fooling themselves. Do you also believe that we've been plunged into eternal darkness every time your eyes shut when you blink? One or two data points do not make a trend.

Wow you have a youtube video disproving global warming? Now I have to believe that video. I mean if its on youtube its got to be fact. Maybe if you have a wikipedia article too I would be totally convinced.

Maybe you also have a youtube video showing that man-made CFC products didn't deplete the ozone.

The Clintons are used to getting their way. They thought Hillery was a shoe-in and the world could not wait for her presidency.

I know I'm comforted to think we may just be getting rid of the Clintons.

Now I hear of Gore and Obama. How in the world can we get rid of Gore from politics. They never really go away. The power and feeding from the public trough seems to be too much for them.

Of course Climate Change is real. Global Warming, however is not, junior senator.

Who in the world is Norm Villa? Dope.

The British have college dropout Al Gore pegged. Even the British in the Labor government.

Read the diaries of Alistair Campbell, Tony Blair's press secretary and closest confidente, and how Campbell found Gore a nitwit, unable to state a case without consulting his cue cards.

Blair's people were impressed by Clinton, but they thought Gore a joke.

This is yet another example of the media's ridiculous love for Obama. He is not even the nominee yet, and they are reporting on who might be in his cabinet.

Al Gore is a pud and a hypocrite. The so-called environmentalist and his 20 room/8 bedroom mansion that uses more electricity in one month than most homes in one year. He will do anything to get his name out. Obama should forget about this tool and appoint ManBearPig to his cabinet.

When I hear it from Al, I'll believe it.
IN the meantime, all the Gore haters and Clinton haters need to back off. You WILL cost us the fall election and it will be remembered.

This is very interesting. I live in NY and when you read the blogs in the NY Times, you would think Obama is a saint. It is clear that Illinois can see through all of the deception Obama presents. I just wish the media would do their job and vet him before it is too late and another Republican is sitting in the WH.


Welcome to your first of thousands of inaccuracies by the media.


You haven't met Todd Stroger yet, have you?

Obama has a spotless record. The whole Rezco and Rev. Wright thing is a witchhunt by Hillary.

Obama: Yes He Can!

I could be okay with Al Gore being a political advisor but that is as far as I am willing say on this issue.

And Karl Graves, I agree with you on our "bad luck" with politicians in Illinois.

But apparently, that is how state and city runs. On corruption. Name me one public official currently in office that is not ripe with corruption!

Interesting, Van Deventer. You take as gospel the word of what is frankly a failed British government living solely off the economic achievements of its predecessor?

No, we here in IL like Obama, too.

sage: "Al Gore is a pud and a hypocrite. The so-called environmentalist and his 20 room/8 bedroom mansion that uses more electricity in one month than most homes in one year."

Can you cite a source? I could have sworn they've done quite a bit of retrofitting to make the whole place as carbon-footprint-positive as possible. Last weekend's 60 Minutes briefly showed some of what they've done.

Dear Swamp, I honestly dont believe Mr Obama will reach the WH

Go for it!! Would love to see Gore as VP on Obama ticket.

Gore as in "I invented the Internet."

Gore as in the movie "Love Story" was about Tipper and me.

Gore as in "Global Warming" is here, while I fly in private jets, live in big mansions and drive SUV's, while I demand that all you peon Americans drive cars that will get you killed if you are in an accident.

He will make "dodging sniper bullets" Hillary look like the all time truth teller.

@Karl "I feel sorry for you folks left in Chicago Ill....."

No, actually... we feel sorry for you. Chicago is an amazing city filled with great culture, great people, great food, modern architecture, and old school class. Now go back and crawl under what ever hillbilly rock you came out from.

I wonder if the Secretary of Global Warming, Al Gore, will consulting advice from his ol' pal Ted Turner?

The left is becoming unhinged.

The only problem is Obama LIES so do we know he's telling the truth.

Gore just said himself on an interview that he would not consider running for President or V.P.

Obama just thinks Gore is the "Typical White Person" that other white people can relate he's name dropping to get the white vote..

Sorry isn't working.

Hm, I live in NY and what I know is Hillary has done virtually nothing in a term and a half in the Senate other that sit around waiting to run for President. Plus, if you think her lying about Bosnia is funny, welll she lied about Chelsea being at Ground Zero and seeing the first plane hit. Chelsea was way uptown asleep and some friend saw it on TV, called and woke her up. Hillary had to recant the whole story much later on.

There appears to be a lot of Republicans to the right of the John Birch Society posting here. Are you really that afraid of Obama?

Who are these vehement people? I'm in the midwest and I don't know anyone... at the grocery store, the city park... church... mall... school, who talks this way!

I'm a senior at SHHS and I asked the question about Al Gore having a posible cabinet postion if obama became the next president.

I was in such shock when Obama called on me that I completely forgot to introduce myself. haha. Now I'm known everywhere as "A woman asked at a town hall meeting...."
I dont really care but i think it makes a pretty big difference that a student asked the question because it shows that students and young adults really do care about their future and the future of the country.

oh well. :(

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